xX Talking Body Xx

Xx Prologue - Natsu Dragneel: Sex Extraordinaire xX

There were times where Natsu questioned what he was doing with his life.

Considering how he was a stripper/phone sex operator instead of an engineer or a school teacher or whatever the fuck people were doing these days, it was safe to say it was nothing productive.

Yes he said it. He was a male stripper and a male phone sex operator.

Emphasis on the male, since it costs a lot of money to be anything else.

When he wasn't at the club shaking his ass for the money he so desperately needed, he was making women climax via phone calls. When he wasn't listening to females cries of pleasure, he was in the club humping the stage floor with other dudes.

It wasn't 'the life,' but shit, if it wasn't fun as all hell.

There was some weird satisfaction he felt whenever the women squealed his stage name, or shoved bills into his pants before he even took them off, or watched them try to keep their smalls hands off of his tanned body.

It made him feel...desired, wanted, sexy as fuck.

The pay didn't hurt either.

There was some weird satisfaction as he listened to women beg for him to keep talking when he was on the phone, or whined when he 'teased' them, or cry out his name when they finally tipped over that edge into nirvana.

It made him feel...desired, wanted, sexy as fuck and - in a weird sense - loved.

Once again, the pay didn't hurt at all.

Don't get him wrong, Natsu wasn't a player, far from it actually. He respected women a great deal and one may even call him a feminist for how much he cared about equal rights for both sexes. Throughout his lifetime, he had to say he had two girlfriends, both relationships lasting a very long time due to the dedication he put into them. Fidelity, care, and adoration made them last as long as they did, but apparently that wasn't enough for the ladies.

They left him for...

Well that was a story for another day.

What was he talking about?

Oh right. His jobs.

Poverty stricken in his early twenties, he needed a way to earn some quick money without actually having to do work that would make him contemplate ending his life.

What better way than being a stripper?

He thought he was attractive enough, and women certainly made it obvious how much they wanted him. He could make a lot of money while giving women the show they wanted. Easy.

He never saw himself being a stripper when he was sitting in the career center, filling out a paper asking him what he wanted to do when he finished high school. He had actually wanted to be a firefighter.

Well he wore the uniform sometimes...but not in the same sense, and not for very long either.

And he lied about it when he was talking to the ladies on the phone, but that's all it was. A lie.

He still hadn't given up that dream, he just needed to scrap up more money before he walked down that path.

And it wouldn't take that long with how much money he was raking in.

Natsu grinned as the lights snapped on, illuminating the stage and letting him see his audience for the night. Full house huh?

The bass shook the stage and the music started.

Tonight, he wasn't Natsu Dragneel, or just Natsu like he was when he was working Pillow Talk.

Tonight, he was the Fire Dragon.

1. My inspiration is Magic Mike and the internet. Both equally as dirty.

2. Hello perverts. Take some story before I shove 3,000 words of smut and sexual tension down your throats.

3. Can we just take a moment to imagine Natsu in sexy fireman uniform?

4. Dropped my mango smoothie in the middle of note 3. My body wasn't ready for that image apparently.

5. Is there a plot for this story? Probably not. I just wanted to write about Natsu being a stripper. Deal with it.

6. And no. The title is not inspired by the song Talking Body by Tove Lo. You talk on the phone. You move your body in a club of any sort. Put two and two together and you get this mess.