It takes a lot of events to transform a concept into a product available for all to see. Babies undergo the same trials. Babies born to a couple bound by love. First one needs lots of love and loads of patience, and then comes the revelation that in less than a year time, the duo will have to care for a new member of the household. Finally, comes the big moment where men cannot fight the battle their mate goes through Unarmed, aided by the single shield of their love, she will push to life a noisy, bloodied very small warrior. Surrounded by the protection of the pack, the cub and his mother will rest while the great wolf, husband and now father will make sure nobody dares to threaten his family.

M Hirst has given to all his characters children but to one. Yet, we know this little mite will change History. Today, the sovereign who sits on the throne of England is her descendent. Historical Rollo would live to have two children: a boy and a girl. Like the TV Series has given to Ragnar and Lagertha Bjorn and Gydda.

While M Hirst is still filming the wedding of the 9th Century, it is our duty as fans of the show and Rollo+Gisla shippers to get a taste of what Love implied in the Days of the Vikings. Including the arrival of this cute newcomer who will give his name to the heir of the actual Prince of Wales.

William, you are called to centre stage.

Story in 3 parts.

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