Hello! This painfully fluffy fic is brought to you by a Darvey-depressed fan. I should probably apologize… But I'm blaming the lack of Darvey on the actual show.

That title is from The Cure. Apparently, Robert Smith was high as shit when he wrote it but it cracks me up because there is a line that says "We should have each other with cream"… I am sorry but if you are a Suits fan that's funny.

Can I say "feed the kitty, leave a review"? Seems appropriate for once…LOL

Chapter 1:

"I think I need water!" Her body slams on the mattress beside him.

His heart is still beating out of his chest and he is completely out of breath. He turns on his side, resting on his elbow and pushes her red hair away from her face. Her eyes are closed and her cheeks flushed, a small smile on her lips. He still can't believe it. Donna Paulsen, his friend, his ex-secretary, is there in his bed. In fact she's been at his condo since they came back from THE date.

Last Thursday, he finally asked her out on a date. He had made reservations for Friday night at that restaurant he knew she wanted to go to. He cornered her in the file room and used his best pleading techniques so she couldn't say no. She thought she accepted a 'friendly' date. He kisses the woman resting beside him softly on the lips and he smiles thinking about that date that changed everything...



In the middle of drinking their wine and eating their pasta she said: "I'm telling you as a friend, Harvey, maybe you should…"

His heart sank and he decided he had enough of the push and pull. He pulled BIG TIME.

"Donna. I don't want us to be friends… I want you to be my…"

She raised her hand. "Stop right there, Harvey. Things are great between us now."

"Donna… You don't understand. This is a date. I wanted to take you out on a date."

She raised her eyebrows. Confusion painted on her face. "How long…I mean…when…since?"

He smiled. He couldn't even remember the last time Donna stuttered. She was in shock.

"Probably since…" He swallowed. "…we slept together. And when I went to Jessica and said I wouldn't come to the firm without you I knew it but I decided to ignored it."

"Son of a bitch!" She dropped her fork.

"Donna you had your rule! So I tried to forget about this…what we had was enough. I wanted you to be happy!"

"Now. Why now? It isn't enough?"

"No." He reached for her hand across the table and looked at her straight in the eyes. His thumb traced small patterns on her palm. "Donna. I want everything."

Her eyes welled up with tears.

"You are such a jerk."

"Yes…but I'm your jerk."

"Harvey, wipe that smirk off your face, I didn't agreed to anything yet."

"Wait 'til you eat breakfast at my place, Red. You will never look back…"



He could hear her heart beating under his cheek, his face pressed on her chest, and her fingers gently scratching his scalp. He finally has everything.

He hears her mumble. "I'm hungry Harvey."

"Donna." He chuckles. "Give me another 15 minutes and…"

She slaps him on the shoulder. "Not sex you idiot, FOOD. I need food."

He kisses the spot between her breasts, fingers trailing on her belly. "Let me think," he says between kisses. "I have…crackers. Butter. Maybe an apple."

"Harvey Specter! You promised me breakfast!"

He rolls over on his back. "I cooked you breakfast Saturday morning!"

She feigns indignance. "What? It was a one-time deal? Harvey we had sex…" He sees her counting, eyes closed. Her mascara is smudged and some of her eyelashes are a shade of red-gold and he thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He feels the urge to kiss her again and desire is starting to bubble up inside him. "Oh my god Harvey! We had sex SEVEN times since Friday night! And I only had ONE breakfast. You cooked me breakfast ONCE, HARVEY! You are such a jerk!" She rolls over, and sits on top of him, batting her eyelashes. This woman would be the end of him, he's past forty and she will probably give him a heart attack really soon. She bends slowly, pushing the palms of her hands on his chest as she melts her mouth to his. Hooking her right leg around his left leg, she grabs one of his hand, pinning it on the headboard. He thinks about how much he wants to go see her doing yoga when she will have a class. Her tongue his warm and soft against his and he can't believe he's ready to go again.

"Eight?" he whispers in her ear.

She disentangles herself from him for a few seconds, reaching for the red box on his night table. "Harvey, you know I don't like odd numbers."

She shakes the box, her face falling flat. "Harvey… Do you have another stash somewhere?"

"Donna…I'm not 22. I don't hide condoms around the house 'just-in-case'!"

She throws the box across the room almost crying. "Well, that was fun."

He knows he could make her day anyway but that's the thing when you've known someone for more than 12 years… He knows how she is.

She already stated she is hungry. The sex was just a diversion and the countdown to 'whiny-hungry Donna' has already started. He has to act fast or she will turn into a monster and make his life miserable. When that woman is hungry she can't think straight.

He sits, taking her hand and throwing his legs over the side of his bed. "Okay. Shower. Now. We are going out."



Because he had to feed her FAST, they took a taxi to that small diner near his place. Nothing fancy. He saw her relax as soon as the plate of scrambled eggs and bacon was in front of her. Between bites, they start talking. He's telling her stories about Marcus's kids. He saw them last weekend and even stayed there for one night. He played baseball with his nephew and the kid was pretty good at hitting the ball. He also played tea with his niece. He is laughing while telling Donna that he had to fake feeding the teddy bear sitting with him on the kitchen floor because the tiny girl got upset. "Berrybear hasn't eaten anything Uncle Harvey, is he sick? What if he's sick?" Harvey said, imitating the tiny girl.

Donna is laughing, almost choking on her coffee. "I cannot wait to see her again, Harvey. Last time I saw her she was such a cutie."

"We can always offer to babysit, if you want. I'm sure Marcus and his wife would like to go out…"

"Harvey…Are we…?"

He is looking at her, amused. "Are you asking me to go steady?"

"Please. If you want me to be your girlfriend send your application…"

"Donna…How's Mitchell?"

"Mitch…? Who?"

He's laughing. "Mitchell…the guy you were seeing."

She shrugs, taking a bite of bacon, looking down at her plate. "Hmmm…This is good."



When they get outside, the cold autumn breeze tingles his hands, he closes the buttons of his coat and then, he reaches for her hands. "You are cold…" he says before kissing her. She giggles on his mouth. "Harvey. My mouth isn't cold..."

He pulls her into a hug, not caring if people sees them. He's in love with her.

"Am I officially your boyfriend now?" he whispers in her neck, her scent enveloping him.

"I don't know…so far, you are doing better than Mitchell."

He sees her turning her head, eyes open wide. "HARVEY LOOK!"

He turns around. There is a truck parked a few feet from them, ASPCA written in bold blue letters across the truck. A photo of a cat is printed on the truck, leaving no doubt on what this truck is about. He has seen those mobile adoption vans across Manhattan but never bothered to stop. Not that he hates cats… But he isn't necessarily fond of them either. He never quite understood Louis's fascination with them. He doesn't care enough about Louis to try to understand WHY he likes them so much.

But seeing his favorite redhead, smiling widely as she is walking towards the truck, he is thinking maybe he should try to understand why some people like cats.