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Once the ki blast left from the princes hand, the once well known respected general was forcefully embraced by it, Nappa was shot back into the crater he had crawled out of increasing it size by tenfold. Azuly reacted quickly as the ground under began to break and fall into the hole, the gust of grey dust erupted as the ground shook from Nappa's collision.

She gasped silently when she lost her footing due to the unstable ground, she went to scream as she began to fall but stopped when she realize someone had grabbed her. She closed her eyes tightly feeling herself being whipped away in fast speeds from the explosion.

When Azuly opened her eyes she noted that she was up in the air not far away from the destruction. The land that was there before was now just a huge crater, it looked as if some one had taken a scoop out the grey surface. The teen blue eye widen ind fear," Oh my god..." she said in unbelievable. The prince showed power like no other, to ability to take out a part of a landscape like a demolition bomb with just brute strength was mind blowing.

"Are you alright?" a gruff voice asked.

She glanced to see Raditz looking down at her," Besides the whip-lash, yeah..." she answered. Raditz rolled his eyes at the teen he had grasped in his left arm. he was surprised she had moved out the way so quickly considering the front row sit she had and was completely unscathed.

"Where's Vegeta?" The blued teen asked the older Saiyan. I can't see him from up here. The dust is starting to cover the sky.

"He's still here , just check your scouter." he said checking his own. The girl nodded as she clicked on the side of her scouter. The scouter confirmed that Raditz was correct, the prince was still down there, It also read lower power level down there as well.So is Nappa...She would have thought the blast would have killed the man, she was relived that he survived. As much as she resented the man, he didn't deserve to die.

Suddenly the grey debris in the air dispersed from the sky as a gust of wind parted them. Narrowing her blue eyes she looked frantically down below for the origin of the sudden gust of wind,"What was that?" she thought out loud.

"Vegeta, he want's us to come back down." he grunted as her slowly starred to descended downwards back to the land.

That was Vegeta?...The teen thought disbelieving it, Since when was Vegeta the a freaking Air bender! Raditz eye balled Azuly as she had her mental freak out. He sighed trying to ignore the weird girl he was hold and towards the situation at hand. There were very few little times Vegeta would out right punish the older Saiyan, sure he would occasionally he would give 'love taps' to the Saiyan to get him back in line but a real punishment was long over due.

Getting closer to the mouth of the crater, Vegeta could be seen floating in the same spot he was before he blast Nappa. Azuly could see a aura covering the prince head to toe generating the mysterious wind. His aura died as Azuly and Raditz appeared beside the prince . His arms were crossed in front of his chest, as he glared down into mess he made with disdain. He didn't acknowledge the two, he just starred at the crater silently.

Azuly could see out the side of her eye that Raditz looked unsure despite his stoic facial features, she was glad she want's the only one a little frighten at the display of power. India mentioned that Raditz was the weakest out of three guys just like I am. He must be a little shook, just a little.

The prince cocked his head signaling to Raditz before fully descending down to bottom of the crater. Azuly gripped onto Raditz muscular forearm that wrapped around her waits as he followed after Vegeta. He was flying down a little too fast for her, it was still uncomtorble being the air. Azuly kept her eyes on Vegeta , the prince was flying towards the center of the crater, he was landing towards Nappa. I guess the punishment continues..

Raditz dropped the teen once his feet touched the ground causing Azuly to fall on her but. She glared at the older Saiyan as she picked her self up. "Thanks ..Rapunzel." she hissed.

"Tch." he responded to her insult. Azuly rolled her eyes dusting off the gray dirt, just rude..

Vegeta cleared his throat pulling both of their attention to him, Azuly needed to pay much as he wanted to give Nappa the punishment he was long over due, Azuly needed to learn from this as well. Once he had the bright haired brunet watching him he simply shot his arm into the the planets surface.

There was a momentarily silence before the prince tore his arm out from the ground pulling Nappa out like a weed from the rubble. Vegeta pulled Nappa up by the grasp of his neck to hi heat. The generals body had steam rolling off of it, twitching in pain as the prince tighten his grip on Nappa. Vegeta clicked his tongue as with fake amusement, he scanned Nappa's burned and caked up face. The man could only muster up the power to open up one eye to look at him which was coated with fear.

"You see Azuly, there are two things I just cannot stand, Cowards .." Vegeta turned to face the two Saiyans with Nappa in tow. His eyes narrowed, "And bumbling fools." he said dropping the Saiyan onto the ground.

Azuly watched as the general weakly scramble up from the ground and into the mercy's kneel. She could see the fear on his face as words weakly left his mouth, "S-Sire Please..I nev-" The prince hand grabbed a hold of Nappa's shoulder , with a not so gentile touch. This gesture caught the Saiyan off guard, hissing in pain as Vegeta begun to dug his fingers into his skin using his Ki. Vegeta's emotionless black eyes that held malicious temp towards the older Saiyan.

"Pay attention to this brat, " he said to Azuly still starring at the bald brute. "A Saiyan's youngest years are spent within a pack, which are a group of Saiyans. As the pack grow older so does its strength and trust. But with that there are also rules that every Saiyan Squadron should follow." Vegeta's lips pursed into a thin line, "To your ignorance , you are unaware that Nappa is/was a Royal general back on planet Vegeta."

"Really..?" the teen whispered amazed. This dud was a general...

"As a formal general, Nappa should know the rules pretty well but it seems he's forgotten them. So Nappa your going to restate the Five Principles of Squadron and Horde order to refresh all our memory, " the prince ordered.

Nappa held back a hiss as Vegeta's fingers burrowed into his skin, "Yes sire." he breathed out.

"First principle of Squadron and Horde order is Leadership... A leader is the heart of a pack, and must be followed by the following companions inside the pack. All companions must obey orders for the betterment of Leader and pack..." Nappa uttered weakly as Blood trickled down his face. Vegeta's fingers paused from digging further in his skin and was just starring at the brute, his eyes hinted that he was waiting for something. Nappa gritted his teeth as he pressed on, "...One must be prepared to define and... and interpret conflicts, balance the cunning and b-brute strengthen, wise and responsible to take Leadership role. Royal's are expected to rule over any Pack of their choosing. Soldiers of the Pack must never doubt or disobey orders. They must remain loyal and trustworthy." he finished.

