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Early the next morning, Naomi Wildman opened her eyes, breathing in the comforting smell of home around her. She tilted her head up to look upon the devastatingly good looks of her fiance, who happened to be wide awake as usual and gazing right back at her. Icheb held a vibrantly adoring look in his eye, a little smile playing at the corner of his mouth, enticing her to lean over and kiss him.

"Good morning," Naomi said tenderly.

They remained silent for a moment, simply searching each others eyes. They faced each other in bed, their bodies angled toward one another. One of Icheb's arms was once again beneath Naomi's neck, cushioning her as a result. His other arm was draped over her hip, though he had slid his hand over her to stroke at her shoulder softly. One of Naomi's arms rested between them, bent up, tucked under his arm. Her other hand reached up to caress his cheek, sliding down to scratch at his jawline beard, her eyes crinkling with amusement at the almost cat-like appreciation at being scratched under his chin.

Icheb shut his eyes and released a content sigh through his nose, before he opened them again and smiled at her. "I could really get used to waking up like this more often," he murmured, sliding his hand over her neck to tangle into her silky red hair.

Naomi grinned slowly, still tracing his ruggedly handsome features. "I couldn't agree more." Even after their fiery night of reconnecting, they were still starved for each other, still yearned for touch, to make sure they were really there, to make up for so many months apart.

"Then we should do something about it," he grinned back.

"Well, isn't asking me to marry you doing something?" Naomi felt her facial muscles strain at the stretch of her wide smile, feeling her heart bursting with joy. She had always felt like their passionate relationship would one day end up in something like this, but she was still in awe about it all the same.

Icheb's eyes softened and he slid a little closer to her, their heads almost touching, his eyes boring into hers. "It's a start," he whispered tenderly. His arm beneath her pulled on her a little, taking her into his embrace.

Naomi sank into his warm body and felt more complete than she ever had in her life. "I missed you so much," she repeated to him, breathing in his scent, basking in his comforting hold.

Naomi had told him before how she had worked herself to exhaustion during that year without him, doing everything she could to reach her goals, but she hadn't explained how much it had taken her to focus. She would return home worn to the bone, only having the strength to talk with her friends a little before passing out, this was true. When she would sleep though, her dreams were filled with him, the repressed and contained feelings of missing him released as she slumbered. Sometimes she would wake up with a smile on her lips, sometimes she would have trouble focusing during the day from certain dreams, but most often she would wake up with a deep longing, forced to set it aside to concentrate on her journey.

Icheb continued to draw his fingers through her hair and nuzzled her, understanding how deeply her feelings ran without needing to hear her elaborate. They held each other for a moment, simply laying, content to just be together for the moment. "I wish I could stay here all day with you," he mentioned softly.

Naomi shivered pleasantly a little, remembering the last time they had spent an entire day together in bed. "Why can't you?" she asked curiously. While she had suffered a bit of a limp for several days after, it had been completely worth it and she certainly wouldn't mind putting up with a little bit of discomfort to have that level of connection with him again.

Icheb smiled, his hold tightening a little. "I need to report to Starfleet Command and get their blessing," he answered.

"You think it will be a problem?" Naomi craned her neck up to look at him.

Icheb shook his head subtly. "I do not believe so. Since you achieved the rank of Ensign, the risk of a reprimand for our relationship is far lessened. There may be unfavorable outcomes as we pursue this, however..."

Naomi's frowned in concern, not liking the sound of that. "Such as?"

"Regulations state that to minimize the chances of showing favoritism, a couple may not go on missions together or serve too closely. Not only could it compromise delicate situations, but create dissension among the other officers. However, I do not believe they'll keep us apart, or really be able to control it, since my high rank allows me certain reprieves," he smirked slightly. "Sometimes being Captain has its advantages..." he drawled.

"Sometimes?" Naomi snorted softly, though she was amused by his cocky attitude.

Icheb's eyes sparkled with mirth. "Even so," he went on, sobering. "I must go and speak with them early. I should go so I don't have to wait too long behind other officers giving their own reports."

"How long do you expect it will take?" she asked.

Icheb shrugged as best he could in his position. "I don't know. Several hours probably."

Naomi sighed and nodded in understanding. "I'm not sure whether or not I should go back to my parents house. There isn't much for me there. Maybe I should go back to the academy, to office dossier registrations and officially sign on to Voyager... but I don't really want to leave either..." she smiled a little sheepishly. She knew she wouldn't be imposing, staying at his apartment, he'd probably insist, but she didn't want to hang around and pine for his return either.

