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Without further ado, story!

As Dominic walked back to his bunk, he found Dare already sitting on the bed, reading a book.

"Good evening, Dare."

"Hey man, I have something serious to talk to you about. We need to go somewhere private."

"Where did you have in mind?"

A few minutes later, the two were locked in a unisex bathroom that was the furthest from the center of activity. After locking the door, Dare started telling Dom what could only be described as the truth.

"Look Dom, it's about time I tell you. Cipher is a criminal organization. They're not trying to make the world better, they're trying to overrun it. Probably 70% of the crap they've told you is bullsh*t. You didn't necessarily have a choice joining, but you have a chance now. To be honest, I'm done with this place. I don't necessarily care about what happens with the rest of my life, because I've already ruined it. You, you however have a chance."

Dom hesitantly nodded. Can I believe this guy? He has been my bunkmate for half a year... I'll consider what he has to say.

"What I'm saying is, I want you to escape. If I do too, well then that's an added bonus. I'm kind of impartial at this point though. I believe you can be something greater, better than some tool for this corrupted organization. You can be your own man, not someone else's puppet. How much have they told you about Shadow Pokemon?"

"Well, to be honest... Not much."

"Exactly. They're trying to keep the truth from you. A year or two from now, you would've trusted them so much that their beliefs would've been law to you. No one would be able to convince you otherwise. You would be their pawn. You want free will? This is the only way. If we wait too long, it'll be too late. Are you in?"

Dominic paused for a moment. If I had to be honest with myself... I trust Dare more than Eldes. Yes, he's my mentor, but... I can feel the emotion in his words. The genuine feel to his statement... He's really fighting for what he wants.

"I'll do it."


"Yeah. I'm a bit hesitant, but... I trust you."

"Awesome! Let me tell you the plan. Remember, if I fall, keep treading. This is about you."

Right after dinner, Dominic walked up to the armory.

"Woah, what's this?"

A scientist came up to him. "You're probably someone's kid. This is the armory. We store our weapons here."

"Cool, can I see some?"

"Well, I guess it can't hurt. You can't stop a child's curiosity, can you?"

The scientist detailed each of the weapons, explaining them and their practical uses.

"And this is a taser. You use it if you want to stun someone, but not kill them. Useful for capture missions."

As the scientist turned to walk to the next one, Dominic plucked it right off the display.

"Hey kid, put that back. It's not safe for a chi-"

Dominic pushed the trigger, releasing a magnitude of volts into his body.

"Fascinating..." he said, taking some other weapons and hiding him in his coat. Then, he stomped loudly (that being the signal), and caught Dare as he walked by the door, staging the weapon handoff as an accidental collision, they said their 'Sorrys' and continued to the next stage of the plan.

Dominic walked to the bunks, preparing for 'a good night's sleep'.

As Dare reached the security office, he strangled the guard outside, slowly letting him down to the ground. He walked through the sliding doors, shooting the two people watching the monitors with a salvaged tranquilizer gun. He then set the footage of the room with their bunk with one from a previous night, making sure the alarm wouldn't go off from the sudden motion detection. After taking the unconscious guard outside into the room, shooting him with a dart just to be safe, he left so the plan could continue.

The next part of the plan would have to be timed decently between the two members of the escape group if they were to make it out successfully. While everyone thought they were asleep, Dare and Dom split off, where Dare went to the hangar while Dom went to the Pokemon Storage Room. Since he didn't have a Pokemon of his own, he was to steal one, or a few for purification. Dare was to open the hangar to make a clean escape. Dare hastily took out the guards with dual tasers, preparing to open the ramp to the desert above. He hovered by the control panel, waiting for Dom to come. If he took too long, someone would notice, since the hangar was the only way in and out of the complex, as far as the grunts knew.

Dominic made it to the storage room without much trouble, scanning the room until he found some decently powerful Pokemon to take before he met up with Dare and escaped. As he got around 10 Pokeballs and put them in his satchel, he turned around to find himself face-to-face with a woman.

"Your smile is so cute... I wonder what would happen if I were to, say, burn it off?"

The girl gave a maniacal laugh, reaching to her belt for a Pokeball.

"I'm Crimson Gordin, remember the name for as long as you live, which probably won't be long, considering you're committing treason to Orre's biggest criminal organization."

Dominic chuckled himself. "How about no."

Before Crimson could throw out a Pokemon to battle, he pulled out a Pokeball of his own.

"Electabuzz, use Thunder Wave!"

As soon as the young adult was hit with the zap of the thunder type move, her body froze as she fell to the ground.

"God damn... Beaten, by a kid... I'll get you for this!"

Of course, it sounded a lot less threatening considering she could hardly talk.

After returning the humanoid Pokemon to its home, he ran past the teenager and searched his mental map for the hangar. After finding a quick route, he slid down the rails of a staircase, making a few turns through the hallways before running into the hangar, where Dare was waiting. As Dare saw Dom run into the room, he laughed, pulling the lever to open the hangar. Dom ran into the front section of a motorcycle, letting Dare get in the side compartment. Dom revved the engine, and they drove up the concrete ramp into the desert beyond.

As they made it more than a mile from the base, they slowed down the motorcycle, cruising at a constant pace. Dare started talking.

"I was skeptical on whether that would work or not but, damn, that just happened."

"Yeah, but at least now I know th-"

A loud sound rang through the open expanse of the desert, followed by a cry of pain from Dare. Dom looked back to find Crimson, the girl from earlier, trailing them on a smaller and more agile motorcycle. After looking at Dare, and the hole through his chest, he decided that stunning wouldn't work anymore. He pulled a pistol from his satchel, taking a few shots. The first hit the sand harmlessly. The second hit the hull of the motorcycle, making the vehicle shudder from impact but continue at the same pace. The third one grazed her shoulder, making her cry in pain but continue driving. The final shot in the clip hit the back wheel, making the motorcycle frontflip, crushing her from the impact. Once the two were out of range, Dom stopped the motorcycle and went up to Dare.

"You okay man?"

"To be honest...No..."

"What do you mean you're not okay?"

"I think... My time is over. I'm gonna die..."

"No! You can't!"

"I'm going to. It's inevitable. Just accept it and it'll be less pain..."

"There's gotta be something I can do..."

"It hit my lungs. I can hardly talk..."

"Then don't! I can get you to a hospital!"

"I'd rather use my last tell you..."

"Tell me what?!"

"My real name... is Derek... Just promise you'll avenge me..."

"I will... I'm sorry I couldn't have done anything..."

"Don't feel"

Just then, Dominic almost felt his body go limp, the pulse disappearing from his body. Dominic put his body back in the side compartment, driving the motorcycle away as tears cascaded down his face.