Vegeta raised he head up slightly from Nappa's eyes to Azuly direction. He had a very casual look to his face. It was off putting, "Got it?" he stated more than asked. Azuly nodded nervously, his eyes were giving him away that something was about to happen. "Good." Vegeta's palm that was on Nappa's shoulder glowed with his Ki. Nappa's eyes widen as Vegeta released the Ki blast into his shoulder blade slowly burning through it.

"AHHHHH!" he roared in pain, every part of him screamed to retreat but resisted the urge. Knowing it would result in a far more harsher punishment. Forming his self to stay still as Vegeta did as he pleased. He could feel the blast burning through his flesh. The smell of burning flesh quick was apparent to their noses as the blood began to trickle down on the gray dirt. " P-Plea-"

"This is what happens when you question my loyalties, doubt and disobey my orders! You were a general but now you've belittle your self to a insubordinate fool, just an insult to my royal name." he barked at Nappa. Azuly flinched as Vegeta punished Nappa, she didn't like how this was going, at all. She wanted to look away but feared he would turn his attention towards her. The hairs on her neck raised at the lack of hesitation in the prince actions. The prince barked for Nappa to continued to recite the rules.

"S-Second Principle of Squadron and Horde order is Unity. A crew must able to work together in sync. With out unity there will be error and flaws as the only outcome, soldiers must confide for a bond through out each other. W-With just... one disconnected solider the pack is nothing and will result in bring everyone down within the pack." Vegeta clicked his tongue and shook his head as if Nappa were a child, "You broke that one as well.." The Ki blast in Vegeta's hand expanded in his arm as it melted through the muscle. Azuly gripped her hand into her palm as Nappa screamed louder than before. She tied to reason and remind her self that Nappa needed this. He took joy in hurting India and would probably with her too, he need to learn what that medicine felt like.

Vegeta pulled his hand away from Nappa's gaping shoulder wound, he had burned the through the flesh and skin all the way to the bone. The smell of burning flesh and fresh blood coated his white gloves. Nappa panted heavily as sweat rolled down his brow, his left arm was going to give out it was becoming unbearable to withstand. He prayed it would just go numb from the blood lost.

Azuly let out a shaky breath she was holding, Vegeta had moved his hand but she doubted it was over. She couldn't stomach to look at Nappa directly, she eyed Vegeta's motions instead. He was was walking behind the weakened solider, he brought his foot up and kicked Stopped the bald brute into the ground. Nappa cried out when his arm fell onto the ground.

"The third and Fourth Squadron and Horde principles are Confidence and Betrayal. I'm proud to say that you, Nappa don't fault in those two. You are too stubborn and proud for that, you would lay your life down for me if you had to, and I respect you for that." he said truthfully. " Your a Saiyan brat, " he called out to Azuly again, "... like i said before we're breed for battle. The true warrior race of the universe, don't ever forget that brat, being a weakling will only get you killed in a universe like this. As for betrayal" he dug his heal into Nappa's back," I think you get the gist of the repercussions." she nodded vigorously, "I understand my liege." she forced her self to say.

Vegeta turned his attention back to person under his shoe, " Only one left to go Nappa." he ordered for him to continue but was answered with silence. The prince growled kicking one of the guards ribs, "That was an Order," he repeated.

"I d-don't remember.." Nappa panted out finally.

Oh Shit, Mr Clean .. Azuly thought as Vegeta let out a loud sigh. She could spot the vein on his head, she took a step backwards.

Azuly almost felt petty for the man as she watched Vegeta's reaction. The prince looked too calm, the type of calm before the storm fucked shit up. She had glanced towards Raditz, his face was stoic but his eyes expressed shock.

Vegeta grinded his teeth together, his annoyance h with Nappa had reached its peek," Of course you don't." he spat. He glared holes into the guards back as he added pressure to his spine. Nappa hissed and cried out.

"Raditz." he called causing the long haired Saiyan to jump a little.

"Y-Yes sire." He said clearing his throat, Azuly felt her self ease. She could focus her attention other than the scene in front of her. She felt a 'sense' of security around the Long haired Saiyan compared to the two other males, he had a less hostile vibe coming off of him. She took a hesitant step closer to Raditz.

"The fifth principle of Squadron and Horde order is Trust. In a way Trust and Unity are alike and the same rules apply. Though unlike Unity, Trust comes in two forms, One being the basic form of trust that unifies the safety, respect and reliability within each other in side the pack. It is recommended that younger New recruits are heavily implied with trust the most in the pack." Raditz recited. Azuly cast Nappa a side glance, he was going to be punished for the incident with India. She could see Vegeta out the side of her eye remove his foot from Nappa's back. She quickly averted them away before hearing the sound of crunching bone from behind her.

Azuly closed her eyes hoping it Nappa's bloody frame would not paint a picture in her head, but his cries wouldn't allow it.

"A broken arm seems fit for your broken trust among the pack. It wasn't till recent event that i realized how blind i was being , I should have nipped this in the but a long time ago, you using your power to your advantage against the weaker part of the pack." She heard the prince tell Nappa.

The teen opened her eyes daringly back to prince, just as he placed a bow to the back of Nappa's head. The bald brutes blood and dirt caked head fell limply against the pool of crimson red that was on the ground.

The prince snorted in disappointment at Nappa's unconscious form,"Just a waste of time, I shouldn't be teaching grown Imbeciles how to act let alone about the basic Principles." he turned to Azuly his face lowering into frown, "Is clear?"

Azuly nodded to the prince's qestion, her throat felt dry unable to vocally respond to Vegeta. His eyes narrowed, "No I want to hear you say it, so that I know that you gathered the information from this lesson. I don't like repeating myself more than once, and I'm sure you won't like it when i do either. I need reassurance that you know, I'm the one who is the leader. Do you understand?" he asked again frowning deeply.

She forced her bright blue eyes to face Vegeta's ebony ones. They held no emotion behind them, she wonder if they ever did."I understand my Liege, i' apologize for any inconvenience I've brought upon the pack." she manged to say smoothly.

He starred at her before turning away, "Good." he grunted as he grabbed Nappa by the back of his Armor. She focused on her attention away from the prince, she couldn't help but feel bad.

Azuly released her clinched hand, noticing the blood she had drawn from her skin. Keep it together.. she tried to tell herself. The teen tensed when she felt the Saiyan zip past her with Nappa in tow.