Icheb smiled back in amusement. "We all have a few days of leave. You don't have to get registered yet if you don't want to. I'd... like it if you stayed with me for the remainder of our little vacation."

"Then it's settled," she grinned, knowing he'd want her to stay with him.

"You remember the lock code to my door, right?" Icheb asked teasingly as he sat up.

"Of course," Naomi answered. "How could I forget?"

"Then please don't spend all of your time waiting for me. Go out, have fun, and then if I return late, we can go out to dinner," Icheb smiled knowingly.

Naomi's brow hiked up even as her face split into another blinding grin. "Like an actual date?" she asked, unable to keep the excitement from her tone.

"I believe we will not have any obstacles anymore as officers. So yes, I am officially asking you on a proper date," he answered ardently, leaning over to tower over her. "I developed quite a liking to many Human customs since my time among them... prolonged courtship and the benefits that followed have always been very appealing to me," he grinned, leaning in to lay a soft kiss on her mouth.

Naomi cupped his cheeks and parted her lips, sighing blissfully as his skilled tongue overpowered her senses once more. Icheb was her drug and she was completely addicted. "Sure you can't stay for a few more minutes?" she asked between kisses.

Icheb groaned in frustration, his hands betraying him, pulling her underneath him, sliding over her naked body. "I really really wish I could..." he sighed, dragging himself away from her. Naomi watched him pull away from her, trying not to protest as he stood from the bed. Instead, she took the opportunity to admire his gloriously attractive physique. Icheb noticed her checking him out and both blushed and puffed his chest at once, though made no move to cover himself. Icheb moved toward his bathroom with long, confident strides, letting her eyes scan his muscled naked form.

"I'll say one thing," Naomi grinned as she settled into the warm bed. "The view here is certainly much nicer than I got in my dorm!" she mentioned

"I'm glad you approve," Icheb smirked, pausing at the bathroom door and glancing back at her invitingly. "Join me?" he offered with half-lidded eyes. Icheb was on full seduction mode and it took Naomi only about two seconds to decide on his offer, springing from the bed and following him in.

Two and a half hours later, after waiting a little for another officer to report in, Icheb stood dressed in his formal uniform before Starfleet council. Icheb spent the next hour explaining in detail what he had limited time to put into his report, including his trouble with the Queen and his subsequent treatment from the doctor, Troi, and Tuvok. After he finished, he stood waiting for them to address him. "Captain Hansen," Admiral Quin began, reviewing the report with the other Admirals. "Four of Admiral Janeway's allies have given their interest in joining the Federation. That is very good news," he smiled at the young man. "We were expecting a few, but four distinct races is impressive."

"Thank you, sir," Icheb replied. "They have agreed to meet with the council. Per your suggestion I have arranged a meet with them in three weeks."

"Excellent work, Captain. We'll arrange the details and give you the briefing for your next mission in due time," said Admiral Holt.

"Yes sir," Icheb inclined his head.

"In the meantime, enjoy your shore leave," Kathryn smiled.

"Yes sir," Icheb smiled and paused, thinking of how to broach the new topic.

The council detected his hesitation. "Was there something else, Captain Hansen?" Admiral Paris inquired.

Icheb adjusted his stance and nodded slowly. "There was one other things I wanted to address, sirs. It is of a... personal matter."

"What's on your mind son?" the Admiral asked curiously.

Icheb shifted nervously a little. "While it is not prohibited, I wish to ask for a blessing from the council."

Kathryn grinned to herself, having an idea what he may be asking for. "What sort of blessing?" she asked curiously.

"The blessing to marry, following human customs. I wish to marry Ensign Naomi Wildman. I know it is within our rights to do so... I simply wanted the opinion of the council," Icheb explained, a not so subtle determination in his tone.

Kathryn felt as though her cheeks would tear at the strength of her smile. So she was right! Admiral Paris smiled kindly at the young man, sharing a similar look from the others. They had been aware of the friendship between the two, had seen on an occasion or two them sharing breakfast or simply walking through the academy courtyards. While a relationship between a cadet and a professor was not looked upon kindly, especially if conflict of interest and favoritism was involved, they appreciated the discreteness they showed, the level of restraint they, at least outwardly displayed. For two officers it was different, regulations were set to limit their involvement with each other, however, considering the level of unusual circumstances between them and their seamless ability to work under extremely stressful situations merited an exception... so long as they could continue to work as professionally and as well as they seemed to be able to during the Borg crisis. Admiral Paris told Icheb as much, relating the regulations they would have to follow, even with the few exceptions they would receive.

