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FYI - This chapter is completely in Matt's P.O.V. UNTIL the end where the same events are given in Jun's P.O.V.

Matt stood in disbelief, suspiciously eyeing the girl in front of him. There was no way that this was really Jun Motomiya, right? On the other hand, who would want to impersonate Jun? No one, so it's more likely that this IS Jun.

Matt's next thoughts were spoken out loud, "How?"

The girl in front of him –Jun, he had to remind himself again – rolled her eyes. She proceeded to give him this look that screamed at him 'I just said how, stupid.' If Jun was annoyed, it didn't show in her voice when she spoke, "I got a haircut, Ishida." Never mind, she is annoyed. Matt had heard Jun call classmates by their last name when annoyed with them. A sudden realization popped into Matt's head. She called me by my last name. She's annoyed with me. This has never happened… Did she get brainwashed while getting that haircut? Really weird, but I'll go with it. One less crazy fan girl.

Matt shifted his weight to his left side and shrugged. "Yeah, you said that." With that said Matt opened the door to the room, motioning for Jun to go in first.

He hoped –Geez, he was turning into TK- that Jun wouldn't stay annoyed at him long. One annoyed Jun is quite obvious, and he couldn't, no wouldn't, listen to Mimi yell at him for being insensitive about a woman's haircut, again. He had thought he'd gone deaf after he didn't notice Mimi's haircut (a whole two inches cut) and she went on a rampage.

Jun looked at Matt strangely, and just when Matt decided to comment on it, she moved past him into the room. What was that about? Matt followed Jun, pulled the door shut, and immediately covered his ears as Mimi's squeal reached his ears. Mimi had wrapped her arms around Jun's shoulders, was jumping up and down excitedly, and squealed about how "cute and mature" Jun looked.

Matt took this opportunity to check who else was going to go momentarily deaf with him. Ken and Cody had been playing chess, but both were currently rubbing their ears. Izzy, as usual, had looked up from his laptop and immediately turned his attention back to it. TK, trying his best to ignore the squeals, was talking with Patamon in a hushed voice. The majority of the digimon seemed to have not noticed, although it seemed the snacks were taking all of their attention. Matt caught a glance of Kari and Gatomon, who had been sitting next to Mimi, but had gotten up and moved to the window and opened it. Kari seemed to be trying to soothe Gatomon, who probably wanted to turn Mimi into "kitty litter". Matt wouldn't blame the cat-like digimon. She had the most sensitive hearing, and he could only imagine how badly her ears hurt, being next to the source.

Taking another look around the room, which was easier now that Mimi and Jun had stopped jumping around and sat down, there were a few members missing. Tai, Sora, Joe, Yolei, and Davis were not in the room yet. Joe had messaged earlier saying he might not be able to make it, having gotten a call about interning at the hospital. Yolei must just be out of the room, since her bag was sitting next to the bags of snack – which were almost empty now. Davis usually came with Ken or Kari. But since Tai was not in the room, Matt was going to assume the two were playing a one-on-one soccer match with Sora refereeing. Matt sat down next to his younger brother, sighing.

"Something up, Matt?" TK looked over at his brother. Matt shook his head, of course he wasn't going to say that his head was all screwed up thanks to a certain Motomiya getting a haircut. Matt knew that even mentioning Jun to his younger sibling would only being asking for TK to joke that Matt had promised her a date and had still not fulfilled that promise. "Just take her out already." TK, ever hopeful, figured if he kept his brother talking that Matt might admit it to him. This was one of those days where he wished he and Matt had the same great relationship that Tai and Kari had.

"Is it about Sora?' Matt's attention shot to the person sitting next to him, he had not told TK about his mutual break-up with Sora, how did he know? Sora and TK get along well, but I doubt she would've told him. Well, it has been two weeks. I really should've been the one to tell him. TK did not give Matt the chance to say anything. "You two broke up two weeks ago, and didn't tell me. Kind of rude, you know? Aren't "bros" supposed to tell each other everything, especially about girls?" Matt saw the look on TK's face, he was joking but his eyes showed his hurt over not being told. TK continued, "Especially after mom and I made you bring Sora over for dinner last Wednesday. Now we seem like jerks. Even more so when mom went on the 'I'm so glad you two are dating' speech." Matt shifted in his seat, "It's not that I didn't want to tell you, it's just… It's just… It's just that you need to focus on getting your girl." Matt motioned over to Kari.

