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Chapter 4: Учене (Learning)

Date: October 21, 1938

Time: 2:50:31 pm

Nina's Age: 9 years old (10 in 2 months 3 days)

Location: Anglo American School. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nina was bored. Her English teacher—who would be fairly competent in Nina's book if the perky woman ever shut up—was going over the different conjunctions in English—how many did they need?—but Nina already knew about this. She had read ahead in the book and already knew the conjunctions.

Besides, Nina had a gift for languages, something she likely got from her father, and Nina was in the top tier of this class. As well as Science and Math. History she wasn't all that great at. She got dates mixed up a lot. She also sucked at poetry and creative writing, although she had a bit of a talent for drawing. She was good at dance and ok at chorus, but cooking class usually ended up with a fire when she tried to cook.

And politics class hurt her head. It was complicated, more so than science was, and Nina had originally taken it because it was something her father did but all the politicking made her want to rip her hair out. She pitied her father for having to do that every day.

She was sure when she was older she would never take a politic job…or work in politics at all. Science was likely going to be the path she followed.

Nina looked at the clock. 2:52 pm. She had only been thinking for two minutes. Damn…she had hoped her inner monologue would have passed more time.

Speaking of her father, ever since the last talk her parents had about the coming War Nina had stolen—read borrowed with no time constraint—the radio from her parents room and kept it hidden under her bed. She had taken to religiously listen to it whenever she could get away with it. She had heard the news of Britain and France handing over Czechoslovakia to Germany, just like her father predicted.

She had felt horrible dread fill her heart when she heard the news. She knew it was only going to get worse from here. The tension was literally ready to snap, even in her country—which was fairly far away from Germany.

Nina looked at the clock again. 2:57 pm on the dot. Three more minutes. The icy blue eyed girl thought. She wished her English teacher would just let them—

"Ms. Croft…are you listening to me?" Ms. Jordan—an English woman from London with mousy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes—asked.

"Yes Ms. Jordan." Nina spoke in English with a thick Bulgarian accent.

The English woman always made the children speak in English once they were in her classroom.

"Then can you please read where I left off?" Ms. Jordan asked.

Nina hesitated as the children around her giggled. She hadn't really been listening to what the woman had been saying so she had no idea where the woman had left off. Just when she was about to say she had no idea the bell rang, alerting everyone it was time to leave.

Nina couldn't help but snort. 'Saved by the bell, how cliché…' Nina thought, gathering her books to leave.

"Ms. Croft, can you stay back for a moment?" Ms. Jordan asked before Nina could leave.

Nina frowned but nodded and waited until everyone had left the room. Ms. Jordan motioned for her to come to her desk and Nina did so.

"Ms. Croft…" Ms. Jordan began in Bulgarian. Her accent was noticeable. "I have noticed recently that you have…not been attentive in class. Can you tell me why that is?"

Nina paused before answering, thinking carefully how to word her answer so this woman would not truly glean into her intelligence. Nina had never understood why she hid her intelligence, she only knew she had too. It was instinct to her, that was the best way she could explain it.

She thought up excuses and lies she could tell the woman in a few seconds, having 5 good lies that were on the tip of her tongue…when she realized she had the perfect excuse. After all, a book she had once read said the best lies have elements of truth.

"I'm sorry Teacher. It's just…" Nina looked down, giving off the feel of an innocent and shy little girl. "I miss my father Ms. Jordan. He's been gone for a while now and…I...well…my thoughts wander to him often." She crossed her arms behind her back and shifted, knowing this was important body language to convey her shyness. "I'm sorry."

Nina saw from the corner of her eye Ms. Jordan relax and smile sadly. Everyone knew Nina was the daughter of the leading Ambassador for Bulgaria and that his work took him away often. Nina could guess what she was thinking, something likely along the lines of her being a poor child denied her father's company for long periods of time.

Ms. Jordan nodded. "I understand. It must be hard to have a father that is not around often." She soothed.

Nina couldn't help but feel annoyance at that line, like her father neglected her or treated her terribly, but she held her tongue anyways. She knew what her father did protected Bulgaria from unnecessary war and if he had to leave for long periods of time she could put up with it. Nicolai was a good man and an even better father, Nina new and believed this completely.

