Queenie dashed to her seat in art class.

The day so far had been - well, it had been pretty bad. It wasn't like terrible things kept happening - no, in fact, it would have a pretty nice day if it wasn't for everything that had happened with Chad. She had barely slept the night before, her stupid brain kept replaying that kiss over and over, and - and all Queenie wanted to do was vomit.

The worst part was that she knew she shouldn't be this heartbroken.

She'd known him for like two days total and he obviously felt nothing for her, he was just flirting with her...and Evie...and Audrey, and probably a ton of other gullible girls on this island. So why did she still feel hurt?

Desperately trying to distract herself, she threw open her bag and pulled her notepad out, flipping through it to find the next blank page, and reached back inside for her pencil case - which, to her luck, seemed to have disappeared. While she dug through backpack, someone sat down next to her and she tried her very best to not look up.


She pretended not to hear him, continuing her hopeless search.

"Queenie, please, just talk to me."

She threw her bag down in a huff, turning back towards her open notepad. Queenie briefly thought about just sitting and staring at the empty page for the rest of the class period, but well, she wasn't that petty - or strong. She glanced over at Chad, before mumbling, "Do you have a pencil?"

The boy blinked in surprise, before holding out his pencil (his only pencil, Queenie quickly noted - Chad only ever seemed to carry an empty bookbag and a single pencil). She reached over to grab it but he pulled away at the last second.

"Not until you talk to me."

"I just did."

"No. Like, really talk to me."

By now, Queenie was frustrated. "What's there to talk about? How you were flirting with me and my best friend at the same time? And probably every other girl in this school? You wanna talk about that?"

"No! I mean, I do, I just - " Chad paused, dragging his hand down his face, before letting out a deep breath. "Let's play 20 Questions."

"How is that - "

"Queenie, please. Just one game. Any question you want and I'll - I'll be honest."

She paused for a moment, looking into his clear, blue eyes, and before deciding, "Okay. But I start."

"That's fair."

Queenie thought for a second, a million questions coming to mind. "Are you and Audrey together?" She wanted to facepalm. "Sorry, that was stu - "

Chad shook his head. " - There's no stupid questions. And no, I was telling the truth yesterday. I had no idea she was going to do that. What did Evie all tell you?"

Her stomach dropped. "She, uh, mentioned that you thought she was pretty and that you were interested in her mirror. Oh, and that she did your homework for you." She left out that a tearful Evie had also told her that they had been literally inches away from kissing, something that made Queenie's stomach hurt worse.

Chad looked embarrassed by that but before he could say anything, Queenie asked her next question. "What were you planning on doing with her?"

He looked more ashamed than anything now, as his blue eyes were suddenly downcast. "I know it sounds like a jerk move, but - I was planning on having her do my homework until you guys went back." Queenie was shocked by that answer and a little ashamed of how relieved she suddenly felt. He doesn't have feelings for her.

"And with me?" It wasn't her turn to ask, but Chad didn't object. Instead, he caught her gaze and didn't let go. "You're - like nothing I've ever seen or met before. I wanted to - get to know you. Queenie, I'm sorry if I hurt you. But I promise, I'll make it up to you - if you'll let me."

"There's this really cool ice skating rink - maybe, if you want - " Chad started fumbling over his words, looking suddenly nervous. "I've never been ice skating," she responded and noticing his face drop, she quickly added, "But I'd love to try."

A large grin grew on Chad's face. "Awesome, be at the fields by 7:30. I'll pick you up."

And suddenly, Queenie's heart was soaring.

The sun was setting by the time Queenie arrived at the tourney field.

It was deserted, the only sound being the slight breeze rustling the nearby trees. Queenie shivered, crossing her arms in an attempt to protect herself from the sudden chill. She should have grabbed a thicker jacket, but Evie had been preparing Mal for her date with Ben and Queenie knew, just knew, that if she stayed too long in the room or if her friends asked one too many questions, she'd crack and tell them everything.

And she - she just couldn't do that to Evie.

Queenie was still trying to shake the thought of Evie's big teary eyes when Chad pulled up in a -

"Is that yours?" She couldn't believe her eyes. The motorcycle before her was the definition of glamorous, deep black paint, shiny silver accents - there was no doubt that this was the best money could buy.

Chad glanced at the bike in confusion. "Oh, yeah. Do you like it?"

"Like it," she let out a soft laugh, "I've never seen anything like it - it's amazing." Queenie resisted the urge to reach her hand out and caress the motorcycle.

"Well, maybe I'll let you drive it."

Queenie's head snapped up to look at Chad, her eyes wide with shock. "Really?"

"I said maybe."

Both of them laughed, before Chad motioned her to get on and Queenie gladly obeyed.

"I'm dying."

"No, you're not, get up."

Queenie groaned, not moving an inch. This had been the fifth time so far that she'd collasped oh-so-not-gracefully on the ice and her body (as well as her self-esteem) was happier with her staying where she was. She would have felt a little better if Chad had at least fallen once - maybe even slipped a tiny bit - but, of course, it turned out that Chad was some kind of ice skating expert.

Her cheeks were going to be permanently red.

Queenie opened her eyes slightly, peeking out, and found that Chad was standing over her, his hands on his hips, a smirk on his face.

"Queenie - "

" - Can we take a break? A real one? On solid ground?"

Chad let out an overdramatic sigh, before he reached down and - picked Queenie up under her armpits. Her eyes widened and she let out a shriek. When he finally set her down outside of the rink, she punched his arm. "You need to stop doing that," she huffed, but the smile on his face didn't even waver.

