Wood Zone, Egg Army Site

Tails and Sticks were tied up to a tree, after being kidnapped by the Egg Army. Clove and Cassia walked up to them.

"Don't worry, you won't be tied up for much longer," Clove said. "We're just waiting for one of the other Egg Bosses to send over a roboticizer."

An Egg-ship flew over and landed on the newly built landing pad. The back opened up.

"Clove, Cassia! The roboticizer is here!" the Egg Bosses said, walking out. She then tripped, falling out of the ship and the landing pad and onto a tent. Some Egg Soldier helped her up. The Egg Boss was none other than Thunderbolt the Chinchilla.

"Shouldn't you be in your suit, Thunderbolt?" Cassia asked.

"It needed repairs," Thunderbolt explained. "Right, roboticizer is in the ship. It's my personally one so don't break it!"

"Could you at least bring the ship closer so there's less chance the prisoners escaping?" Clove asked.

"Bring it over, Richard!" Thunderbolt yelled. The flew over and nearly landed on top of her. "Watch where you're landing that, ass!"

Meanwhile, Tails and Sticks were just watching the Egg Bosses try to do simple things but failing. While they were distracted, Tails was working on his plan to escape.

"Ur… Tails… Why are you moving your tails so much?" Sticks asked. "I mean, I know it's your name but…"

"I'm trying to untie the knot so we can get out of here!" Tails whispered. "They tied this knot pretty well." Cassia and an Egg Hammer ran over to them.

"Let's see, who should we roboticize first?" Cassia asked herself. "I'm sure the nerd would love to be a robot so we'll go with the other one first." Cassia untied the the rope while the Egg Hammer grabbed Tails and Sticks.

"I will not become another mindless worker for your governmental plans!" Sticks yelled. The Egg Hammer walked over to the roboticizer and put Sticks into it.

"Lord Robotnik has given me, Thunderbolt the Chinchilla, his favourtie Egg Boss, the newly upgraded roboticizer! Capable of roboticizing a Mobian in less time than the last model!" Thunderbolt explained. "Watch!"

"No! Sticks!" Tails screamed, trying to get free from the Egg Hammer's grip.

"Shut up, fox!" Cassia yelled. "I want to hear the badger's screams of pain before she loses her mind!" Indeed, Sticks was screaming in pain from inside the roboticizer. Tails was getting angry.

"25% of roboticization done already?" Clove said, surprised. "Wow! That is fast! I assume Dr. Robotnik will give my sister and I one of these when our new base in complete."

Tails managed to get one arm out of the Egg Hammer's fist, along with his arm cannon. He shot the Egg Hammer in the face, making him drop Tails. Tails knew he had no time to threaten the Egg Bosses if he wanted to save Sticks so he just started shooting the roboticizer, knowing that the roboticization would just stop.

"My roboticizer!" Thunderbolt yelled. "Lord Robotnik will make me pay for another one! You!" Thunderbolt started throwing electric bolts at the fox. Tails charged his shot, then fired away the chinchilla, making her rocket up in the sky. Tails was shooting everything out of anger.

"Oh crap! Crap, crap, crap!" Cassia yelled. "Clove! What are we going to do?"

"There should be a ship we can use, if the two-tailed menace hasn't blown it up yet!" Clove said, running to the ships. Cassia followed. Tails stopped shooting when he heard a cry for help. It was Sticks! Tails put away his arm cannon and ran to the roboticizer in tears.

"Tails! You there? Get me out of this government trap!" Stick yelled from inside the tube. Tails opened up the tube, only to be met with horror. Sticks' body was now mechanical! She stepped down, not noticing she was a robot. Tails, still in tears, ran up to her and hugged her. She returned the hug. Tails was just happy to see she still had her free will.

"Tails, I'm alright. There's no need to cry anymore," Sticks said.

"I thought I'd lost you…" Tails said. "I couldn't handle another friend I'd loved be taken away! And… you have noticed… haven't you?" Sticks pulled away from the hug.

"What?" Sticks asked.

"Hold up your hand," Tails sighed. Sticks held up her hand saw a robotic hand. She looked down and saw she was a robot. She would cry, if she didn't have robotic eyes.

"Excuse me, Tails…" Sticks said, running out of the ship and into Wood Zone.

"Sticks!" Tails yelled, chasing after her.

Wood Zone

Tails wondered around Wood Zone, looking for his girlfriend. He walked forward, until he noticed some spiky vines, that moved out of the way for him. He looked at the vines hanging from the trees. It seemed like they were pointing to the right. Tails could hear the words, "I only want you to be happy," in the wind.

"C… C… Cosmo?" Tails said, unsure what was going on. He didn't think too much about it. Tails followed the signs until he saw Sticks, sitting by herself, sad.

"Sticks?" Tails asked, walking up to her. Sticks jumped up and backed away.

"Tails! Don't come any closer!" Sticks yelled. "You can't trust me! I'm a monster! I've turned into the very thing I could stand! I work for the government agents that plan to use me so they can spy on you and your friends!"

"Sticks…" Tails said. "I can trust you! I know! You're not working with the Eggman Empire. You're my friend. No, you're more than that. You're my girlfriend."

"But I'm a freak!" Sticks said. "What are you're friends going to think when you bring this Eggman guy's robot back and say their a new friend?"

"Their use to it…" Tails said. "Gamma, Omega, Heavy, Bomb, Emerl, Gemerl… look, the point is, my friends are very accepting to Eggman's robots being our friends. I trust me, Sticks, it pain me as much as you to see you like this," Tails sat besides Sticks. "But, that's why, I promise to not rest until we turn you back to normal. I will never give up!"

"Really?" Sticks said, shocked. "For me?"

"Yes! I mean, that what a good boyfriend should do, right?" Sticks hugged Tails and kissed him. Tails didn't care if he was kissing a robot; he knew, deep down, who it was.

"Thank you, Tails," Sticks said, hugging him.

Somewhere between Efrika and Avalon

Clove and Cassia walked out of their crashed ship.

"I knew we should've checked the fuel tanks before lifting off!" Clove said.

"And give the two-tailed twit a chance to shoot us? No way!" Cassia yelled.

"Calm down. I'm calling Robotnik," Clove called Eggman via her Egg-Tablet. "Dr. Robotnik, sir, we…"

"I heard from Thunderbolt," Eggman said. "And because you too have no base, I've called two of my finest Egg Bosses to pick you two up. Robotnik out!"

Clove and Cassia heard something. They saw the Egg Monster (from All-Stars Racing) arrive. Inside were Axel the Water Buffalo and Mordred Hood.

"Well, well, look like we have two failures here," Hood said.

"You're lucky Eggman didn't order us to kill you," Axel said. "Get in!"

When starting this, I didn't expect to want to do a sequel. But now, I really want to do one. Thank you reading this story. A sequel will come later. In the meantime, I have a question for you:

Besides Clove and Cassia the Pronghorns, Mordred Hood and Axel the Water Buffalo, what Egg Bosses or Grandmaster, as they were once called, would you like to see in the sequel?