Besides, Ms. Jordan didn't know anything and that was how she wanted to leave it.

"I will pay better attention Ms. Jordan." Nina said, but really had no intention of doing so.

Ms. Jordan smiled at the brown haired girl and told Nina she could go. When the women's back was turned Nina couldn't help but smirk at her gullibility as she left. Some people were too easy to manipulate.

Now, little Nina is not any sociopath or future serial killer, she is merely more intelligent than most people. Nina is a girl before her time and sometimes she had a hard time understanding why people did the things they did. Nina was a child with a great mind and ability to learn. And what Nina was constantly learning to do was how to be human.

Nina's intelligence set just set her apart from everyone else and she was alright with that. To her, manipulating Ms. Jordan was just a way to protect herself and was the most logical course to go.


Nina smiled when she saw her Aunt Elena waiting for her and ran up to her, hugging the blonde woman. Elena chuckled and returned the hug, swinging her around and making Nina giggle.

"I want to go home Aunt Elena." Nina said.

"Good, because you will never guess who finally came home." Elena grinned.

Nina's eyes brightened. "Papa! Let's go Auntie! I want to see papa."

Yes, Nina was constantly learning to be human with others, but with her family…she never had to pretend.

&Twist Path&

Date: November 10, 1938

Time: 1:00:00 pm

Nina's Age: 9 years old (10 in 1 month 14 days)

Location: Croft Home. Sofia Bulgaria.

It was all over the news, all anyone could talk about. Nina had even been kept home from school when her mother heard the news early this morning from her father. Since then, Nina had been in her room, listening to her little radio.

Apparently, many businesses and synagogues had been destroyed by Nazi soldiers late last night and this morning and many Jewish people had rounded up and taken who knows where. The German Government had yet to say anything to the press but many people had already reported the travesties, mostly Germans who felt sorry for Jewish people that had been attacked.

Nina had heard her father talking to her mother and aunt this morning, saying this was likely in response to the young Jewish boy in Paris who killed some member of the German Embassy Staff. Supposedly, the boy, whose name Nina didn't get, had shot them because of October 27 when his family along with 15,000 other Jews were expelled from Germany without any warning.

The young girl remembered that report. The boy had been arrested and was currently waiting for his trail. To think something that was countries away would cause so much trouble…it was like a domino effect.

Either way, the world was horrified by what both Hitler and his Nazi soldiers had done. People were starting to revolt and rage against such injustices, demanding something be done already. Nina could feel the tension in the air stretching and quivering. It was going to snap and soon.

"This is bad…" Nina whispered.

And she knew that was an understatement. Things like this only showed the beginnings of the truly terrible things Germany had planned. Her father was right, Hitler and his Germany was seeking to reign unholy terror on the world and this only the beginning.

Nina wasn't a religious person—despite her parents belief in God and going to church every Sunday—and she was not an overly empathic person either but she prayed for those people in Germany and hoped they would find safety somehow.

The nine, almost ten, year old turned off the little radio and hid it under her bed again. Nina knew her parents would take it away if they found it as they didn't want her to listen to the news or know about what was going on to try and protect her. It would annoy her if they were anyone else, but they were her parents and Nina could understand why they were trying to protect her.

"Giannina, Lunch is ready!" Vivian yelled up to her.

"Coming mother!" Nina yelled, heading downstairs.

Vivian greeted her daughter with a strained and tired smile. Nina returned it with a brighter one and went into the kitchen. Elena was already seated and Nina took a seat beside her, Vivian following soon after, setting a plate in front of her daughter with hot mashed and pork. Nina thanked her mother.

Vivian said grace and the three women began eating in silence for a time. However, Elena was never one to enjoy such silence and neither was Nina either so it was inevitable that one of them broke the silence. But Elena, being the woman that she is, waited until both had taken a bit of their food.

"So I heard from Maya that my home was broken into." Elena said bluntly.

Vivian chocked on her pork and Nina just froze, blinking slowly as she processed what Elena said. Nina furrowed her brows, staring at her aunt with both confusion and contemplation, while she raised her hand and slammed her hand on her mother's back. Vivian's coughs subsided and she took her drink of her water, glaring darkly at her sister-in-law.

Elena just smirked, obviously pleased by the reactions, and continued eating happily.

