What Was Once Forgotten

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"Bumblebee talking"


Chapter 1: Changes

Start Dream

Colours blurred across her vision consisting of greens, whites, greys, purples and black which all danced across her eyes but they were hazy, never remaining still long enough to make out what the shapes actually were, she tried to lift her head up but the effort to do so only made dark spots appear so she stopped trying.

She could also hear faint whispers, people were talking to her but she could make out what was being said so she strained her ears as much as she could trying to listen to the voices.

"… We're going to get you and Jay out of here before he comes" a deep voice told her soothingly, the voice was familiar and seemed to belong to the shape that was mainly grey, black and some small amounts of purple but no matter how hard she tried she could not match a face to the voice, it was as if there was something blocking her memory.

"What about her mate? Don't you think we should wait for him to come?" Another voice questioned but this one was lighter and had a female quality to it, it belonged to the white and light green blob on the other side of the first voice.

"I'm afraid darling that if we wait for him then we will all die" something brushed across her check softly "At least this way they will survive and with luck he may be able to find them"

In the background she could hear banging against metal not that far away from where she was lying down and angry shouts that was rising in volume every minute, she couldn't hear what was being said behind whatever was blocking their entrance.

"Is everything operational?" The female voice said as a green see through material descended on her connecting to the walls of whatever she was laying down in with a loud hiss.

"Everything is 100% operational, they'll update Jay's frame every time he is ready for the update" the male voice reassured the other but there was a roaring noise that was increasing and drowning out the noises from behind the metal blocking them.

The green and white blob placed something on the screen, most likely her hand "Know that we love you sweetie and Jay... and were doing this to protect you both" she sobbed out, blue liquid fell on the glass separating the two.

By now the roaring had increased to a crescendo and she couldn't see the two people who had been talking to her, a booming noise could be heard before she blacked out completely.

End dream

June woke up with a start like she did most nights. Those dreams had plagued her for as long as she could remember so she hardly got a decent sleep, especially now that the Autobots where in her life, the dreams just got more and more frequent like they were trying to tell her something but never giving her enough clues to figure it out, looking at the alarm clock at the side of her bed she noticed it was nearly seven o'clock so she decided that she might as well get up anyway seeing as she wasn't likely to get back to sleep. Getting out of the grey single bed she made her way over to a silver wardrobe that housed her clothes.

After the attack on Darkmount, June and Jack had been living near the Autobots with June taking up the job as one of the base's nurses. She also helped Ratchet when he needed it while Jasper was still not liveable until the debris of Darkmount was cleared away.

Deciding to wear a pair of tight, dark blue jeans along with a purple vest with black ankle length boots and a black cardigan (As it was her day off) she made her way over to her bathroom to have a quick shower and put her dark hair into a low pony before heading out of her room to make herself and Jack some breakfast.

Jack's room was only across from her own room as they lived in a three story building for the medical staff and their families if they wished to stay on base with them. Currently, there was six medical staff along with their families, including herself and Jack, while the other two members were on break due to one having a baby while the other was attending a funeral.

There was already a fully stocked kitchen available with multiple items of food so that they could make whatever they liked. It looked like a mixture of a school canteen with the kitchen separated by a countertop and five circular tables in the canteen part.

As soon as she had finished making some scrambled egg on toast and two cups of coffee, Jack walked through the doorway while rubbing his eyes sleepily and wearing his usual attire of a dark grey t-shirt with a long sleeved top underneath, dark blue loose jeans along with black and white converse. His raven black hair was damp from the shower and he was dragging his feet like a zombie until he came to one of the many circular tables to eat at. He then proceeded to flop onto one of the many metal chairs surrounding it.

Placing one of the plates and cups in front of him, along with a knife and fork, she messed with his slightly wet hair while saying "Morning sleepyhead. Did you sleep okay?"

"No I didn't. I had a weird dream but it's different than from the usual ones" he mumbled out tiredly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration while she sat down opposite him with her own food and drink.

"Well, how about you tell me about your dream and I'll tell you mine" she said to her son. After talking to Jack one night when he was little and asking her if it was normal to have the same dream over and over again, she realised that the dreams were oddly similar to one another. So every time she and Jack had a dream, they would converse with each other to see if they could decipher them but it only added to more questions.

