He was beginning to realize how far down in his memory he'd buried his teenage years. He could, in all honesty, only remember snapshots. A certain smile that was always present. A creaking noise. Stars. A fire escape. Cards. He couldn't remember much else. He had shut those memories in a box somewhere in his brain, and had thrown the key out into the streets where his memories took place. He didn't want to unlock that box; his only clear impressions of his past were of pain and loss, of wishes that were never answered, of never enough happiness. He didn't want to remember. His place was here now. He had worked his way up, all the way to the top, was now the editor of the World, had a wife, kids, money. His name was known for something good. He started as poor, a mere cartoonist, no family, only friends he was losing fast. When he would walk down the street, flashes of memories would flare. A certain alley would bring a feeling of sharp pain along his ribs. Newsboys calling the headlines would bring not only pride at for his paper, but a...familiarity. He didn't like it. He had forgotten on purpose, but things were tugging at him to remember. He tried hard to keep his memories shut up tight, and mostly succeeded, until the moment his box opened with a click, flooding him with memories, some that brought terror, some that brought tears to his eyes. And, surprisingly, some that made him smile. Many that made him smile. Many more than should have, considering how bad he'd thought his teenage years were. And it all started with that face...that voice...that smile...that person. Who showed up suddenly. Who ripped his comfortable life apart at the seams and brought him back to reality: that life isn't good for all, that life is terrible for most. And that was why he was sitting in his office, looking at that face, his mind swirling with the newly remembered. His soul had become a whirlpool of of emotions, and he was going under, fast.

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