She looked around where the prince and Nappa once stood, only a pool of blood mixed with the grey rubble only remained, "...Damn he's fast."she said Amazed and frighted. She grimaced at the blood remembering what had occurred. India had told her that the power of Ki was a blessing and a curse, she didn't doubt it her at first. How could something so amazing be so horrible?

The teen crossed her arms over chest, "How could anyone do that..." she whispered to herself.

She heard Raditz grunt behind her," You'll get used to it, just as long as you stay on his good side that is." He took let out a long sigh, "There are far worst punishments we've been accustomed to... that was merely a aggressive love tap in comparison to what Frieza has done. I've been in this pack since i was a mere cub, it's been a long over due since that old bastard got his. So bother pitying him." Raditz could see her uncomfortable reaction during Nappa's punishment, at her age most Saiyans were exposed to blood and gore. Saiyans with the same lack of cultural influence she had would be squeamish but she held it together surprisingly.

She sighed turning around," It's not my usual forte... but i'll try to considerate for my own well being." she murmured.

"Tch. You'll get used it."He grunted.

Azuly began to walk past the Saiyan wanting to escape the smell of burning flesh. Ever since she came into this world her sense had heighten to a great amount. Her nose especially, smells bothered her to no end and she didn't care if Raditz followed her or not.

"Do you know how to fly?" he asked suddenly, causing her to pause.

"What?" she said turning around.

"I asked, Do you know how to fly?" he repeated as he walked closer to her. "Your friend seemed like she could, but you show no sign that you can."

She shuffled her foot against a rock, "No, I don't." He better not rub it in my face..

"Would you like to learn?" asked the Saiyan. It was least he could do for the girl, she hadn't gotten any sort of training like Vegeta had intent for today. He was sure that the Prince would not be returning back out due to his mood.

The girl was taken by surprised by his nice offer. Rapunzel is gonna teach me how to fly "Sure! I would like to, you'll teach me?" she exclaimed her eyes widen in excitement.

He eyed the girl oddly, how she easily excited she had gotten, "That's what i'm asking." he said blankly.

"Hell yeah!... but can we do it somewhere else, it sorta smells like blood and high-tensions in the air and it's bothering the shit out me." she scrunched up her nose with a grin.

Raditz shrugged his shoulders, "I guess, the smell of burning flesh is bothersome."

She scoffed,"Bothersome is an understatement, more like revolting."

The son of Bardock let out a chuckle, walking pass the girl, "That's nothing , at least it wasn't a burn corps. The heat gives exaggerates that rotting death smell, you'll be lucky if it's a fresh body, one that's been rotting for to long would combined all of the bodily fluids together. That's revolting."

She made a disgusted face that made him grin,"Wrong again that's just disgusting. .. just eww" she shuddered following the Long haired warrior beside her.

Present time

It was early in the morning when the girl woke up , and decide that it was time for them to head back to the hotel that their male counterpart where staying at. Azuly was a little resistant on the idea, she had insisted on staying in the forest until she could her power level at a decent range but then side with India when she a few good points. India had told the girl if they were to get any stronger , the both of them would have to train with the other Saiyans. Their experience, skill, and strength dominated their by a lot and by training with them that would speed up the process.

The girls had taken camp within a cave that they had been staying at since they first came across the forest. They consider them selves lucky to come across such a landscape in a short amount of time, the planet had looked to been dead with its lack of nourishment.

Both of the teen's had filled their bag's up with lushes fruit and wild game that came from the Forest. They thought it would be wise if the two could bring back some real food, instead of the grub that they had ate at the hotel. The girls were sure the boys would appreciate the fresh food. India and Azuly had taken the liberty of gathering food the night before for early take off in the morning.

Azuly flew above India, with a wiry smile on her lips. She felt happy with herself as she tore through the grey clouds. She would have to thank the Raditz again for when ever they landed back at the Vacation house. Flying had washed away her fear of heights completely, it felt so natural to her. Who knew Rapunzel was such a sweet jerk? she chuckled to herself. After hang around Raditz for a while she came to like the long haired man, he wasn't so intimidating as he seemed, sure he had a temper but he was pretty chill.

She glanced back behind her shoulder checking on her Friend. India had been quiet since they taken off from the camp site, she a serious look on her face and seemed to be in serious thought. Azuly slowed down to check up on her friend.

The teen didn't notice Azuly until she spoke, "Hey you alright?" she asked her.

Her green eyes glanced at Azuly before turning her attention in front of her, "Just thinking." she said softly. Azuly starred at her blankly ,not really believing her friend, " What about?"

"Some stuff..." she said tucking her hair behind her head. She was avoiding to answered the qestion.

Azuly frowned, "What type of Stuff Indo? You can tell me you know, I mean it's just gonna be Us for now on, if you need anything just ask."

India just sighed, giving her friend a weary smile, " I know, it's just a dream had last night that's got me kinda thinking. Well i don't know if would i call it a dream, it felt real enough..." she trailed off.

The blue eyed teen pursed her lips together, " Oh... was it a wet dream then?" she asked causing.

"W-What ! No! Why would you think something like that!" she examined as her face turned red.

Azuly snickered at her flustered Friend,it was so easy to make her squirm when it came to these topics,"You weren't giving any hints on what it was about." The jade eyed teen turned away to hide her rosy cheeks, "You don't have to be so vulgar and bold about it."

She shrugged her shoulders, " And you don't have to be so prude about it either." she remarked.

India crossed her arms over her chest, " Well some of us our Virgins, so excuse me for being a little uncomtorble." she sputtered. Azuly just scoffed playfully at India.

"Hphm sound like a Virgo thing say to me." she said knowing it would piss her off. Her and Mark would pester her about her Zodiac sign all the time. She hated being compared to her signs stereotypes.

"Oh don't start with that Virgo Bull shit Zuly. "she said growling.

The older teen just grinned,"Hey don't get mad, all I asked was that if it was wet dream, we're both teenagers and by Saiyan standards adults. You should be able to talk about sex without turning into a tomato, Virgin or not. Honestly you would think being a Virgo that you would have no problem disusing these things, considering how blunt you guys are. ..." India closed her eyes trying to block out Azuly, she knew her game and India didn't want to be apart of it. The teen smirked at India, "Especially about sex, Virgo's are known for being Kinky mofos of the Zodiac."

