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"I'm heading out guys, See you same time tomorrow!"

A young woman, around the age of 17 waved back at the voice as she exited. She quickly threw a light green hat ,with the text 'Subway' on it ,to the back of the voice. " Your hat ."

The person instinctively rose her hand and catched the green hat as she continued to walk the exit , not turning back to face the person that had threw her hat at her .
"Thanks Zully !" said the owner of the hat as she walked out the store.

Azuly chuckled at the young girl and turned back to continue her work. "Don't know how India can forget her hat every time, next time i'll aim for her shoulder heh."

India closed the door behind her and began to walk along the sidewalk. She started to shiver as the cool air blew against her, instinctively she tucked the Mint green Scarf around her neck closer on her neck. It would warm her up eventually, it was made out of thin but soft material. It wasn't the best scarf but it was all she could afford at the moment, it did its job so she couldn't complain.
She moved quickly to the other end of the block to a reach a black metal bench.
She sat on the cold metal bench placing her backpack in her lap.

She checked her phone for any new messages from her designated driver who had seemed to be regularly late. She sighed at the empty inbox , and tucked her phone into her coat. She rubbed her hands together attempting to gain more warmth in them and rubbed them along her cheeks that had redden because of the cold weather but the freezing wind refused to let her body to do so.

India looked in the empty parking lot, sighing as she realized she was playing the waiting game with her ride once again.

She waited for a good twenty minuets before she began to worry about her ride home.

Just only a few minuets ,Mark should be here soon. She thought to her self, trying to think about warm happy thoughts, not letting annoyance and the cold get the better of her.

She stared at a puddle in the front of her, watching it as a dead leaf floated across the surface, trying to use her curiosity to distracted her.

The wind started to pick up, blowing past her exposed nose, the swiftness of the wind made a tingle in her nose. Jumping lightly at the force of her own sneeze, she growled lightly as the force of her own sneeze made the leaf be blown out the puddle. "Now i'm getting sick, Thanks winter." She said sarcastically.

She stuffed her hands inside her grey winter coat, wrapping her arms around her body as the wind started to blow faster. She growled as her glasses started to fog up every now and then, making her having to wipe them with her arm, she gave up after the last two times,exposing her arm to the cold weather was not worth it, it was damn near freezing.

India, out of boredom, would breathe softly to see her breath appear in the air, making some type of distraction in her dilemma.

India frowned to herself as she felt a familiar ache in her head. There had been so many headaches lately, she would usually drink some tea so it would go away, but hasn't been working for the past few days. The headaches were becoming more intense as the days progressed. She would get really tired after a couple of hours but she would fight through it, it didn't seem right to fall asleep with a headache.

"Where the hell are you?",She grumbled to herself and huffed out another white cloud.

She reached out into her jacket again and rubbed her mint amulet that dangled around her neck. She rubbed the jewel for comfort and reassurance that her ride would be here.

The amulet was given to her when she was a baby, not by her parents of course she wished that would have been the case, so many things would have been better if that was her reality but no it wasn't.

They had given her up when she was born, well at least her mother did, there was little info given about who her biological parents were. She was told that her mother was the one who had gave her up for adoption, no other legal or biological parent accompany her. The only thing on record about her were very discouraging words "not pleased with my out come" in short.
That info alone made her not want to go on that adventure to look for her biological mother, like most of the kids in the orphanage wanted to do.

What was the point? To go through trial and error just to find one person who wanted no connection in the first place.

Her amulet was given to her by a stranger. One of the administrators who had been at the orphanage for as long as she could remember recalled the day a woman came one day to orphanage in hopes for adopting a baby, 'she was a young beautiful thing, she looked too young to be wanting to be a mother if you asked me. She had a great smile but some lonely eyes, I could tell the girl was hurting and i guess a child would fill that empty void. She searched as if she had specific desire for a child it was at least four hours , but she finally picked a child after some time, but the strangest thing happened, the woman just left two presents for the infant and left without a word.'

The baby was her all though years ago, she gave the baby a small animal stuffed toy in the shape of a lion and the amulet. She had kept them close to her at all times. It was the only symbol that meant someone cared.

Another 30 minuets passed by and now India was really frustrated.

"Has there ever been a moment when that idiot has been here on time, no wounder he lost his damn job." She hissed to herself as she rolled her eyes and began to take her arms from inside her warm jacket and into its sleeves. She folded her arms and looked into the empty parking-lot. Still no sign of a car, that only angered her more.
I have to get a car, like pronto. I can't rely on Mark or the Bus anymore. Im sixteen i need my own way of getting to work and school. Ugh! My life!...he needs to be here like now!