"Well, it started out normal. I'm in the arms of a white, black and green being but I can't see their features so whether it's male or female I don't know but whoever it is, they're murmuring stuff into my ears, but it's too quiet to tell what gender they are, along with strange cooing noises that oddly sounds familiar lately. As you know, that's normally on a loop until I wake up but today, it continued on. This time, I saw a giant grey mass come from the side of the one holding me. Whoever was holding me gently placed me into their arms where they continued to rock me while they talked. This voice sounded deep, like it belonged to a man and it lulled me to sleep and then I woke up. It's strange though, it's like I've heard that specific voice lately but I don't know where from" he finished with a sigh, rubbing his face in exhaustion from both a lack of sleep and probably trying to remember the information.

June placed her hand on his when he placed it on the table "Don't worry sweetie, we'll figure it out one day"

He nodded at her while taking a few forkfuls of his breakfast before asking "So what about your dream?"

She retracted her hand so that she continue with eating her own breakfast "Mine is similar to how it normally starts but this time, I can hear what is being said, it's not just moving figures and blinking lights" she said, trying to remember every single detail dream.

"What did they say? I know there's normally two in yours" Jack questioned then took a sip of his coffee, leaning closer towards her so that he could catch every detail of the dream.

"Well the first person to talk was a man and I didn't catch what he said at first but he did say after 'We're going to get you and Jay out of here before he comes' after that, his voice is a swapped for female's who asked him 'What about her mate? Don't you think we should wait for him to come?'"

"Mate?" Jack interrupted, his brows furrowed in confusion "As in a friend?"

"Could be" she continued on with her dream, telling Jack every single thing about it. By the end of it, each of them had finished their food and Jack took them over to the sink to clean up.

"We're not getting any closer to our figuring out our past mum" he said, looking down in sadness. She walked up to him and pulled him in to a hug, using her slightly taller height to her advantage "We will, I promise you we will" she vowed. Pulling away from the embrace, she said "How about we spend the day with the Bots? That will cheer you up a bit"

He nodded in agreement before collecting anything else they might need for later. By the time they left the building, it was 8 o'clock but even if most of the Autobots where in recharge, one of them was usually awake. It was normally out of Ratchet, Ultra Magnus or Optimus so it did not matter if they left a bit early on her day of0f.

Fifteen minutes later and they were already at the base for the Autobots. It was just a regular silver building with the letter E on it, it was both large enough to fit a groundbridge in and a place for Ratchet to treat the Bots. Heading through the human size door, they could see that it was the orange and white frame of the Autobot medic at the terminal today while Ultra Magnus was off to the side, looking at datapads as he stood tall and imposing over them with a stern frown on his silver faceplates. June couldn't tell if that was his normal face or if he got stuck like that because she never saw him with any other expressions.

Ratchet seemed to be completely focused on whatever he had found on the green screen, humming in though with his arms crossed while staring intently at the screen.

"Morning Ratchet, Ultra Magnus" June called up to the two bots.

Ratchet jumped slightly in surprise then looked down at the human who had moved closer to him "What are you doing here this early June? Aren't you on a break?" He asked the nurse. He then noticed Jack, who had already climbed up the yellow catwalk and out of the way of any oncoming Cybertronian peds "I thought younglings were supposed to recharge for longer on the weekends" he said in slight irritation. He wasn't fooling anyone though. They all knew that he had a soft spot for the kids (Even Miko) but he would deny the accusation to anyone vehemently.

"We couldn't really sleep so we thought we come and hang out with you guys" Jack replied from where he was now leaning on the yellow rails of the catwalk, looking at the screen of his phone.

The hanger doors suddenly opened for the rest of the Autobots to enter. The black and yellow Scout came in next to the dark blue and yellow frame of Smokescreen. After them was the giant, dark green frame of Bulkhead along with his white, green and red Wrecker buddy Wheeljack. His two katanas secured on his back and his signature green grenade at his side. The final members of the team came next, that being of the small dark, blue femme Arcee and the Bot that towered over them all (Especially with his new upgrades), Optimus Prime. The light reflecting off his deep red and dark blue frame.

The Autobot leader looked at each of the two humans, his faceplate a mask so that his emotions were hidden at this time "Good morning Nurse Darby, Jackson. Did you have a pleasant recharge?" He asked them, his deep voice causing an echo around the building.

"We couldn't really sleep so we came here early to see you guys" Jack replied, still looking at his phone "By the way. Raf can't make it today but Miko will still be coming if you pick her up later" Jack told the Cybertronians while putting away his phone.