Nina opened her mouth to say something but her mother beat her to it.

"Someone broke into your house? Good God, Elena why are you so calm about that!" Vivian scolded.

Elena shrugged. "I wasn't there and anything worth something is here, so I'm not too worried about it ."

"Elena, that's not the point. Your home was broken into!" Vivian paused and gave Elena a long and weary look. "And just how long have you known about this?"

"I found out a week ago." Elena said easily, ignoring the horror crawling on Vivian's face. "I didn't really think it was important."

"Not important!" Vivian asked in disbelief.


Both women paused and looked at the small child, her piercing blue eyes seemingly able to read their souls. Elena and Vivian were greatly reminded of Nicolai in that moment when they looked at Nina.

"Why aren't you angry that your home was broken into Aunt Elena?" Nina clarified.

Nina was under the impression that someone breaking into a home was a social taboo. Was she wrong? Well, maybe not considering her mother's reaction but Elena, the "victim", didn't seem to bothered by it. Why was that?

Elena smiled. "It's like I said, everything that is worth something to me is in this house. My "home" is just four walls that I occasionally sleep inside. My true home is here."

Nina's confusion deepened. The explanation was clear enough on the surface but Nina could hear an underlying meaning behind it. What did her aunt mean? It didn't make sense to her.

Vivian huffed, interrupting Nina's deliberations.

"Four walls it might be but it is your home Elena. You pay to live there and the fact it was broken into—"

"Apparently a hobo is living in there too." Elena added.

Nina looked up in interest. A hobo was living there too? Did he break into aunt Elena's house?

Vivian made a strangled sound and looked at Elena with obvious distress. "Elena, why is there a hobo living in your house?! And why are you so calm about this!"

"Ok, I lied about the hobo." Elena admitted. "But really Vivian it's fine. It can be easily fixed and I'm living here for the time being, so it doesn't really matter to me."

"Aunt Elena it's your home." Nina pointed out, still confused.

Elena shrugged again.

"At least tell me you told Nicolai about it." The Italian beauty begged. Elena gave her blank look. "Dragan?" Another blank look. "Elena!"

"What?" Elena whined. "They'd just make it out to be a big deal."

Nina knew that was true, with her father at least. Nina didn't know much about her Uncle Dragan as he wasn't around often. She had met him once or twice but she didn't really have a connection to him other than her father and aunt being Dragan's younger siblings.

"It is a big deal. You are a 47 year old—"

"Hey, don't mention my age!" The young looking blonde said.

To be fair, Elena did look like she was only in her mid-twenties.

"—woman!" Vivian continued like Elena had said nothing. "Yet, you are acting like a rebellious teenager. You're treating this like a game!"

Elena raised a blonde eyebrow. "Oh? What about the time you snuck into Nicolai's office so you could—"

Vivian blushed bright red. "Elena!" She interrupted quickly. "Little ears…" She looked pointedly at the curious Nina, who glared at her mother for stopping Elena from speaking. "And you swore you would never bring that up…ever!"

Elena smirked. "All's fair in love and war."

As soon as she said that line both elder women grimaced and became quiet. Both adults looked at her and then away quickly, going back to eating. Nina looked between them and understood immediately why they had gotten quiet. Elena had mentioned War…that was a taboo word in the house, especially when she was around.

Nina sighed softly at the sudden awkward silence, hating it.

"Aunt Elena…you know mother is going to tell father about the break in now right?" Nina said suddenly in hopes to break the tension, taking a bite of her mashed while doing so.

Elena blinked, looked at a now evilly smirking Vivian and groaned. "Please don't tell Nicolai."

Vivian chuckled. "I'll just tell Dragan then."

Elena looked up, horrified. "That's even worse!"

"That's why I'm going to do it." Vivian smarted.

&Twisted Path&

Date: November 12, 1938

Time: 3:00:05

Nina's Age: 9 years old

Location: Bulgaria Prime Minister Office. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nicolai was disgusted as he listened to the news on the radio of Kristallnacht as the German's were calling it. Reinhard Heydrich, an SS leader, reported 7500 businesses were destroyed, 267 synagogues had been burned—with 177 totally destroyed—and 91 Jews had been killed. Night of Broken Glass indeed.