"Get your skates off and pick a table, I'll go grab us some hot chocolate," he hummed and before Queenie should chastise him further (or ask what hot chocolate was), the tall boy had run off.

Waddling over to one of the booths, Queenie sat down with a thud! before going to work unlacing her white skates.

By the time she had managed to sled the skates off and take her gloves off, Chad had returned with two steaming styrofoam cups. Glancing up at him, Queenie's heart skipped a beat. His cheeks were slightly red from the cold, his blonde curls messy, his lips pink and -

Her train of thought was stopped when Chad placed the cup in front of her and sat down in front of her.

She would have been embarassed by her thoughts, if she wasn't confused by the drink before her; she looked down at the steaming brown liquid and then back at Chad. He took a sip from his cup, before asking, "What's wrong?"

"What's this?"

Chad blinked. "Hot chocolate."

Queenie made a face, before Chad blinked again, a look of realization on his face. "I - You didn't have this on the Isle, did you?" She shook her head, and he continued, "It's a - a hot drink, for when, you know, you're cold and it's sweet and - chocolately. You can put marshmellows in them, I didn't - put them in yours, I didn't know if you liked them and I didn't want to, you know, mess up - "

She sniffed the drink, the sweet smell making her stomach rumble angrily. Cautiously, Queenie took a sip. The taste - it was like nothing she had ever tasted. Thick and creamy, it was a little bitter but so insanely sweet at the same time. Her stomach felt warm immediately and Queenie smacked her lips, the taste lingering on her tongue.

"What do you think?"

"It's perfect," Queenie sighed, taking a large gulp of the hot chocolate. Chad let out a soft laugh, his gaze never leaving her. After finishing the drink, she let out a happy hum, feeling lazy and content, before asking, "20 Questions?"

"I feel like this is becoming a habit," Chad laughed, shaking his head. "You first? Or me?"

"Go ahead."

It was quiet for a moment, before Chad asked, a touch of nervousness in his voice, "What's your parents like?"

Her smile slowly slipped off of her face, her stomach turning cold in a second flat. She - she hadn't given her mother much thought lately, hadn't felt her icy grip in so long and now - now reality was suddenly crashing down on her. Queenie's eyes dropped to look at the empty, stained cup in her hands. She gulped, before willing herself to speak.

"My dad - I look like him, I guess. He's kind of small and blonde. He's afraid of everything, especially of my mom. I - I feel sorry for him sometimes. Mom is a whole different story. She's - " Looking Chad in the eyes, she suddenly felt a surge of anger, of power, " - terrible. She's one of the most worthless, pathetic human beings I've ever met."

"Woah," Chad whistled and Queenie blinked, feeling like she needed to vomit. "I shouldn't - I shouldn't have said that. She's my mom, I can't - "

"Just because she's your mom doesn't mean she isn't terrible."

Queenie swallowed, before changing the subject. "And Cinderella? What's she like?"

A small smile grew on Chad's face. "She's amazing. Probably the best mom a guy could ask for. Dad's - not really there a lot, but she makes up for it, she's like two parents rolled up into one."

"Chad, I'm sorry - "

" - It's okay," he answered a little too fast, a little too sharp, but moved on before Queenie could question him further. "What are you afraid of?"

She looked at him, her eyebrows knitted together in worry, before thinking. "Um, I'd have to say heights. You?"

Queenie didn't expect the long pause that followed nor did she expect the soft answer that came afterwards. "Not being popular."


Chad ripped off a piece of the styrofoam, his jaw tight. "I - I know I'm not the smartest. Or the best at certain things. When I follow the others, though, I get to the top. And when I'm at the top, I - I feel like a king."

"That almost sounds like peer pressure."

Another chunk of styrofoam. "You know what peer pressure is?"

"We have a class on it on the Isle."

Chad snorted. "How to Pressure 101?"

"Something like that."

There was a pause, before Queenie spoke up, "You shouldn't be afraid of not being popular. It's okay, I'm true you have tons of friends without it." More silence and she suddenly wanted to hug the boy in front of her. "Well - then you don't need them. They're not worth it." Chad shook his head, mumbling, "It's easier said then done."

Queenie sighed. They sat there for a few moments in silence before she glanced at his hands slowly ripping apart the cup. She paused, her heart suddenly beating faster, as she reached over and pulled one of his hands away, stopping the nervous tic. His large hand was so warm in her small hand, and she could feel that warmth spreading throughout her body once more. Chad didn't pull away like she imagined, instead he intertwinned their fingers and gave her hand a quick squeeze.

Her mouth suddenly felt dry but when she met his gaze once more, she found herself saying, "You said that you're not good at certain things. But that's okay. Not everyone can be perfect. I - I'm not very good at being evil."

Chad looked surprised at that. "Really?"

It was a difficult subject for her. After all, she'd spent her childhood with Mal and Jay pulling her pigtails and laughing at how 'good' she was. She was surprised that she had even brought it up, but well, it just seemed like the right time. "Really. I'm a goody-two-shoes, I - I've accepted that. But while I suck at being mean, I'm actually really good at painting."

"And while you suck at math or reading," she continued, "you're amazing at tourney. And figure skating."

Chad let out a laugh at that - a real one. "Thanks." The two looked at each other in the eyes for a few seconds and just before she could lose herself in those blue eyes and do something stupid, Chad blurted out, an easy smirk on his face, "Shall we continue?"

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