Hey! I kept on thinking, what if I put in a SI!Naruto? Female one. I had already an idea so here it is! Imma going to make more SI!-Insert Name here-. It might be fun if the character has a different point of view. Just think of it as a different personality female Naruto that has time traveled back to the past.

Joke: An excuse for being late to school

Teacher:Can you please tell the class why you're so late?

Student: Someone told me to go to hell. Couldn't find it at first but now I'm here

And I am back from my family camping trip. From 1 to 5, I would rate it as a 3. You know? For a week, I checked my mail and you know how many mails I got? 95. I had trouble with them but I deleted all the pinterest.

'What the fuck just happen?' I thought as I looked at the dude who was carrying me. I mean, sure it was blurry, but I don't recognise this voice. I hear some sobbing and crying out sounds. Just think like this, you are underwater and the sounds above are blurred. That's how I also used my vision. All blurry. There was an appendage which I assumed is someone's hand. I felt uncomfortable. Like paper surrounding my body. I mean, Hello?! Does anyone use a proper blanket?

I was surprised when a blinding yellow held me. Too quick...or was my vision just slow? It's like I didn't felt like someone had shifted me at all. It was getting cold...I think someone realised my problem. But I feel like I'm butt naked. I heard screaming and it sounded desperate. I heard some talking and for a while I was bored. But when someone put me down on what it feels like a pillow or bed or something, I immediately smell feminine smell, red vision and someone hugging me, whispering reassurance. I instinctively reached out the warmth because it was getting cold.

Then I felt someone take me away from the warmth, but I saw the red and the yellow blur. Geez! I don't like the fucking manhandling! I think that I'm dreaming as a dog or something?...or a baby. Haha! That's weird.

But then I heard destructions and roaring. I looked up and saw a thing that looks like it has 9 tails, swinging it around. Heehee, makes me think of Naruto or Pokemon...But pokemons are not big and red color...So Naruto?

I saw a big huge thing coming towards me but that blob of yellow and red blocked it. The huge thing went right through their stomach…I hope that they are just blobs. Then a red thing flow down….Shit,they're human aren't they. I cried in panic.

I heard a glubber whubber fubber thingie and a bright thingie brightened each seconded and I am getting tired of people destroying my eyes. MY POOR FUCKING EYESIGHTS!…


DUDE! WTF IS GOING IN ME! IT BUUUUUURRRRNNNNNSSSSS…..Well, not really. I just cried because eh, its a appropriate situation when you are burning isn't it….Man, I'm so nonchalant. Sis even used to think that when couples kiss, I go all like 'oh, what nice friends'…Technically…..I might go like that. I was picked up and shushed in a gentle way. I feel wrinkles.

Old person?I felt even water….or is it water or oil or ewww piss. Nup, it's water…definitely water or tears since its only momentarily. I was brought to a noisy place and I cried. It was freaking noisy like in an argument you know?

I might be a test subject or something….hmmmm…..What was I thinking about again.

I was laid to sleep, in the background, I swear that I could hear some scribbles