This is a brand new story that I have adopted from Greendogg. This idea was just too cute, and I couldn't pass it up. Enjoy!

It was early May in Jasper, Nevada, but it was already quite warm. Arcee was on her way to pick up Jack and take him to school. Driving at a modest speed, it wasn't long before she arrived at Jack's house. She waited for a few minutes, checking her chronometer, before calling Jack's cell phone. It rang a few times before a sleepy voice answered.

"Hello?" Jack mumbled.

"You'd better get a move on partner, or you'll be late for school again. You don't want to wind up in detention with Miko again, do you?" Arcee scolded. Jack looked at his alarm clock. Seeing it was 7:30 and school started at 8:00, he leapt out of bed, falling on the floor in the process.

"CRAP"! He yelled. "I'll be ready in ten minutes, Arcee!" He yelled, throwing his phone on the bed. He ran around his room, grabbing his clothes and quickly dressing before heading to the bathroom to take care of his morning hygiene. Having completed that, he grabbed his phone and backpack, making sure his homework was inside, and ran downstairs. Popping a piece of bread into the toaster, he waited for it to pop up before buttering it and running out to Arcee. He put his helmet on and hopped on, shoving the toast in his mouth.

"You know Jack, you wouldn't have to wolf your food down like that if you would get up on time."

"Man, Arcee, you sound just like my mom! I just fell asleep early and didn't set my alarm. You know it's not like me to run late. Thanks for waking me up though."

"Do I need to be your alarm clock from now on, Jack?" Arcee quipped.

"No thanks, Arcee. I can handle it on my own. You know, Arcee; the way you fuss at me and keep me on track, I'm sure you'd make a great mom. Have you ever wanted kids, Arcee?

"I would like to be a carrier someday, but not while the war continues. War is no place for a sparkling. Too much can happen. It's just not safe. Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious, is all. What is a sparkling, by the way?"

"A sparkling is the Cybertronian term for what humans call a baby," she replied, pulling up to his school. "You have one minute before the bell rings. You'd better hurry, Jack!"

"Thanks again for the ride, Arcee! Jack said, running through the door. Turning on her hologram, Sadie, Arcee left the school parking lot to return to base. Noticing that her internal thermometer registered the outside temperature at ninety degrees already, she activated her cooling system for the ride. She decided to ride off road, even though she really wasn't built for it, just for fun. She was speeding over the uneven terrain, enjoying the wind whipping past her and cooling her somewhat, when a coyote ran out in front of her. She hit her brakes hard to try to avoid the animal, but her tires, more suited for driving on pavement, refused to give purchase on the dusty ground. Realizing she was going to hit the animal if she didn't do something soon, she transformed quickly, leapt over the coyote, and transformed back into her motorcycle alt mode. So relieved was she at having avoided a collision, she failed to notice a small rock in her path. It was just enough to throw her balance off and send her skidding into a nearby tree. The force of the collision sent her into stasis for a short time. As her optics fluttered open, she became aware of the pounding in her helm, and the pain in her back struts from where she struck the tree. Wincing, she realized one of her winglets was also bent. "Great," she groaned, rubbing her sore helm. "Ratchet's gonna kill me for being so careless!" Gingerly getting to her pedes, she tried to transform, and nearly screamed at the pain. Realizing transforming was out of the question, she was just about to call for a ground bridge when she heard a soft whimper coming from a nearby bush. Deciding to investigate, she cautiously approached the bush, hoping it wasn't a human. The last thing Team Prime needed was more humans being dragged into their war, but at the same time, she couldn't just turn away and leave a possibly injured human to die either. Reaching the bush, she carefully pushed the leaves apart and almost glitches at what she found. A tiny sparkling, still wet from the birthing, but wrapped in a thin but now damp blanket. It's optics opened, and seeing Arcee, began to wail loudly, it's tiny optics screwed shut and little fists flailing. Arcee looked at the little one for a moment, unsure of what to do. Then something clicked inside her, and she knew she needed to help this innocent little one. It would offline if she left it here. Gently picking up the tiny little one, she put it into her sparkling hold to help it stay warm, the infant quieting almost immediately. She immediately called for a ground bridge. Within moments, a swirling blue and green portal appeared before her. She wasted no time entering the portal, albeit slowly, as she was still in pain, but moved as quickly as she could. Entering the base, she headed straight for Ratchet. Seeing her wincing in pain, and the many dents and scratches on her frame, he grabbed his favorite wrench, preparing to whack her upside the helm.

"What in Primus' name did you do this time, femme? I have better things to do than repair you because you were careless again!" He roared.

"If you must know, I hit a rock and skidded into a tree after almost hitting a coyote. But I'm not the one who's important right now!" Having said that, she opened her chest plates and removed the sparkling. Ratchet's mouthplate hung open in shock at the sight of the little one.

"Primus, Arcee! Where did that sparkling come from?"

"Well Ratchet, when a mech and a femme love each other very much, they get bonded…"

"Very funny femme! I know where sparklings come from! I want to know where THIS ONE came from!" Ratchet yelled.

"Calm down, Ratchet! I was just kidding! I found it wrapped in that blanket in a bush near the tree that I crashed into." Arcee said, watching Ratchet as he examined the little one.

"Well, first of all, you can stop calling the sparkling 'it'. This little one is a femme. She looks to be perfectly healthy, but her internal temperature is lower than I'd like. I want you to keep her in your sparkling hold as much as possible until she warms up. Only take her out for feeding. I will give you some sparkling grade energon to feed her, but be warned. If she refuses to drinking, you will have to nurse her," Ratchet said, picking up the tiny femme and handing her to Arcee.

"Whoa! Wait a minute, Ratchet! I'm not her carrier. I don't know the first thing about caring for a sparkling. I can't take care of her!"

"I suggest you learn quickly, as the little one has imprinted on you and thinks you are her carrier. I will send you a data packet with everything you need to know about sparkling care." With that, he sent the information to Arcee.

"And what do you mean I might have to nurse her? In case you haven't noticed, Ratchet, I'M NOT PRODUCING ENERGON! I would have to have just had a sparkling to do that!" She yelled.

"Calm down, before you upset the sparkling, Arcee. If you read the data packet I sent you, you will find instructions for activating your feeding protocols so you can produce energon if you need to. Now, let's see what you did to yourself. Get up on the berth so I can check you out, and for Primus sake, put that femmeling in your sparkling hold!

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