She honestly like living in new York, the city that never sleep, the only problem is that is called that because of people like her that work the odd hours. Cam used to love her job but since Lindsey quit to follow her dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles things were out of control to say the least. The owners hire a new girl every week which was the amount of time that took for them to either quit or be fire. Jacob, her manager, promise her and Kirsten that he had a cousin that was going to move to the city at the end of the month and he already talked to her about the job.

The only thing that Cam had to say about that was long live nepotism! , jokes aside she was looking forward for the new girl. Kirsten, the other waitress, was also excited for the new addition and also because Bruce the other waiter was coming back from his vacation. Kirsten and Bruce share an apartment and even though she was excited to have the apartment for herself she was hardly enjoying it with the amount of extra hours she was putting into the coffee shop.

Suddenly a girl push pass her to be closer to the door, the new yorker in Cam wanted to push the girl back but she was so tired that the only movement she manage was to squint her eyes trying to convey the power to make the girl trip, nothing happened….maybe next time. The next stop was hers and the fact that she manage to get out of the train was amazing on its own, now if she could only manage to get out of the station that would be nice. Another train arrive and she was still in the same spot, suddenly Jacob was at her side helping her to move towards the stairs and up to the street. They used to talk and joke about the little things that happened to them in this moments but lately they just went on in silence too tired to even attempt small talk.

Jacob open the door and after working together to get everything ready they look at each sigh and open the door for the public. Just after a second of the door being unlock a guy looking like a zombie with a knit hat a baggy hoodie and pants, he walk to the back of the coffee and start typing furiously in his laptop. Cam and Jacob look at each other was that guy even going to buy some coffee? But before either of them could ask him the door open and two construction workers came in. The rest of the morning was really busy finally 3 pm came and with it Kirsten and the end of her ten hour shift. As soon as Kirsten came in Cam run, well ok maybe only walking fast to hug her.

"I´m so happy to see you" Kirsten laugh at the excitement that Cam convey in her words, she knew how tired she felt because she felt the same. They talk for a little bit while Cam explain how her morning had been but when she mention their first client who actually wasn't technically a client because he didn't buy anything things got weird. Kirsten turned around to see that guy still sitting there and typing like there was no tomorrow, she point at him and Cam finally notice him and her eyes went wide. Jacob came up to them and shook his head "I can't believe he is still here, he didn't drink one cup of coffee all day" he started to move towards the guy but Kirsten put on hand on his chest. "I got it no worries".

She walk towards the guy while Cam and Jacob stood trying to see what was happening, after a moment she turned walk pass them and pick four cups of black coffee and walk back to the table where the guy hand her some money. "Did you just sell him four cups of coffee?" Jacob was shock but this was one of the reasons Kirsten was the best waitress that work there, sure Cam was a close second but still she was the best and everyone in the shop knew it. "You said it like is not what you wanted. Honestly Jacob there is no pleasing you" she finish the sentence with a devilish smirk.

For the first time since she open the coffee shop she look at the stranger and really notice him, she didn't notice that she was staring until she saw him raising his head and look at her, then at Kirsten and Jacob and then back at his compute. She continue to watch him work until Jacob told her that it was time to go, one of the owners were acting as night manager and she was there so they could leave. With one last look at the strange she wave to Kirsten and went on her way.