Her jade eyes shot open glaring daggers at Azuly, her cheeks brighter than before, " . . NOW.!" she yelled causing Azuly to erupt in laughter. Her flushed face was just to adorable not to laugh at. "Your such a Sagittarius, just completely off the topic of what I meant in first place!"

Unfazed Azuly scratched her chin blinking, "Oh...Well what was your dream about?"

She sweat-dropped, suppressing a growl, "Your Impossible sometimes..."

Azuly pinched her heated cheeks smiling like a Chester cat,"I love you too India."

She puffed her cheeks frowning, "Like i was trying to say... the dream i had last night has me thinking about some stuff. You know that Room i told you about?"

"The Blank one. The one in your head or.. soul?" She nodded.

"In the dream i was in the room alone, I don't know why i was there but I was. It felt calm and safe being there like all the other times. Then there were whispers that started to call my name out of nowhere, it scared the shit out of me and it was only coming from behind me. I swore i felt someones presence..." she sighed.

Azuly gave her strange look, "Did you see anybody who might have been calling your name?" She shook her head sighing.

"But that's not the part that was freaking me out..." she said looking away from Azuly. " The crazing thing about it was the voice." she said getting chill bumps, " She sounded ... so familiar ... like i knew who it was... and everything in my gut was telling me to run, be afraid. I wanted to turn around but the fear of being caught just overwhelmed me... I can't exactly put my finger on it on what it meant" she said a little frustrated. Azuly starred at her friend listen to her friends description of her odd dream.

"Has this happened before?" she asked.

"No." Azuly narrowed her blue eyes pursing her lips into a line. "Do think is was Soul trying to get your attention?"India shook her head " No i doubt that, She told me she wouldn't be able to talk to me directly for a while... but she did say that i would have dreams and visions that might help me piece things together."

Azuly placed her hand behind her head flipping over to her back side as she flew, "Did she say that dreams would be that ...creepy..or um anonymous like?"

"Nope, she barely had enough energy to talk to me ."

Azuly tapped her chin thinking."Maybe its stress, you do tend to have weird dreams when you worry alot. Remember when Mr. Jack gave us the end of the world essay, and you started stressing over how the world could possibly end. You kept having those Zombie apoptotic dreams cause you are a worried wort."

India blushed in remembrance,"How does my fear for the apocalypse have to do with a woman whispering to me in my dream?" she asked Azuly dubiously.

"Well it's not that much of a difference from whats happening to us now." she said blankly, "Instead of theorizing the possibility of how the world could end, we're simply playing the role."

India raised a brow, now confused on what her friend was trying to say, "What?"

Azuly sighed, "Think about it this way, we're training to increase our power levels right, by doing this we become crazy strong. With a strong enough Ki we have the ability to cause as much destruction as a nuke and more. " India said nothing letting Azuly to continue,"The guys have the power not only to destroy this planet but 'Planets', the solar system and maybe a galaxy with the palm of their hand. I think your just stressing about becoming that strong, do you know what i mean?"

The teen bit her lip processing what Azuly had explained to her, "Yeah.."she admitted.

"Soo, is that how you feel? Do think your just stressing a little too much, like you always do.." she joked at the end. She shrugged her shoulders, "It might be it, there not much to go off of right now so I can't completely go behind that Idea, but have been a little tense. I'm gonna try to relax a bit for now on." India was then surprised as Azuly grabbed her into her hug,"First step into improving is admitting you have a problem, I'm so proud of you!"

India rolled her eyes chuckling,"Azuly I'm trying to be serious! You almost made me lose concentration." she said pulling away.

"Aww don't act like you don't like my hugs." she pouted.

"I do wuve them." she said in high pitch voice, placing her hands over her face dramatically.

"Pssh, You love my cooking over my hugs." Azuly said turning away from India. India shrugged her shoulders, "Well its not untrue.."

"India! How rude!" she gasped, "You weren't supposed to admit it!"

"OOH! OOOH! could you cook something tonight Please! I don't think I'll survive if i had to eat the shit the guys bring another time!" she begged her stomach growling to confirm it. Azuly bit the inside of her cheek thinking about. She did feel hungry for some real food for once.

"That doesn't sound like a bad Idea, when you think about it."

India squealed in ecstatically, "YEEEEEEEEE!" twirling around in air as she did so. "Lets hurry! I can't wait, I can't wait!" she said powering up taking off. The power behind her takeoff blew Azuly back a few feet.

"India! Wait for me!" screamed Azuly as she caught her self from falling. God damnit she didn't even ask what i should stomach always gets the best of her, she thought before her stomach growled herself Azuly sweat-dropped looking down at her stomach. Must be a Saiyan thing..

. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . Fifteen Minutes later . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Azuly landed at the door breathing heavily, she had tried to catch up with India as fast as she could but India a vast amount of stamina and speed compared to Azuly. She panted heavily as she walked inside "So...unfair.." she threw her bag to the side leaning against the wall catching her breath.

She looked up hearing footsteps stomp towards her way, she looked up to Raditz coming her direction frowning.

" something wrong?" she asked awkwardly. He stopped in front of her with his arms crossed.

"Tell me what is wrong with your blasted friend? She's been acting bazaar ever since she gotten back." he slightly demanded. She pushed her self from the wall.

"Where exactly is India at?" she asked not fazed by his tone.

"Inside the kitchen. She came in here screaming nonsense.." he said looking into the direction of the room. She could hear sound of pot and pans moving around, she kicked off her boots sitting them near the door way.

She waved it off, "Oh it's nothing really. She always gets this way when ever we cook." Raditz looked at the teen with a astonished look on his face, "W-What?"

"Um cook. ...Me and India brought back some food, and thought it would be a great idea to cook for tonight. I-If ...that's alright with you?" she asked unsure. From Raditz expression it looked like she had said someone had died.

"Are you sure that you have reasonable culinary skills?" he asked grabbing her shoulders. The female blushed at the contact, "Y-Yeah, back on my planet I took classes. Top of the class too."

A devilish grin broke out across his lips once she confirmed it. The man was going by whim if the girl could cook but it was worth a try. If both of the girls could cook, he would be sure that his slop eating days would be over. "What all do you need girl?"

" well from what I've seen with our appetites, I'm going to need more wild game and some herbs." she answered raising a brow at the Saiyan, he was acting very derange right now. The older Saiyan let go of the girl grinning ear to ear. "Are you sure that's all you need?" she nodded to the older Saiyan.

