Tamina's Jealousy Part 4

Tamina sat on the bed and sulked for a moment before she heard something odd coming from the balcony of the bedroom. It was Shift, back to his full size, scaling the cliff with a belly full of fish.

'Come here,' Tamina heard a male's voice say in her head.

Tamina didn't question it as she immediately got up and saw her dragon climb up and onto the balcony.

"You've changed again," Tamina said out loud as she looked at the dragon who had splashes of light blue, light green and turquoise against his white scales.

'These are your favorite colors, just trying to make you happy Master' came his telepathic reply.

"How are you able to talk to me like this?" Tamina questioned as she sat down cross legged in front of him.

'Dragons and their masters will always connect like this, humans do it without even realizing it, like how your Love always seems to know what you need.' Shift answered with a knowing look.

Tamina couldn't help herself she scoffed and rolled her eyes at the comment.

'Dragons can read more than just minds Master, they read hearts too, there is no doubt you are his Love, but you are questioning it, it's his past and your own prejudice and jealousy that blinds you to it.' Shift revealed.

Tamina looked at Shift, amazed at his discernment.

'Don't let Jade or your mother in law cause your jealousy, he will always be loyal to you, it's your loyalty to him that will be questioned. Jade's Love will be here soon and then it will be your Love that will feel jealousy," Shift foretold.

"Why would you say such a thing?" Tamina questioned.

'You'll see for yourself soon enough, for now, a good swim will do you good, I have friends who want to meet the Guardian of Alamut.' Shift answered as he got up and transformed into a large white tiger and went into the house, his piercing blue eyes looking over the room before landing on a dresser before he pulled it open carefully with his mouth before picking out a bathing suit even more scandalous than Jade or Valletta had worn.

'Wear this,' Shift insisted.

"No, it would be entirely inappropriate for me to do so," Tamina argued.

'Trust me, it will work out best if you do,' Shift furthered.

Tamina looked from Shift over to the tiny pieces of clothing back to Shift.

'I will give you privacy Master,' Shift said as he strolled out to the balcony, laid down and stretched out, enjoying the full sunshine.

A few moments later Tamina had put the ridiculous swimming suit on and looked down at herself, feeling self conscious and exposed, this was less than even her undergarments but the fabric was all together different. It wasn't sheer but rather thick, almost rubber like with a lining the same color as her natural skin tone.

'You look sexy,' Shift told her from his spot on the balcony, he had lifted his head and turned it to consider her.

Tamina blushed deeply at the compliment as Shift got up and circled around her, considering her closer.

'Hold still,' he advised.

Tamina did as she was told as Shift blew a light purple smoke onto her. It smelled like lavender and eased her nerves, making her feel calm and collected yet very relaxed. But when she looked down at herself after the smoke dissipated to see her breasts had grown, not by a whole lot but enough that anyone who knew her intimately would definitely notice.

'Why are my breasts bigger?' Tamina asked Shift in her head.

'You are going to bear children soon, strong, healthy ones, they will need a good milk supply and you will now have more than enough tissue in your breasts to produce it, but be warned, do not stray from your Love, for the next time you have sex, you will get pregnant.' Shift warned before going back out to the balcony, this time transforming himself back to the dragon he was previously and jumped off the balcony and dove into the water, beckoning her to join him in the water for a special surprise and that she needed to enjoy herself on her vacation. Tamina looked around the room to put something on over what she was wearing there was no way she was leaving this room dressed like this, she found a beautiful tunic in one of the drawers that fit her well, she put on some sandals and grabbed a large towel before heading out of the room.

"I'm going sea bathing with your mother and Jade," Tamina informed her husband when she opened the door to see him pacing the living room.

"But I thought..." Dastan started, confused at her sudden change in mood.

"Shift came to me, told me I needed to put aside my petty jealousy and doubt and enjoy myself," Tamina explained.

"Wait, I didn't hear anyone speak." Dastan countered.

"Apparently Dragons can speak inside their master's minds, he was right though, it's been my prejudice against Persians that always make me assume the worst. It's been in my upbringing and everything else. I'm sorry my Love," Tamina apologized humbly.

"Dearest, I'm sorry if anything I have ever said or done to make you think I could ever..." Dastan began to apologize himself before Tamina stopped him with a long overdue kiss.

"Come swimming with me," Tamina entreated.

