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Rin's POV

I sat outside on a well-crafted bench, behind my family's royal castle. I didn't speak a word, instead, I listened to the beautiful whistles of the birds around me. Oh, pardon, I forget to introduce myself. My name is Rin Kagamine, I'm 17 years old and I was born into a royal and wealthy family. See, it's the 21st century but where I live, the way our society works is almost like the medieval times. Everyone has allies, everyone has enemies, but in reality, you're mostly on my own. We're not like the typical modern society that most people have, our society is cruel, brutal, cold-hearted, anything but nice and forgiving. In our society, the rich make alliances with those who are the same as them but the poor, they vend to themselves and no one, rich or anywhere above them, won't bother to help.

You see, the city of Crypton is divided into 7 boroughs and each borough had a royal family which was decided upon the family's economy and well-being. Fortunately, for me, my family was chosen to be the royal family a while before I was born, we rule the borough named Crystal. And because we're the highest rank in the borough's society, my family don't have to worry about any of that as we're one of the most loved families in the borough, but the problem is most of the families seek our assistance with vending off those who are threats to them but we deny them for the reason being they want our protection and nothing more.

But, as a princess, I have my own problems. The main one being that my parents are always looking left and right for a suitor, someone who can marry me. It irritates me to the very core, I mean, my brother Rinto fell in love with a girl himself and my parents accepted it straight away but apparently, it didn't apply to me. Over three years ago, there was once a boy named Piko, after being friends with him for a couple of months, I began to fall in love with him and he loved me back...but my parents weren't fond of him.


"No," My father said firmly.

"But, father, I love him!" I exclaimed, tears of sadness began to fall from my eyes as my heart began to shatter to little pieces.

"You dare spoil your family's good name by loving a peasant!?" Father shouted, tints of fury were traced in his voice.

"You'd put your reputation over my feelings?" My voice began to break.

"Our reputation, Rin, as a family. We have a lot of power and dating this low-down, good-for-nothing peasant would downgrade us to his level, I won't allow it."

"Fine, then." I said, stubbornly. My mother looked at my father and looked at me with eyes filled with pity.

"Rin, I'm sure this boy is kind and full of life. But, it's not about who he is, it's where he stands in our society that matters. Families just want to use our power for themselves and will do anything for it. We want what's best for you." My mother explained. I, however, didn't take it too lightly.

"But he's best for me!" I exclaimed loudly. My father soon grew in anger, his face grew red and he began to grind his teeth.

"Enough!" He shouted loudly, "I've had enough of this pathetic argument. Rin, I forbid you to see this boy ever again, you may see once more to tell him we don't want any business with him. But if you see him once more afterwards, I will have him executed! Do you understand!?" My eyes widen in shock and disbelief, what shocked me the most was that he frightened to kill him just because he laid eyes on me. But I looked down to the floor, I didn't want to look into the fiery pits that were called my father's eyes.

"Okay, father, I won't defy you any longer. I'll listen." I regretted speaking those words but if it meant keeping another soul alive, so be it. My father deeply sighed.

"I know it's hard, Rin, believe me. But you'll see it's for the best." I nodded in agreement.

But when Piko's family had heard of the news, they were overjoyed. His family had been suffering from various threats around the borough, not to mention their severe poverty. So once they had heard that Piko and I were in some sort of relationship, they took it as a way to become one of our allies and that they could put an end to their cruel conditions. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

"Rin!" Piko called my name behind me, I had to fight these tears in my eyes, I couldn't show that I was weak. I turned around to see a smiling Piko. "I told my family about us, they can't wait to meet you and your family."

"That's great...Piko." I looked down to the ground.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"I..." I paused. "I...told my parents about you."

"Oh, okay...what did they say?"

"I...can't see you...ever again." His eyes widened and his mouth opened. He cupped his face for me to look at him.

"Rin, please...don't do this." He said, tears fell from his eyes. He leaned in but I pushed him away.

"Apologizes, Piko but love's not a contributing factor in worlds such as this. Your place in society is far lower than mine, and you need to realize that families like yours only crave power from families like mine. If we had an alliance, your family would only take advantage of what's ours and I won't have it." I explained in a dark tone. Piko looked at me with anger and concern.

