Their first year of marriage went fast they managed to avoid anyone finding out except for Shawn, and now for the rest of world, they were about to get married in front of them in a little ceremony at the vault with their closest friends and family. They even went as far as to fake that Shawn had taken a course on the internet so he could be the one marrying them, so there was no need to tell anyone else about the fact that this wedding was fake. Cam and Moose spend their last night as a fake single couple together in preparation for what would be their one-year anniversary. "I think is funny that this is going to be our first renew of vows and it only took us one year to do it. Although if I´m honest, I will do this every year if it meant that we get to say in front of everyone how much we love each other."

Cam smiled at what Moose was saying, just a year ago they were in Vegas preparing for their ceremony. She remembered getting giddy with excitement that night, unable to sleep Cam had spent the better part of the time writing her vows and imagining how her life was going to change. Now a year later she was sure that they had made the right decision, the only thing that had changed from that moment on was that they were closer to each other. Their commitment to one another had grown exponentially, now they share every aspect of their life and together they had made decisions that would shape their future.

Moose now had a stable job and had already been awarded a promotion which meant he has a little more money coming his way each month which was helping make extra payments on his student loan. Cam was also a regular at her pre-school and next year was going to be her chance to manage her own classroom which was a huge responsibility, but everyone had assured her that she was more than ready to do it. Moose was always telling her how amazing she was at her job and when she needed extra time to take some exams to have an additional certification he was the one helping her creating activities for the kids and preparing little treats for them on special occasions. Every time Cam felt like giving up he was there to help her get back on the right train of thoughts.

Cam smiled at all the memories of the last year; she realized that she had being lost in thought for the longest time Cam looked at the time in her little clock on the bathroom and seeing that it was already 1 am her smiled got bigger. It was finally their anniversary, and she walked out of the bathroom looking for Moose. When she made her way to the living room, she saw how her husband had fallen asleep on the couch surely waiting for her to get out of the bathroom so they could congratulate each other on their special day. Part of her wanted to let him sleep; Moose was always running around helping her and to see him resting made her happy, it was nice that he got a chance to rest. The next day they were supposed to go on their one day honeymoon and she was excited about that, sure at first they had planned to go on a trip together, but just a month ago there was a competition for a month a half course in London at Mosse´s job and he had won it. It was the greatest opportunity, someone, there could have hope for, but the only problem was that if he won Moose was going to leave two days after their wedding. Everyone at his work had told him not to do it, he should go on his honeymoon because Cam deserved to have an incredible memory of it, and so he had decided without telling Cam that he was not going to participate

Still, Cam found out when one day they went out with some of his coworkers and they discussed how some of them were entering the competition, and when they went back home, they had a huge fight about it. Moose was confused why she was so mad at him; he had put her before his job and a once in a lifetime opportunity that in another time of his life he would have taken without hesitation. When Cam finally calmed down, she told him that she didn't want him to choose her, this was a great opportunity for both of them. "Moose I want you to compete, and I want you to win this for us. You were there for me when I needed you, and I´m going to be there for you now, sure is a long time without seeing each other but is going to be worth it. You deserved to have this chance to be better, and hey we are already married, this entire year was our honeymoon. I don't need a trip or anything else other people say I should want. I want you, and I already got you, so I'm all right."

When he enter the competition, many people thought he was selfish, but Moose knew that this was for a better future not only for him but for Cam and the family they were planning on having. They were going to spend the day after the wedding in an expensive New York hotel as their honeymoon and then Cam would go with him to the airport to say goodbye the next day. Again Cam wondered if she should wake him up, but she decided against it, so she walked back to their room and went to sleep dreaming of finally being able to use her ring in her hand. Just a couple of hours later Cam felt her husband kissing her face wishing her a happy anniversary, soon though the kisses turned into more and they spent the next hour sharing their love.

Later that day after they promised to love each other for eternity in front of their family and friends and everyone had share a toast to their happiness they dance the night away. Ty and Chase were low key threatening Moose so he would take care of their sister making him laugh at how some things were never going to change. Everyone was telling them how they soon would learn how different married life was going to be and some even when as far as to tell Cam that she was going to regret letting Moose go on that long trip to London. Every once in a while the couple would share a complacent look between them, if only this opinionated people would know that they were talking to a couple that had already been married for a year maybe they would keep their comments to themselves.

