Vernon Dursley, who lived on Number 4 Privet Drive in Surry, Little Whinging, wasn't happy. As his freak of a Nephew was setting the table, he was reading the paper. The main headline said "Monsters Integrate into Society under the Cultural Exchange between Species Act!" Vernon, being the close minded man he was, HATED this idea. He saw the Harpies and Centaurs etc. as Menaces to society, and shouldn't be allowed the rights the NORMAL people had. Still...If his family volunteered for this program, and played their cards right...Two servants were certainly better than one utterly worthless one... His reasoning here, was that since those participating in the program were not allowed to strike those taking them in, Vernon could do WHATEVER he wanted with whoever he took in. So, he could get free labor out of whichever freak he took in. However, when he read further, he saw that striking his creature would result in jail time. He didn't want that...Perhaps he could put his acting skills to use...He could make his freaky monster do his work by pretending to actually give a damn. This was certainly going to be a challenge, and he would have to ensure his family would be with him as well. He saw the freak finish setting the table and giving him his mountain of food. "It's about time." He said gruffly. "Now go do the yardwork." Harry nodded timidly, not about to argue with his scary uncle. As Freak was working in the sun, Vernon looked to his family and cleared his throat. "Dudders? Petunia Dear? I have a wonderful idea."

Petunia looked up from her food. "Yes, dear?"

"I think we should take in an extraspecies." Petunia sniffed and turned to Vernon with a look of disgust on her face. Dudley's mouth was simply dropped open in an angry shock. Vernon raised his hands placatingly. "It would be nice to have another hand out around the house."

Petunia's face changed immediately into a sick grin, and Dudley follow suit, understanding their partner and father's meaning. "I'll go get the phone~" Petunia smiled, going to grab it and make an appointment of registration.

"We'll have to pretend to like them when they inevitably arrive." Vernon said, regretfully. "If we treat them unkindly, we could get into trouble with the law." At this, the two visibly deflated, looking angry that they couldn't straight up torture whomever they got a hold of. "But, to be fair, they will be working hard for us. That's about as much torment as we can dish out to them. And besides...The other freak will keep us entertained." Ultimately they agreed and returned to their meals soon leaving as little food as possible. They scraped their disgarded meals onto a dirty tray and set it on the back porch, leaving Harry to it.

Harry, meanwhile, was feeling the effects of a minor case of heatstroke. His movements shaky, and his breath hitching, he stumbled onto the porch and grabbed his tray . He started digging in to the crumbs, soon stuffing his fill. He looked over to the nearby garden hose. Maybe if he sprayed himself with a little water... He went over and found the hose starter, turning it and trying to spray himself really quick, but then the door slammed open... "BOOOOOOOY!" Harry flinched at the sound of the roar of his uncle. "GET IN HERE NOW!" His head swung low, and he began to move towards the house, fearful of what he was going to recieve as punishment... He wasn't even entirely sure what he had done wrong... He just wanted a little water... and as he entered the dark household, his stomach dropped at the sound of the door shutting... "Now then...mind telling me why you're wasting our precious water?!"

Harry whimpered softly. 'Please...Somebody help me...Why...Why can't I have a family...that...that cares about me...?' Little did he know, he was going to have many people on his hands...

And so...

Miia was incredibly anxious, fiddling with a lock of her long red hair as the truck she was riding in carried her to her destination. She had been accepted by a family to be better integrated with society. And she had ZERO idea what they were like! What if they didn't like her? What if they thought she was just a weird, gross, scaly snake? But...what if they were super nice? GRR this was so frustrating! They rounded a bend and looking out the window, she saw her destination through the window. Well, it LOOKED nice enough. It was a simple little neighbourhood, nothing too special... The back of the truck opened to reveal Ms. Smith, the one in charge of the program. "All right, here we are. Unload your bags, and we'll go meet your host family." She grabbed a handful of her suitcases, grabbing one with her tail tip, and began slithering out of the truck, moving to the door. Ms Smith yawned as she led the extraspecies to the door. "I'm tired...I'll need a nap after this..." Smith knocked on the door and a second later, a very ugly woman pulled it open. Her features, were so...horselike, it looked as though she was a Extraspecies as well. in fact Ms. Smith's next words were, "Oh, see a Centaur! You'll fit right in-"

Petunia looked appalled at Ms. Smith's rudeness. "I BEG YOUR PARDON?!" She exclaimed shrilly.