TK would've snapped back at Matt, mainly due to the fact that Matt was using his "no girlfriend" situation to save himself, but the door opened once again letting in Tai, Sora, and Yolei. Somehow Tai was carrying all of Yolei's bags, all filled to the brim with snacks. Yolei stopped Tai and searched through the bags for something, and upon finding it went over to Kari and Gatomon, handing it to the digimon happily. Tai sat the other bags on the floor, Koromon hoping into Tai's arms, and spoke, "Joe can't make it today and Davis' sick, so let's start!"

Almost an hour later, the meeting was finally ending. "Good meeting everyone!" Tai softly called out, his usual loud voice seeming quieter than normal. This was probably due to Kari whispering something to him, which anyone in the room could've found out. Gatomon's ears hurt, and Kari had finally talked her partner into sleeping. Matt knew from experience, you do NOT wake that digimon. He and Tai had walked into the Kamiya's apartment, in the middle of a heated argument, while Kari was sitting on the couch petting (it amazed Matt how much Gatomon acted like a real cat) the sleeping digimon. Agumon and Gabumon tried to stop them, Kari shushed them, and they both yelled at her. Which was probably the worst thing to do sine Gatomon jumped out of her partner's arms and proceeded to scratch them, yelling about disturbing her sleep and being jerk to Kari, until said human could convince Gatomon to stop. Joe had to come over soon after to take care of the scratches. Matt shook his head, wanting that memory to disappear.

Ken was going to walk Yolei, Cody, and TK home. Well, he was going to walk his girlfriend home, and his two other friends just happened to live in the same building. The four humans and four digimon waved their goodbyes before heading out. Izzy, as usual, was still typing away at his computer, and would probably be here for another 30 minutes. Sora had come over to sit next to him. When that happened, he didn't know. Sora suddenly spoke, "Jun looks really nice with that haircut. I've always thought of styling my hair differently, but I worry it won't look good."

Matt shrugged again, he wondered if this was going to be his reaction forever, but changed the topic, "Have you talked to him?" Sora shook her head, "Not yet, I was going to walking over here… But Yolei needed help carrying those bags. I'm planning to talk to him when we head home." Sora paused, "Thanks Matt. Thank you for the great dates, and for caring about me. I really do hope you find someone. Because you definitely deserve someone amazing." Sora smiled and leaned over for an awkward hug before standing up.

Days like this amazed Matt. He had great friends, which always wanted the best for him. Friends that always encouraged him and didn't mind when he had to miss meetings to work towards his dream. Truthfully, the one that amazed Matt the most was Tai. His best friend. The same friend that he knew had a crush on Sora, for years, and Matt still asked her out. Tai had admitted the crush and said that he was afraid – honestly, the holder of the crest of courage, afraid? – that asking her out would ruin their long-standing friendship. Matt knew all that and still asked out the girl of his friend's dreams and dated her. He was the crest of friendship, but that was probably the worst thing a friend could do to another. Somehow through all of that, Tai had stayed his friend, even wished them good luck in their relationship. Tai had never held it against Matt. It really amazed him, and he was glad that Tai and Sora will get their chance together.


Matt's thoughts were interrupted by Tai yelling. Jun had asked Kari to come over for dinner, and Tai (overprotective brother) was throwing a fit. Jun asked his little sister, who had a lower immune system, to come over for dinner… This would've been fine, but Davis was sick. Tai was flipping out over Jun's audacity to ask his sister to go to a place where someone was sick. This will be interesting. Matt watched from the other side of the room as the conversation turned into an argument.

Tai seemed to have no intention of listening to what Jun had to say, but Jun had no intention of letting Tai decide that Kari couldn't come without explaining everything first. Sora and Kari both seemed to be tired of being peace-makers and had sat down by the open window. Gabumon looked up at Matt, questioning him whether they should step in, only to receive a "no". Jun yelled out in frustration, "DAVIS ISN'T REALLY SICK! HE DIDN'T COME TO CLASS BECAUSE HE WAS EMBRRASSED ABOUT FALLING FCE FIRST IN MUD! GEEZ!" Jun suddenly sank into a chair. Before Tai could speak, Kari got up and smiled at Jun, "We should get going, it's already getting late." Tai had lost. It was obvious that Jun hadn't wanted to say the real reason her brother hadn't come to school. Matt had told TK to get a move on; Davis was playing the "I'm no longer interested" card with Kari. Matt didn't understand how that would attract someone. He guessed that it did let the person see new sides of you, but he firmly believed it would never work.

He would retract that belief upon seeing the other sides of Jun Motomiya.