Bumblebee let out a few sad beeps which Arcee translated for them to "How come?"

"His family are going out for the day to celebrate Father's Day"

All the Bots looked at the teen in confusion before Smokescreen asked "What's Father's Day?"

June wasn't surprised that they didn't know (Being from a different planet, they would have different customs than earthlings) so she described the event for them "Father's Day occurs on the third Sunday of June where fathers are honoured by their children. There is also a similar event for mothers that happens on the second Sunday of May"

Ultra Magnus had finally put down the datapad in his servos, turning towards the humans for the first time since they had got there and addressed June "A father is the human equivalent of a Sire is it not Nurse Darby?"

June had been taking a few lessons from Ratchet on both Cybertronian anatomy as well as its history so she knew a few terms and was therefore, not confused when Ultra Magnus asked her that question "That's right" she told him while she climbed up to the catwalk to join her son.

"If that's true, then why is Jack not celebrating? I know Miko's Sire lives in Japan but we've never heard anything about Jack's Sire" Smokescreen asked which also got the others to realise that he was right. Neither June nor Jack had ever once mentioned anything about Jack's mech creator.

Jack shrugged his shoulders "Well, I don't know who my dad is so I don't celebrate it like how Miko and Raf do. We normally go to the cemetery to place some flowers on grandpa's grave but with Jasper as it is, we can't really get there to do so"

"So you have no idea who your Sire is?" Wheeljack asked to which Jack just nodded in confirmation. The Autobots all had frowns on their faceplates but it was Ratchet, having looked away from his monitor, who asked the obvious question that came with that statement "Surely June remembers who your Father was?"

"Sorry Ratchet but I don't even remember my real name let alone who Jack's father is" she said sadly with Jack placing his arm around her shoulders in a comforting manner.

"Wait, so June isn't your name?" Bulkhead queried, looking very confused as were all the other Bots.

"June Darby is not my real name and Jack's isn't either" she sighed before continuing her story seeing the questioning looks they were giving her "About 15 years ago, I turned up on the outskirts of Jasper with Jack in my arms and no memories. We were lucky enough that an old couple called the Darby's, who had no children, took us in and gave us names. We've been living in Jasper ever since"

There was total silence in the base once she had finished, each of the Autobots looking at her with different emotions from surprise to sadness and a bit of pity.

"So you remember nothing?" Smokescreen asked her with remorse tinging his voice.

She closed her eyes before she responded to him "The only thing I remember is that Jack's real name began with a J and that's it" she felt that there was no point in telling them about their dreams. It wasn't relevant and it would just complicate things.

"I am sorry for your loss June" Optimus apologised suddenly which caused her to open her eyes in surprise. Looking at him, she knew that he had felt the same when he lost his own memory. Even if it was shorter than her own, he at least had an idea of what she was feeling.

She smiled at him reassuringly "It's not your fault Optimus and it's all in the past. I might want to remember what I've forgotten but I'm thankful for the memories I have made since then"

He accepted that answer and then made his way over towards Ratchet who had turned his attention back towards the monitor and was typing furiously on the keyboard. Everyone else focusing on the conversation as well "Have you found something old friend?"

Without looking away from the screen, he responded with "I was scanning the surrounding area of Darkmount in case any Decepticons decided to try and salvage anything from it when something appeared. I had decided to expand the radius of the scan and found an unknown signal 100 kilometres from our old base" this time he looked at Optimus when he said "A Cybertronian signal"

"Could it be something from Darkmount?"

"Impossible. It's too far away from the crash site to come from there but the destruction may be why were able to find it now" from where June was standing, she could see that Ratchet pulled up some schematics of something while the rest of the Autobots made their way to stand around Ratchet, getting a better look at the screen.

"The tremors from when Darkmount's debris landed may have been enough to cause rockslides large enough that it uncovered something"

"Would the Decepticons be able to receive the same signal?" Ultra Magnus queried.

"Not likely. Whatever it is, it's using a signal from Cybertron's Golden Age. I was only able to find it because I was looking at all the frequencies, not just a specific one" Ratchet concluded.