"Congratulations on your engagement, son," Admiral Paris smiled.

"Thank you, sir," Icheb restrained his grin, noticing the warm look from Kathryn as well. A little bit later, Icheb found himself seeking Kathryn's advice, who very happily took him under her wing, explaining how to properly woo her betrothed and even helped him with a certain little purchase. To say he was grateful to her would be a huge understatement. Now all he had to do was ask for Naomi's dad's blessing and he'd be set! Somehow though, asking for his blessing seemed a lot more intimidating than facing the council... or an entire hive of Borg, if he were being honest, no matter how much higher in the chain of command Icheb was! He couldn't exactly order a blessing from the older man, after all. Fortunately, when the time came, Icheb would find that Greskrendtregk had known about him and Naomi's whirlwind relationship and would give him the blessing he sought... including a painful threat against his life if he hurt his daughter. Icheb could live with that.

That afternoon, Icheb was both relieved and a little disappointed when he didn't find Naomi at his apartment, but was glad she had taken his suggestion and went off to do something more entertaining than wait around for him. He used the time allotted to him to review possible mission openings for the coming month. Starfleet had been clear with him that as a bonefide Captain and one of the few that had traveled to the Delta Quadrant he would be expected to do more missions in that sector more often. His duties as a professor had always been temporary, though they had the possibility of becoming permanent if a proper Astrometrics professor had not been found. As it were, Tuvok had decided to stay at the academy as a professor, taking over for him, and to pursue his own projects, so Icheb would have to search for a new tactical officer.

That evening, Icheb found himself standing before Naomi at her parents house with a bottle of Antarian Cider in one hand and Belgium chocolates in the other. Naomi grinned at him, especially at the uncharacteristically casual way of dressing he chose. He wore dark blue jeans, a belt visible under a gray tee-shirt, and a black form-fitted blazer over it, the sleeves rolled up to expose his toned arms. Clearly he was over his autumn color phase and Naomi thanked God he knew how to dress to make him look amazing. His vibrant, sleek jaw strap outlined his chiseled jaw and chin attractively and his short black hair was left in a way that looked like he had simply drawn his fingers through it, giving him an almost out-of-bed, roguish look. Naomi had half a mind to forget about dinner and pull him into her house, toss him on the couch, and have her wicked way with him. That could wait until later though... if they made it that far.

"Naomi Wildman," Icheb greeted her with a disarming smile.

Naomi felt her breath leave her for a second, focusing on responding to him. "Icheb Hansen. You certainly know how to treat a lady well," she grinned, accepting the gifts and letting him in while she went to put the delicious items away for later use. As she stepped from the counter were she had placed the items, she bumped into Icheb who stood behind her. She smiled and held still, her head tilted slightly as he circled his arms around her, laying a pleasing kiss on her exposed shoulder from her dark red halter top.

"You look beautiful," he murmured simply.

Naomi shivered pleasantly and turned in his arms, wrapping hers around his neck as their lips met. "We should go before..."

"Before what?" Icheb asked teasingly, leaning back a little to search her eyes.

Naomi grinned, stroking his jaw fondly. "Before we forget about dinner," she replied playfully.

Icheb tilted his head a little, a soft smirk gracing his lips. "Would that be such a bad thing?"

"It would," Naomi nodded. "I'm starving! Come on," she took his hand and tugged him forward, smiling when he didn't even protest. Ever the gentleman, Icheb opened the doors for her and escorted her, holding her arm in his, wherever they went. They had a wonderful time together, their first official date without so much as a tiny hitch. The relief they felt at being able to do this in public, and the great news of the council's blessing as well, let them enjoy their evening with the most delight they had felt in a long time. Finally, they could be together at an official capacity and not have to worry about regulations getting in the way!

As the evening drew to a close, they returned to the apartment. Naomi was a little wary when Icheb had insisted she try one of the chocolates he had gotten her. It was to her astonishingly wonderful surprise that when she opened the neatly wrapped box, complete with a tidy little ribbon, that in the center it contained a beautiful ring, a rosy and tastefully sized diamond in the center with two smaller ones on either side. "Oh, Icheb..!" she gasped, watching him take the ring and her hand.

"It's a human custom Kathryn had explained to me," he told her, slipping the ring onto her finger, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief. "It is fortunate that my ocular implant enhanced vision accurately detected the proper dimensions of you finger," he grinned.

