Sitting within a rundown truckstop several hours outside of Santa Clara county, California, are 2 figures sucked into a heated argument. One is an older man barely through his mid 20's with a rugged sharp jaw, piercing green eyes Honey tinted brown hair fluffed to perfection, his green flannel hugs his arms accenting every sharp dip and muscled bicep. The other is an ethereal looking girl not yet a woman, her silver pearlescent hair tumbles barely past her shoulders, soft crystalline blue eyes often mistaken for shining diamonds, her small stature standing out against the older of the pair, a meager 5ft3 compared to his 5ft11. Her hands are soft and delicate, deceptive. She's wearing a black Shirt under a red plaid flannel, jeans hugging every curve down to her dark brown combat boots. Her face is contorted into a scowl as she stares up at the older male. This is Dean and Alex Winchester, both stuck in a mental combat of wills.

"Dean, how can you ask this of me!" Alex stares up at her brother with hidden betrayal, 'how could he ask to go look for HIM of all people?'

"Look, Alex, like I said we could use the help" Dean lifts his hand and rubs it down his face, his eyes tired and staring at her with exasperation.

"But why Sam, he left, he wants nothing to do with us!"

"We can't do this job alone."

"Why not!?" Alex yells, "We've done plenty of jobs alone now. Why do we need Sam, am I not enough?"

"Of course not, don't ever say that, you're my little sister and your fine just the way you are, what i'm saying is Dad's gone and we've been waiting for him for almost 2 weeks, neither of us have gotten anywhere with this other than what job he was on, Sam always had more brains then both of us, we could use his help." Dean bites out obviously annoyed with the young teenager.

"I-I know you didn't mean it that way Dean, i'm sorry. It's just….sammy of all people..after what he said to me that night-'' Alex's head slumps down, her shoulders dropping in defeat.

Dean gives his younger sister a soft grin of support, he opens his mouth to give some brotherly comfort when she mumbles, his brows furrowed in confusion hoping he misheard her, "What was that brat?"

"I said I hope fate sneaks up behind you and fucks you with a blade" she says with an innocent smile,and gleaming eyes.

Dean gasps dramatically with an offended look on his face, his hand flying up to his heart. "OH no, you've wounded me. My precious little sister has dealt a fatal blow. How can I ever recover from such an evil twisted attack against me." his eyes gleamed with amusement.

Alex cackles with mock evilness, "Bow to my superiority peasant.'' Both of them stare at each other for a moment before breaking down in giggles and guffaws.

"Damn little brat, you lucky Dad's not here with that language of yours." he ruffled her hair with a smirk.

"And your lucky dads are not here to watch you Man whore yourself to everything with a hole between its legs." She responds while catching brother eyeing another waitress.

He sends her a glare before standing from the table grabbing his leather jacket before tossing down a bunch of bills, "lets go, we aren't far from stanford, we'll be the by tonight if we leave now."

With a defeated sigh she stand up and follows him from the dingy diner out to the car, a beautiful shining black and silver 1967 Chevy Impala.

$%^$# $%^^$# #%^#!

Prologue is now 100% rewritten.

I'm so happy to be able to just go back and truly write this story the way I believe it deserves to be written, I was around 14 to 15 when I first started this story. I'm 20 now and want to do my best to give this story the maturity it needs to flourish. The humour won't go away but I want to go more into Alex's psyche and delve deeper into her bonds and fears.