Smith immediately regretted her words and curtsied quickly apologising quickly for her misunderstanding. "Uh...My bad...You're just a...l-lovely woman..." She threw up in her mouth a little bit when she said that.

Petunia humphed, the turned to Miia and plastered on a fake smile. "Hello there, dear. Welcome to our humble abode." She said in an overly sweet tone.

"Um...thank you!" She said, grinning. Something was off about her...

"So, can we come in? I could go for a cup of coffee." Miia sweatdropped at Ms. Smith's blunt rudeness.

"Hm. I suppose." Petunia said harshly gesturing for them to enter.

Miia frowned. Ms. Smith was messing up her first impression... Soon, Miia was cramped into a kitchen,among the situation VERY awkward... Her tail had to be curled up just to fit properly into the kitchen! Something told her, this was not going to be a good LIVING situation. Miss Petunia seemed very fake, she herself was too big to fit in most places, and there weren't any cute boys around! Ms Smith frowned as she began to drink your coffee. "The renovators should be here in about a week to set things up and make it more suitable for Miia to live in."

"R-Renavators?! I did not know anything about that!" Petunia denied, thinking of how much this was going to cost...

Miia on the other hand was internally exploding in happiness. "Yay! I don't have to sit in this tiny kitchen much longer!" She said happily.

"H-How much does this COST?" Petunia asked.

"Don't worry, it's all on the government. All you have to do is sign a few papers." Smith replied with a dismissive wave of her hand. Petunia breathed a sigh of relief, grabbing a pen. Smith reached into her brief case and pulled out a packet. One of which that made Petunia gag, due to the size. Smith frowned. "Is there a problem, Mrs. Dursley?" She asked.

"No, no..." Petunia mumbled softly.

After an hour of reading and signing, an Exhausted Petunia slumped back in her seat. Finally, no more papers to- "Sign these sheets, approving your family is a liability."

Petunia's eye twitched. "YOU'RE JOKING! MORE PAPERS?!"

"Ma'am, it's protocol. You're halfway done." Ms Smith said nonchalantly, sipping the 2nd cup of coffe. Petunia slammed her head into the table in response. Smith simply shrugged. "It has to be done."

As Petunia signed on, An enormously fat man entered from the front door, shocked at the creature in his kitchen. Miia was equally shocked to see the man's chubby form step in. Ms. Smith simply blinked in confusion. "...I wasn't informed blobs were around..."

"Excuse me!" Vernon roared, angered by her comment, "I am a perfectly normal HUMAN being!"

Ms Smith nodded. "Okay, if you say so." She replied calmly.

Vernon grumbled, plastered a disgusting grin on his face, and turned to Miia, who uncomfortably waved at him. "Hello um...Dear. Welcome to our home."

"Hi, Mr. Dursley..." Miia replied uneasily. She had a serious knot in the pit of her stomach looking at the man's smile.

He looked...just so gross...she watched Centaur approach Blob, and explain the situation. His face visibly grew angry and he looked ready to explode. "...I will take over the paperwork from here, dear..." He said, trying to keep his temper in check.

Petunia grinned and kissed his cheek, making Miia's stomach churn. She held onto her human belly and turned away for a moment, attempting to survive. "So...Um...Is there a...guest room or...something?" She asked, trying her hardest to do so politely. She wanted out of this room...

"Umm...Yes I took the LIBERTY of preparing my sons second bedroom for you." Petunia said dryly, gesturing for her to follow. Petunia internally shuddered remembering the tantrum Dudley had thrown when they told him what they would have to do. Miia felt so, so, CRAMPED! There was nowhere to stretch! She'd have to get out more often now. Maybe she would spend time in the yard...It was summer, so it would be nice and warm out... Yeah...that sounded lovely... "So, you'll stay in here, mind the discarded toys, my son just tears through them.." Petunia said, pointing to the like in the corner.

Miia sweatdropped at the massive pile. No wonder it was so crowded in here... She saw the Bed, and slithered in, coiling her tail in a pile and managing to wedge in. She began unpacking, when half an hour later, Vernon returned with a dark grin, one that reeked of Anger. "Okay...Mia..." Miia paled slightly. "Now...I need you to understand this...I work hard every day. My wife is...unfit to work, as she is very fragile. My son doesn't know how to work, I will admit that. So...All we ask is that you...assist us around the house..."

