"There is no way I would ever lower myself to being friends with a mere human," the Kyuubi scoffed. "Now leave before I kill you."

Naruto opened her mouth to make a teasing remark, only to freeze as a surge of memories hit her.

"I suppose I can't kill you, can I? After all, you die, I die. Your courage is impressive, little boy… Very well, as a reward for making it this far, I will loan you my chakra!"

"You runt, you really are weak! You better be grateful to me… and to your beloved Fourth Hokage, who sealed me inside a twerp like you!"

"Destroy everything… Erase everything that hurts you… Entrust your heart to me… I will save you from your pain…"

"You don't have what it takes to control my power! You're nothing more than a mere fragment of my hatred!"

"Are you stupid!? I am the Nine-Tails! I haven't fallen so far that a little child can influence me! I am hatred incarnate!"

"Naruto… If you really want to do something for us… then do what you've always done… Prove it to us with your actions! That's who you are!"

"Sorry but… this guy doesn't suit your words. The Fourth Hokage entrusted me to Naruto… We became friends and now he's able to use my chakra! The Fourth sealed me into Naruto… to take you down!"

Naruto's vision was blurry as she stared at the Kyuubi.

But, the creature in front of her was much more than a source of entertainment. He was one of her friends.

She knew him.

"Kurama," she croaked out, absently realizing that she was crying.

Kurama's eyes snapped towards her in a reassessing manner. "How?"

Naruto wiped away her tears, inwardly cursing herself. She wasn't going to go soft now. So what if she found something that linked her to her past? So what if she couldn't ignore the warm feeling in her heart as she looked at Kurama?

It didn't change anything.

It couldn't change anything.

Could it?

"Human," Kurama growled, earning her attention. "How do you know my name?"

"Because we're friends," the words spilled out of Naruto's mouth without hesitation. "But I guess only I remember...ish."

"We are not friends."

"We can be."

"I hate humans."

Naruto grinned, "I can be the exception!"

Kurama glared at her. "The only exception is dead."

"Well, then you need a new exception," Naruto said in a 'duh' tone.

Kurama snorted, "You are an idiot."

Naruto simply smiled, because she really couldn't argue with that.

"I have been around for centuries. I have been hated and have hate in return. Do you really believe you, an insignificant girl, would ever be able to overcome even a fraction of my hatred?"

Naruto crossed her arms, her smile not faltering even a tiny bit. "I already have."


"Otherwise, you would have 'killed' me by now, right?"

Kurama silently stared at her.

"I'm right, aren't I?"

"Perhaps you aren't as much as an idiot as I thought. Or I've just gotten soft."

Naruto's smile turned into a grin. "But ya know? I consider you my friend, even if you don't. I'll keep coming over, I'll keep talking to you and laughing. Then one day, you'll suddenly consider me a friend. And you won't even realize when it happened. That's a..."

What were the words she was looking for?

A what?

What was it?

"A promise of a lifetime," she blinked at her own words.

Yet, they felt right.

Kurama didn't answer.

That was okay, because...

"I'll just prove it to you."


"It's the principle of the matter," Izuna insisted.

Naruto rolled her eyes, "Stop pouting."

"For once, I agree," Tobirama revealed.

At his words, Hashirama and Madara nodded in agreement.

"This is my home!"

"This is a forest," Tobirama stressed out.

"My home."

"A forest."


Madara sighed, "She'll end up doing as she pleases anyway."

"Your home is in a forest..." Hashirama thoughtfully said, "It's...actually not a bad idea."

"See? Hashi agrees!" Naruto grinned in victory and slung her arm around Hashirama's shoulders. "Honestly, it feels like only Hashirama gets me. Then again, brilliant minds tend to think alike."

"Idiotic minds," Tobirama corrected, earning amused snorts from Madara and Izuna.

"Sometimes I wonder how we're friends."

Madara nodded in agreement, "I wonder the same thing."

