334.000.000 years have passed since the extinction of the Imino species and the Zoor have prospered greatly in that time, they're people greatly grew in number, and their evolution continued, making them faster, stronger and better than ever before.

Their fur was now a more vibrant and darker shade of purple, their scales followed that example turning into a shade of purple so dark that it could almost pass for black, they were now completely erect, they still had the same tusks, mouth, eyes, leaf-like membrane and the bone protrusion in their ankles, but that was all that remained of the ancient Zoor, this Zoor were taller, more muscular, had higher intelligence and sharper senses. Their Upper hands had changed from the two clawed fingers, to three huge, curved claws in the place of finger, two on top and one bellow, their lower hands had also changed from the three fingered, webbed hands, now their lower hands were four fingered with a membrane between each finger and the tips of each finger had small, circular pads in them. On their hips were there used to be small tube-like filaments, there was now long tube-like filaments, their leaf-like membrane, while not much different, was way bigger than before. Their poison gland had also changed, not only in form, but also in strength, precision and placement, instead of being in the small of their backs, it was now between their shoulders, and while before it was only one, now there were two of them and their leaf-like membrane grew from them. The muscles in their legs and arms also changed, becoming denser than before, allowing for an increase in strength and jumping height.

We find ourselves following a small group of three Zoors, their names are Rift, Branch and Crusher.

They are brothers.

The reason for their names is simple and rather funny.

Rift gained his name when he was out of the nest when he was a child, he was playing with his brothers, when suddenly he fell into a rift in the ground and got stuck there for two days.

Branch gained his name when he tried to go with a hunting party when he was young, and was denied, saying he was too young to hunt, he threw a temper tantrum, he began throwing rocks everywhere and one of those rocks hit a branch in a nearby tree and that same branch snapped and fell right on top of his head, he woke up the next day as joke of the nest.

And Crusher, well his isn't as funny as the others, when he was a child Branch had also hit him with one of those rocks, angry he crushed the rock with his hands, and tried to lunge at Branch, but their mother held him back, and he struggled until the branch fell on top of his brother's head.

Then he just laughed.

Anyway, we find the three scouting out the regions to the North-west of the nest and they are trying to make friends with another species called Chibulah.

The Chibulah, resembled those Humans a lot, but they were bigger, with blue fur and an yellow under belly, five fingered clawed hands and feet and boney bumps littering their bodies.

The Zoor and the Chibulah were almost making an alliance, when suddenly, there was a loud sound like thunder, when they looked to the sky, they saw a spot in the dark cloud of night that was becoming orange and the sound of burning fire clear to everyone.

Branch and Chibulah began to panic, running for cover wherever they could find, some Chibulah hid under trees, Rift hid himself in his namesake, not far from the Chibulah nest, located in a cliff side, and Crusher… he kind of… just stood there, watching the strange event.

It wasn't long before whatever was burning beyond the clouds appeared, it was a giant rock, bigger than the nest, burning in colors of red, yellow, orange and white.

Crusher had never seen something of such beauty before, but he noticed that it was going to hit the ground, so following it's path, he saw that it would seemingly hit the Zoor nest.

His worry growing, he decided to jump as high as he could, just to see if the thing would hit the nest, but to his great relief it wasn't.

So when he landed he was greatly surprised when the thing hit the ground, it turned into something resembling a tree of fire and rock, before disappearing.

"What was that? Was it a seed?" Asked Crusher to no one.

Then suddenly, smaller rocks started to rain down all over the place, some hitting nearby creatures and causing from light injures to fatal ones.

There was a Chibulah that was hit by one of the rocks and got a broken leg, another Chibulah was hit in the head, it was dead, how Crusher knew? When things then to die when they have a rock replacing their heads.

Crusher himself got hit by one of the falling rocks, he got hit in his left shoulder and it left quite the bruise, since the area it hit turned black.

"AAAHH! Why you, this hurts!" He roared to the sky.

When the rain of flaming rocks finally stopped, the ground was littered with craters and a few corpses of some unfortunate creatures.

A few minutes later, the adrenaline of the event wore off, and quickly finishing their business with the Chibulah, Crusher and his brothers quickly made their way back to the nest to if any of their own had perished at what would later be known for many years as…

The Descend Of The Fire Tree.