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maya pov

"maya i am so exited that you will join our family," said christina , christina and morgan then left to finish some paperwork, and riley and i left for school.

we then met up with lucas and farkle by our lockers,"ladies" said farkle and riley and i then said "farkle" in unison. Lucas then walked up to me planted a soft kiss on my lips, "lucas, um, can we talk?" i asked.

"sure," replied lucas, we then left riley and farkle and went to a corner where we could be alone, " is everything alright," asked lucas in a concerned voice.

"i got adopted," i said

"oh, are you okay" said lucas who then pulled me into a very comforting hug

"yeah they seem like really nice people, i replied

we then shared one last kiss and walked to class to join riley and farkle, when we arrived farkle ran up to me and pulled me into a tight hug, " please don't leave me maya,up till now i have not been able to choose between you and riley and i don't know what i will do without the both of you," farkle said frantically

"farkle relax i'll still be in new york and i'll be going to the same school," i said before pulling away from farkle and taking my seat.

It was now lunch time and we were all in the cafeteria talking about just random things.

"do you guys want to meet up later at topanga's before i go to my new family," i asked

"sure," they all replied

later that day we were all at topanga's sitting in our usual table where farkle was trying to mess up lucas's hair, "farkle quit trying to mess up my boyfriends hair," i said

"one day, i will succeed in ruining your hair," said farkle in his evil scientist voice which made us all laugh. we then said our goodbye's and riley and i left for the mathews apartment and upon entering we saw morgan and christina sitting and talking to topanga and corey while auggie played with in the kitchen.

"maya we're glad you're here, we have some great news" said morgan

"what is it?" i asked

"we finished filling out the paperwork and they said that we can take you home now" said christina in a very excited voice

" so soon," i asked a little disappointed because i thought that i would have a little more time to spend with the mathews

"is that a problem because you can stay a little longer if you want," said morgan

"no it's fine i'm gonna pack," i replied as riley and i went into her room to pack my clothes

"i'm gonna miss you peaches," said riley in a very low and sad voice which is a little odd coming from riley, she then gave me a very comforting hug

after we packed i said my goodbye's to everyone and left with christina and morgan,there was an awkward silence in the car, christina or i guess my mom then broke the silence by asking me about myself.

"well i go to school at john quincy adams, my best friend is riley matthews, my boyfriend is lucas friar and and i am friends with a evil scientist named farkle," i replied

"what's a farkle," asked morgan, which made me chuckle, " thats a topic for another time i replied

" tell me about your family," i asked

"our family maya" christina corrected

"we have our oldest kid emma she is our biological daughter, then there's the second oldest luke who we adopted from detroit, there is also ravi whose from india and then the youngest zuri from africa," said christina

"well you are gonna love them," said morgan,

"wow that's a big family i have never had siblings before," i said

soon after we arrived at a big building,when we entered we were greeted by a doorman who had great hair, then morgan ,christina and i entered the elevator, and while we waited to reach the correct floor i could not help but wonder what my life would be like with this new family.

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