"Rin, what happened to you, what did they say to you?" He began, "My family would never do that, how dare you accuse them of such thing!? We're nothing like what you think!" He exclaimed, I wasn't affected by his anger-filled voice, instead, I stood my ground and began to retaliate in this war of voices.

"How do I know that, Piko!? Words are wind, Piko. Whether it's the truth or lies, words can mean anything. What we do determines the real decision, turns out my father was right."

"Right about what!?" He exclaimed and I just smirked.

"That the poor will do anything to get what they want." I began to walk away, but Piko, being persistent, grabbed my wrist.

"You're gonna regret this, Rin." He said darkly, his eyes looked empty. I chuckled at his empty threat.

"I don't think so, Piko. Goodbye...forever." I walked away from him while he just stood there...staring.

But this wasn't the worst part of this, it was nowhere near as frightful as the next.

It was about 10pm, the moon and stars lit up the dark night as the rest of the city were in a peaceful slumber. Rin was laying in her queen bed, one of the priorities of being the princess of the borough, sleeping quietly in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately, for Rin, a figure climbed through her window and covered Rin's mouth as they got on top of her. Her eyes shot open only to be struck with shock to realize who this figure was.


"Shut your pretty little mouth!" He exclaimed, beginning to unbutton my sleepwear. I kicked him away but that didn't stop him.

"Father! Mother! Help!" I screamed. Almost immediately, my father barged into my room. Getting sight of the dilemma, father grew in anger and grabbed Piko and threw him on the floor.

"Honey, get the guards!" Mother quickly nodded while father had Piko pinned down to the ground.

"Let go of me, old man!" Piko shouted loudly, a few moments later, mother had returned with the guards. The guards grabbed both of Piko's arms and began to drag him to one of the carriages.

"Get your hands off me!" He yelled, kicking his legs around in an attempt to break free. The guards didn't seem bothered and threw him into their carriage.

"We will have a letter sent to you about this savage boy, my lord." One of the guards spoke to my father, father nodded and they began to ride away towards town.

"Where are they going, father?"

"They're going to the police, Rinny, that boy had done a bad thing and he will pay."

"But how will the police know?" My father chuckled.

"The royal guards will be enough evidence, Rin, they know we don't send them unless it was serious." I nodded in response. "I think we should get you back to bed, Rin." After that, I did what my father told me and went to bed but closed my window to ensure no intruders.

The next morning, my father received that about the royal guards about Piko and told me to get dressed.

"Your dress is laid on your bed, Rin, now go get dressed." My father told me. I was left in a confused mood.

"Why am I wearing a dress? Are we going to a party?"

"We're going to town." He reassured, "Now get ready." I sighed and went up to my room. I got changed into my dress, it was mainly black with red highlights near the bottom, and met his parents outside our house, from which we got in our carriage and left.

After several minutes, we arrived in town but what was before me was beyond belief: beyond thousands of people gathered around the execution stage, it appeared that my father has taken me to witness an execution. Because of our royalty of the borough, we were the front to witness the death of another.

"Father, why have you taken me to an execution? You said before my eyes were too delicate for such brutality." I complained, my father didn't say a word but instead smirked at me.

"Oh, Rin, there's a special reason why I brought you here." My father replied. Before I could respond, two people had stepped upon the stage. It was a man with pink hair, and the other was a masked man with a bulky build. It was no doubt that the masked man was the executioner.

"People of Crystal, I stand before you to bring, once again, another man to death for his crimes." The man spoke, "This man, or should I say boy, had done something beyond forgiveness and must pay by blood. But before I continue, let's bring out the little boy out." The police then bring out a man with his hands tied and a potato bag over his head. The man removed the bag and I stood there in pure shock.

"Piko?" I whispered softly.

"You see, the princess doesn't come here to our executions very often, but there's a reason why she has come here to witness the death of his soul," With every word he spoke, I become more guilty and pitiful for Piko. "This man tried to rape our dear princess, he tried to break her innocence." The entire crowd gasped, and began roaring at Piko. Tears began to fall from his eyes as he sobbed in guilt and regret. "That is something that cannot be unforgiving and you must pay...with your pitiful life." The crowd roared and cried in excitement.