"Not yet," Dastan replied, stealing her mouth again, causing her to drop her towel to wrap her arms around him, she knew where this kind of kiss led to and Shift's words of caution crossed her mind as Dastan picked her up and had her legs wrap around his waist as he led them to the bedroom and onto the bed.

Truth be told she had wanted to bear Dastan's children for a while and had even changed her eating habits to make her body more receptive, praying to the gods more fervently than ever. But now it seemed like everything was about to be handed to her on a silver platter so to speak. When Dastan reached his hand up her tunic, suddenly everything was so much more intense for her than usual, like Dastan was a drug, a highly addictive one. His kisses were deep, meaningful, slowly then all at once she could hear his thoughts in her head, it wasn't necessarily words but rather the feeling of emotions being pushed to her, it was almost overwhelming. Shift had been right, she was his Love, it was her turn to reciprocate.

She helped Dastan take off the tunic and Dastan was speechless as he looked down at his wife, who was now even more ravishing than ever, as if such a thing was possible. Her breasts had grown, her hips wider, her shape curvier, it may have just been the angle she was laying in but she was absolutely irresistible.

Two hours later after Tamina had come down from the highest, most intense orgasms she had ever had, breathless, sweaty and in need of some sea bathing, Tamina was happy to lay there, beyond content to be in her husband's arms, he was trying to catch his own breath, she had been so voraciously insatiable, it had been a struggle to keep up, a challenge that while it was unexpected, was not at all unwelcome. He knew better than to question it, he was simply happy to be with her again, they hadn't had that much privacy the whole journey here and he had missed the real Tamina so much, he didn't want the moment to end.

But just as he was feeling like he could be up for another round there came an insistent knock on the door.

"Whoever it is, it better be important." Dastan grumbled as he put on a pair of shorts before answering the door, only to be met by a man who was nearly twice his size, he had strange tattoos but a gentle and easy going smile.

"My wife and your mother sent me to tell you they are going to the cove, Shift is at the water's edge to bring you there." He informed Dastan.

"Right and you are?" Dastan asked.

"Fetu, Jade's husband," He introduced himself as he held out his hand for a handshake.

"Right," Dastan confirmed as he shook the near giant's hand. It wasn't often that he was easily intimated but something about this guy didn't put him on guard, rather he sensed more of an ally than anything, his gut told him he could trust this Fetu.

"Pleasure to meet you Fetu," Dastan offered.

"You too, Lion of Persia," Fetu replied with a wink before he nodded and left with a grin.

Dastan didn't know how to feel about that as he shut the door.

Tamina's voice cut through his thoughts as he saw her standing in the doorway of the bedroom, dressed in only a bed-sheet.

"Who was it?" Tamina asked.

"Jade's husband, his name is Fetu," Dastan answered.

"That's a strange name, he sounded friendly though," Tamina commented as she went back into the bedroom to retrieve her bathing suit to put it back on so she could swim in the sea.

"Yeah I got the feeling he was," Dastan replied as he watched her get redressed.

"Well I trust your feelings more than anything so, I don't think we are in any danger," Tamina concluded with a smile over her shoulder as she put the tunic back on.

That did loads for Dastan's ego, his wife loved him and trusted him and his instincts, he couldn't be happier.

"Is that what you're wearing to go swimming?" Tamina questioned as she looked at his cotton shorts.

"Oh, no, these are practically see through if they get wet, there is something else I'll wear in the water, don't want the others to get jealous," Dastan teased as he dropped them and was pleased to see her gaze drop.

"No we don't." She agreed with a smug smile as she watched her husband go through the drawers of another dresser before he found a bathing suit that matched hers.

"Well don't we make a pair," Tamina teased.

"There's no use in denying it," Dastan agreed as he grabbed a towel and a blanket before going to the kitchen and grabbing some food stuffs and wrapping them up in the towel before grabbing a wine skin and a water skin. "Come on, let's go," Dastan invited as he got the things and left the house, hand in hand with his wife.\

Author's notes- this is the last chapter in this series. From here, there will be a crossover called 'League of Guardians'. Seems the whole orphan turned Prince or something equivilant is a common shtick. So hey I'm going to run with it. If you have happened to read my 'Sun Moon and Stars' series, this next story is a crossover between this story and that one, even though there is over a thousand year difference between the two. But hey, time travel is awesome.