Miia found that to be bull. The house was somewhat spotless, and clean! How could any of them be unfit? She supposed...since they were taking her in..she owed it to them to help. "Um...Sure, I guess..." She replied with a shrug. "I'll help you out..." Vernon gained that horrid grin again, and she felt as though a devilish deal had been made... One that would severely hurt her pride later on. The lamia sighed deeply. "So where should I start?" She asked, defeated. Vernon handed her a list, one that extended to another piece of paper that gave her a large list of chores, one that required the utmost attention, and would be difficult due to her size. Miia grimaced. "...Wow...Um...Okay...I'll...Do my best..." So, she slithered off, apparently her purpose to do the laundry...

Meanwhile, in the cupboard under the stairs, Harry was nursing one of his many, MANY wounds. He was forced to allow his Freakiness to mend his wounds, forcing fractures to heal and cuts to stitch together. He heard the visitor leave and the new presence move past his cupboard. He had heard two feminine voices talking to his aunt and uncle, and he realized that the family was going to have a new member... Just another person to hit him he supposed. His cuts fading finally. He sighed, curling up in a ball and waiting for the cupboard to be unlocked. He shuddered in the darkness. He hated it...It was scary... The creaking and unknown sounds made him extremely jumpy, and sleep was hard to come by... And the anxiety from waiting for someone to come and beat him or make him work killed him. He resorted to pulling a pillow above his head and softly whimper, curled up in a ball... He occasionally heard what sounded like something sliding past his cupboard. And a long, long shadow, that took a while to fade out. He sometimes heard Murmurs and ur made him also jumpy. Would the shadow attack him? Eventually, the cupboard door opened to reveal his aunt. "All right then, freak." She hissed quietly. "Go and finish the yard work." Harry nodded timidly and climbed down from his post on the cupboard. However, because he was so little, he had to literally climb down...And he took too long, causing his aunt to grow impatient. "Oh get out of there..." She hissed, snatching him up and tossing him to the floor. He whimpered a bit, then silently and quickly rushed to the door, jumping to turn the knob, the disappearing into the yard.

Meanwhile, Miia was completely and utterly tired out. She had finished the list in a relatively decent amount of time, and had gotten forced praise from Petunia as a result...Now, she was free to go outside. The sun was still up... She pulled open the door, and slithered out into the yard, the warm sun absolutely GLORIOUS upon her body. She felt so invogorated! So free! She didn't notice Harry, as she was too busy basking in the sun's warm glow. And Harry didn't notice her, as he was too busy looking down forlornly. They did finally notice one another, however, when they bumped into each other. Harry let out a yelp and turned, flinching away in a cowardly fashion. Miia let out a noise of questioning and looked down. Surprised at what she saw. "Oh! Hi there! I don't think I've met you yet...Are you that Dudley that I've heard so much about from Mr. and Mrs. Dursley?" The small child didn't respond, oh stared in fear. She sized him up, realising that he had to have been the littlest thing she'd ever encountered. His hair extended to his shoulders almost, and it was greasy as pizza. It matter to his head! His frame, was that of a skeletons. "Oh my gosh, you're" She said softly, bending over to get a better look at him, inspecting him curiously. But as she did so, his eyes widened larger and he began to step away. He tripped however and fell on his back. "Oh! No, no, no! Don't be scared of me, I'm not gonna hurt you!" Miia said placatingly. "Trust me, I'm nice!" She dropped down, holding up her hands as though she was taking a stallion. "Easy, easy easy...I Won't hurt you little guy...easy..." She shushed, her tone seeming to calm him down enough so that he wasn't attempting to escape her sight.

Harry looked up at her uneasily, and somewhat curiously. "W-Why ha-have a tail...?" He asked softly. His voice alone made her squeal and get hearts for eyes. He was so cute!

"Because I'm a lamia!" She replied cheerfully. "I'm part snake!"

"B-But...people aren't..." He stuttered out, very visibly confused at the situation. How did that happen? People didn't have snake tails...

Miia tilted her head. "Oh, you're just little, so you probably don't know yet." She sat back, coiling herself around and thinking about how to explain this. "You see to put this..."

"Harry..." He interrupted. Miia blinked.


"I'm...I'm Harry...Not Dudley..."

Miia face palmed. "Oh I'm sorry Harry! Funny...they didn't...mention you." Harry looked down, not surprised that they didn't mention him...He was too freaky to be mentioned... "Oh well! I'm Miia!" She cheerfully introduced, holding out her hand. Harry looked at her hand in confusion. He wasn't sure what to do. Miia giggled and took his hand, slipping the tiny one into hers, then she shook it. Harry flinched slightly at the touch. She had agitated a bruise... But Miia didn't notice and simply smiled. "That's called a handshake! It's what acquaintances do." Harry looked at her with a forced smile.