But that wasn't even the worst part of this travesty, oh no. The German Government was placing the costs of the destruction on the Jewish people in Germany. They had to pay for the destruction of their own shops and places of worship.

Nicolai turned the radio off harshly, not wanting to hear anymore. His sense of integrity after spending so many years as an Ambassador was rebelling against the injustice that the Jews were facing. And he couldn't but think that this was only the beginning.

'Lord preserve me.' He thought, his icy blue orbs sad.

"Lord Croft."

Nicolai jumped and looked up in shock. His 25 year old secretary, Mira Antov, stood in his door way. Her curly black hair was pulled into a loose bun and her grey eyes were full of nervousness. Mira was a pretty young women but she was extremely shy.

"Yes Mira. Is something wrong?" Nicolai asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"I have those files you asked for Sir." She placed three folders on his desk. "And Minister Kyoseivanov sent a telegram sir. I put it in with the file."

Nicolai almost grimaced but was able to keep his face blank. The last thing he needed was a rumor that he didn't like their current Prime Minister.

"Thank you Mira." He picked up the files.

"Do you…um…need anything else sir?" Mira stuttered out.

"No, that will be all."

Mira nodded and quickly left, leaving Nicolai to read over the files.

The three files Nicolai had gotten from Mira was information he really shouldn't have had access too. In fact this type of information could get him in a lot of trouble, but Nicolai had learned long ago sometimes you had to play as dirty as your opponents. And Nicolai was sure, since he had met Adolf Hitler, that he would be getting his hands extremely dirty if he was going to find the truth.

He had never done anything that could be considered truly illegal, but he had walked the fine line between unethical and illegal before and this was definitely on that line, perhaps even past it. He had to call in a number of favors and even now owed a few people but Nicolai got the information he wanted.

The three files contained different information but all connected in some way or another. At least, Nicolai was pretty sure they were connected.

The first file contained transcripts of meetings between his Prime Minister and other high end officials of the government. Now, technically it was not illegal for him to have these as in some of them he had been present and knew the information. But those weren't the ones he was interested in. It was the meetings he wasn't present at that he wanted to read.

The second file contained the recent legal documents that had been sent through the government channels. Again, not illegal for an ambassador to have access to such documents as he needed to keep updated on the changes in his government. But Nicolai was sure they would glen some light into his suspicions on what was truly going on.

And the third file…well that one he really didn't want to touch but knew he need to. This file was likely to get him into a lot of trouble if anyone found out he had it or had even looked into it. This file was the file that had caused him to call in quite a few favors to even owe a few.

This file contained information on Adolf Hitler, the current "enemy" Nicolai had taken to silently fighting. This file contained any and all information recorded about the man. When he was born, where he went to school, what organizations he was a part of, any and all information available was in this file.

Nicolai had gotten this file from a few people, people whose identities he would take to the grave with him. Dangerous people that he honestly wish he never had to know but did anyways because he didn't really have a choice. Spies, assassins, mercenaries, name it and one of those people were likely to have that job description. And every single one of them had, at one point, had gotten on a government radar and Nicolai, being the old player that he was, had insured they owed him something.

And was he both glad and horrified that he had done so.

He looked at the files, having yet to open them and thought that he could burn them now. He could stop his investigation before it even started, stop before he got in to deep. He could continue what he had been doing, ignorant to the truth of the situation, ignorant to the underground projects of the government.

But two things stayed the man's hand from doing just that.

The first, was Nicolai was a smart man, a man that had survived by knowing what was going to happen before it did and preparing for it. He did not survive by being ignorant and at his very being was just that, a Survivor.

And the second…well…it was that damn meeting he had with a man Nicolai could say with little doubt was the true Anti-Christ himself, Adolf Hitler. A true child of Satan. Nicolai had looked into those cold eyes and saw Death and Hell Fire waiting for him if he crossed his path.

It made Nicolai shudder and his skin feel tainted just remembering the meeting.

"What I am trying to do, my good Ambassador, is merely help my fellow man." Hitler said, a serene and charismatic smile on his lips.

"God may damn soul if what I am doing is wrong." He whispered, shaking the memories off.

Nicolai opened the first file, no hesitance any longer in his movements, and dived head first into the battle ground. Nicolai had to do this, not just for his country, but for his family as well.

