So, here's a story I've been trying to work on for a while. I checked it over using spell check and such but their might still be grammar issues. If so I will take criticism. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Раждането (The Birth)

Date: December 24, 1928

Time: 9:31:52 pm

Location: 213 Levale Street. Sofia, Bulgaria. Croft Home

The Croft home belonged to a small family of two who were loved by most of their neighbors. And though they lived on a busy street they often immolated a family living out in the country. They were a simple family that loved each other greatly and were known as the people who would help anyone.

The husband, Nicolai Petrova Croft, was the Ambassador for Bulgaria and Italy, keeping relations fairly amicable. Nicolai was a handsome man, being 41 he still held youthful features of a 30 year old. Dark brown hair that was cut short and neat and piercing blue eyes that seemed to search a person's soul. He was built well, muscular but not overly so—likely due to him working out as often as he could—broad shoulders and long legs. The man's attractiveness was only heightened by his kind and fairly laid back personality.

His wife—the beautiful misses Vivian Luna Croft nee Wolfe who was originally an escort in Italy—was a secret writer of poetry by the name of Victor Dimitrova—who was known for "his" controversy poetry—and a stay at home wife, keeping the house in order and such. Vivian, or Vivi as her friends called her, was a true Italian beauty with her rich dark brown hair and jade colored eyes and was only 29 years old. Her skin having a constant, nice tan all year round, rounded eyes, plump limps and a curvy figure. She caught the eye of many men but she was completely devoted to her husband.

And it was just a few short nine months ago that the little family learned they would soon be having a new edition. Both parents were ecstatic to learn of their child and prepared for its arrival.

Nicolai prayed for a son, so his son could one day take over his job as Ambassador. He wanted a strong young man who he could take hunting, teach him the tricks of the trade and excel in school.

Vivian, on the other hand, prayed for a daughter, who she could dote upon and dress up like a little doll. She prayed for a proper young lady who would learn how to be a wife and, hopefully, a poet like her mother before her.

For months Nicolai dotted one his wife, ensuring she would want for nothing ad keeping her and the baby as healthy as possible. And he even indulged his wife in a bet on the babies gender. Nicolai was sure he was going to win.

And now…on this day, it was time for the new little addition to come into the world.

"Oh Dio, uccidimi!" Vivian screamed, her eyes clenched closed.

Vivian was laid out on her marital bed, sheets bunched up around her hips, leg spread a part and sweat dripping down her red face. Her rich brown hair matted and sticking to her face.

Between her legs was her sister-in-law and current nurse, Elena Croft. The woman's own short, wavy blonde hair was matted to her face, sweat dripping down her brow from worry and exertion. Her blue eyes sharp in concentration.

"Be calm, сестра. I am here." Elena whispered in Bulgarian.

"Oh, zitto Elena. Sto morendo qui. La mia vagina è sta per essere lacerato!" Vivian declared in a whimper.

Elena rolled her eyes. "So dramatic…and crass." She whispered.

She looked down between the woman's legs and saw the large amount of blood she had already lost. It was not something that any nurse wanted to see with a pregnant woman. She needed to stem the bleeding while also keeping track of the woman's contractions.

"Oh…another one is coming 'Lena." Vivian moaned, slumping forward and covering her large stomach.

"It's two minutes now. Soon you'll be able to push Vivi, just hold on." Elena soothed.

&I am a line…or I am supposed to be…I want to be a line&

Nicolai stood in his living room, pacing back a forth and staring at the ceiling every time he heard his wife scream and biting his lip to keep himself from cursing. Sat in a chair, drinking some type of high end whisky, was his brother, Dragan Croft.

The man was an imposing figure, with sharp features he had inherited from their father, the same soul piercing blue eyes that Nicolai had watched him pace, bored. His hair the same dark brown, if a bit messier. Broad shoulders and a fit physique made him extremely attractive but Dragan was married to his work and would likely never marry.

"Nic, calm down. Your wife is far too stubborn to die and besides she wants to meet your child. That, if nothing else, will see her through." Dragan said, taking a sip from his glass.

"Dragan…that's not funny." Nicolai growled, glaring at the man.