"But today, we won't remove his head from his shoulders, no, we'll give him a more...meaningful death." From then, they tied Piko to a pole, beneath him were piles of wood.

"No! Don't kill my son!" I turned my head to see what seems to be Piko's mother.

"We shall make him suffer through blazing flames of fire." The crowd become so thrilled, it broke my heart. "May he be reminded that with every ash that his body leaves, is a ash more worthless than the charcoal we make."

"Rin!" Piko spoke, "I'm sorry for what I've done, can you forgive me?"

"Oh, Piko." I said with tearful eyes. The executioner set his stick of fire upon the gigantic pile of timer that lay beneath Piko's feet. It was a dreadful sight, hearing Piko's screams get louder and more deathly than the last as the flames consumed him more and more by the minute. Piko had let out one last scream before he couldn't scream again, nor could he feel anymore. His dead limp body laid upon the pole as the flames burned him to the core.

This moment tore my heart up, it had reminded me how cruel our society could be. To let someone burn alive while their mother screamed for mercy, but Piko's death was the one moment that set a chain of horrific events for his family. Soon after his death, his family were never heard of again.

"Rin, darling," My mother had appeared before me, while I was in deep thought. "May your father and I speak with you?" I nodded. My mother lead me to the dining room where my father had appeared to already be seated, my mother and I took our seats.

"Rin, tomorrow night, your mother and I will be hosting a gathering in the castle, in efforts to finding you a suitor and someone to rule beside you when you become the ruler of Crystal." My father explained.

"But, father, I'm only 17. Shouldn't be I looking for a suitor by 19?" My father gave me a puzzled look.

"Nonsense, the earlier we find you a husband, the better. Isn't that right, honey?" My mother simply nodded, although I was a bit irritated, I understood my father's reasons.

Len's POV

"Please spare me, I'm not like those peasants!" I showed the man no mercy, and drove my knife through my throat. He took his last breath and fell on the floor.

"Nice, Len, I don't think I could've done it better myself." My friend and fellow partner, Kaito, complimented.

"At least we brought liberty to the people of Emerald. Their so-called king, Al, hasn't been doing a good job at ruling the kingdom." I nodded in agreement.

"I think it's best we leave. I don't want the police or the guards to find out." Kaito nodded, and began to head back to our order.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at our assassin's order hall. Our head assassin, Meiko, stood before us.

"So, boys, did you success in assassinating Big Al?" We both nodded. Meiko smirked.

"Good, that man didn't deserve the position he had. Now, I have another mission for the two of you." Meiko began, "The Kagamine family-" I opened my mouth to speak. "No, not your royal family, Len, this is the royal family that has control of the Crystal borough. Anyway, they shall be hosting a gathering and I need you two to assassinate two people." We both bowed, showing our commitment.

"Len, you are to assassinate a girl named Rin Kagamine. She is the successor to the Crystal throne and I heard her parents are looking for a suitor for her. I need you to infiltrate the castle and take her out. I'm afraid I don't have a picture for her but she has blonde hair, around a C cup and quite pale with rosy cheeks."

"One question, Meiko. Will this have any advantage to the people of Crystal?"

"Not exactly, no."

"Then why do I have to kill her?"

"I agree with Len, what's the point of killing her when she's done nothing wrong?" Kaito asked.

"Look, you two, these are orders. You can either follow them or get out and leave the order." We both took a step back.

"Sorry," I muttered. "I will do my best, Meiko."

"I'm glad to hear that, Len." She said, smiling towards me. "Kaito, a girl named Miku Hatsune will be attending the gathering with her family. I need you to go in with Len to infiltrate the castle and assassinate her. Again, I don't have a picture to clarify her appearance but she has long teal hair, around a C cup and quite pale."

"I will do my best to succeed." She smiled.

"Good, now I think you two need to prep for this. So go visit the castle and look for ways to get in. I'm counting on you." Kaito and I nodded and left. This wasn't going to be an easy kill.

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