New Fanfic! Yay! This one will be a Tails and Sticks fanfic. Yes, I know about the Tails' Crush Episode (which is Ep 40, well played Sega or whoever plans these thing out) where there's this girl called Zooey but I don't care. This is my fanfic. I do what I like. Also, this takes place in my own Sonic Canon (or Fanon, I guess) where character from all the universes meet. I guess the Great Chaos Chase story also takes place in my own Fanon. Also, in this story, everyone is 4 years older than they normally are and Tails will be in his Boom design as I like it better than his normal design (yes, I did just say that). Anyways, enjoy the story and review and favourite and follow and all that...

Death Egg

Eggman was over-looking as his Egg Bosses and Super Badniks were taking over land. Orbot and a sandwich came up.

"Your dinner, sir," Orbot said. Eggman grabbed the sandwich.

"Thank you," Eggman said, taking a bite of the sandwich. "How much land have we taken over in the week?"

"0% of what we had, sir," Orbot answered.

"Had?" Eggman asked, taking another bit.

"We've lost 50% of the land we've gained in the last month!" Orbot said.

"What? Had did that happen?"

"The GUN have upped their game."

"I see…" Eggman said, turning around on his chair. "Get me Clove and Cassia,"

"They are busy with…"

"I don't care if they're busy! They're not busy enough to talk to me!" Eggman yelled.

"Of course sir," Orbot said, putting them on. "As long as it means you stop asking me questions…"

Clove was on the screen.

"Doctor Robotnik, sir," Clove said. "We were just…"

"I don't care! According to my documents, you and Cassia were responsible for the most land lost this week!" Eggman said. "Care to explained?" Cassia ran on screen.

"No, not really!" Cassia said. "Especially to y-"

"Cassia!" Clove yelled. "For your own safety, be quiet! So sorry, don't Dr Robotnik, sir. GUN sent Team Dark on us and…"

"I've heard enough," Eggman said. "Is Team Dark gone?"

"They… went after Axel's base, sir," Clove said.

"Good. Orbot, send about 5 ships worth of Egg Fighters to Axel," Eggman ordered.

"Yes, sir," Orbot said, going back into his hole area.

"As for you two, both of you will be leading an deforestation on Wood Zone!" Eggman said. "Once done, I'll send some Badniks to create and new Egg Base! Take-over unguarded, unused land which no-one will miss,"

"But… who will guard the old base in our absence?" Clove asked.

"Silver Sonic and his Badnik horde will, or course!" Eggman said. "And for now one, that's his base! Your base will be the one you're building, of course! Get your Badniks and Egg Soldiers ready! I want you out of there by the end of the week!"

Wood Zone, Tails' Workshop

Tails was working on the Tornado, in case Eggman attacked far away and Sonic needed him. The 12 year old fox stopped and took a minute to think. He had been fighting Eggman since he was 8. And it only seemed Eggman got more powerful. Eggman now owns 20% of Mobius and that number was going up! Eggman had already sent his Egg Bosses to destroy his past workshops. Axel took out the one in the Mystic Ruins while Thunderbolt and her army took out the one in Central City. Tails decided to hid this one in Wood Zone, one of the few Zone nearly unexplored at all. This workshop was built around a tree which and platform around it higher up. Tails had turned the tree into an elevator so he could get up there easier. The platforms had bridges to other platforms around other trees, making transportation safe… well, safer than dealing with who knows what on the ground. The workshop was near a cliff so Tails made an entrance in the cliff for his plane to come out of (like Sonic Adventure). Sonic ran into the workshop.

"Hey Tails," Sonic said. Tails took the goggles over his eyes and placed them on his forehead.

"Hey Sonic," Tails said, wiping the grease off his gloves.

"Have you heard about Eggman making two of his Egg Bosses move out of one of the bases?" Sonic asked.

"No," Tails said. "Who's going to take-over the base in their absence? And where are they going to go?"

"We don't know but they did take their Egg Soldier and Badniks, meaning they must still work for Egghead," Sonic said.

"Ok, thanks for the info," Tails said, going back to the Tornado.

"You're welcome! See ya!" Sonic said, running out.

That Night

Tails yawned. He had just finished adding the boosters to the Tornado. He worked on it all day. He decided that he would test it tomorrow as he was getting very tired. Tails had just climbed into bed when he heard a sound of a saw! Tails jumped out of bed and when up the elevator in order to see what the noise was. He couldn't see anything from the tree so he decided to pack food and water and adventure into Wood Zone, something no has ever done before!

Other Side of Wood Zone

Clove and Cassia were supervisioning over the Soldiers' work. They were using chainsaws and chainsaws tanks. Clove and Cassia were standing on top the biggest tank. Badniks that they had brought were Buzzbombers, Madmoles, Mecha-Bus and Fire Breaths.

"Whether we're cutting or burning this forest, it doesn't matter!" Cassia said. "In the end, we're getting a brand new shiny base as well as giving the Eggman Empire more land! That's right, Fire Breaths, burn this forest down! Burn! Burn! Burn!"

"Calm down…" Clove said. "Or else you're going to burn a fuse in that robotic head of yours."

"You should get Cyberized," Cassia suggested. "It really helps!"

"Every Egg Boss is Cyberized. It's just my changes aren't as obvious as your's," Clove said. "And I don't need more of my body being turned into a bomb which the Doctor can use against me at will!"

The two sister saw some of the Badnik blowing up.

"What the bloody hell is happening down there?" Cassia said, in a megaphone.

"Is it Sonic? Knuckles? Shadow? Who's destroying our Badniks?" Clove asked, grabbing the megaphone. Cassia used her robotic eyes to zoom in to see a female badger, 13 years of age.

"Get out of Sticks' forest, you… you… you evil government spies trying to replace my forest with your car parks!" the badger yelled.

"What do you mean you can't deal with this little girl?" Cassia yelled at her troops. "You're Eggman's finest soldiers! Kill her!" The Egg Soldiers surrounded her. Sticks threw her boomerang, hitting all of them.

"You better try harder if you wanna park your cars here!" Sticks yelled at them.

"Cassia, tell our driver to move forward and create roadkill," Clove said.

"You got it, Sis," Cassia said. "Oi! Robert! Move her forward and create roadkill!" Their tank started moving forward, making Sticks back up. She then turned around started running away. The tank stopped.

"Buzzbombers! Fire at will!" Clove ordered. The Buzzbomber obeyed, chasing and shooting Sticks. They followed Sticks until they were nowhere near the tank. They hit Sticks multiple times, making her collapse. The Buzzbomber thought she was dead so just left her there and headed back.