Dragan shrugged. "I wasn't trying to be. I'm just telling you the truth." He took another sip. "Now come over here and have some of this 1821 Jack Daniels oak aged whisky. It will calm your nerves."

Dragan swished the bottle, a small grin on his face. Nicolai shook his head and continued to pace and ignoring his now glowering bother. Nicolai felt a coil in chest tightening around his heart and making it near impossible for him to breath. He was anxious for both his wife and child. He knew, even with the advancements to medicine, Vivian could still die, the baby could still die. He trusted his sister, he did, but there were always variables you could not account for.

'Please God, protect my wife and child.' He prayed silently.

&I be a line…let me be a line…T-T I'm sad….&

"AHHH! AHHH! Oh God…" Vivian screamed, tears streaming down her eyes.

"You're ready Vivi. I need you to push." Elena ordered, rubbing her legs to try and sooth her.

Vivian took a breath and began pushing, feeling as if she was being ripped a part by the seams. She cried loudly, holding her knees as she leaned forward.

Elena could see a large amount of blood pooling from Vivian's vagina and grimaced, worried about her sister-in-law. She was losing to much blood.

Then, Elena saw something round pushing its way through the whole. Elena smiled.

"Yes, yes. I see the head Vivi!" Elena looked up at her. Vivian gave a small smile. "Take a breath." Elena ordered and Vivian did so, stopping her pushing. "Now push!" And once more the woman was pushing.

"AHHH!" She screamed, grabbing a hold of Elena's hand and squeezing. The blonde winced but let her continue. The head was free, but covered in slimy blood.

"Breathe." She ordered. Vivian took in gulps of air, sobbing softly as the pain began to become too much. "Now PUSH!"

Vivian screeched loudly, nearly breaking Elena's hand from her grip as she pushed her child's shoulders out. Elena spoke words of encouragement, trying to get the young woman to continue. The hardest part was down, now she just had to get the rest of the body out.

"Come on Vivi, one more big push and you're baby will be here." Elena encouraged.

"I can't…I can't…" She breathed, sobbing softly. "It hurts…"

Elena shushed her. "Come on sweetie. You're strong, you can do this. For your child…" She looked into Vivian's jade eyes. "For your baby…"

Vivian cried, sniffling and trying to catch her breath. She nodded and closed her, gritting her teeth and gave one more big push and suddenly Vivian felt what had been sliding out between her legs finally come free. She gasped and fell back, letting go of Elena's hand and just staring at the ceiling.

Elena, meanwhile, cleaned the child and cleared the babies mouth. As soon as the baby took a breath it screamed in shock and pain, not understanding why organs it had never used before hurt so badly. Elena smiled, wrapping the red baby up in a white cloth and went over to Vivian.

"il mio bambino…il mio bambino…" She whispered.

"Right here." Elena handed the child over.

She leaned over and grabbed a cool, wet cloth and placed it on Vivian's head, trying to cool her down. Of course, Vivian was now pale as a ghost, which made Elena slightly worried. She got up and checked over Vivian and saw that she had stopped bleeding so profusely, but still cleaned her up as best as she could.

Vivian didn't even notice, too busy at staring in wonder at her child, soothing it's cries and rocking it in her arms. It had the most striking blue eyes, just like its father.

"Nicolai…" Vivian croaked. "I want Nicolai."

Elena smiled and nodded. "Let me go get him."

&Line…Line…Line…Line…how I aspire to be you…&

Nicolai froze the moment he heard a second, younger cry join his wife's shrieking. Even Dragan stood, tilting his head and a slight smile on his lips. It sounded strong and healthy, which relaxed Nicolai for a moment. However, after five minutes and Elena still hadn't come down Nicolai began to worry once more.

Finally, he heard the creaking of the stairs and his sister appeared, covered in blood up to her elbows, hair freed from its messy bun and pale as a sheet. However, Elena did not have a baby in her arms, which made Nicolai's heart nearly stop.

"Elena…my wife…my child…please…are they…?" He begged, walking up to his sister with a fearful look.

Elena finally looked up, a bright smile on her face. "They're both fine and healthy Nik. Vivian is asking for you."

She tilted her head but Nicolai was already gone by the time she said they were both ok. Elena shook her head and giggled, her eyes bright.