She slid her hand into her pockets again. Her eyes widen when she felt her phone vibrating. She sighed in relief and checked her phone. "Thank god he texted me I wa..."


MARK: Sorry gonna be realllll late, idk when i'll be there...got pulled over by the po-po...In other words gonna have to get another ride...sorry Indigo :) luv u bestie


She face palmed and groaned at her luck. WHYYYYY! JUST WHY?! He even friend zoned me...fuck...i gotta find another Designated driver...

She sighed and calmed herself down . She was really temped to throw her phone, which would have resulted in no type of communication.
She quickly tucked it back into her pocket like so , before she read the very disappointing and useless text.
India sat on the bench with her face buried into her hands in a very despair state as she thought of ways of getting home. The weather was supposed to get worst in a couple of hours and the city bus do not come out around theses hours.
She couldn't call an uber, her foster parents wouldn't allow it, they were really paranoid when came to taxi's and ubers. The last time she called for an uber she got grounded for at least a month, and was forced to walk to and from school. Mark wasn't allowed to pick or drop her off and the bus driver didn't come to their house because of how Mark flattened the bus driver's tires over an disagreement.

"I'm shit out of luck huh..." She said with monotone voice. Her foster parents are gonna be angry at her and Mark. Her foster parents were some real nice folks but were strick on her and Mark, mainly more on Mark because of his linitent persona. He is a nice teenager, he didn't lack any intelligence he had made his parents laptops, a couple of computer monitors, and made his own engine for his car. He was full of smarts, but lacked commonsense for the most part.

His parents and her have been trying to tell him for year's, " you really can't survive in today's society without any commonsense." Though he would ignore them, and to their annoyance he would make the most flabbergasting problems/situations to were it seemed he would never come out of, but his luck luck some how would save the boy. However, this situation was gonna bite him in the ass, India was gonna make sure of it.

She was gonna have to walk home. That was on the other side of town. It was freezing, her ride was enable and unreliable as fuck. India groaned and was about to cry.


India turned her head to see the owner of the loud voice calling her name from the very end of the block, it was her friend Azuly.

She was standing from the door way of her current job, Subway. Azuly was fully aware of her friends unlucky situation and was grinning ear to ear about it. She was signaling her to come back inside the public restaurant.

She had big blue eyes that just held excitement, catching anyones attention. Her hair was a very light auburn brown, it would fall to her knees, swaying side to side as she walked. Its naturally curly composer was now straight and tied into a ponytail tucked through into the back of her work hat. Azuly's hair complimented her fairly nice tan skin. Azuly was no bigger that her, coming at as 5'5" as India herself stood at 5'6". She had hourglass body frame just like India but slightly skinnier.

Damn its real late if her shift is over all ready... She mummer in her head.

India quickly ran down the side walk not wasting time. She was slipping every now on the side walk.

Azuly giggle at her grumpy friend. India move past her smirking friend and sat in the far booths in the store in the back, rubbing her hands for warmth as she sat down.

Azuly followed behind her and chuckled at the sight and sat right next to her.

Invading India's personal space as usual and expected when it came to Azuly.

She hugged India tightly, wrapping her slender arms around both of India's arms and pressing her left cheek against India's face slightly warming her up. "Ohh, my poor Indigo is so cold, I bet you were freezing!" Azuly said in a playful motherly voice.

India grinned at her friends antics and sighed nonchalantly. "Your in my bubble Azu.." India said with a monotone voice but she only continued hugging her tighter.

"Mark nearly killed you, Thank goodness I was there to save you!" She nearly screamed in India's ears, India cringed and giggled at her, Azuly was up to something.

India growled playfully at Azuly curiously wanting to know what was up with her, "How could i ever repay the most loving Azuly!",India said matching up to Azuly's volume, causing her big almond shape eyes to widen and to back up lightly giving India some arm room. About damn time heh get out my bubble room now will yah

"Damn India , at least warn a girl before you screech.." Azuly said rubbing her ear, grinning lightly at India.
She backed up finally giving her friend some of her personal space back, her cheeks were slightly red from having her cheek pressed up against my face, complementing her smooth tan skin tone.

"And why should I? Didn't you just violate me of my personal space. You know I can sue for such actions done onto me. In a work place, of all places too." India said smirking Azuly rolled her eyes at her dramatic friend.

"Aren't I the one who's going to law school?" She asked rhetorically.

"Thats if you survive the horrid Test finals... And well last time i checked..." India's eyes rolled to the ceiling avoiding Azuly's, " You cheated off of me to get to a particular '5th best in state' rank to be able to go to ohio ,the three day school trip to be exact."