"O-Oh...Okay..." He said simply. "H-Hi...Miss Miia..."

She slithered next to him and patted his head. "Looks like i'll be living with you for a while!" Harry looked up at her with a tilted head, and gave a small smile. "I hope we can be friends little Harry!" she said, patting his head. He was so small compared to her...

Harry blinked as he looked at her. "Y-You want to be friends...with ME...?"

"Aww, you're kinda low confidence aren't you? Of course I wanna be friends!" She grinned Harry looked at her for a few moments. Then, he gave her a small, weak hug around the bottom of her human half. "Aww, we got a hugger!" She commented, reaching down and wrapping her human arms around him, returning the hug.

On the inside of the house, Vernon was fuming... The freaks were bonding, eh? This was disgusting...But it didn't appear he could do anything to stop it, or else Miia might go blabbing to that bloody Smith. And he'd have to be a bit...quieter about Freak's punishments from now on. Maybe even FEED him a bit more! Otherwise she'd blab to the Police as well. Still, the chores WERE done a lot faster...So it wasn't a TOTAL loss... Grumbling to himself, he continued further into the house.

Outside, Miia was wondering what he was doing outside. He explained to her that he did chores to help his family too. " too little to be doing chores in this heat Harry." She commented, concerned.

Harry frowned. "But I have to...It's my job..." Miia smiled.

"Then let me help you!"

" g-going to" He asked, hopefully yet confusedly.

Miia replied by simply smiling and picking up the hose. "We have to water the plants, right?"

"Y-yes..." He responded, wanting to hug her again. He finally had someone who was going to help him! And it was a big person too!

"Okay~!" She said cheerfully. "Just show me what to do!"

And so, they spent the rest of the afternoon, playing/working. Harry did t talk unless talked to, so he was like a silent companion. Miia was having a one-sided conversation with him. "So there are lots of people like me, Lamia's. They all have snake tails, and are usually cute! But there are also many different species! Like centaurs and Harpies!" Harry was entranced by the stories. With all these cool creatures, surely he wasn't a freak anymore...right? Thinking about it deeper, he noticed that he didn't look too different from a normal human being...was Uncle Vernon...a liar?! He looked at Miia. "Um...M-Miss Miia...? D-Do you think I'm a...a freak...?"

Miia stopped suddenly, and looked down at the child that she had befriended. She didn't realize his self esteem was THIS low? Why didn't his parents do something about it?! "Harry, why do you think you're a freak?" She asked softly, putting a hand on his cheek.

"Um...c-cause I...I do...freaky things..." He admitted, sure she was going to leave him now.

Miia instead surprised him with a big hug. "Oh look perfectly normal, and you're so nice! Next time you're so sad, talk to your parents! I know I'd be worried if my hatchling got all depressed!"

Harry frowned. "Oh...M-My parents...died in a car crash when I was a baby...Th-They're my aunt and uncle..."

Miia's heart lurched and she gave him another hug, letting out a sad, "Oh Harry...I'm so sorry...I didn't know..."

Harry simply snuggled up to her. She was comfy...And so, SO nice... Vernon...was a liar...he was a meanie liar! So that meant Harry WASN'T supposed to be hitted! He was confused now...Everything he knew was a big lie... He heard the door open, and realised that dinner time was soon. So, he allowed for Miia to carry him into the house to start cooking. "Um...M-Miss Miia? C-Can you please put me down now...? I have to cook..."

"Cook? They make YOU cook? You can't even reach the stove top!" She commented, confused and upset. She shook her head. "No...I'LL cook." She smiled happily.

"Um...Kay..." Then Harry gave the Feast orders.

Miia's head began spinning. "Oh wow...I' my best..."

After an hour, an unrecognizable pile of slop that had pissed off the Dursley's and caused Dudley, whom she had the pleasure of meeting, to throw a fit. Miia was currently listening to Vernon attempting to be polite as he criticized her meal. "There' bloody flavor...and, hurts..." he commented in anger.

Miia sweatdropped with a nervous smile. "Um...Sorry, Mr. Dursley..." She squeaked out. "Sh-Should I uh...redo it...?"

"No time's Dudders' bedtime, and Petunia and I have an...appointment."