"By what amount?" he asked impatiently.

" The Saiyan amount.. which is I don't know um about 20lbs or more per person..." she suggested.

"This splendid! You finally have found use after all!" he commented as he ran out of the door.

The teen growled at his remark, wishing she could giving him a piece of her mind. She just rolled her eyes as she began to remove the what India had gathered the other day from her bag. "He better put some respect on name after this meal."

She walked inside the Kitchen with the food gather up in her hands, India was sat at the counter peeling the fruit apart with a smile on her face. Her eyes brighten when Azuly placed the food down. "Raditz just left to get more meat and herbs that we need, I don't know if it will be enough but I think he knows the average a Saiyan eats." she informed India while washing her hands over at the sink.

"Cool beans." she heard India responded as she started to get the food together. I wonder where Vegeta and Nappa are at? I haven't heard or seen them...

"India." she called glancing over her shoulder.


"Um did you see Nappa and Vegeta when you got here? I seen Raditz but not those two." She could hear India hum in thought. "Um well they weren't here when I got there, though Raditz did inform me that they were out and about doing stuff."

"Really? Do you know what type of stuff exactly or did he just leave it that?" she said gathering the herbs with the spices.

The wild hair teen shook head, "He just left it that, but he had a very suppissuiom9 reaction when I did asked him about it. I didn't really pester him about it though cause.. i was too focused in the food." she said sheepishly.

"Are you sure your Brain isn't being controlled by your stomach?" Azuly joked.

India huffed, " I have you know, my stomach has it's own mind thank you."

She sweat dropped at her friend argument."Ah.. India that's not.. you know you can have that, just have it." she could see India grinning from behind her. "I've been meaning to ask what do you intend to do with those fruit?" she turning around.

" I deiced I was gonna make drinks, the fruit we found has a tangy type of taste to it, so I thought maybe we could mix it with the wine that we have." She said grabbing a bottle that sat on the floor. "And desserts... if we can."

"Where did you find the wine?" she asked warily at India. India lowered her gaze knowing Azuly was noting to approve of her having alcohol, "In the cellar.."

"There's a cellar?"

She nodded, "Yeah, it's like right behind the healing chamber room. When I step out the healing chamber my nose was hit with this massive smell of wine. I assumed someone was inside there right before I came out, because no one was inside the room."

Azuly pursed lips, "Hmph, well that's actually cool." she said turning back to the food.

"And before you say something, I promise not to drink alot of wine..." Azuly gave her a skeptical look. She knew India couldn't resist wine, back at 'home' her house also had a Wine cellar, why her parents left the Cellar unsupervised with the teen being there? She didn't know , the older teen would catch India sneaking off to the cellar for a bottle or too. She didn't mind it for a while until India and Mark had a drink contest on particular night. To put it in simple terms, India won and had a horrible , horrible hangovers that lasted for days.

" that's what you say." she said doubtfully bring a smug grin on India's lips, thinking that she had Azuly's approval.

"But heed my warning, I know you love to drink wine but remember you can't handle the after affects, just like a Virgo would." she reminded slyly, she paused waiting to hear India's outburst but she stayed silent.

Did she hea-"Oww!"she yelped when something slapped the back of her rubbed her had grimacing and glaring at India.

"Oops..My hand slipped." the younger teen snickered.

Vegeta sat inside a concealed room typing away on a computer. The prince had found a passable location where he could do his search on the memory drive with out being noticed. Before selecting the destined planet for their Vacation he halfway believed that Frieza had underground solider lurking around the planet but to his surprised there was no record of any. It was the best location for hims to start but still being cautious about his whereabouts.

He growled in silent frustration, there was a firewall protecting the drive. This would usually be no problem for him , having been breaking into Frieza's systems before along with many others. This firewall how ever had a virus that was entangled inside, Virus usually attacked the system but instead the Rebels had manipulated the Virus into fusing with fire wall.

He could break the virus but it would take time, a long time to breaking the code of the fire wall that was embedded with the virus. The process would be time entirely consuming, he would have to find ways to break the wall little by little in between his missions.

His brows burrowed, exposing hidden files on the Frieza would be a little harder than he thought.

He shut off the computer, taking the drive out from it ,placing it behind his chest plate of his amour. He had been inside the dimmed lighted room for over 24 hours, he could feel the frustration getting to his head.

He grabbed his red scouter placing it over his ear, turning it on he pressed the intercom, " Is it clear?" he spoke into the scouter.

"Yes, it is safe for you to exit my liege." Nappa gruff voice spoke through.

With that the prince slide through the doors cautiously, Nappa stood near by watching the surroundings. The prince used scouter searching for any hidden power levels before signaling for him and Nappa to head on out of the secluded area.

Nappa took to the air while Vegeta stayed on foot, they both did this to avoid for anyone whom might have possibly been following the two. It was better if both were separate inside of both being capture or seen together, the chance of one of the two escaping was better than none.

Dashing in fast speed on foot Vegeta was in thought about the two of his youngest crew member's. After India had woken up , he had sent the two out on their own on the planet for two reasons. One being that he wanted to test their survival skills and if they could handle being out on their own. He had hunch that both of the teens despite their skills had never been forced to survive on wits end. Although the planet was far from threatening by his standards but it was a start. The other reason being he was curious how fast their power levels could rise with the girls just training alone. Within these three months the girl's power levels would have to be high enough for the missions they would soon be partaking in. He had yet to see how the blue eyed girl fought, after the incident with Nappa, the girl had been preoccupied with Raditz and he was grateful for it the long haired man had taught the girl how to fly, saving them from future traveling troubles. the girl was seemingly more obedient, she still asked a lot of questions much to his annoyance, He figure out that was just apart of her bubbly personality. The green eyed girl, India was quite calmer compared to her friend, the observant type, he felt that there was more to her personality. The first mission with the two would be interesting for sure, it had been a while since he had been around other Saiyans beside Nappa and Raditz.

The prince came to a stop when he spotted the house, Nappa landed soon after he began walking to the entrance. The bald brute nodded for a clearance that no one had followed him on the way back, Vegeta gave the same approving nod continuing their way to the door. The princes nose twitched when the scent of aroma tickled his nose. The hell?