Because Fuhrer Hitler would drag them all down to hell if the world let him and Nicolai was not going down without a fight.

&Twisted Path&

Date: December 20, 1938/Christmas in 5 days

Time: 7:04:12 am

Nina's Age: 9 years old (10 in 4 days)

Location: Croft Home. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Christmas time was one of the most fascinating times in Bulgaria and Nina never got tired of participating in it. She supposed some traditions could get tedious after a while, such as Сурвачка—she could only rub her Aunt, Uncle, Mother, and Father's backs and heads and wish them good health so many times before it became annoying and they knew it too—but Christmas always had more pros than cons and Nina, like any child, loved Christmas.

Currently her entire family had taken up residence in their large home, which basically consisted of her parents, Aunt, and rarely seen Uncle—Her grandparents having died long ago, before Nina was even born—and, of course, along with her made up of who was currently living in their two story home.

Nina could hear from the living room—she was currently occupying with her father and uncle—her mother and aunt cooking Christmas dinner. It was a tradition that they start cooking their feast on the day the Virgin Mary had gone into labor as well as lighting candles for said occasion all over the house—this holiday was called Игнажден.

The youngest Croft stared at the flickering candle light of the candle near her uncle, deep in thought. Nina had always been fascinated with that this holiday could do to people.

Nina remember in her history class that her teacher explained that Christmas had such a profound effect on people that in World War 1—she could not remember the date—German and British troops ceased fire and sang Christmas Carols with each other. On the very day of Christmas German soldiers had left their trench and approached the Allied forces and called Merry Christmas to them in their language. The day had now become known as the Christmas Truce.

Truly it fascinated the young girl that such a simple holiday could invoke such emotions and actions, but Nina had seen it with her own eyes and she was seeing once more the effect Christmas had on people.

Her Uncle, who she rarely saw but knew was a harsh and sometimes cold man, was relaxed with a happy look in his piercing blue eyes. He was gently sipping from a glass of scotch and talking in the low tones with her father. Her uncle even smiled here and there, something she rarely saw if at all.

And her father! Her father looked years younger, as if all the stress and fear he had been experiencing just melted away. His eyes were brighter and he was constantly smiling. It made Nina happy to see her father so carefree and just…happy. He had been so somber, weighed down by an invisible force and unable to find any peace. Now he was talking in low but amused tones to his brother, telling some story or another.

Her mother and aunt had also fallen into the "Christmas Spirit" and were merry. If Nina was honest it was almost sickening to see, so sweet was this family setting it nearly made her teeth ache.

"—and then Nina walked in on—"

Nina's eyes widened when she came out of her inner monologue and heard exactly what story he was telling her absent uncle. She jumped to her feet and onto her father's lap, quick to cover his mouth before he could finish.

"Father! You swore never to speak of that." Nina said petulantly, a heavy scowl on her pretty face.

Nicolai just chuckled, mischief shinning in his icy eyes and a smirk painting his lips.

"I do remember you trying to negotiate with me to never speak of it again but I do not believe I ever promised—"

"We agreed that you would never tell that story and I would not tell Mama about the time you looked up that pretty blonde's sk—" She soon found her mouth covered by her father's large hand.

This would have annoyed her if she didn't know that she had just beaten her father at his own game.

'Check Mate Father.' She thought.

Dragan raised a fine black eyebrow, an amused look on his face.

"Brother, I never knew you were such a voyeur." He said easily, swirling his liquor in his glass.

Nicolai grimaced at his brother, obviously not pleased by what he had just said. Then he looked at his sneaky and proud daughter. Oh, he wanted to wipe that look off her face but even he knew she had him check mate.

He sighed. "Very well, you win огън птица (fire bird)."

Nicolai silently wondered when and where his daughter learned to out fox him, of all people. Perhaps he was not as sharp as he once was, age could dull even the sharpest blade.

Nina removed her father's hand and smiled. "Can we play chess father, I am terrible bored."

Dragan perked up at that mention. "Chess…now childe you would be better off playing against me. Your father learned everything he knows from me."

Nina blinked, a curious lit in her eyes. She didn't know that.

"Please brother, do not tell my daughter lies." Nicolai drawled.