"We're friends because you're obsessed with my love-life," Naruto stuck her tongue out at the Uchiha.

Madara's eyes widened in surprise. "A-am not! I only pity the fool who would end up with you."

"Now that I think about it, I recall Naruto telling me about how she once kissed Tobirama...but I wasn't really paying attention since we were in the middle of a spar," Izuna mused aloud.

The two Uchiha brothers turned to look at Tobirama.

"It was non-consensual."

"Ah, that explains it..."

Izune promptly winced as Naruto kicked him.

"Anyone would be lucky to date me!" Naruto insisted. "Right Hashi?"

"Konoha!" Hashirama exclaimed, causing everyone to look at him.

"Besides, who said I even like guys?" Naruto went back on topic.

Hashirama had a smile widening on his face. "We can build a-"

"You like girls?" Madara coughed out, surprised.

"And guys," Naruto proudly added.

"You like both?" Tobirama raised an eyebrow in interest.

"We can build-"

"I have never seen two girls together before," Izuna thoughtfully cut in.

"I've been with girls before."

Madara, Tobirama and Izuna were staring at Naruto in interest now. "How would that work?" Tobirama was the one who asked what the three of them were thinking.

"We can-"

"You mean the dating part or the intercourse part?"

"I am honestly surprised that you even know what intercourse means," Madara quietly admitted. "But he was talking about the dating part."

"Yes, would it not be a social stigma?" Tobirama asked.

"Social stigma?"

"It means disapproved by the majority," Izuna explained. "For example, the majority of the Uchiha clan disapproves of marrying outsiders."

"As do the Senju, but with the exception of the Uzumaki clan," Tobirama added.

"That's stupid if you ask me. You're allowed to marry the person you love, fuck what everyone else thinks." Naruto didn't notice the surprised looks she was receiving from the guys as she huffed. "I'll just beat up anyone that has something to say about it."

"Perhaps, violence really is the only thing you know," Madara was the first to say, smirking.

"Do you really believe that?" Izuna asked, earning their attention.

"Yes, I do," Naruto said without hesitation. "Hashirama, Madara and I are going to build a village where stuff like same-sex relationships, threesomes or outside of clan marriages will be normal."

'It'll be fun...until...I...'

Izuna smiled at that. "You are truly unique, Naruto."

Naruto sheepishly smiled.

"What village?" Tobirama quickly asked, interrupting the moment.

"Konoha!" Hashirama exclaimed, finally able to say what he had been trying to say. "A village hidden in the leaves. Konohagakure."

Madara and Naruto both stepped back as Tobirama and Izuna approached a suddenly nervous looking Hashirama. The two were wearing tranquil looks that were littered with lethal curiosity.

"Konoha, huh," Naruto mumbled while blankly staring at the scene.

"Creative," Madara sarcastically replied, looking at Naruto who snorted in amusement.

Noticing his look, she turned to look at him. "Is there something on my face?"

"For the record, you don't deserve just any guy."

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as Madara leaned in closer to her. He had gotten taller than her. Since when? It's barely even been a year. Her eyes relaxed as he simply poked her on her forehead.

"Naru-chan, Madara, save me!" Hashirama cried, barreling into her and Madara.

Naruto, despite being caught off guard, still managed to steady her boys and herself.

"What the heck Hashi?!" Naruto yelled, despite not letting them go.

"Namikaze, I would advice you leave my brother to his fate.."

Naruto looked towards Tobirama and Izuna, who were both approaching Hashirama with murderous intent.

"Did they not agree to your stupid peace village plan?"

"They were pissed that I somehow didn't get the chance to mention it to them in the past months."

"Idiot," Madara managed, tightening his hold on both Naruto and Hashirama.

"You didn't mention it either," Hashirama weakly threw back, "If I'm going down, you two are coming with me."

Tobirama and Izuna pounced.

But, before they could touch the trio, Naruto quickly transported them away by using the body flicker technique. Tobirama would later blackmail her into teaching him the technique.