After hearing this, Optimus then commanded "Arcee, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Ratchet and I will scout it out. Whatever it is may be damaged and your expertise would be beneficial in this situation old friend" looking towards the last three members, he said "Wheeljack, Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus shall remain behind in case of an emergency" there was a combined shouts of "Sir, yes sir" and "Sure thing boss Bot"

"Optimus, if I'm going to be doing some on site repairs then I would like to ask permission to bring June and Jack along as well. We don't know the size of the object and their smaller hands, along with what I have been teaching them, would be a great help" Ratchet voiced.

That caused a majority of the Bots and both humans to look at the medic in shock. Ratchet was actually approving someone to help him! He didn't even allow other Cybertronians to work with unless absolutely necessary. June could see that the children probably had something to do with this and was glad that he was opening up a little.

Optimus looked to be contemplating the idea for a moment then spoke aloud "As long as they wish to come"

"Sure, mum's got a day off today and I have nothing to do" Jack stated, already making his way down the ladder with June right behind him.

As soon as they were on the ground Optimus shouted out "Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Arcee, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Ratchet and Optimus all changed into their alt modes with Jack sitting on Arcee and June sitting in Ratchet while Wheeljack activated the groundbridge for them. As soon as the bridge's green glow washed the inside of hanger, the transformed Autobots drove through it along with their human passengers.

100 kilometres from Omega Outpost One

The groundbridge opened to a canyon of red rocks covered with dark yellow sand and the vibrant yellow sun glaring down from the clear, azure blue sky. The five vehicles drove out of the swirling green groundbridge, bringing up dust clouds as they drove across the sand.

They stopped not far from the groundbridge, the humans getting out (Or off in Jack's case) so that the Autobots could change back into their bipedal forms.

"Well at least we don't have to worry about finding it" Jack said, pointing to one side of the canyon where a large, metallic object was jutting out from the cliff face. Smaller mounds of the red rock surrounded it as if they had fallen down from above the object which is more than likely what happened.

Suddenly, June felt a dizzy spell hit her and caused her to stumble a bit. From the corner of her eye, she could see the same thing had happened to Jack. The Autobots hadn't noticed as they had already moved forward, towards the reason for why they had come here.

It only lasted for a second so June put it down to lack of sleep and moved over to where the Autobots were, who were clearing away some of the loose rocks to get a better look at the object. Ratchet touched the top of the object where a green glass lifted up and away, letting a small amount of sand to fall inside of the pod like object.

He had been leaning in there for about 30 seconds before exclaiming "By the Allspark! It's a self-driving spaceship with its own A.I!" Ratchet proclaimed to the others as he looked inside the green hatch that was now open. From what June could see, the vessel was matt black and seamless, as if it was made of only one piece of metal. It also seemed wide enough to fit two Cybertronians of Optimus' size in it as he was before he had gained his upgrades.

"It was designed to keep its passengers in stasis for an undetermined amount of time either until someone came and found it, a main component was damaged that could endanger the passenger or there was something wrong with the passengers" Ratchet shuffled about, seeming to try and take in the whole of the shuttle with his gaze but not move from his spot "Hmm, it's big enough for two medium size Cybertronians and from the amount of berths in here, it's likely that there is two of them. One of which was a sparkling but whoever designed the ship must have been expecting them to be in stasis for a long time. There's old frames surrounding one of the berths and judging from how many there are, they're likely to be in their youngling stage"

Bumblebee let out an excited chirp at the news. Being the youngest (Amongst the Autobots) he must be really happy at the possibility at meeting another Cybertronian his own age. Smokescreen looked happy as well if the grin on his faceplates was anything to go by. Unfortunately, those positive reactions disappeared with what the Medic said next.

"Unfortunately, the ship had been vacated for some time and everything seems to be on its last bit of power. There is some obvious damage done to some items in here and even I don't know what they are meant for" Ratchet sighed, looking unhappy at the thought of not being able to fix them.

"If this was a ship and there is evidence that Cybertronians were in it, then were are the two bots from inside of it?" Arcee asked, shifting her servos into guns as if expecting to be ambushed any second.

"I don't know but weapons are unnecessary in this case Arcee. As I stated before, the ship has been vacated for some time, long before we even made base here" he paused for a moment when he suddenly leaned further into the pod to get a better look at something "There are, however, two separate names on the berths. One reads 'Lunarlight' and the other says 'Jayblade'" he told the rest of them.

