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Dominic wearily opened his eyes, attempting to move a muscle but failing miserably. As his eyes opened to their full extent, his senses started to regain him. The first thing he noticed was pain. Everywhere. Permeating throughout all his being was a dull throb of the feeling. The second thing he noticed were bars. Iron bars were planted horizontally in front of him, each a few inches from the other. Dom made another futile attempt to move, only managing to turn his head a few degrees to the right. A steel bed with a pathetic excuse for a mattress was slung midair using two pairs of chains on the end of the bed. After painfully turning his head the other way, he noticed another steel object, this time a toilet.

It's so boring in here... Dominic thought.

After another failed attempt to get up, Dominic crawled over to one of the walls and used it to propel himself upwards. As a groggy feeling overwhelmed him, he scaled to the bars to look outside them. Down the hall were numerous other cells like his, and all of them were identical. However, the walls that weren't part of the cell had a futuristic look to them, almost like they were in some kind of alien spaceship. After looking down the hall, he looked at the cell parallel to his. Inside the cell was a familiar figure to him.

"Dad?" Dominic queried.

The figure that was sprawled out on the ground in the other cell woke up, slowly getting to a position much like Dominic's own. "Hello, son. How are you feeling?"

"Not that well. I'm really tired, like I ran a marathon!"

His father chuckled at his son's innocence.

"Well Son, I'm afraid I won't be seeing you for much longer..."

"Why is that daddy? Are you going on another vacation?"

"I guess you could call it that. Now I'm going to be gone for a long time, but I promise we'll meet again."

"What about mommy?"

"I'm going to visit her. She'll see you again when I do. Sound good?"

"Yep! You guys have fun!"

Dominic's father muttered something that he couldn't pick up.

Just then, two people in white armor with burgundy-colored cloth sticking diagonally off their helmets went up to Dominic's father's cell. They whispered some words to him, and he followed them regretfully. Dominic leaned through the bars, observing the two people as they led his dad to some unknown area. As soon as they turned, he walked over to the bed, sitting on it, and starting to think.

Who will take care of me when they're gone? Maybe they'll bring in the babysitter. She's nice.

Footsteps down the hallway interrupted Dom's though process. There was a person who looked the same from before, except the armor was built differently. As they talked, Dominic realized she was a girl.

"Here's your food. I'm sorry you encountered something so brutal so young, but it's beyond my power to change."

Dominic wasn't exactly sure what she meant, but gratefully took the food anyway. As he ate, he realized the food was really bland, and wherever he was was, in general, monochrome. Everything was just overall boring. The only interesting thing were the jagged blue streaks down the hallway, which occasionally lit up. He stared at them, occasionally poking some food and even more occasionally actually eating it.

Dominic went up to his mother, who had recently called him. He walked downstairs and confronted her face-to-face.

"Hey Dom... We're moving in a week. Your dad found work in another region."

He was a little disappointed, because he'd be leaving his friends behind, but reluctantly agreed. He loved his mommy very much, and didn't want to anger her. In the next week, Dominic said his goodbyes, and the group left from Littleroot to a route just off Cherrygrove City, where a speedboat had reached the beach. The group, with their suitcases, boarded the ship, bounding the waves to the new region, Orre.

When they arrived, they looked around the lab where his father would be working. It was a modern building decked from top-to-bottom with state-of-the-art technology. Computers, screens, and the like were scattered around in a high frequency. Dom decided it would be a cool place to work if he ever grew up to be a scientist.

Afterwards, they moved into their two-story house in a nearby village that was less than a mile away. Only a few houses were there, ones of the people at the lab who didn't want to live there. Their house was already furnished, and although it was a bit outdated, it more than fit the family's needs. Dominic brought his suitcase up to his room (with a little help) where he settled in. The walls were a light gray color, contradicting his jet black hair. He laid back in his new bed, his jade eyes getting an excellent view of the ceilings. The room would look more interesting once he updated it. But for now, the travel had made him tired, and he fell asleep quite easily.

Meanwhile, back in Littleroot town, a new family moved into the house in Littleroot. A young man who would travel the region and become champion, along with his loving mother. As their truck arrived, the boy gleamed, not knowing of the adventure in front of him.

When Dominic was almost done with his meal, the same two people from before came over and asked the boy to come with them.

"Okay!" he gleamed, happy to get out of the boring containment cell. He wasn't even sure why he was in there anyway, he hadn't done anything wrong as far as he remembered. They led him into a door, where his father was. His arms and legs were stretched, held by chain. A man wearing purple came over to him, and initiated a conversation.

"Hello there! Welcome to one of the Cipher Bases. We're here to talk to you about joining. We give decent wages, free food, and starting Pokemon. Care to join?"

Dominic looked over to his father. "Only if my daddy says it's okay."

The man chuckled and flashed the boy a smile.

His father, obviously in pain, talked to him, his voice hoarse.

"Don't...do it..."

The man in purple talked to his father. "If he doesn't join, he won't be of any use to us, so we'll kill him."

Instantly, a face of fear enveloped his father's face.

"I give you consent. Do it. Just don't put down my son..."

As the man in purple ushered him out of the room with him, Dominic's father was shocked with more volts of electricity.

"I swear! I don't know anything! I just moved in here a few days ago!"

One of the men in white walked up to him. "Like we'll believe that sh*t."

Dominic was given a uniform to wear, although it was too big so they had him wear his normal clothes. Since he was not old enough to battle, they sent a man with a reasonably high stature to be his mentor. Cloaked in red and wearing a robe stood his new teacher.

"By the way, I'm a Team Cipher Admin. You may call me Snattle. Your new teacher is Eldes. Hopefully you become a good trainer so you can help us in our goal!"

"Okay!" Dominic agreed, too young to know the true nature of their plans.

And with that, Dominic was introduced to his new bunk, over the top of someone he hadn't met yet.

Little did he know what he had gotten himself into.

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