Chapter Two in Jun's P.O.V.

This is annoying! A haircut does not change a person. He's irritating me!

Jun was trying her hardest not to slap this blonde heart throb in front of her. Yes she had gotten a haircut. He didn't recognize her, asked her how she changed (even though she had already said she had gotten a haircut), then he blows it off as an "oh yeah, you said that". That was irritating enough, but now he was being a gentleman, holding the door open for her?

What the hell is wrong with Matt Ishida today?!

Jun decided to walk in, she had other business or else she would've walked away from the meeting room and went straight to her friend's gym. She could really use a punching bag, and she didn't want to explain that she used Matt Ishida as one to everyone.

Jun was angry. She was upset and annoyed, and infuriated at Matt. He has no right to act like an idiot, turn into a jerk, and then become a gentleman like that! Luckily, Mimi caught sight of Jun and squealed. She rushed over to Jun, pulling her to where she had been sitting, wrapping her arms around Jun, and started gushing over how "cute, feminine, and mature" she looked. Jun thanked her, but mostly ignored the repetitive comments. She didn't mean to be rude to Mimi, but she had heard all of these comments all day, and had hoped that in here she wouldn't hear them.

The meeting went by in a blur, due to Jun's thoughts revolving around how to ask Kari to come to dinner. Davis might cheer up if she came, but he might get mad at Jun. That's where the risk was. She and Davis were doing really great right now. This could hurt that, but she was just trying to be nice. This wasn't just for him either. She was also thanking Kari for the advice that lead her to getting a wonderful new haircut, and all the compliments from it. Jun would've stayed lost in her thoughts, if not for DemiVeemon. He came back from the Digital World today, only for Davis to stay home. "Jun. Is Davish shick?" the little blue digimon, always full of energy, asked Jun. Jun picked him up off the floor and sat him on her lap, "I'll explain later, okay?" She added in a low whisper, "He's making noodles tonight~" Knowing that Davis was making noodles, always cheered the little guy up. It had been a sort of punishment that their parents had given Davis. "Stay home and make noodles for dinner, or go to school. One time deal." Davis, of course, choose the stay home option. He loved making and cooking noodles, so it was a double win for him.

"Good meeting everyone!" Tai called out, signaling the end of the meeting. Jun waited as TK shared a few words with Kari before she stood up. Ken, Yolei, Cody, and TK were walking together. Mimi had already slipped out, about ten minutes before the end of the meeting. Jun walked over to Kari, sitting down to beside her. "How is Davis feeling?" Kari questioned her as she sat down. If I tell her the truth, Davis will be mad. I'll just lie a little to save him some pride.

"He's feeling better. It was just a little cough, which was probably from the mud slip, but mom was worried." Jun lied with a short, uncomfortable laugh. If Kari noticed she was lying, she didn't say anything, instead she smiled. "That's good. I know all too well how sucky it is to be sick." "Yeah. Uhm, I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye the other day, and I want to thank you. And well…" Jun had never been so nervous, but if she didn't ask shed regret it. Kari just looked at her quizzically. "I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come over for dinner tonight."

Jun had not noticed Tai had walked over and heard the last half of their conversation. Tai suddenly said, "Nope. Not while Davis is sick." Jun, getting annoyed again, stood up to face Tai. "He's not even that sick." "Let me repeat myself - NO WAY!" Tai yelled loudly, as he reiterated his statement.

"Grr…" Jun did not understand how Davis idolized Tai. He was incredibly stubborn, way too over-protective of his sister, and didn't listen to reason. Sorry, little brother. If I don't say this I won't be able to bring Kari over, and help you. Jun, reluctantly, yelled at Tai. "DAVIS ISN'T REALLY SICK! HE DIDN'T COME TO CLASS BECAUSE HE WAS EMBRRASSED ABOUT FALLING FCE FIRST IN MUD! GEEZ!" She felt horrible, why couldn't Tai just stay out of it, sinking back in a chair. Jun was quite shocked to hear Kari's voice, "We should get going, it's already getting late." Jun looked up to see her smiling at Jun.

I never really understood what Davis saw in Kari. She's incredibly quiet. But she's really nice. She's thoughtful. If only Davis would wise up, and actually grow up, they might have a chance.

Jun smiled as she, Kari, and DemiVeemon walked towards the Motomiya's. Of course Gatomon followed them, jumping from tree branch to tree branch. At that moment, Jun couldn't be happier.

There were no thoughts or mention of Matt Ishida that night.