After he said that Petunia blushed. Miia had to force her puke back down. "Oh...Okay, I'm gonna just...go up to my room or...something..." She replied, her face now turning green.

"Okay then." Petunia said dismissively, staring at Vernon lustfully. Harry began to feel awkward, and scared. he didn't want Miss Miia to go!

He blinked in surprise when Miia gave him a kiss on the head. "Night, Harry!" She said with a small smile.

He blushed and smiled up at her sweetly, and waved up at her. "B-Bye..."

Then she slithered off into her room. She was smiling softly. Harry was so cute... Others however...didn't think the same way. As soon as Miia's door shut, Vernon set his sights on Harry. "Before Petunia and I take care of business...I'll give you your daily reminder of your place. And you'd best stay QUIET."

Harry, actually grew defiant, and gave an angry look to Vernon. "You...lied..." Vernon's eyes bulged out of his sockets, and his face turned purple. Harry felt a sense of satisfaction...but his bravado faded instantly when Vernon's purple face turned tomato-red and his eyes narrowed. He started backing away, but he was grabbed by his uncle and dragged to the living room. Then he was tossed to floor, suddenly getting kicked. He let out a series of soft cries as his uncle slammed his foot into his tiny little tummy. And after an hour of trash talking and punches, Vernon finished and tossed him into the cupboard, stomping upstairs. Harry cried softly in his cupboard. He really wanted one of Miia's hugs right now... But she was upstairs...and he was locked in... He continued his tears, but felt warm when he knew that Miia would be here to hug him tomorrow. Yes...He would just tough it out until tomorrow, and then he would stay close to Miia for the entire day... He wished it was just him and Miia... He let out another sob of pain and closed his eyes. Eventually he cried himself to sleep pitifully...

The next day, Harry was unlocked for breakfast. Miia was still sleeping, because the Dursleys didn't want to reveal that Harry was the one responsible for cooking quite yet. Harry had perfectly prepared the mountain, then sat down outside on the porch. He spent some time softly humming to himself until he heard the door opening. Sadly it was only Aunt Petunia with his list... But after the chores were a fourth done, Miia came down! Harry didn't notice her at first...until she snuck up behind him and placed her hands over his eyes. She giggled at his surprised squeak. "Guess who!"

He giggled, "Miss Miia!" He happily exclaimed, turning and hugging her tightly.

Miia smiled and snatched him up off the ground. "Hello, Harry! How are you today?" She brushed his hair out of his eyes and gasped. He had a...a black eye?! "Harry, what happened?!"

Harry averted his eyes from her and looked scared for a brief moment, as if he was afraid to tell her something. "Um...I fell down the stairs..."

Miia, who didn't want to pry, cooed and gave him a hug. "Oh Harry...please be more careful next time...I don't want you to get hurt!" Harry had to fight himself to refrain from crying right then and there.. He buried his head in her neck and cuddled in, wanting to enjoy the comforting effect that she had. Miia smiled softly and ran her fingers through his hair. He was not only adorable in appearance, but he was VERY cuddly. Like a little teddy...

After their long hug session, they set to work on the rest of the days chores, enjoying themselves with one another's presence. Still, Miia couldn't help but feel something was wrong... He had quite obviously made breakfast, she had evidence to support that. Like how he offered to make dinner... And she doubted he got that black eye from falling down the stairs... And she swore she saw a hint of a fist-shaped bruise underneath that huge shirt of his... This would require investigation...she had s dark suspicion about this place. She gave Harry a smile, a forced one that looked clearly worried, and gave him a kiss on the nose. Harry decided to go back to hugging her, still demanding attention. She happily did the chores, and hugged him as well. His desire for affection, however, as adorable as they were, were another red light...It was like she was the first person to show him any form of kindness! And the fact that Dudley was SO much um...bigger...than him, was also a red light in her eyes. Harry...oh dear...this was bad... If her fears were correct, then this was a HORRIBLE household to be in. Oh, she needed to talk to Ms. Smith...REALLY badly! Thankfully it was the government agent's duty to check in on her routinely...

That would be one more day! Then she could get out of here! But then she might have to leave Harry behind... Well, Smith had connections right? Maybe she could get him out of there too! She subconsciously began squeezing him. She couldn't bear the thought of him being in pain... He was so tiny, and pure... Maybe... Could she call miss smith to come here faster? She gave Harry another glance. He looked at her with a tilted head. Yes...that's what she had to do. She patted his head. "Be back in a second Harry..." She promised, slithering a good distance away. She pulled out her phone and began the call.

