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Chapter 2. Love in wrong places

Your, POV

(A/N pretend you went to sleep an dreaming) " AHHH don't scare me like that mortal" said a scared but angry son of Poseiden "Anyway I see the spell worked so I can continue (grimaces) telling you the war though it is weak so I cant tell your gender" (A/N I did that cause I dont know if your a girl or boy, man or woman) " so the Second Giant War was the most brutal of them all and once again it was my fault that more people died because I resurrected Gaea" (little streaks of tear's go down his cheeks) "but continuing on this was not about me it's about the heroic fallen. Many souls went to the underworld it ranged to hundreds of bodies, clawed, shot, melted from acid, ripped to shreds, being clubbed, to suffocation in dirt. So many horrific deaths that almost happened to me in my adventures hundreds of times. There is by far to many to name and those that I want to name are MIA, Missing in Action or horribly disfigured but this is all I can tell you at the moment so goodbye".(A/N Now you wake up) "Gasp what a weird dream poor dude if I could I would help him if it weren't a dream".

Percy, POV

After the large battle the remaining of the Seven" (A/N Leo is still with his sole mate Calypso) "we all were teleported to Olympus by the gods to receive our gifts but what surprised and angered Percy was that none of the other demigods were given gifts only the Six were given gifts but Percy held his tongue. Hazel Pleaded to stay alive and stay with frank Pluto Sighed and grumbled a fine.

Pluto, POV

The Fates are going to have my head for this as well as a certain god of death and a angry roman god of war.

Hazel, POV

"Thank you thank you thank you than-" "Alright Hazel enough" Pluto said Hazel giggled a sorry and ran to Frank to then jump into his arms and kiss him.

Frank, POV

After that kiss that im never going to forget I was next Ares switched to Mars and spoke "my son what do you wish for that is within my power" "can my life force be normal and not be tied to a stick please" Frank said uncertain not knowing if his father can do that. "I'm truly sorry my son I can not do that but what we can do is put it in the most secure area in Olympus." "Where" said the son of Mars sadly that it was not removed "That's why its so secure only the Olympians know it" Mars said with a smirk "ohhhh that makes sense I guess" Frank said a little happier that its safer than ever now.

Piper, POV

After Frank went I was called by my mother so I walked forward and knelt ten feet away from her throne "My daughter im so proud of but what is your wish that is in my power" Aphrodite said " Mother I would like to ask for your blessing to marry Jason" Jason gasped at this but looks guilty afterward "well I was not expecting that but yes you have my full blessing my daughter". Piper exclaims happily and thanked her mother and then runs to Jason to hug and kiss him happily but then gets a big shocker...

Jason, POV

I kiss Piper for my last time before shoving her away Piper falls on the cold marble. She looked at Jason with hurt eyes "what the hell Jason what was that for ?!" She exclaimed "i-im sorry Piper but I dont love you any more I love some one else now and she loves me as well" Piper looks at Me with shattered eyes. The entire throne room is silent before Piper exploded "WHO" she shouted "A-Annabeth" when I said the room was silent, now the silence is to where it would drive people insane. Annabeth began to walk towards me with sad eyes "hey babe" she says "hey" Annabeth then turns to Piper "im sorry but we had a better pull in ou-" "HOW COULD YOU" shouts a loud voice with another filled with anger, hate, angst, jealousy, and sadness. Demigods and Gods alike turn their head in two directions. One at Piper the other at Perseus .

Percy, POV

"YOU FUCKING BITCH I LOVE YOU AND THEN THIS why" Percy says that last word quietly Annabeth visibly flinches and looks to Percy but not his eyes not wanting to see all of his broken and hateful emotions "i-i-im sor-". "sorry" Perseus says in a deathly quite voice "SORRY? I LOVED YOU WITH ALL OF MY FUCKING HEART cant you give a better excuse. Or are u not smart on making that".

Third person

"Or are you not smart on marking that". People gasped at Percy's low blow Athena stood with a face of rage " I will smite you were you stand". "Go ahead show you and the other gods are all ignorant and arrogant". that's when shit hit the fan.

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