Dragan stood and playful sneered at his little brother.

"Shall we show her how it's done then little brother?" Dragan asked.

Nicolai's grin was simply wicked. "I'm always willing to show my daughter my skills, especially when I'm going to embarrass you, Dragan."

Nina rolled her eyes at the men's posturing but kept silent. After all, observing was her best skill and seeing two men who were obviously clever going at it in chess, one of the most intellectual games in the world, was something she definitely wanted to to see. It might teach her a thing or two.

"I'll go get the chess set." Nina stated, heading for her father's study where the chess set was kept.

&Twisted Path&

Nicolai' study was the smallest room in the house, furnished sparsely with a desk, a few chairs and a large book shelf up against the right wall filled to the brim with books. Of course there were a few pictures hung on the cream colored walls from various artist he had met on his job—Italy was a place of beauty and art after all—and a small fire place to the left, but otherwise there was not much in the room.

Nina opened the door, her small feet padding against the dark wood floor, and easily saw the chess set on her father's desk. She was easily able to get it from his desk but something caught her eye. Nina knew she was never to look through anything on her father's desk—the reason being her father sometimes was involved in things that the populace didn't know about and that included her—but for once she ignored this rule because of what caught her eye.

It was a piece of paper poking out of a vanilla folder with the words Vollständiger Name: Adolf Hitler.

Nina had been studying German for months now, adding it to her repertoire of other languages such as English, Italian, Russian, and, of course, her native language Bulgarian.

And from the simple line she knew that whatever was in that file was about the current Fuhrer of Germany, likely a profile of the man.

The young girl bit her lip, looking at the words and then at the chess set. She couldn't be gone long, which meant she could not read through the files in detail. Besides, this was on her father's desk, and was thus classed off limits. She took a step back, chess set balanced carefully in her hands, and turned towards the door.

The young Bulgarian girl froze.

Nina's curiosity got the better of her. She turned back around, silently set the chess set down and grabbed the filed quickly, checking over her shoulder at the open door to make sure no one was there and quickly opened it and began scanning the pages. Nina wasn't reading the words though. She was… well…the best way she could describe it was she was taking mental snap shots of the papers, like she had a camera in her brain, and was storing them away for later use.

She flipped to the last page of the vanilla folder and heard footsteps coming down the hall. She quickly looked at the last page and then shut the folder, placing it back on her father's desk and grabbed the chess set, but the pieces spilled onto the floor.

She silently cursed.


It was her father, standing in the doorway with a suspicious look on his face. Nina was quick to give a somewhat sheepish look as she was grabbing the stray pieces.

"Sorry father, I tipped the set too far and the pieces fell."

Nicolai gave Nina a long look before sighing and smiling a bit.

"A bit too excited childe?" He walked in and grabbed the Black Queen piece from the floor.

Nina wrinkled her nose. "I am not a child father." She stated, gently placing the pieces back in their respective places.

Nicolai paused, studying his young daughter, who returned his stare with her own piercing blue eyes. He could see the intelligence and old knowledge hidden behind that young face and he would concede. His daughter was no child.

"Perhaps." Nicolai agreed.

Nina looked up, shocked that her father agreed with her. Nicolai chuckled.

"You are an old soul Giannina. I knew that the day you were born. You have the eyes of someone who has lived before." Nicolai placed a hand on his young daughters shoulder.

"Is that your way of saying I am strange?" Nina asked, somewhat teasing.

Nicolai laughed.

"Well, you are unique my daughter."

Nina snorted. "Nice save father." She looked away. "You are supposed to say that thought. You are my father."

"I suppose, but I speak nothing but the truth. I am…proud that you are my daughter." He patted her and grabbed the chess set. "Come, I will show you how I kick your uncles arse in this game."

Nina stood and followed him out of his office. She was careful not to look back at her father's desk, where the folder she had snooped in now laid. Nina already planned going over what she had learned later that night.

Uh oh. Nina is getting into things she shouldn't, this will not end well for her...maybe :P

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When I originally created Nina I had a few ideas on how I could create her character. In the end, she came out a mixture of a few characters and we are only starting to truly see her true self and by the end of this story we still might not even know everything about her. Nina will tell me if she wants some things revealed or not.

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