Azuly puckered her lips together, she could recall that event that happened a few months back. The board of education just randomly gave their high school students a test, not even the principle was aware until the last minuet. Azuly was terrified of test, gave her horrible anxiety. She would freeze up and her mind would go blank. India on the other hand was more annoyed than nervous. India was all A's and that one B type of student.

She was ironically not a book nerd, that loved to study hard , tedious about every detail in a text book. Granted getting good grades was her priority, she always tried to get all A's and hated her science teachers in the past that always gave her a B.
India was just naturally smart to put it into short, hated study to Azuly's surprise.

"Im not trying to guilt trip you or anything as such, im just worried for you. You've have improved alot since we started to study together. You know im not a studying gal myself but the finals has me nervous, so we are gonna have to study even harder. " India and Azuly sighed together.

"Man, we haven't even graduated and I'm already stressed out. Our adult lives are gonna suck." The blue eye teen said smiling. India chuckled at her friend.

Azuly was her friend, the closes she has ever had. It was funny, with all her unfortunate childhood events as being stuck in a orphanage, Azuly always seemed like she was always there. It was natural to talk to her about stuff from her past.

"India you look whole lot better now." Azuly said interrupting her thoughts.

"What do you mean by that?" India looked at her in confusion.

Azuly reached over the booth that they were sitting in and grabbed a red backpack. It was Azuly's bag.

It had pink and black skulls for the design on the scarlet bag. It had matched her own bag but for the exception of the color scheme, India had a light teal bag with gray skulls decorated on it.

Azuly began searching through her bag, "Give me a sec, so that I can show you what I mean." India nodded and watched as her friend started to pull things out her bag.
Oh God she needs to clean out her bag...

"Ah ha! There you are ." Azuly smiled brightly as she pulled out a small heart shaped mirror. She handed it to India as she turned to face her again.
"As I was saying, when you came back into the store you looked like an icicle and your face was really red, you look better now but your nose is still red."

India rose the small mirror in her hands and looked at her reflection.

India had a very light caramel brown skin completion, no acne, clear and soft skin. Her round cheeks were a little rosy as well as her nose.

Hmm...nothing to bad I guess.

"Oh here, Let me clean your glasses off , i still have your glass case from yesterday that you completely forgot." The young girl chuckled at her friend as Azuly took off her glasses, she could act to motherly sometimes.

Now with her glasses off India could get a good view of her face, she had round yet oval face ,it suited her well. She ran her hand over facial features slowly as if she were just now looking at her refection for the first time. She concentrated on her eyes the longest, the teen had full round eyes. Her eye color was green with hazel mixture, she liked that the most about herself, it was like the center piece to her face, but her glasses covered her face so it hid part of her face, through they still looked good on her anyway.

She smiled lightly at refection, India had grew to love herself over the years ,mainly after she got adopted into a stable home, no self-doubt anymore.

India groaned inwardly , her headache was still there, but ignored the pain. It should be gone by now...

"Sometimes I forget that you have green eyes, really makes you stand out." India looked at Azuly as she placed her glasses back on her face.

"Thanks, Zuly. I don't look that bad, even though it was getting below zero." India said as she gave her mirror back.

Azuly tucked the mirror back in the bag smirking. She cupped her hands over her cheeks , her smirk turing into a smug look. India noticed this, it was the same look she had on her face when walked in the store.

"Speaking of freezing, i gotta go home. Its just me at my house so i gotta cook my for my self. " I groaned to myself.
How fuck am i gonna get home?

"Why with the frown Indigo?" The blue eyed teen asked.

India sighed in defeat, "I don't have a ride home. Mom and Dad aren't coming all the way from home to come pick me up either because of the snow."

"Well why Don't you just come over my house?" India looked at her blue eyed friend. That offer would be a life saver right, but India was hesitant about it ,her foster parents would have her head because she didn't ask first.

Azuly patted her friends head,"Don't worry, your parents approved. "


Azuly started to stand up out the booth and stretch her legs. "They called right after you walked out the store, she asked if it would be okay if you stayed the night, and I said yes obviously." India's parents had thought ahead, they were always taking precautions for their children. It could be annoyingly at most times but they only wanted to protect her. Though lately they had been very isolated, they weren't talking to India as much as before,Mark too was acting strange lately. It was probably something minor at the least, so India didn't worry about it to much.

India sighed in relief, "Thanks Zuly , I was so sc- Wait you knew this whole time!" her face started to turn red as she realized how long she was outside. Too damn long.

Azuly started to giggle,"I was testing to see how long you would wait outside."

India pursed her lips frowning," I was freezing! Some savor you are! At least Mark was trying!" Azuly's smug only grew.

