Hey guys :) Here is a new story :) The long awaited sequel to my first story Heartache and Pain :D Sorry if this chapter is so short but it's the prologue so it's ok right? :/ As you know I don't own any of the characters from Phantom but I own my own character :D On with the show :D

Heartache and Pain: Loving Life


It has been a year or so since the rape and kidnap by the men who worked for a monster I was to marry after a promise made by my father to give him my hand in marriage and let's just say life couldn't be better. I am a mother and wife which I always dreamed about but thought wouldn't happen; that was until I met Erik. Erik Destler; a wonderful and talented man who saw through the fact I was raped and saw through my disability and helped me heal from my ordeal. I already have two beautiful children who have inherited traits from both their mother and father; twins called Christina May and Christian Eriksson with another on the way. Christina is an identical of me in looks and intelligence but Christian is like his father in talent and looks in terms of Erik's handsome side of his face. However it appears that so far none of the children have inherited my disability or Erik's deformity. But what about the child I am carrying? Will they inherit the part of me I wished to hide or the part of Erik he hides behind a mask? But I am getting ahead of myself; let's tell the story from the beginning. The story of a girl who faced an enemy not from her past but from herself...