At the same time, Harry accidentally knocked over Petunia's prized Orchid... Petunia had heard the noise, and she stormed into the room. "What have you done?!" She whispered harshly. "You little MONSTER...Vernon will have something special in store for you tonight..."

"I-I didn't mean to-"

"Silence! For now, get inside your cupboard!" She whispered harshly, dragging him by his ear into his cupboard.

Harry whimpered and reached out towards the hallway, where Miia was still on the phone. He was supposed to wait for her! She would hate him if he wasn't there when she got back. But when he heard the lock click, he knew that that wouldn't happen..." "I'm sorry, Miss Miia...Please don't hate me..." He whispered softly.

Miia finished her phone call, barely managing to get her to come investigate. She turned back to see Harry had disappeared, nowhere to be found in the backyard. Her eyes widened. 'Oh my gosh! Where is he?!' She panicked internally. "Harry?" She called out. She noticed a broken pot, then saw Petunia come out with a furious look on her face. She fixed the pot, then took the Orchid she had raised so tenderly, and put it in a vase to keep it alive. "Um...Mrs. Dursley...? Can you tell me where Harry is-"

"No." Petunia replied curtly, walking past her.

Miia angrily responded, "I demand you tell me, now!"

Petunia snapped, turning back to her and shrieking, "His room!"

Miia frowned. "Where's his room?"

"That is none of your business!" she responded before leaving the room to go and do fuming business.

Miia gritted her teeth in anger. She would just have to find Harry herself! To hell with the damn chores! She slithered throughout the house, whispering/yelling, "Harry! Where are you dear?" Eventually she came across a cupboard under the stairs. And she heard a soft sob coming from said cupboard... Her heart and all other internal organs sunk in a cold, dead fear. She reached for the lock, basically tearing the door open to see what was happening. And she saw him, the little boy she'd already grown attached to, curled up in a ball. She didn't even take time to take in the sight before she snatched him right out of there and held him tightly. "Harry...That's your room...?"

"Miss...Miia? I-I'm sorry I didn't stay put..." he sobbed, hugging her, attemtping to avoid punishment.

Miia tightened her hold on him. "Oh, you poor, POOR little darling..." She said softly, rocking him back and forth. Harry continued crying into her, until he devolved into sniffles. Then Miia set him down and leaned down to his height. " they hit you?" Harry opened his mouth, but only a small squeak came out. He didn't want to lie to her, but he didn't want his uncle angry... "You can tell me ANYTHING dear, anything ever." she promised, secretly setting up a recording function on her phone.

Harry opened his mouth...and just said one simple word. "...Yes..."

"So...they really hit you..." she breathed, him mumbling yes once more. She hugged to child tightly again. "And they make you sleep in a cupboard...?"


She examined the hole, seeing it was dusty, filled with cobwebs, and even...wastes... And...and BLOOD! There was BLOOD in the cupboard! She took a quick photo, then stormed/slithered out onto the front lawn. She called Miss Smith up one more time, and was halfway through an awkward conversation, when Vernon's car pulled up the street. Her eyes widened in horror, and she knew that she had to get out of there, right away. She began to slither up the street at high speeds, hearing angry screaming from behind her. Vernon was chasing her in his car! 'Ohnoohnoono!' She panicked internally. She still had her phone on. "MS. SMITH! HURRY! I'M TRYING TO GET HARRY AWAY FROM HIM, BUT HE'S CHASING AFTER ME IN HIS CAR!"

"Hey, uh, funny thing here..." Ms. Smith replied from the other end of the line. "See, I was actually on my way to check up on you when you called. I'm uh...actually just coming up to Privet Drive...I should be there right...about..." Vernon let out a loud scream of anger as a car crashed into his own vehicle. Vernon threw the door of his car open, ready to chew out whoever did it...only for Ms. Smith to casually step out of the vehicle. "...Now." She hung up and approached the fat man, quite randomly tazering Vernon in the neck with a quick blow, causing him to drop rather quickly. Ms. Smith uncharacteristically spat on him, then turned to Harry and Miia. "So, I take it your placement with the Dursleys...wasn't going particularly well, huh?"

"No...they were guilt tripping me into Labor, and forcing this child to do every task for them, even down to cooking. And they hit him..." Miia explained, hugging him tightly.