"So…who won the bet?" Dragan asked.

"You owe me 175 lev brother." She said smugly.

Dragan groaned as soon as he heard that, his shoulders slumping. "Damn it all."

&Line…Oh where for art thy line?&

Nicolai bolted into the room, pushing the door aside to reveal his pale, sweaty, and blood covered wife, humming a lullaby to a white bundle. Nicolai smiled, his blue eyes brightening as he took in the sight. Slowly and quietly he walked up to his wife, who had sensed him and looked up. She smiled tiredly back at him and motioned for him to sit beside her. He did so, kissing his wife on the forehead and then looked down into the bundle and saw his beautiful child.

"So who won the bet?" He asked, resembling his elder brother in this manner.

"She's a girl…so Giannina wins. Sorry dear." Vivian teased, laughing roughly.

Nicolai just smiled, shaking his head and asking for the small child. Vivian hesitated for just a moment before slowly, and gently, handing the squirming white bundle over to her husband. Nicolai froze as soon as the baby was in his arms, looking at her as if he was just seeing her for the first time. In that moment, Nicolai fell in love with his daughter, his eyes softening as he pulled her close to his chest, letting her small hand grip his finger. It was a strong grip.

"Hello, my little огън птица." He whispered in Bulgarian. "Welcome to the world Giannina Croft…I am Nicolai…I'm your баща." He cooed.

The baby whined, her eyes closed and holding tight to her father's finger.

"And this beautiful woman beside you is my лятна роза, she is your майка …" He murmured, rocking lightly. He kissed his wife's forehead again, a goofy grin of his face. "You made a beautiful child my love."

She pecked him on the lips, a similar look on her face. "We made a beautiful child. She has your eyes…" Nicolai gave her a look. "Truly, the same shade as yours. She's going to turn quite a few heads when she is older." She smirked.

"No. No boys." He scolded Vivian, then looked at his daughter. "You hear me young lady, no boys." He rubbed his nose against hers, making her sniff and sneeze.

Vivian giggled, shaking her head at her husband's antics. She released a breath and just watched her husband continue to coo and talk to the small babe. It brought another silly grin to her face.

'Giannina Morgan Croft…I wonder what type of woman you will become?...Whatever the case, I will love you always…' Her mother thought, closing her eyes to rest, just for a bit.

"Vivian? Vivi? Vivian!" Nicolai yelled. "ELENA!" He screamed for his sister when she refused to wake, scaring his newborn daughter and causing her to scream.

Elena came running up the stairs, seeing her brother near distraught as he tried to awaken his wife. She quickly ushered Nicolai out, ordering him to worry about his baby and then slammed the door in his face. Nicolai gulped and looked down at little Giannina, who was wailing now at the loud noises that no doubt hurt her little ears.

Nicolai sighed. "I'm sorry, sweetie, do not cry, I am here." He whispered.

Meanwhile, Elena began working furiously to save Vivian's life, sowing wounds closed and stenting blood flow. She worked quickly, never noticing Vivian awaken for a moment.

'My sweet baby…I...will always…protect you…I promise…' She thought before losing consciousness once more.

Vivian would never know, until it was far too late, that she would not be able to keep that promise to her daughter, who she so adored now. But then…people always change through time and Vivian was no different.

So here's the beginning of a very long story. Tell me what you think.


Giannina "Nina" Croft

Played by: Nina Dobrev (Elder Nina)

Played by: Ava Allan (Younger Nina)

Note: Her name is a coincidence. I didn't originally plan to have Dobrev play my OC.

Vivian Croft

Played by: Olivia Wilde

Note: She truly is a beautiful woman and is perfect, in my opinion, to play the beautiful Italian Beauty that is Vivian Croft.

Nicolai Croft

Played by: Jeremey Renner

Note: I know this is the same person that plays Hawkeye! Maybe there's a reason for that. ;)

Elena Croft

Played by: Alexz Johnson

Note: Her name is also a coincidence. Originally she wasn't even a character because I wanted to keep the OC's to a minimum but as I created the outline I realized I needed more.

Dragan Croft

Played by: Matt Bomer

Note: He's name is pronounced "Drey gahn" not Dragon.