Of course it had to be the red that ran out.

Queenie wrinkled her nose, pressing the button harder and holding it, but to no avail, as the spray bottle let out its last huff of air before it fell silent. No matter how many times she shook or slapped the damn thing, the can continued to be a drama queen.

With a loud sigh, she threw it over her shoulder, the empty bottle striking the cement behind her and rolling far away, but she didn't really pay attention to it - instead, she stepped back and focused on her handy work.

It wasn't as pretty as Mal's but it was a good start - it was half black, half red with the Long Live Evil! alternating between the two, and multiple hearts and clubs that gave it character. Well - too bad the red half was only half done.

Queenie pouted, glancing down at her feet. Sure, she had remembered the extra cans of black - but the red? Of course not.

She considered running back home to dig through her room - or even ask one of the boys if they had one she could use - but what if someone saw it while she was gone? What if people laughed at it and then told her mom about it? What if her mom got angry?

She really didn't want to see her mom angry.

Queenie reached down for one of the discarded cans, deciding then and there to just destroy the painting, she could redo it later, but before she could, she heard Mal's voice, loud and clear.

"They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad. They say I'm evil. And that makes me glad."

She backed away from the brick wall, green eyes searching the streets for any sign of her friends - which wasn't hard, considering they all wore rather colorful clothing. "A dirty no-good," Jay sang, Queenie's head whipping up as she watched him descend down a ladder close by, "Down to the bone. Your worst nightmare can't take me home."

Evie strutted across the table, singing, "So I've got some mischief, in my blood, Can you blame me? I never got no love." A man was playing cards nearby and he leaned back, relying only on the back two legs and well - he had it coming. Queenie, on her way past, grabbed the back of the chair and - barely even - pulled on it. She rushed away to avoid getting hit, giggling to herself as the man flailed wildly before he hit the ground, his cards going everywhere.

Queenie ignored his yelling, instead focusing on catching up with the rest of her friends, as well as listening to Carlos' words. "They think I'm callous, a low-life hood. I feel so useless - "

" - Misunderstood!" Queenie cried out, similar to her friends.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall," Queenie sang along with Mal and Evie, all three walking through an alley, confidence in each of their steps, "Who's the baddest of them all? Welcome to my wicked world, wicked world!" All four arrived at a metal gate, simply throwing it open, as they all sang, "I'm rotten to the core, core." Each ran across the wooden boxes, "Rotten to the core, I'm rotten to the core, core, Who could ask for more?"

Mal shoved a few men out of their ways, and while her friends walked along the dirty bundles of clothing, Queenie ripped a bed sheet from the clothing line that had been in front of her, tossing it over a screaming woman. "I'm nothing like the kid next, like the kid next door, I'm rotten to the, I'm rotten to the, I'm rotten to the core."

Grabbing some poles that had been left laying around, they struck metal piles and buckets, creating an interesting beat - or racket, Queenie couldn't really tell. They all laughed loudly and yelled, as they chased each other through a tunnel, banging their sticks wildly here and there.

"Call me a schemer, call me a freak," Mal continued, using one of her many spray cans and writing a giant purple 'M' on a white cloth, before pulling it back to reveal a drunk man in a bath tub, dressed only in his pajamas. " How can you say that? I'm just... unique!"

"What, me? A traitor? Ain't got your back?" Jay grabbed an old tea pot from the middle of a table, gesturing towards the two people and their tea cups, before jumping the table and making off with it. "Are we not friends? What's up with that?"

"So I'm a misfit, so I'm a flirt," Evie sang, making her way through a valley of scarves, before pulling one of the neck of one man, leaving him only with a lingering gaze, "I broke your heart? I made you hurt?"

"The past is past," Queenie sang, walking along a wooden board, kicking off a bucket of apples, before jumping down and hopping onto a cart of hay, throwing a handful at a woman that protested. "Forgive, forget The truth is...You ain't seen nothing yet!"

