Chapter 3

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Len's POV

Kaito and I stood outside the castle of Crystal, frozen in place and shock brewing through our veins. 'We failed our mission,' I thought in pure panic. 'We've never failed...'

"Oh god, Len, what are we gonna do?" Kaito asked, worry showed itself on his face.

"What the hell am I supposed to know, Kaito!?" I yelled, "We just let our targets slip out of our hands!"

"I guess we have to tell Meiko...She's going to kill us."

"No, she won't..." I reassured Kaito. "She just said kill them, she didn't say when."

"But, Len...we haven't failed a mission. Ever!" Kaito exclaimed.

"Would you just calm down, Kaito!? We'll figure it out." Kaito nodded, as we made our way back to our brotherhood. Once we had arrived, we received numerous glares from Akaito and Gumi, a few of the many assassins in our brotherhood. Kaito and I had never liked them ever since they joined the brotherhood, they have always been trying to make Meiko revoke us from the brotherhood. From telling Meiko that we sabotaged their mission to actually killing non-targeted people, these two have been a pain in the ass since day 1. Anyways, we stood before Meiko, who looked very displeased and angered.

"So, Len and Kaito, how did the mission go?" She asked calmly. I gulped and took a deep breath.

"It went well, master. We did what you asked." I saw, at the corner of my eye, Gumi rolled her eyes. I growled at her with no hesitation.

"Did you?" Meiko simply asked, implying that I had lied while stepping closer to Kaito and I. "As an extra precaution, I sent Gumi and Akaito watch over you two because I felt you were a bit hesitant about this mission. And unfortunately, what they uncovered was far worse." She then pulled out two photos, one for me kissing Rin and the other for Kaito kissing Miku. "Frankly, I'm very appalled by this."

"Master, if we can explain-" I began.

"Explain what!?" She exclaimed, interrupting me. "You want that you would like to get all lovey dovey with Rin?" She mocked, Akaito and Gumi chuckled at Meiko's remark. "Len, I didn't assign them so you two could find a girlfriend. We're not matchmakers, we're assassins who kill for liberty!"

"Then how in hell will this bring liberty!?" I exclaimed. "Rin and her family have done nothing wrong, why do you want her dead?"

"They killed my cousin!" She yelled, she turned away from us as tears began to fill her eyes. Kaito and I looked at her in a trance. "Yeah, Piko, they had them killed. We always told him his reckless ways would get him killed and they did."

"Who the hell is Piko?" Kaito asked, Meiko then gave him a deadly glare.

"He was my cousin, and that wasn't even the worst part. After his death, his entire family were dead only a couple months after."

"How did he die, Meiko?"

"You wanna know, blondie?" She said rather sarcastically. "They burned him alive!" She yelled.

"What!?" Kaito and I simultaneously exclaimed.

"He was caught trying to rape that pitiful princess, and he was executed the next day." Meiko began to cry endless tears. "He loved her and all she did was threw him into a pile of fire. I hated that bitch since his death and I want to see her family crumble."

"Meiko..." I began, "I know you're the master assassin and all, but you're supposed to be the role model in our brotherhood. By doing this, you're going against everything we stand for. We only kill so justice is served to people who deserve it."

"Well, Rin deserves to be killed-" She began but I interrupted her.

"She may deserve it in your eyes but what about those in Crystal? Her family is one of the well mannered families in Crypton and people in Crystal look up to them as great leaders. They only execute people for crimes, not for fun. That's why Big Al was taken out by us, he mistreated his people and killed people for no reason. That's not a leader, he was bloodthirsty and craved chaos. But, Rin, she was nearly raped. I know you loved Piko but he did something that society wouldn't allow."

"Len, I don't care whether you think she deserved it or not, I gave you a target and you should follow it or I'll get Akaito and Gumi to and believe me, they'll get the job done faster than both of you." With that, Meiko left the hall.

"Oh, we'll be more than happy to." Gumi smirked.

"It's not everyday I get to kill someone beautiful." Akaito smirked. "Maybe I'll do more than kill them." I saw Kaito get angry and began to sprint at Akaito but I grabbed his arm, pulling him back.

"Don't you touch her, you sick prick!" Gumi and Akaito gasped at his threat. "I swear if you do, I'll rip your head off and feed it to the dogs."

"Careful, Kaito, empty threats like that would get you killed out there." Gumi remarked with a grin on her face.

"Okay, both of you shut the hell up!" I yelled, "We're a brotherhood, we need to work together."

"No, we won't." Gumi snarled. "In fact, what we want is for you two to go back to your little lives as princes and to never come back to the brotherhood again."

"Look, we were here before you two so if anyone should be leaving is you guys."

"Oh really? Then, what would happen if everyone in Crypton found out that the princes of Diamond and Sapphire were secretly assassins and were behind the murders of several leaders?" Gumi threatened.

"Or if poor Miku and Rin found out that the only reason that you were getting close to them was because you wanted to shove a blade through their throats."

"Why do you think we want to get close to them?" I curiously asked.

"Because I know you want to be on top of Rin, Len." He began, "You just want to hear your sweet moans while you pin her against the wall and plunge into her soaking, tight, little-" Before I knew it, I had Akaito pinned on the wall, my blade barely touching his neck.

"You talk about Rin like that again and this blade will make your death." Akaito growled and he left the hall with Gumi who gave me a horrid glare. "You ever get the feeling that those two might have feelings for each other?"

"I never noticed, mainly because I didn't care and I never will. Anyways, I think I've had enough drama for today. Want to head into town?" Kaito offered.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

We had arrived in the town centre in less than ten minutes, not long after, I was receiving a call from the master assassin herself.

"Yes, master?"

"Len, I have a target for you while you're in town."

"Wait, how did you-"

"Your phone has tracking signal on it. Anyways, her name's Tei, she has long silver hair and eyes as red as blood. She's got dreadful plans for Crypton."

"And what was that being?"

"Len, she plans to kill every ruler of Crypton...starting with your father." I stopped walking and froze. "I know I haven't been the wisest of master assassins lately but what she's going to do will only bring what will be a chaotic future and I need you to get rid of her. She's been invited to meet with your father about an alliance overseas which is clearly not what she intends to do and she is currently in a carriage as we speak. Get to her and end her before she gets to your father."

"Yes, Meiko, I'll do my best."

"Good luck, Len." I hang up and turned to Kaito.

"We need to get to Diamond. Fast!" We began to free run up the walls, jumping from roof to roof and hopping from tree to tree. Not only five minutes after, we found a carriage with a woman on-board. I quickly climbed on the roof and broke through it. The woman fit Meiko's description perfectly.

"Who the hell are you!?" She exclaimed.

"I'm the man who is going to kill you." I pulled out my blade and stabbed her in the stomach and then through the throat. As soon as she passed her last breath, I climbed out of the carriage and closed the door. Kaito smiled as we had our target killed.

"L-Len?" I turned to see the girl with golden hair, the one I was teased for being too fond of.


"Why...are that blood?" She pointed at my clothes...shit.

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