The galaxy.

Up close, a magnificent titan, but from far away, it is nothing but a small grain in the sand of the universe.

But it is in this "small grain of sand", that thousands upon thousands of life forms make their homes, such as the space-faring species of the Munokir and the Korvanus Qous.

The Munokir are small omnivore creatures, no bigger than half a meter of height, with pointed ears, a big mouth with two tusks poking out of the lower lip, big bulbous nose, big clawed feet and hands, with a light brown skin with spot of a darker shade of the same brown, they are a scientific empire.

The Korvanus Qous are big carnivore creatures, they have long necks and tails, at the end of their tails, they have elk-like horns, a strange spiked and round piece of flesh that shoot venom, strong legs making the able to run long distances and high jumps, majestic feathered wings, strong arms making them able to lift whole trees from the ground, their mouths are something like out of a nightmare, long jagged teeth, no lips and long tongue, they are a military empire.

But our story does not begin with them, no, our story begin in a distant star, where new life is about to begin, and with it, new adventures await.

I am the Story-teller, and I'm going to tell you the tale of how the Zoor Empire came to be.

In this tale we will follow some of it's most important characters.

Now without further ado I welcome you to:

The Chronicle of Zoor!