Hey Guys its me! And this story is only gonna have around 5 chapters or something. Anyway, i hope you enjoy!

Also, i dont really like having Kagome abuse the Rosary's power(but maybe i will have her do it). Remember Kagome is a nice girl. So the only times she says 'sit' would be when Inuyasha is bullying someone, she needs to go home, he went to see Kikyo (BTW, i hate her.), or on accedient.

Right now it was late afternoon, and the Full Moon night was tonight. The gang happened to be walking through an area, that was very swampy. Or in other words it was called a Marsh.

There were many rocks that 1 can slip and fall on, the mud was slimy, and the place smelt of Dead animals, and Dirt. The path was complicated and there were many ditches that you could break your ankle on.

The whole group was tired and wanted a rest, but Inuyasha kept them going until it they reach the next village.

Inuyasha's POV

"Inuyasha! I'm hungry! Can we stop!" I heard Shippo whine. "No. We will when we get the the next village, but ask Kagome if she has any food in that Yellow Bag of hers."

I heard Shippo ask Kagome but she said "Sorry Shippo, Inuyasha here ate out everything." And then she gave me a hard glare, that made me cringe back.

"Inuyasha, my feet are on fire, can we pleeease stop!" "Heh, when we get there!" Too bad Kagome didnt bring her 'Iron Cart' thingy on wheels, she could've ridden on that.

But i doubt that she will get it to move straight on this ground. "You leacherous Monk!" Echoed through the forest followed by a slap.

Kagome was right behind me with Shippo on her shoulder, and then followed a Miroku with a red hand print, after the Monk was Sango, with a Kirara trailing right behind her.

:Sniff Sniff: I smell roasting Pig! Then i unknowingly stopped, and then i felt a crash into my back. Then the sound of splashing mud, and water.

"Inuyasha!" I heard an angry Kagome shout. When i looked down i saw her butt 1st, in the puddel of water, and mud all over her school unifrom.

Then i could see the tiniest bit of pink, sticking out from under her skirt. Hehe, i can see her underware! i wonder what would happen if i re- Ah! No Inuyasha, you are not Miroku!

i couldnt help but chuckle at her appearence. "So, you think, this is funny do you?!" Uh-oh... "Sit!" And then once again i kissed dirt.

But i wonder how it would feel to kiss Kagome. Her soft, smooth, full lips, pressed against mine, our body's crushed together, her fragile, form against my larger one...

"Sit!" And another moth full of dirt, interupted my thoughts. Kagome then stood up and angerly stomped off in the direction we were heading.

"If u keep making her angry, you're gonna end up with a broken back Inuyasha." Miroku informed me. "And if you dont give up your leacherous ways, you're gonna have 2 disformed cheekbones, and brain damage.

Like if it isn't already corrupted enough. After the spell wore off, i followed Kagome's scent... Oh god, i love her scent. Vanilla, and fresh winter snow... That is the only thing that can keep my mind off the horrible stench of dead.

When we found her she was in a clearing with the village under the cliff we are on. Alright lets go." I ordered. "Kirara." Sango called and her Twin Tailed cat turned transformed into the Giant Sabortooth Fire Neko Demon.

Miroku, Sango, and Skippo, all hitched a ride on Kirara, while i put Kagome on my back and heild on to her lower thighs. And i dont even dare go any further.

Though i wish i could. To caress that smooth silky skin with my hands to- "Sit!" I crashed into the ground, and then felt a Kagome climb off of me.

Then i got angry. "Hey! What did ya' do that for!?" "You almost ran into a little boy! You gotta pay attention, and get out of your daydreams!"

Oh... Kagome. You have no idea...