"Hmm, in other words, you guessed right," the half Ktarian teased.

Icheb laughed softly, nodding in agreement and eagerly accepted her happy embrace, catching her when she jumped into his arms. "Another very pleasant custom I know of usually happens the night after marriage, but I think we can skip ahead a little, don't you think?"

"I like the way you think," Naomi said with a gleaming smile. When he picked her up then, wrapping her legs around his middle, Naomi snatched the bottle of cider from the counter, wrapping her arms around his neck as he carried her over to the bedroom.

Two weeks later, after Kathryn announced that they would be having the delayed ten year reunion at her estate, Naomi stood in her room, tossing clothes on the bed where her once again pregnant mother sat, watching her in amusement. "Sweetheart, just wear what makes you feel beautiful," Samantha advised. The older woman and her husband had been given leave to join in on the festivities. It had helped that Kathryn, one of the council members and an Admiral, had a hand in letting that happen.

"I know! I just... want it to be perfect," Naomi said distractedly, pulling out a red dress from her closet and inspecting herself in her door mirror. "...No, too flashy..." she mumbled, disappearing into her closet again. Samantha rolled her eyes fondly, knowing her daughter just wanted to please her betrothed, feeling giddy again at the fact her daughter was getting married! She probably also wanted to look fantastic when she and Icheb announced it to the group, if that was their plan for that evening. In the end, Naomi chose an aqua-marine dress with silver lacing on the edges, the color making her eyes pop, and silver strap heels.

Elsewhere, Icheb stood with Chakotay, Kathryn, Tom, B'elanna, and the doctor while they waited for everyone else to arrive. He was glad he wasn't the only one dressed in an 'old fashion' formal-casual ware, as the style from the twenty-first century seemed to be coming back. Styles always seemed to recycle. He wore gray slacks, matching gray vest over a black button-up shirt, and black dress shoes. Dressed to kill, as Tom had put it, then Icheb spent the rest of the time trying to ignore knowing smirks.

When Naomi arrived Icheb lost all focus on everyone and anything else besides her. He watched her mingle with their friends, as he had been complimented on his fitness and how handsome he had grown, Naomi had been given similar treatment, admired for her own graceful growth and brilliant beauty. To Icheb, Naomi was a vivacious supernova amidst a sea of blackness, so dazzling and incandescent that nothing else could compare. They met each other in the center of the room, unaware of the eyes on them as they reached for each other, smiling, caressing, expressing their appreciation for each other.

Each member of the group that had made the senior staff of Voyager watched the now grown former children of the beloved ship seek each other out like magnets. As the music played they fell into step, eager to be in each others arms as they swayed to the music. Like two stars being pulled together by their own gravity, they orbited each other in perfect harmony. The crew grinned fondly at the beautiful pair the two made, the lack of reservation from protocol that no longer hindered them allowing them to express their feelings for each other more freely.

Neelix stood by Tuvok, smiling brilliantly at the sight. "Look at that! Who would have thought those two would make such a wonderful pair?"

Tuvok lifted a brow in agreement. "Indeed."

"It is pleasing that they are as close to perfection for each other as they can be. It was inevitable for them to find each other," Seven mentioned as she walked over, accepting the excited affectionate hug from the Talaxian. "It is good to see you, Neelix," she smiled.

"Seven! It's so wonderful! I'm so happy to be here!" Neelix grinned, wiping happy tears from his cheeks. "Don't tell me you had a hand in their pairing?"

Seven smiled enigmatically. "I may or may not have had a hand in setting up Naomi's schedule, making sure she would have her first class with him."

"You sneak," Neelix grinned.

"I had simply wanted the girl to have a familiar face while at the academy, have a friend to lean on in an unfamiliar surrounding," the former Borg explained. Seven had known the former instructor to Astrometrics was going to be transferred and her son would be taking over temporarily. It hadn't taken much at all to get Kate's help in tweaking Naomi's schedule. Neither of them had imagined that the two would fall for each other, though it was a happy result nonetheless. "I may have adopted Icheb, but Naomi is still a treasured friend," she said softly as she watched two of the most important people to her gaze adoringly at each other as they danced.

As the party drew to a close, Icheb and Naomi decided it was time to announce their engagement. Naomi took her champagne glass and a stirring spoon, gently tapping it to get the attention of the others. "I figured old tricks to grab attention at parties would work, right?" she mused. Having appropriately achieved the desired result, all eyes on them, Naomi felt a little nervous suddenly, feeling very much like she was part of a reunion of family and they would somehow judge them. She knew that wouldn't be the case, but it still felt a little tense. Naomi relaxed when Icheb took her hand, giving her a supportive smile.

