I thought about this would be interesting when cleaning the really dusty but tiny locker board thing and thought, why not add a crossover since I had never made it

Chapter 1: Feeling Hurt

Haruhi and the others looked at Tamaki in shock. He announced that he was going to disband the Host Club to concentrate all his attention on his fiancé. He said that he already paid her debt off and she was free from the host club. Haruhi became depressed and reverted back to her old self. Dull and boring, shocking the others by her transform. She never really talked to the senpais anymore. Only Hikaru and Kaoru because they are in the same class. It goes on and she keeps on seeing him flirting with his fiance, its really gross.

She said to his face "You're the one who tried to keep me in here." And mumbled " Guess all rich kids are the same". Ignoring his hurt look, she turned on her back and walked away. That was their last conversation they had with each other.

It continues for them to ignore each other. After she graduated from Ouran, she asked Kyoya how to do the finance. He also taught her more than that. Gathering Information. She was thankful of that. From Hunny and Mori, they taught her some martial arts which at least she could defend herself. From the Twins was hiding in plain sight along with becoming more fashionable and she barely managed to do it. Kasanoda told her all about plants and gives more information about what is going on since he has a lot of connections. Mei had made her into a future godmother as she and Kasanoda had begun dating, flustering him very much.

Her father became ill and was done for the count. When he was admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with having lung cancer. He couldn't work anymore, forcing Haruhi to work overtime at whatever job she could take. She couldn't take college anymore. The hospital bill is expensive. Her father is now in the hospital and not really being treated right now. She barely ate anything and Kyoya was forced to not acknowledge her anymore since in his father's words 'Useless Commoner'.

So she began increasing her network online and everywhere, making connections. It was getting dangerous so she dyed her hair purple, hiding her face and eyes beneath a hood that she could see through but others could not see her above the nose. Kasanoda had a teacher for her to protect herself too. Dying Will Flames as they called it. But the yakuza don't really use them much but they are helpful. So she learn by the teacher by the name of Cobra, his codename.

By the time she was 21, she completed her apprenticeship. She had the strongest Mist flames Cobra had ever seen and he gave her a nickname to completely cover her whole existence. She had to clear off all her emotions so the enemies wouldn't use it against her. It was all for her father. The father who raised her as best as he can as he struggled to get up and protested that he was fine from the hospital bed and wanted to work for her to at least finish college. She used her bank card her dad gave her that her mother gave him to give her to collect all the money needed for the hospital bill

She made her voice into a gender-neutral voice, making it so that nobody would realise it was a Fujioka Haruhi, it was Viper, the Very Expensive Information Broker

It doesn't matter if she kills or sell information of an innocent person. She will do it to get her dad well and her friends safe.

And so she locked her heart


Those who read the OHSHC manga, didn't Mei Yasumura had a baby before? I don't get it, since I read that she got pregnant and the father of the baby came to her to apologise and tried to be in the baby's life and I think she refused or something?