This is a message 2 my latest reviewer really so don't get excited ppl! But now, u said- Here's a hint, if you're going to make a character sympathetic, make them sympathetic. Being a bitch and abusing someone does not a sympathetic character make and yet that seems to be your ultimate goal with Kagome. Let me tell you something , it failed miserably. It's also really hypocritical to offer no sympathy to Inuyasha who has his face planted into the damn dirt everyday, but to rain concern on Kagome when she is rightfully punished for being a giant pmsing bitch.

Allow me to offer you some writing advice, make Kagome feel the weight of what she's done. Her bitchy attitude has no excuse and her just punishment is not excessive. Also, I wouldn't call someone who abuses their friend the way she does in this story nice , more like toxic and psychotic. If that's what you call nice , well, I worry for you.

I read that message through a few times and I didn't rlly understand it. 2 me, I seem a bit offended. Do I have mental problems? No

Does the way i feel in writing and make my characters unfit 4 ur liking? Then don't read it smart one

There was also no need 4 the cuss words in there. I can understand wut u mean without them.

Do u mean that I make Kagome 2 bitchy? Or she doesn't need sympathy? If so, THATS HOW I WRITE GET THAT STRAIGHT

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If u feel like you don't like it, u don't need 2 read it.


Don't read it.

and im not being mean, just getting my point across! Thx and srry!

I suggest u rread my other story called- A Silver Dog's Secret