"Aww, you wont be mad for too long. Your gonna be at my house for at least a week or two, it's gonna snow all week. My mom and dad are on there business trips for a month. It gets lonely at my house so i wouldn't mind the company. " she ended saying softly.
Azulys parents ran a company, she was blessed with a nice house car , room, clothes ,etc. Yet her Parents were never around, she took care of herself for the most part.

India sighed at her friends little prank and decided not to make a big deal about it.

"Fine..."Azuly grinned as India compiled. "Great! I'll be right back I gotta get my things out my locker and i'll be ready to go." India nodded and watch as her friend ran to the back.

Well at least I have a place to stay. Azulys place is huge and amazing so I should be straight.

India got up from the booth and stretched as well. Her body had warmed up to a healthy temperature, smiling she put her bag back on and zipped up her coat.

India ran her hand through her thick dark chocolate hair. It fell to her back mid way, it had a naturally loose curly composer. It would be wavy most days and curly on others, today it was curly but into a ponytail like Azuly.

India noticed that the workers around there were closings early. The snow storm was hitting it hard outside, there was already two inches of snow on the ground.

Damn.. Me and Azuly have to go quick, it looks horrible outside and its not even the worst part yet... Her house is only two blocks away,...hopefully we don't get frost bite.

India turned her head to see Azuly walking her way. She had on a thick and well protected snow coat on, with her bag on her back.
She had made a smarter choice by bringing that jacket. India regretted her choice of wear for today's weather. India had on thick but not thick enough pea-coat, with thin gray gloves.
She was gonna get sick if they didn't hurry in the fierce weather.

"K, I'm ready now." India nodded and headed for the for the entrance of the store once again. This time in hopes of not freezing before she could make it to Azuly's.

Azuly followed suit and began following India. They both shivered as they stepped into the cold madness that awaited them for their walk home.
It looked like it was gonna be blizzard. It was a white wonderland Madness, snow was everywhere.

"This way",Azuly said as she took the lead and turned to her right of the sidewalk and began walking. India walked along side her friend, pacing a nice speed.

It had gotten way colder than before, the puddles of water in the parking lot from before were frozen over. The ground was all white, the snow covered the everything in a thick layer of snow. Nobody but India and Azully were out on the streets now, it was deadly silent, the only thing the two could hear was the fierce heavy wind and their own foot steps walking along the snow.
Some street lights were on but the majority of the walk home was in darkness. It was getting hard to see as the snowing got worst.

Nether of the teens talked , they both were focused on getting to Azullys home, it wasn't to far now.

India was having more trouble, her headache from before was getting worse. It had progressed when she went back to the store but she tried to ignore the pain as she talked to Azuly.

India had been suffering from head pounding headaches over the past three weeks, but today this was taking the cake.

India groaned softly to herself, she didn't want Azuly to find out. She knew how over protective she was already so she didn't want Azully nagging to her about not telling her sooner.

Man Im gonna died before I even make it to the house. India groaned as her headache grew, she was walking slower the pain was suddenly increasing by tenfold. It felt like someone was trying to beat her to deaf.
Her ears were going numb as she stumbled across the snow. It not only because of the weather but of the ringing in her ears coming from her headache.

She felt a wave of numbness over come her body. She stopped and leaned against a near by tree, her body felt like it was under intense gravity.

What...what is happening?...
Her thoughts were sluggish as she tried to force herself off the tree. Her whole body was numb, she could barely move her feet to stand up by herself. The wind was starting to get the best of her as India tried to move but her efforts were fruitless.

India tried to call for her friend for help but her lips didn't move,they felt numb too.
India fell to one knee as everything started to go white.
She couldn't tell if it was the freezing temperature or the hard pounding headache.

I need to...ge..get up...

Her attempts were effortless, her strength had dwell to nothing.
The troubled teen could her some one talking but it all sounded muffled.

All she could hear was the sound of her heart pounding and her slow breathing. There was suddenly another voice but it was also muffled, she couldn't see the owner of the voice.

India's eyesight was blurring up.

Did...did..I drop my glasses..?
India wanted to panic, scream, run to Azuly's home, but her mind and body wouldn't let her.

What is happening! !? Ugh!

She could tell that someone was touching her faintly. She wanted to go to sleep, but she told her body not to. Her body was depleted from all her energy, she fatigue. Her body seemed to be disagreeing with her, it was acing terribly, she wanted it to stop. She could feel that she was falling into submission from her body. She could feel herself falling over onto the snow.


Everything had turned white as she lost conscious.

India...Im here...wake up ...i have come to take you back...

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