"Oh?" Ms. Smith raised a brow and approached a sobbing, terrified Harry, still being held protectively by the only friend he had ever had in his life. "Hey there...i'm Miss Smith. I'm here to help you out... Do you want to leave this place?" she asked Harry, who was wary of her too.

"I...I wanna be with M-Miss Miia..." He replied softly, hugging the lamia tightly.

Smith rubbed the back of her head, confused. "Well...I don't know how we can keep you with her...there aren't any laws concerning adoption by a monster species..."

Miia's eyes narrowed. "I am NOT leaving him. I'll die before I let anyone take him away from me."

"Well...I Harry human? Any Monster tendencies?" Smith asked, still trying to control the patients she worked with currently.

"No, from what I can tell he's just a normal little boy..." Ms. Smith looked thoughtful.

"Hmm...Well, I'll have to find you a new host family now...Maybe if your host family adopts him, you can keep him..."

Miia grinned, kissing Harry's head. "Hear that Harry? We can be together still!" she grinned shaking him in excitedness. Harry snuggled into her bosom, never wanting her to put him down. "Aww...okay, so can we go?" She asked the Government worker, who shrugged.

"Well, you're too big for my Smart car.." She frowned. "Not to mention the car's kinda...well, totalled... I'll call for someone." she said, nonchalantly, pulling out her phone and calling for a few favors and a tow truck.

Harry's stomach grumbled. Miia frowned. "Harry, did they let you eat enough?" She asked, worried.

"Um...I-I got table that good?" he asked the Lamia, who sweat dropped sadly.

"No...No it's not. Better order Chinese food Miss Smith..." she mentioned.

Ms. Smith shrugged. "Sure." She bent down to the unconscious Vernon and stole his wallet. "He won't be needing this...After what he did, least he can do is treat us to a meal." After an hour of waiting, The tow truck arrived just as the trio was finishing their meals. THey went to enter the truck, but a Banshee's scream cut them off. "Oh yeah...Probably should've had the cops come to take lardo away." Smith shrugged. "Eh...Oh well..."

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY VERNON-!" she screamed, suddenly being tazered as well and dropping.

"So...Guess I should get the police now." Smith said casually. Miia put her hands on her hips and nodded sternly before returning to what she had been doing: spoon feeding Harry.

Harry had isnsisted he could feed himself, but Miia strictly said no, wanting to be as kind as possible. She had also insisted he tell her when he's had too much. As she was a fourth through the box, Harry shook his head, informing her that he was full. Miia giggled. "I know, I can never finish it either." She admitted, putting her egg rolls aside. "I like fresh eggs better any day, really." Harry snuggled into her as he gave her a hug around her human waiste. she kisses his head, then gently took her tail, and wrapped it around him. Normally, she would underestimate just how strong her grip really was and nearly break the ribs of whoever she was wrapping her tail around... But with Harry, that wasn't an issue. After all...Lamias naturally treated their children EXTREMELY delicately. Almost like fine china...

Soon, the Police arrived, but the two of them were all gone, off to the Agency to be reaasigned to a new owner. Miss Smith informed them of a man who was willing to do so, by the name of...Kimihito... The downside? They would have to travel all the way to Japan... But, if it was far away from the Dursley's than it'd be okay! The lamia gave Harry a kiss on the nose. "I'll take such good care of you, you'll forget they ever existed... Harry nodded, returning to hugging his new mother figure tightly. He didn't want to leave Miia, ever, never ever, not in any scenario. Miia giggled and playfully poked the tip of his nose. "You're so clingy...such a cutie wooty!" she said with hearts for eyes, cuddling him even more. Harry wouldn't give this up for anything... With a content sigh, he snuggled in for the final time, then fell asleep against her, exhausted from the days events... Miia smiled, then placed him down, and wrapped her tail around him, forming a gentle blanket around him. This felt...right. Her life had suddenly changed so much...but she was okay with it! She smiled to herself. She had a few decorative teddy bears in her luggage, which was currently being retrieved by the government agents. Perhaps Harry would like to have one. She pulled one away from a worker, then tucked it into Harry's arms. Causing him to squeeze it in happiness. She cooed and kisses his forhead. "Good night, my little darling." She cooed softly. Little did she know, she wasn't the only one who would grow to love the little boy like he was her own...


"How many times do we have to tell that girl to stay close?" One of the government agents grumbled. A small blue-haired harpy peeked out from behind a tree branch and stifled a giggle. They'd never find her up here! Hide and seek was so fun!

"Come down Miss Papi! We need to find you a suitable host!" The Agents called after her, irritated.

