Hello people of fanfiction, I have some major news for all of you.

Silver hearts...is going on hiatus.


I'm know how this must sound but after reading over my work and having a fellow writer read over it, I realized that I made quite a few mistakes.

Plot: my plot was to basically throw Rex into random worlds and have him do cool shit. That's not what I was going for but its what happened.

Character: I realized that Rex's personality changed on a dime whenever I felt like it, he switched between goofy, wise, dark, charismatic, and more at the drop of a hat. So I decided to give him a solid personality and go from there.

Execution: My execution of writing my story leaves much to be desired. I often make mistakes most writers don't, such as spelling, grammar, things like that.

Romance: There is none. I basically had Neo fall in love with Rex for no reason and he just accepted it. So that needs to be fixed.

Now what do I need to fix these problems. Just one very vital thing...Experience!

I had none at all when I first started and I went too big. Writing a crossover is hard enough, Writing a MASS-crossover was down right insane when you never wrote professionally before. I tried to do something I wasn't ready for and Silver hearts paid the price.

So I decided to put the story on hiatus until I got a few more stories under my belt. That's the reason while I took so long to post this, I was writing the first chapter of the story I choose to write. Both this chapter and the new story will go up at the same time, so I hope you enjoy.

I hope none of you are too offended by my choice and I hope you can support my other story as well as this one.