Hello welcome to Girl Meets Jessie. Now this is a FanFic about the Jessie cast meeting Riley and Maya. Now let the FanFic BEGIN!

August 23, 2015 Bleeker St Station Jessie's P.o.V.

" Jessie are you sure we are at battery park for the fair this year for Zuri." Emma said. "This isn't battery park. This is Bleeker Street" Zuri said. Hmm I wonder if I can quit my job now and move to California. Is it too late. "Well Zuri you will get to battery park. Ravi we will get you too that bookstore for that Science book and Emma we will find you an Apple store." I said. "Maybe we can ask those 2 girls over there for directions." Ravi said. We walked over to a brunette and a blonde waiting for a subway train. "Hi do you know how to get to battery park." Emma said. "Umm take the b train downtown." The blonde said. "Maya's right. B train downtown." The brunette said. "Thank you for the help we need to get to a fair at battery park." I said. "So do we." They said in unison. "Come with us. We have unlimited passes for the subway. We're rich." I said. "Umm. Sure." The brunette said. She put on her sweater and the blonde put on a NYU sweatshirt. "B train downtown." I said threw my teeth. The blonde led threw the crowd and jumped on a subway train. "B train downtown." She said. "We never introduced ourselves. I'm Zuri this is Emma, Ravi and our Nanny Jessie." Zuri said. "Hi I'm Riley." The brunette said. "And I'm Maya." The blonde said. "So do you guys come here often?" Emma asked. "Yeah you seem to know a lot about this place." Zuri said. "Well I am Maya Hart friend of half the people in Bleeker Street station." Maya said. "Well I'm Jessie Prescott. I'm the Ross's Nanny." I said. "You know you remind me of that crook from the demolition. You look a lot like her." Riley said. Hmm. Then the trained stopped the lights went out and brought all of us to the ground. Then I blacked out.

Hope you enjoyed. This is gonna be pretty dramatic. Luke falls in love with one of the girls. Choose who in the reviews. Thank you I am Play Games or Write Fan fiction signing off.