Papi covered her mouth with her wings. "Oops! They found me..." She squeaked out. "No, I don't wanna!" She giggled, calling back. "So you're gonna have to come get me!" She laughed at the frustrated yells as she flew high into the air. She loved living like this...


Centorea was on a search. She was looking for the one she would deem trustworthy and kind enough to house her. She wouldn't trust the government to decide it for her. For all she knew, they could put her in a household with a couple of abusive monsters! So far this search was bearing nothing but trouble. She'd been looking through applicants all day, and yet she was only just now into the K names... She was growing exasperated. "Hmm...Perhaps I will forsake searching through these papers...Surely if I venture into the world, I will stumble upon my designated host by chance...?" With that, she left the field she sat in and began her trot into the city... Her eyes were narrowed and full of purpose.

At the same time, a certain Mermaid was enjoying a dip in her bath...

Mero was hoping that they would find her a host family soon. Preferably a boy that she could fall in love with, only to inevitably lose out to a human woman, just like in her favourite story. Or perhaps she could grow attached to a child in the host family, like a mother figure, only to inevitably grow separated and distant from him, much like the little mermaid's father! Oh, the tragedy!

She sighed happily and leaned against the side of the tub, relaxing in the waters. It was so calming...


A blue blob moved stealthily down the streets of Japan, curiously peeking into people's houses. The blob had seen a few children playing, some people playing video games and watching TV, some very standard fare...

But then, she made it to that house. When she looked in the window, she saw a mother interacting with her child. The Blob sighed happily. The way they interacted was so cute! The Child had hurt himself, and was being cuddled relentlessly by the mother.

The little blob tilted her head. She wondered if she could do that too... Then again...Every other time she had tried to interact with something she ended up absorbing it... Hmm... Could she...make her body more solid...?

Hmm...she focused, copying the Woman's appearance and soon, she resembled her. Except, her body was squishy and Blue...

She saw her reflection in the window and stuck out her tongue in distaste. That look did NOT suit her blue appearance...She'd just stick with her standard humanoid appearance...She thought she looked WAY cuter that way. Suu casually morphed back to her original form, focusing in an attempt to make herself more solid. Curiously, she pressed her hand against the house. It worked just like a human hand would! She touched it, her hand stayed, and when she pulled it off, it hadn't stuck! Sure, it left behind a little bit of slimy residue, but she WAS a slime...

Now she could interract with anyone she wanted, and she wouldn't smother them! Yes Yes Yes! With playful giggles emerging from her mouth, she moved on, remaining unseen, but happy.


In a dark, abandoned warehouse, a woman was knitting. The unusual thing? She was creating thread...from her spider body. "Hey, speed it up in there, will ya?!" The woman's eye twitched at the sound of a male voice. "I haven't got all day! I need to sell that stuff already!"

"I'm working on it okay?!" she shot back, frustrated and borderline blood lusting. She hated this job...she hated Humans. She finished her next project, then set it in the basket.

The man who was acting as her host stormed in and took her thread. "This'll fetch a pretty penny." He snickered as he left the room. Rachnee scowled as she watched him leave. He was a shady, underhanded slave driver...

She was just waiting for an opportunity to get out of this...Blast the human race...Selling her into slavery... Equality? There was no equality... Never any equality...ever... And yet...she still foolishly held onto some hope... She sighed, and returned to work, sighing and angry.

Meanwhile, a certain scythe wielder was lurking in the shadows around Japan. Lala...wasn't really doing anything. She didn't want to be assigned a host by the government, but she DID have interest in the human society. She wanted to find out what it was like, to be a part of society. Like a normal person, and not Death's Agent. Unfortunately, she had a tendency to gravitate towards people she felt were in dangerous circumstances... Oh well...she didn't know what to do yet. She would find her purpose... She had tried to interact with people normally...but her...unique way of speaking caused her issues... She was socially awkward, to say the least...

'...I grow tired of simply standing here...' She thought. 'I will continue my travels...' The Dullahan took a step forward...and promptly tripped over a rock and fell down, causing her head to fall off and roll into a tree. She blinked slightly, looking mildly surprised by the fall. "...That was entirely my intentions." She said simply.

With that she stepped forward and retrieved her head, going on her way to contemplate her role in life. Little did these six girls know, one boy would bring their fates together. And intertwine them on a journey that would alter their fates and lives... Harry didn't know it...but he was going to have the most unique, and loving family of all time.