The smell became stronger as the two walked into the house, it heavily filled the room causing both of their stomachs to growl in response.

"Vegeta do you smell that too?"Nappa asked the prince not fully believing his nose.

"...Yeah." he said sniffing the aroma again. It smelt like food, as if some one had cooked something that was delicious.

At that moment India's head peeked out of the kitchen doorway, she gave the prince a light smile,"Hey Vegeta, I though I heard you..." her smile falter a bit realizing Nappa was there as well,but remained peaceful. "Hello you too Nappa." She turned her attention back to prince. It appears their back from their training.

"Would you two like something to eat?" She asked stepping out of the doorway. The girl had removed her armor only leaving her self dressed in the tight black spandex. The spandex was dangerously reviling her figure, he doubt the girl actually realized that by her innocent look she was giving him. If it weren't for the fact Food was the topic at the moment he was sure his mind would wander off to other things.

"Is that what that smell is?" Nappa sputtered.

"... Oh that? Yeah.. you guys came back just in time for dinner. Me and Azuly had cooked a little something with the help of Raditz."she answered. The brute ran past Vegeta as the words left her mouth, nearly knocking India over as he ran inside the kitchen.

"You can Cook?" Vegeta asked as he walked towards the Kitchen slightly girl tucked her hair behind her ear, "Me and Azuly yes. The food is very different from we're used to but we made it happen." Her and Vegeta walked at the same pace as the too walked up to the table of food.

On the table were the fruit of India's and Azuly's hard labor, the game that was catch and served was almost like lamb and beef a when came to how it was cooked but had it own lemony flavor. The girl seasoned it with the herbs that Raditz had gathered for them and spices. He brough5t back a lot of unique collections. The girls roasted the meat with few foods similar to vegetables, it turned out pretty good. The food had surprising delightful food with the smell rolling of into the air.

Azuly, Raditz and Nappa had begun eating their portion in indescribable speeds, Azuly succumbed to her inner Saiyan and ravaged the food in a manner similar to how India would eat. His eyes brighten upon seeing the food,"F-Food.." he uttered before joining in the fray. He sunk his teeth into the roast in taking the tender and mouth watering flavors. For the first time in a long time the prince left all his manners to the side as he savored the food in front of him.

After the few minutes of eating, the prince pause feeling something tap his shoulder. The prince turned to see whom had dared disturbed him. His eyes was met by a pair jade ones, it the girl again. It still amazed him that a Saiyan could have such a pair of shade of green eyes,he had seen various types of eye colors through out his time in space but her turquoise green like irises made him fixate every time she looked at him. The girl bit her lip in a nervous gesture upon seeing him slightly peeved but kept her eye's on directed on him. Everybody but the two were engrossed in their food paying no mind to them. He could smell a sweet fruity scent coming from her body.

"What is it?" he asked easing down his own tone.

She raised a wine bottle that was in her hand ,"I forgot to pour something for you. Its wine." he said pouring the the drink slowly into his cup that he was not aware that was there.

He stared at her as she poured the drink, wondering how she manged to find it I guess she found the wine cellar, her nose is stronger than i thought.

"I must say i'm rather impressed." he said to her, lightly surprising India.

"With the food?" she placed the bottle on the table.

"Yes, but I meant your sense of smell particularly, Saiyans have a higher sense of smell than other species but neither Raditz or Nappa have found damn cellar yet." he revealed. She tilted her head slightly, "Really? The smell was quite obvious in the room, I smelt subtle hints of alcohol in the room before you placed me into the healing tank but once i got out the smell lingered strongly." she admitted.

With all the blood and dust she could still smell the wine, this girl has a true natural skill when it comes to scents it appears.

"Is that so? Well that's just conforms that scent ability's are way more advance the average Saiyans would be, true talent i would say." he complemented, it was rare that he would openly complement anyone, though he felt that is would be alright to say to the girl. She had cooked him a very appealing meal that he hadn't seen in quiet some time and had took the courtesy of making sure that he and Nappa gotten their fair share of proportion of the meal.

Her cheeks turned a subtle shade of pink at his complement, a warm smiled met her lips, "Well thank you Vegeta, that means a lot coming from you." she thanked as she turned to leave.

Vegeta watch carefully as she walked away back to her food, his eyes traveled down her backside, following the curves and hips that were nearly exposed in the black spandex as she walked. A tint of red hit his cheeks, he turned back to eating the piece of meat in front of him. If weren't for the rest of the Saiyans eating their food his staring would be quite apparent to them. Thankfully the food called their attention so that none of them could see the prince studying the girl. India was enjoying food, savoring as much everyone at the table, but neatly. Her and Azuly both ate etiquette using the utensils correctly and well mannered even with the pace they ate their food. It was unusual to see, many Saiyans didn't care for their appearance as they ate besides royal family and only a handful of upper first class Saiyans. It was kind of relieving to know the girls could eat with some decency unlike Nappa and Raditz. Thank god.

The teen's lips suddenly smiled while picking up her cup of wine, it was not direct to him or anyone in fact. The girl looked to be reminiscing something in thought, staring at the drink as she twirled it in the glass. She sniffed the glass inhaling it's strong scent as the she brought the drink to her lips. He took a bite of the roast as the girl drunk the rest of her drink, a satisfying grin plastering her face. Looks like she has a taste for wine..

Upon pulling back from her glass, her green eyes met his staring gaze. The two stared at each other intently before he looked away realizing he had been caught by the girl. He reverted his attention to his food, embarrassed that he had been caught staring, missing the the rosy cheeks the girl had on her face as well.


Later that night

"Are you done yet?" I groaned. India had stayed in the shower long enough, she took for ever with her long hour showers every morning and every night. Huffing a single stain of hair out of my face, I plopped myself on the edge of the bed.

"Yes Zuly, let me just dry my hair for sec geez." India walked out the the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her hair sighing. She had her gray loose fitting t-shit with a pair of lavender pajama shorts.

"Finally grandma." India rolled her eyes as she walked to the dresser. "Sorry for missing indoor pluming." she shot back as grabbed the red toothbrush that sat on top.

I narrowed my eyes at her, she still wasn't ready. All Azuly wanted to do was cuddle with her best friend before falling into a bliss full sleep. India smiled sheepishly at me waving her arms up in defense.