"We have an announcement to make," Icheb said, his gaze still on Naomi. Kathryn grinned when Chakotay gave her a questioning look, having sensed all night that the former Captain had been hiding something.

Naomi felt the excitement return and she lifted her hand, showing it off to the whole congregation. "We're engaged," she announced, doing everything she could to not burst with enthusiasm. An uproar of cheering erupted from the group and everyone wanted a chance to look at the ring, congratulate them, and give them their own blessings.

Neelix blinked in confusion a little. "Engaged?" he asked no one in particular. While Neelix understood most phrases his friends used, sometimes some of them escaped him. It wasn't too long that he had been introduced to the concept of submersing himself in water to bathe, after all. Neelix was aware of marriage, had himself been married and then again with Dexa, but their courting was different. Kathryn, who had been near him at the buffet table explained the courting custom and ceremonial traditions before a couple became mated pair, or got married as it was called for Humans and a few other races that followed similar traditions. Fortunately humans preferred to keep their clothes on during their ceremonies... well, most humans did anyway. Neelix was beside himself with happiness for his goddaughter and Icheb, hugging them both and wishing them the very best.

After Icheb and Naomi explained to those eager to know when they would 'tie the knot' would be, that they would wait a little longer, wanting to both extend the romance a little more and at the same time settle in their new careers, they had another unexpected guest pop in. Q2 appeared, as usual, out of nowhere and hugged them both, congratulating them and telling them that he had waited far longer than either of them could perceive for them to finally get on with it. Icheb and Naomi blushed but greeted their friend happily, both of them slightly embarrassed by the stories Q2 told the crew of them, though stayed tactful about it, and how he had been rooting for them from the start.

One week after receiving their official orders, Voyager was slated to embark on a new mission into the Delta Quadrant, with the Intrepid at her side. Chakotay had jumped to the opportunity to partnering with Voyager. Starfleet had decided that for the time being, Voyager would go on missions into the Delta Quadrant with one or more ships, in case something went wrong. The ships that went with them would be fitted to handling the worst of conditions, even armed to fight the Borg if necessary. The Intrepid was not a warship like Voyager, but she had been outfitted with the latest upgrades and could hold her own if things got ugly.

Naomi Wildman smiled as she made her want to Astrometrics, now a bonafide Ensign and the chief of Astrometrics to boot! As she traced her fingers over her console fondly, she remembered how it was when she had been offered the chance to serve aboard during the fateful mission, how it had been to have Lieutenant Jeremiah watching her every move and eventually earning his respect and friendship. The Lieutenant had been given a commission to serve aboard the Aventine, under Captain Ezri Dax, as their chief of Astrometrics, having readily accepted the career building opportunity. While Naomi felt a little sad at not having the company, she was happy for him and very excited over her own opportunity. Of course not to mention officially being back home and being able to serve with her Captain and fiancé!

Elsewhere, as Icheb walked onto the bridge, Lieutenant Williams was the first to see him, standing from his station and announcing that the Captain was on the bridge. Icheb watched his crew stand to attention, all turning to face him with respect. "At ease," Icheb smiled humbly at them. While he no longer felt worthless and like he couldn't handle being a Captain, he still felt as though his crew deserved more credit than they got. The good thing about his first initial push as a temporary Captain was his trial by fire that served to burn away his and everyone else's doubts for his leadership. Every crew member aboard that ship had been under his command during the crisis, whether it was aboard Voyager or aboard supporting ships. No one doubted his strategic prowess or ability to lead.

Icheb had a large list to go through to replace Tuvok as his chief of security and tactical officer. In the end, he settled for Lieutenant Reed, the officer that had taken over for Tuvok during the initial mission back to the Delta Quadrant. As he understood it, Patrick Reed was a great grandson of one of the first members aboard the NX-class Enterprise. During his time getting to know the young officer, he had displayed an aptitude for preventive measurements and tactical abilities that suited the role. He decided no one could really replace Tuvok aboard Voyager, but the Lieutenant had earned his and a lot of the crews respect aboard the ship. Now that his crew was in order and the Intrepid stood by to assist them, they could carry on with their mission to unite the galaxy, one planet at a time.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the warship Voyager; its ever present mission to explore the galaxy, to connect the systems, to seek out her allies, and to boldly go back to where no other Federation starship has gone before...

The End..?

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