Hello everyone my name is Fanfictheory and welcome to my first story! I always loved fanfiction since I read my first one, and after there years of studying how some of the greats write decided to write my own. Honesty and tips would be appreciated.

Disclaimer: i own nothing but my OC and whatever bullshit i make up.

It always starts the same.

Me, falling deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit of darkness, except this time... something changed. I flipped over and landed on my feet. This never happened before... I always fell until I woke, as I was looking around I took a step forward and then a flock of ravens and doves took of from the floor and flew away.

I saw that I was standing on a stained glass pillar that showed a painting. The painting was beautiful, it showed a three great battles. One between a group of people summoning monsters to defeat an evil goddess, another showing a boy dual-wielding two strange sword in a dark city, the last showing a boy fighting against a masked beast with an over sized sword.

I then heard a voice heard a voice that sounded like many people at once, "power sleeps within you..." a pedestal showing a key-like sword floating above it rose from the glass as it spoke, "if you give it form..." another pedestal rose as it spoke this one having a tarot card, "it will give you strength..." a third pedestal rose showing a sword with a mask hanging off of it.

I walked over to the sword first (because who wouldn't?) and heard, "Keyblade... a weapon of hearts... said to unlock anything... is this the power you seek?" I could vaguely remember something like this from when I was awake but can't remember. While it seem powerful, (well as powerful as a key- looking sword could be.) I wanted to make sure I checked all my options first.

I went to the card and the voice spoke again, "Persona... facades used to face the world around you... beings of myth and legend... is this the power you seek?" Again with the Déjà vu, I swear I heard of this before, but something is stopping me from remembering. This was an amazing ability too, but I still had one more thing to check out.

I walked over to the mask and sword and the voice spoke once more, "Zanpaktou... (spelling?) a blade forged from the very soul... the power of death it's self... is this the power you seek?" As I ignored the whiny voice in head that said that I should have remembered this too, I walked away to the center of the platform.

I needed to think of my choices here, but before that "Hey! Am I being timed here?" I shouted out. "so much to do..." wait do what? "so little time..." so I am timed "take your time..." make up your mind buddy...

"Can I get a chair then?" "...sure." then a overstuffed recliner appeared, I sat down and began to think. 'First this chair is really comfortable, Second that keyblade sounds powerful and from what I remember its possible to dual-wield at some point, and dual-wielding was badass. The card sounds awesome too, summon beings to utterly wreck shit? Great as well. Then the sword ... just sounds over-powered, I mean Death? The one thing that everything alive ether fears or respects? I would dominate.

After thinking and considering my options I stood up determined.

I made my choice.