"I know , I know. I'm almost done, I just gotta brush my teeth so i can get smell of alcohol off my breath as i dry my hair. Then I'll come cuddle with my bestest's of Friend alright." frowning i let it slide, the smell of wine was pretty strong.

Pursing my lips into a pout i walk to the door frame of the bathroom watching as India finished up. Why does she have to take so long, just why Indo? I know India was going to take a while as she brushed her teeth and got her hair together, should have seen it coming. Maybe some small talk would make her hurry up?

"So you think the guys like the food?" looking my direction she nodded vigorously with the tooth brush in her mouth.

"Obv Corsh ! Tha footik was tha benst!" i chuckled at her , i didn't understand a thing that came out her mouth with her brushing her teeth, but knew she had to be agreeing.

"Yeah they did chow down like no tomorrow, I have a feeling that meals like these are quiet rare for them. Eating that slop for a few day's was horrible, just Imagine eating that shit for years.' i said shuddering as India gagged.

"Weat aew wife!" she exclaimed her face pale just thing about it. Food is everything to India, she like the taste, smell, and they it made her body energized. Realizing it now, she felt more appreciative a well cooked more than ever before.

"Terrible, the only thing i could say personally that would be in any way satisfying from what I've seen so far would be the liquid beverages. Especially the alcohol based ones, it might change later down the road but for now Wine sounds good enough to be water." i leaded on the door frame as India spit out the toothpaste and rinsed her mouth.

"Well duh. Wine is perfect " she said matter factually. Rolling my eyes at the comment with a scoff I giving India a knowing look. "Please the only reason you say that, is because you can't any other type of Alcohol because it's too strong for you. Fir example Vodka, Mark gave just a tea spoon of it and you punched him in the gut."

"The shit was disgusting for one and two I can too handle strong alcohol." she said defending her self. She pulled the towel off her head and begun to dry it off.

I snorted at that, "Really."

"First of all alien wine is wayy stronger than what we're are used to from back at home and plus you can just tell by the smell. The scent nearly left me breathless, very strong like Vodka but with a less revolting taste." she explained.

I shrugged my shoulders walking toward mirror beside India. Putting my long and thick hair into a messy bun. "I guess your right, it was pretty potent. Especially since my sense of smell became very heighten, but yours have always been so sharp." my tail thumped against the counter. There was a slight pause of silence, India's eye's flickered over to the floor, "Yeah.." she responded softly. My eyes caught India puffing her cheeks in thought as she lightly looked over to me again.

"Did any of the guys thank you?" she sputtered out suddenly.

I squinted my eyes in thought, "Um.. not really, Raditz maybe " I tucked my baby hair behind my ears, "I couldn't really understand what he was saying between bites sounded like he was speaking in tongues from the way he was praising the food." i gave her a questioning side glance ,"Why do you ask?"

She pursed her lip nervously, "Just a little curious... I got a complement from one of them, are you sure you didn't get one?" she asked.

I raised a brow, turning my head slightly, "Really?" i asked,she turned her gaze to no where in directly. India must have talked to him while we we're eating,I didn't see the prince talking to her any other time.

"Yeah, " she answered softly with her head turned. Why is she avoiding my face? I turned to face her directly, my hands crossed by chest. "Well which one had the manners ?" she bit her lip. She brushed her locks looking into the mirror, "Oh it was Vegeta. He said the food was great as I gave him his drink and he even complemented on my sense of smell. Told me that i 'Have very unique heighten sense of smell."

" Really! That's very nice of him." i said surprised, "he seems like he keeps to himself."

"I thought that too, but he doesn't seem too bad." a smile met her lips.

You think that now just wit until you catch him on his bad days. "You think so? He's pretty dangerous to me, but yet I still trust him." India shrugged.

"Yeah, I can agree with you on that one. He does have a temperamental attitude for sure, but I'm sure he can be a nice guy. " she yawned, "Just gotta give him time." she said walking past Azuly. "All done, now lets hit the hay." she called out walking out the room.

He needs more that just that..."Uh-I guess. India are you sure about that.."

"Well to me anyway, I know it's just a compliment but he has treated me kindly with respect." she corrected her self. Both her and India walked over to the bed that they missed dearly

I narrowed my eye in thought, India's was always very skeptical when ever they came across people with Vegeta's type of character. Azuly was quick to accept someones trust at times, and she was aware of that, but since coming here she had been on edge a bit after the event that occurred. She had her trust in Raditz but not so much in Vegeta, he proved that he could earn it though. It confused her slightly, India should have been on the same page as her.

India gave her a tired smile as she crawled into the warm blankets.

I sighed shrugging it off, I'm sure India's knows what she's doing, she knows more than I do right now any way. I thought as I crawled into the covers my self smiling at it's coziness.

I worry about later.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

few days later.

The girls stretched as they made their way into the house, it was towards the end of the day, the sun was slowly descending from the sky. The two had been training with Raditz for past few days, Raditz power level had been the one that could let the girls pare with in terms in power. Training was difficult and infuriating with huge gap of power, with girls giving their all as he didn't break a sweat at all. The process is slow but the improvement was showing through every step. Raditz would give his opinion and bluntly point out the flaws of their moments, Vegeta would at times come to see how the process was going and observe the girls.

The prince was at times very difficult to spot while they were training, India was sure Raditz and Azuly weren't aware of him unless he let himself be know directly. She could sense the prince was always lurking around , sometimes just looking at her. It seemed lately she would catch the Prince staring more and more often.

Other than that, the prince was always off some where with Nappa. They would leave off in the middle of the day for a number of hours then come back around the ending of their training.

The two Saiyans wouldn't come empty hand though, bring home game for the girls to cook. After finding out the both of the females could cook and was gifted at it, they had made sure the girls cooked their meals. Which they didn't mind, slop was nothing they wanted to continued to eat if they were able to do something about it. Receiving complement's were really rare from the guys as they were completely observed into the food.

"Indigo" Azuly called her by her nickname.

"Hn." she said kicking off her boots at the door.

"How do you feel about making some stew or a soup of some sort tonight?" She suggested. India clicked her tongue considering it. "That sounds cool to me, I think we have the right stuff to make some."

"Yeah we do. i checked the pantry earlier. Its just enough for us to conjunct something up." Azuly said walking towards the Kitchen.

India stopped at the door way as she got a whiff of sweat and grim coming from her body. She grimaced, she could use a bath before she could touch anything. " Ugh, Azuly, I'm gonna hit the shower real quick. I freaking stink at the moment."