June had walked even closer to the ship and was just about to touch the surface of it when a loud beeping rang out from the ship. A female voice emanated from the metal and said "Warning, power failure imminent. Scanning for passengers" a green light ran all over them and the surrounding canyon causing June to be nearly blinded by it and for Ratchet to jump quickly away from the ship "Scan complete. Re-activating passenger's original forms as energy supply at acceptable levels. No longer requires secondary mode. Alternative modes shall be found" the voice finished but the ship had started to hum with white lights running across the surface of it.

"I know that voice" June thought to herself.

"This does not look good" Smokescreen stated, activating his blasters along with the rest of the Bots (Apart from Arcee who had kept hers out).

"If it says the passengers are nearby, then where are the-" Jack started but was cut off when two white lights shot out of the ship, simultaneously hitting both June and Jack. They were encased from head to toe by the light, which was starting to expand both outwards and upwards. Soon, June's sight was completely filled by the blinding light and she could no longer see anyone.

Autobot's POV

The Autobots there had shouted out in shock as the light obscured their sight of June and Jack. When they saw that the light was expanding, they had attempted to remove the humans from the light but just as Ratchet and Arcee (As they were the closest to the two) were about to touch the white light, it suddenly shut off as quickly as it has activated, leaving five stunned Cybertronians to stare at where their human allies had previously been standing.

What none of them had noticed was that a panel had slid back on the ship (Before the lights had hit the two humans) and with speed that would make a seeker green with envy, a small circular object had floated off to an abandoned military base. Scanning a plane, a pickup truck and sports car that had been abandoned at the side of the road and sending the data back to the main part of the ship. It relayed the information into the two humans, based on their frames and size.

Standing where Jack used to be was a youngling, probably only a bit older than Bumblebee and about the same height as Bulkhead but with a smaller frame width wise. The mech's primary colours were a dark blue (The same colour as Dreadwing but shinier), grey and black. The blue covered his chassis, which had two black windows on them along with small amounts of blue on his upper arms and the bottom of his legs. The bottom of his legs were quiet large and strangely reminded the Bots of Megatron's but slimmer, the peds looking like boots and the purple that was on Megatron's was black on his. The top part was a gun metal grey and he had wheels on the heels of his peds so he was definitely a ground type Cybertronian. He had blue door wings on his back with the other set of tires on his upper arms, the rest of the arms were the same gun metal grey as his legs and ended in long, black talon like servos. His helm was the same blue as his chassis and looked like a human motorcycle helmet and he also had the typical sliver faceplates but the strangest thing about the mech were his optics. They were similar to Arcee's of being two colours but where hers were a blue and purple-pink colour, his was silver with small amounts of blue and in the same shape as Optimus'.

The other figure where June was standing previously was a femme that was a little bit taller than Bumblebee and colours consisted of white, black and some small amounts of teal. She also had a set of wheels on the same place as the mech but her peds looked more like human heels than boots. The bottom half of her legs where white with some teal while the top part was black, her arms had rounded shoulder pads that where white with a line of teal. In between the white and teal metal plates was black and then another white, amour plate before ending in black, pointed servos. She had two small amounts of white armour attached to her hips and a long strip of white that went from her abdominal plating to her chestplates which had another two teal stripes at a diagonal angle. The rest of her chassis being black. In addition to the wheels, she also had two white wings on her back that were faced downwards and suggested that she was a triple changer. Her helm was smooth and rounded like the mech but she had a three pointed white crest that looked slightly like a crown, a single circular stone was in the middle, looking similar to a moonstone. Her face and optics were almost the same as the mech but her optics were the same shape as Arcee, had even less blue in them than the mech (So they looked nearly completely silver) and they were also outlined in teal along with her lip components being painted the same colour.

The both of them were repeatedly turning their optics online and offline, being the human equivalent of blinking. They seemed confused about something and when the femme lifted her servo up towards her faceplate, she froze when she saw the appendage. She looked at Ratchet straight in the optic with a mixture of shock, confusion and some fear. What further shocked the Autobots was that when the femme spoke, the voice that came out of her mouth was undeniably June's.

"What's happened to me?" looking at the side of her to see the mech (Which must have actually been Jack) she revised her initial question to "What's happened to us?"

So the name for June and Jack's Cybertronian form and alt modes are:

June= Lunarlight and alt modes are a Jaguar F-type and a F-15E Strike Eagle.

Jack= Jayblade and alt mode is a Toyota Tacoma.

Hope you like the story I will update as soon as I can and don't forget to read and review.