And it ends here.

The princes have found their home. A child has been born to a loving couple; a man has discovered that his father had never rejected him. Never let him down. Learned that never ever his parents had shown a preference between their children.

Ragnarok is not the end of times as we imagine: a twilight of the gods where all ends. It can be the end of our fears, of our uncertainties. Happy endings exist.

Normannia as Normandy is now known, grew up to be an independent duchy, peaceful to Frankia from where the wives of the Nordmanni were issued. And friendly to the roving seafarers of the North. At peace with Kattegat while worshiping Athelstan God of gentle rain.

From the beginning all the signs were there to be seen. As it goes often with mortals, they were not read. The God of Rain can be the God of Thunder; Freyr the fertile God plays the long game while Odin knows that God Christ works in mysterious ways.

We know nothing of what is decided in Asgard, Olympus or behind the Pearly Gates. Fate is not ours though we are free to choose which path of Destiny we enter.

Today, the Gods, the Divine which elude us have been generous to all our characters.

I hope you have enjoyed this tale.

Who knows, maybe next time the Deities may not be as kind. Sleep in peace, while you may, little warrior. You have won … but your first battle. There are many more waiting for you.

Waving good bye to William (yet unknown on the rolling credits) and all the characters. Sincere thanks to all the great actors whose voices and impersonations I have tried to be faithful to. Clive, you are Rollo in all his anger and his search for a better future. Travis, Odin cannot come up with a smarter son. Thanks to Miss Winnick and Alexander. Thanks to all the cast and the crew.

Thank you importantly to the historical advisers who have made real History fans happy. A feat seldom accomplished in supposedly historical TV Series and movies.

Finally thank you Mr Hirst. The characters and this story belong to you. Carry on the good work!

As always, reviews and comments welcome.