She nodded as she got some of the make shift pots out," Alright, I start on it while you do that,and get Raditz to help me. Since he didn't even break a sweat out there."

"K, when ever i get out you can go head and take yours. I'll just tag in and finish were you left off. Alright." she yelled turning down the hall way to the room she share with Azuly. She chuckled as she could hear her blue eyed friend chase down Raditz for some assistance into night's dinner.

. . . . . . .

India hummed as she step out her room, having taken her shower feeling fully refreshed. She was glad to wash off the sweat, blood and grime that resulted from training. Alright all cleaned up.

She flared her Ki up singling Azuly, that it was her turn to come take her shower. While walking towards the kitchen, Azuly's Ki flared before she appeared walking down into the on coming hallway. She jog past India and towards the room, "Just add the pink stuff and the chopped up pieces of meat to the soup so It'll be complete. Alright." she said as her voice said off as she walked further away.

"Mk." she continued to hum the song softly, following the smell of the soup that Azuly had fixed up. She walked up to the pot that sat on the stove of the kitchen , taking a spoon to taste the soup that was inside the pot.

The soup tasted alright to her, but it still was missing a few things. She turned to the counter to grab the ingredients that Azuly had mentioned. She sniffed the pink herbs that Azuly has chosen to included in the soup. Mmm this smells faintly like garlic. India sprinkled and stir the ingredients into the soup. She hummed the song louder shuffling her feet to rhythm.

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..." she sung out loud as she added the pieces of meat. She took another taste after slowly stirring the stew for a while, hmm still needs a little something. She move rhythmically as she danced over to the small pantry to look for something to add into the soup. "Never gonna run around and desert you. ..Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye...ah there you are!" she smiled grabbing the salt, rock her hips while sprinkling it into the soup. She sniffed the steam coming grinning, "Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you..."

"You can sing?" a gruff voice said from behind, scaring the teen out of her care free mood.

Her green eyes bulged surprised as she turned around holding the spoon into her chest. She didn't notice that anyone was behind her. Her cheeks turned red with embarrassment when she realized who had been watching her.

The prince starred at the girl with curiosity, having watched the girl singing and dancing care free from the far side of the Kitchen. He had been sitting by the window of the kitchen for awhile waiting for the food to be finished ever since he had gotten back. When Azuly disappeared and India replaced the girl's role he had half exact India to recognize he was in the room but didn't mind it. He had found her odd movements amusing and her voice pleasant .

"Uh-I.. it was nothing." she said sheepishly, she turned back to the food avoiding his glaze. I just rick rolled Vegeta, India you fucking idiot. Her cheeks burned from embarrassment.

"Tch. Sounded more than just 'nothing'. Seemed like you had complete control of your vocals." He pointed out. In truth this wasn't the first time he had heard the girl singing, their were plenty of time's where he had walked past their room the girls shared and heard singing coming from there. He didn't know which on of the girls were doing the singing , until now and it apparently it the youngest of the crew.

"..Yes that seems to be correct. Heh. " she chuckled awkwardly accepting his complement."It's something i seem to have a natural talent for, I like it but i'm not very passionate about it." she admitted softly.

"Fighting?" she paused thinking over his qestion. "That one slightly difficult to answer," she said finally. The prince raised a brow, how could fighting not be her passion, it was every Saiyans passion. "I love the thrill for battle, the excitement i get when i go against someone, the chance to improve,and the power i get to display. I know I'm destine for battle, we're breed born warriors. You told me that your self and I believe it in my heart that I forever will look for the next warrior to battle, but I'm very passionate about art instead."

She could see the prince staring at her like oddly with a dash of curiously in his eyes.

"That's certainly something I never heard before, coming from a Saiyan especially. Why choose that to be passionate about?" he asked truly intrigued by India. The girl was very skilled and driven when ever she fought and slightly blood thirsty.

She smiled slightly, "Its a odd really when i was younger i wasn't interested in anything else but training, with nothing or no one to really care bout besides fighting their was no point of doing anything but that. With only that in my life it starts just to make you feel empty."

India stirred the food a bit more as she continued," It made it less empty-like, making something that could speak a that thousand words without actually speaking. I can express how i feel and paint very clearly,show the moment i went mad, sad or happy without saying a single word. Its is own language in away." she turned to look at Vegeta,"Do you have a passion or interest that is bedside's fighting Vegeta?" she asked before turning back to the food.

The prince burrowed his brow at that. He was caught off guard by the qestion. The only other passion he had besides fighting was to defeat Frieza. Ever since the he was handed over to the lizard as prized possession that's all he had ever thought of. It was what drove him to keep fighting so he could live the day he would have Frieza under his boot begging. That was what he desired the most.

He got up from his seat and walked over to the girl. The prince could smell the delicious smell that brewed from the pot in font of India as well as sweet fragrance coming off her body.

"There is nothing." he stated as he stood next to the girl leavening small space in between them, peering over to look at the food. Her Jade eyes watched him intently slightly surprised at his answer.

"If you like you can have the first taste, its about done." she offered the prince who was sniffing the contents inside the pot. She grabbed the spoon she was using to stir the food up occasionally and scoped up a spoon full of the soup. He watched as she blew over the spoon full to cool down the temperature so he wouldn't burn his mouth, the scent hit his nose making him even more eager to taste the food.

She brought the spoon in the space between them, "Alright here y-" Vegeta didn't let her finish, leaning in taking the spoon into his mouth with India still holding the spoon. India blushed at how close the prince face was, just a few inches away with the spoon in between them. He closed his eyes as his tasted buds were coated with the deliciousness. This shit is delicious. A soft chuckle from India made him open his eyes again.

"I take it was good?" she asked the Vegeta a grin escaping her soft pick lips. The prince starred at her a bit before realizing how close he was to India. Vegeta pulled away forcing down his own flustered blush, "Y-Yes, It's delicious." he said standing back strait up again.

India gave him a innocent smile, "That's great. I'll get the bowls out so everyone can start eating then." she sad setting the spoon back down on the counter. "Thanks for your help Vegeta, I'll make sure you get one of the bigger bowls.. if I can find it that is." she joked softly as she left to gather the bowls.

"Hn." he grunted as he watched the girl walk away. Interesting girl...