The next week was basically just a blur of waking up, getting on and off the subway and going to work, again the subway, etc etc . Also the same guy would come into the coffee shop and not once did he ask for coffee from her he would walk in and type away in his laptop and only buy his four to seven cups of coffee when Kirsten turns started. She try not to feel insulted but she didn't understand what his deal was, Jacob didn't say anything to him because he knew that in the end he was going to buy the coffee and even though it was in Kirsten shift he would make sure not to close his register until she made that sell.

One day when things where pretty much dead in the coffee shop she started to stare at him, wondering what his deal was. She knew he wasn't some guy with no place to go, sure he didn't smell great but one can see that he wasn't dirty, probably the smell came from his clothes more than him, he had enough money for a nice laptop and one time she saw him talking on his cell which was an IPhone 6, yeah money wasn't a main issue for this guy. So why would he choose to spend his days in a coffee shop? He seem young or at least her age so it would be weird if he was working and weirder if he choose to do it from a coffee shop. Maybe he was a hacker oh god maybe that's it he is downloading porn or he is a hacker or a stalker or someone that does shady business on the internet and of course he wouldn't want to do it from his home.

For the next twenty minutes Cam was freaking out, what would happened if the police were tracking that guy and suddenly they would burst into the coffee shop to arrest him. Jacob notice how on edge she was acting so after she told him that he was a hacker he just raise an eyebrow and was about to go talk to the guy when Kirsten enter the dinner. She was smiling typing away on her phone blissfully unaware of the uneasy way Cam was looking at the guy and how Jacob was walking towards him trying to look taller and tougher although he was both already.

Kirsten raise her head to say hi when she notice the scene and stop Jacob in his way, after he told her what was happening she looked at Cam and then at him. She ask Jacob to follow her and the three of them end up behind the bar. "Alright Cam, exactly what made you think that he is a dangerous hacker or any type of hacker?" Cam felt both her friends looking at her expecting some elaborate explanation about how she discover a dangerous hacker just by staring at him, she didn't notice how much time pass while she try to come up with an explanation. "You are kidding me, right?" Jacob seemed piss but she understood it if it wasn't for Kirsten he would probably had accused the guy of doing something illegal.

"Excuse me" the three turned around to see the guy watching them with some bills in his hand, Kirsten didn't miss a beat and took the money while telling him she would bring his coffees to the table. "So little one, you go on sleep and do not under any circumstance see any cop show tonight" Kirsten told Cam and gave her a hug. Jacob and Cam left the coffee shop and decided to go for something to eat, it wasn't unusual for them to this before the madness started.

"So now that we are alone, tell me why did you think that guy was dangerous?" Jacob stare directly at Cam.

"Well, honestly I think I'm sleep deprived so I just let my imagination go on and just…" She didn't know what to say, why did she think that? Maybe because she was dying to know anything about a guy that spend more time that she did in the coffee shop. A guy that didn't talk to anyone except Kirsten and even then he seemed distant, no guy ever acted distant with Kirsten not even Jacob. Cam was lost in thought went she felt drops in her face her first instinct was to look up but they were inside a restaurant then she saw Jacob and he was throwing little drops of soda at her face. "Hey stop that!" she yell and took the glass out of his hand.

"Start paying attention to me and I stop throwing things at you". Things? As in more than one? That is when she notice the fries that were over her side of the table which belong to Jacob. "Ok, so I don't know I think I just find him interesting because we don't know anything about him and he is always there". Jacob put some ketchup on his plate before while nodding at what she said, Cam took that as an encouragement to go on. "I see now that it was far fetch to think that, don't you find him weird? Are you not curious at all about what was his deal?"

"Yes a little but honestly is not like I need to know. I see where you are coming and maybe we should ask him something just to be sure he is not doing anything illegal. We should ask Kirsten to talk to him you know she can make anyone talk" he smirk as if to make his point more clear, Cam just laugh and shook her head. She would love to say that he was wrong but Kirsten had a way with people. A tiny part of her was making a plan to try to get the truth herself, she was the one that was curious about the guy so why not be the one that get the answers.