"Mirror, mirror on the wall," The three girls sang, watching from a balcony as Carlos used a rope to pull the movable beam that Jay was hanging on to, like some kind of monkey. "Who's the baddest of them all? Welcome to my wicked world, wicked world."

They all gathered in the middle of a street, joining the crowd that was already there, before they began to dance to beat of the music. "I'm rotten to the core, core. Rotten to the core. I'm rotten to the core, core. Who could ask for more? I'm nothing like the kid next, like the kid next door. I'm rotten to the, I'm rotten to the, I'm rotten to the core."

When they finished, Mal paused before rushing forward and taking a lollipop away from a small child, something that excited the crowd that they had drawn. Mal turned, holding the candy above her head victoriously, a smirk on her face. Queenie laughed along with the others until she noticed two henchmen walking towards them.

The sight alone was enough to wipe the smile from her face.

The crowd scrambled away, and Queenie glanced at the others, catching Jay's eyes and mouthing "Run?" Before he could say anything, she heard Mal say, "Hi, mom."

Queenie's eyes widened and she turned back to look at where everyone else was looking. The two henchmen were separated, and Maleficent appeared, looking - terrifying as usual. "Stealing candy from a baby, Mal? So disappointing." Mal held the candy out to her mother, her voice hopeful as she offered, "It was from a baby."

Maleficent grinned at that, taking the candy from her daughter's hand. "That's my nasty little girl." She spit on the candy, before holding it after her armpit for a moment, and Queenie grimaced, actually feeling sorry for the little kid. "Give it back to the dreadful creature," Maleficent commanded, giving the lollipop to one of the henchmen.

"Mom - "

"It's the deeds, Mal, that make the difference between mean and truly evil. When I was your age, I was cursing entire kingdoms - " Noticing that Mal had mouthed the last part sarcastically, Maleficent let out a laugh, " - You - Walk with me." The woman wrapped her arm around her daughter, leading her further away from their group.

"You see, I'm just trying to teach you the thing that really counts. How to be me."

"I know that. And I'll do better."

There was a pause, before Maleficent sprung up suddenly, as if something had bitten her, and cried out, "Oh! There's news!" She turned back to face all five of them, before continuing, "I buried the lead! You five - " She pointed at them, " - Have been chosen to go to a new school. In Auradon."

Queenie's first reaction was to run - run as fast and as far as she could, run home and hide under her bed for the rest of her life if that's what it took - but Maleficent must have thought things through, as Queenie found herself being picked up by her shoulders, her legs and arms almost useless as she tried desperately to kick or punch or claw the henchman behind her.

When he finally sat her down, she turned and glared at his ugly face before looking back at Maleficent. "What?" Mal exclaimed, "I'm not going to some boarding school filled to the brim with prissy pink princesses - "

" - And perfect princes," Evie said dreamily as she stepped forward. Mal threw her a look, and Evie's face dropped, as she tried to cover it up with a fake "Ugh."

"Yeah, I don't do 'uniforms'," Jay then laughed, clapping his gloved hands together, "Unless it's leather, you feel me?" He held his hand up to Carlos for a high five, but the younger boy ignored it, brown eyes wide with fear.

"And I really don't want to be in some How to be Good class," Queenie added, wincing at the thought of actually doing homework and paying attention in class, especially one where they taught you how to fight dragons or rescue princesses from towers. Jay turned to Queenie, his eyes holding a little more concern than before. "You don't think they'll - "

Carlos stepped behind Mal quickly, interrupting the conversation. "I read somewhere that they allow dogs in Auradon. Mom says their rapid pack animals that eat boys who don't behave." With a smirk on his face, Jay snuck behind the boy and mimiked a dog barking, making Carlos jump.

"Yeah, mom. We're not going."

"Aww, you think it's small, pumpkin? It's about world domination," she explained smugly, before turning dramatically, her cape catching the wind, as she called out, "Knuckleheads!" When she began to walk away, she also cried out in a sing song voice, "Mal!" The five looked at each other and, seeing as they had no other option, began to follow behind.

As you can tell, this is my first time writing for this fandom/writing a musical. Whoops.