Finally, the time for them to leave came the next morning, and Moose took the time to say goodbye to his friends promising them to write and tell them how everything was going in London. They went to their hotel, and Cam couldn't stop laughing once they were finally in their room making Moose wonder if she was ok. "I´m sorry I just can´t believe we actually pulled it off! Now we can use our ring in front of everyone; we made it an entire year without anyone finding out. Okay, Shawn found out, but it was just one person!"

Moose joined her celebration and also add that this was a very cool celebration for their first anniversary which was an extra reason to love the entire situation. After a couple of minutes of laughing, Cam told Moose that she was going to change but he stopped her. "Hey, this is still our honeymoon, so there is no need for you to change. Let me help you take this off and leave it at that."

The intense looked he was giving her made her blush and Cam wonder if she would ever get over the way his words and looks made her feel. Moose wanted to spend every moment of the day showing Cam how much he loved her and was going to miss her once he went away and so he did. From making love to sharing stories of his past and plans for their future they spent every second of the day making this one to remember. Sadly, the day flew by, and soon it was time for them to leave the hotel and go to their home to pick Moose´s suitcases. "I think is better if I go alone to the airport and before you try to change my mind at least listen to me. Cam I´m going to miss you so much that I know that if you go to the airport with me, I´m not going to get on that plane."

Cam reluctantly agree because she knew that if she went to the airport, she wouldn't let him get on the plane either. They said their goodbyes and promised to call each other as often as possible, with that Moose went on his way, and Cam was alone in their home for the first time in forever. Shawn, Jacob, and Kirsten were there a couple of hours later to be with her. She loved how her friends always tried to take care of her, but the only one that actually understood her situation was Shawn, so she always felt more comfortable with him around. However, that day Cam noticed that Kirsten seemed very comfortable with him and soon she realized that something was going on between them. At least, Cam was going to be entertained with the new romance that was starting between her friends; maybe she could also spend some time with Jacob to see if the boy would finally settle down with one of his many conquests. At that moment she smiled thinking about the fun she was going to have being their friend's cheerleader in all relationship related stuff, in her defense she already was their cheerleader in other aspects of their lives.

So that day after Shawn and Kirsten conveniently had to leave her place at the same time Cam send a quick text to each other telling them that they better share their blooming relationship with her because she was on to them. Shawn was the first to reply with a blushing emoji, and a promised to visit her at lunch tomorrow, a couple of hours later Kirsten sent her an emoji sticking her tongue and told her that she should go to the coffee shop the next day to talk. Oh yeah, this month was going to fly by Cam thought and felt relief to have this distraction.

Jacob was more reluctant to share any love interest information with her pointing out that married couples usually try to push their friends to take the same leap as they had. Cam wanted to laugh at this knowing perfectly well she had been already married for a year without pushing anyone into marriage but let the subject go, she was glad to have a chance to spent some time with Jacob. He stayed the night that day while they catch up on their lives, so when Cam woke up the next day she was pleasantly surprised by his friend asking her to walked him to the coffee shop with the promised to prepared her a special treat for her day. The walked to the shop made Cam think back at how much her life had changed in the past couple of years, and Jacob saw the nostalgic on his friend face and share his feelings about it.

"I would have never thought that the guy that seemed to consumed your every waking thought for being a jerk would be your husband just a couple of years later." Cam laughed at the accurate description of their story together. Once they arrived, she helped Jacob put the place in order while some early birds started coming in, everyone that saw her couldn't help to hug her and asked about her life. Each time Cam would tell them what was going on and proudly showing her ring she would share her wedding news, sure everyone understood why she was so excited to do it but in reality, nobody could know how freeing was for her to say it aloud.

Without realizing the time Cam had stayed with Jacob for hours until her phone rang and she saw Shawn´s smiling face on her screen. She picked up quickly and saying goodbye to her friend she rushed to meet the boy thankfully just a couple of blocks away. They decided to go to a little restaurant they both love and once they got settled Shawn smile at her and asked her about how different the girl felt showing her ring to the world. Cam laughed at how transparent she must be to him but share her feelings making the boy feel like they were always going to be this special bond between him and the couple. They order, and after toasting to a new year of happiness for Cam and Moose, the girl lost no more time asking Shawn about Kirsten.

Shawn didn't disappoint in details, and soon Cam found out that he and Kirsten had been going out for the last three months, it started as a casual thing, but they had decided to be in a relationship a month ago. "I wanted to tell you, but I thought Kirsten should be the one sharing the news with you. I did tell Moose but asked him not to tell you until Kirsten did, actually, a couple of days before we had a little fight about why she hadn't share the news with you guys but she assure me that she was waiting for the wedding to pass so she didn't steal your thunder."

