Here it is. The last they ever see of Maya Hart.

Everyone sat down on cchairs in a funeral home. Farkle, Riley, and Lucas walked up to tthe casket. Riley started to cry and leaned into Lucas. Lucas tried to comfort Riley as he saw a piece of paper in her hand. It read 'Riley, Ranger Rick, and Farkle if you are reading this I am probably dead or I gave it to you. I will miss you guys. Riley gets my phone. She can text herself and make herself feel like I am there. Ranger Rick gets my guitar. Play my song on it. And Farkle gets my seat in the bay window and my sketchbook. He was the first one to find out.' It was her will he gave it to Farkle. He read it and wept. That was near the end.

Previously at The funeral.

They all sat down in the funeral. "We are gathered here today to remember Maya Penelope Hart." And it went on with speeches from Riley and Farkle etc. Riley made a speech similar to the one she made at 's funeral. Farkle had kept a painting she made. Then was the reading of the will Riley wept. Farkle held his head in his knees. They would miss her. Goodbye Maya Penelope Hart.

There it is the newest edition. Pretty sad. The epilogue will be really odd.