Cam laughed at that comment because it had Kirsten way of thinking all over it. She congratulated Shawn and told him that the next time he kept a secret from her, she was going to do something mean to him. "You and I are closer now that I´m with Kirsten so no more excuses about who should tell me first ok?"

He smiled at that and assured her that he would tell her even before he told Moose which Cam smiled at, she did love to know things before her hubby. Suddenly the realization that Moose was far away and she wasn't going to be able to tease him about this development dawn on her, and her mood lessen. Shawn noticed, and he assured her that the month was going to flew by, he invited her to see him that night, but Cam told him that she was supposed to see Kirsten later that day. "No problem, she sometimes comes to see me too. Come on Cam, it's been ages since you come to see me. I've gotten better I promise."

The girl laughed at that comment and agreed to do it, later that day she had a lovely time with Kirsten, and together they went to see Shawn. Cam had a feeling that she was going to have a tough time sleeping that night without Moose, yesterday she had been so exhausted that her body had nearly collapsed, but today she was not going to be so lucky. To her joy, Kirsten seemed to pick up on that, and she asked Cam to spent the night at her apartment so they could have a proper sleepover. The girl felt incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible friends that would help her whenever she missed Moose.

The weekend came, and she was alone for the first time in days, and aside from a few text she hadn't had a chance to talk with Moose, and she really missed the sound of his voice. So when her phone started ringing announcing a face time called Cam launch herself across the room to grab it and soon she was seeing Moose´s face smiling at her. It took them a couple of seconds to stop staring at each other in awe to finally speak and then they were telling one another how much they loved and missed the other.

Moose started telling her that he wanted to go back it had been less than a week and he wanted to go back and be with her. Cam wanted to say him to do it, but something in her mind told her that she needed to be the strong one here, no matter how much she wanted to tell him to do it. So, she told him that she felt the same but that the time would fly by "Come on, I bet is beautiful there. Are you in your flat? How about you take me for a walk with the phone?"

At first, he didn't want to do it, Moose just wanted to stay inside and make her tell him to go back home but her excitement to see the city with him soon won him over and took her outside. Now it wasn't uncommon for people to be vlogging everywhere, so a guy talking to a cell phone and showing it places wasn't weird for the people that surrounded him. They, well he, spent hours walking around stopping only to charge the phone so they could continue until it was dark in his city. "You know what you should travel to other cities on the weekend, so I get to see more."

"You just want me as your tour guide now, huh? Well, we are going to have to discuss a fee if this is going to continue little lady." They both laughed at his comment and shared a longing look. "I really wish you were here Cam, but I thank you for being so strong now. I promised I´ll put more of an effort, so you don't have to be the one cheering me up each time I call you."

And he did just that, they talked daily, but both of them had a better attitude about it sharing stories of things that were happening in their lives at that moment sometimes some friends make appearances and that made it seemed closer to what usually happened. However, the last two weeks of Moose´s course were hard he had to present exams and turned his project into a real functional thing which took more time of his day. So one day Cam told him that he needed to focus more in that and that he shouldn't be calling her until he really had time. A week later Cam was sleeping peacefully when her phone went off waking her up and scaring her in the process.

It was 3 in the morning, and nothing good usually happened at that time, a little disoriented she looked into her phone and realized that it was Moose face timing her. The first thing she asked was if he was ok and after he had assured her he was she cursed him out for waking her up which made him laughed. "What is wrong with you? You scare me."

"Sorry I would lie and say that I didn't notice the time but I did and I just really wanted to see you. I´ve missed so much this week." Cam felt a little sorry for her first reaction, but he knew that she was easily scared. She told him how much she had missed him too, and soon they were talking and telling each other how much they wished the other was there with them, but there was only one more week they could make it.

A week later Cam was getting ready to go to the airport to wait for Moose´s flight when her door open, and he appeared looking like he had run a marathon. "I took an early flight and a couple of connections I just couldn't wait anymore."

Between kisses, they managed to send a text to their friends telling them that Moose was home and that they wouldn't be available for the rest of the weekend receiving a lot of text of their friends with thumbs up that they didn't read for the next two days. They were finally together again, and they couldn't care less about what was going on in the world outside their house. A proof of that came nine month later as yet another sign that they were meant to be together.