What Was Once Forgotten

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I will also be referring Jack as Jayblade or Jay and June as Lunarlight or Lunar from this point on.

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"Bumblebee talking"


Chapter 2: The Decepticons

June, or Lunarlight now, was watching her servos work on a piece of equipment that Ratchet had given her to help with her medical studies. She could not really believe what she was seeing even though it had been nearly a month since they had found the pod, which had lost all of its power as soon as it had finished changing her and Jack.

Ratchet was trying to get the A.I back up and running to see if he could shed some more light on the situation. They didn't know anything except their names and the limited knowledge that they could get from the pod.


After Ratchet and Bumblebee had helped June and Jack back through the groundbridge (Due to their equilibrium sensors not having been accustomed to their new heights) they had placed them on two boxes so that Ratchet could scan them to make sure that nothing else was wrong while the rest told the other Autobots what had happened. From where she was sitting, she could see their mouths drop open in shock including Ultra Magnus which would have made her smile at such a reaction from the stoic Bot if she wasn't so distracted by her new appearance, plus all the information that was popping into her vision.

Jack passed with a clean bill of health. His defences for his processor weren't quite up to date but were nonetheless strong enough to not be effected by human technology. However, when the Medic was going through June's systems, there was a problem.

"I've never seen anything like it. It's as if something has literally wiped your memories clean. It looks like there was nothing there in the first place" Ratchet told her, looking at the data presented on his arm scanner.

"Is there anything you can do to get them back?" She asked him, watching as more words ran across her optics showing her energon levels were quite low even though she's never had any.

He passed her a cube of blue, medical grade energon to replenish her supplies. He had already given Jack his own cube, who was now sipping at the corner of the cube and not saying a word.

Ratchet sighed out "I'm afraid not June. The problem is that they are no longer there so there is nothing to get back. The only way to regain them is if you had a backup or through your Sparkmate"

"What do you mean by Sparkmate?" She asked, taking a sip of her own energon, which to June, she would describe as tasting electricity and causing her mouth to tingle slightly from it.

"A Sparkmate is sort of like when humans marry but the two Cybertronians bond their sparks together so it is a much deeper connection. When Sparkmates bond, they share all their memories so if you were able to find your Sparkmate and either bond again, or even use a cortical psychic patch, then you should be able to regain a majority of your missing memories" After another scan over her spark, Ratchet asked her "I want you to concentrate on your spark and tell me if you feel anything other than your own?"

June did what he asked and closed her optics, concentrating on the source of her being. Humming just behind her chest plates, she felt the orb sending life throughout her whole body. It felt as if there was three pieces to her spark, two thirds of it glowing brightly while the third felt weakened and a bit dull.

"It feels like it's split into three parts, two of which are fine while the other is still there but doesn't have a lot of energy" she told him.

He hummed, letting the green beam of light from his scanner run over her spark for (Hopefully) one last time and said "The two parts that you can feel are your spark and your connection to Jack as his Carrier"

Jack had finally come out of his shock to ask the Medic "Doesn't that mean that we can talk to each other mentally"

She saw Ratchet stand up straighter in pride that was most likely from Jack actually paying attention to what he had been teaching them "That is correct. It allowed the creators to feel what their Sparklings were feeling and to also talk to their Sparklings when they were young as their processor developed a lot faster than learning to use their audial sensors"

He then looked at June with a grave look. June didn't like where he was about to go with this conversation and she had a feeling it was to do with her unknown Sparkmate "Considering you have likely been asleep since Cybertron's Golden Age, then there is a chance that he may have been asleep like you. But with the war, the more than likely outcome is that he is offlined and the prolonged sleep, along with the species change, may have prevented you from feeling the pain of it" he said, looking at her sadly.

June and Jack let out simultaneous sighs of disappointment. They were so close to finding out who they really were only for it to be taken away from just as quickly. Their negative moods were hidden though when the other bots made their way over to them "So, how exactly did this happen?" Wheeljack asked looking between the two new Bots.

Ratchet had collected something from the ship before they had left and was putting it in his monitor, causing data to go across the green screen at a rapid pace "A majority of the memory core had retreated into the A.I files which has been heavily encrypted so it will take time to find out the full story and I will also need the ship in order to do so"

"I have already contacted Agent Fowler. He is sending a team there as we speak" Optimus stated to the Medic to which Ratchet nodded to show that he had heard.

"Although I can't access the A.I files, I was able to pull up the recent memory logs from the ship's database. It seems as if the two of you had crashed landed on this planet centuries ago but sometime over 15 years ago, the part that was keeping them in stasis became damaged. How I don't know but it was enough reason for the A.I to find them an alternative mode to protect themselves" he brought up another lot of data to continue showing what he had discovered "Whoever designed the ship thought of just about everything, even having the foresight to make them blend into an organic world by scanning the dominant species and changing them to fit the planet's needs"

"So if they landed on a different planet…" Smokescreen started.

"Then the A.I would have scanned the most dominant species of that planet, changing their whole frames so that they were exact copies of them. As humans, they were able to eat human food to replenish themselves instead of needing energon but now that they are back to their original modes, that function is gone"

"So we can never return to our human forms?" Jack questioned the Medic from where he was sitting.

Ratchet exhaled, looking like he didn't want to say this knowing how Jack liked some semblance of normalcy "I'm afraid not Jack. That part of you is completely gone and I doubt I will be able to activate that function of the A.I again now that you are surrounded by Cybertronians"

Jack put his helm down in sadness but lifted it again when he felt a servo on his shoulder. He looked up to see Arcee smiling encouragingly at him "Don't worry hot shot, we'll help you out with this" looking at the others he saw them nodding along and smiling at him which in turn caused him to smile.

"If you are going to be around us, then it would be a wise choice not to use your human designations in case of Decepticon activity" Ultra Magnus put in.

"That would be a good idea. It wouldn't be good to allow the Decepticons to know of either the ship or yourself" Arcee said to them with a frown, definitely not liking the idea of the Decepticons getting their servos on them and neither was June.

Looking up and to the side of her to smile happily at Jack, who sat a bit taller than her, she chuckled a little bit "Well, at least we know our real names now Jayblade"

He smiled for the first time since becoming a Cybertronian "I guess that's true mum- I mean Carrier"

Optimus stepped forward and held out his servo for Jayblade to shake "Then I would like to formally welcome you to the Autobots Jayblade" Jay shook his hand then let go so that he could shake June's as well "And also you Lunarlight" she also took his servo, glad that she had friends to help her and Jay through this.

End Flashback

Once they got used to walking again, they also found that Lunarlight's servos could change into multiple medical equipment so it seemed that she had been a Medic on both Cybertron and Earth which she was glad for. It meant that she did have something to remember her past life besides Jayblade.

Miko had squealed once she saw that they had both changed to robots and asked them when they were going to change her. She was slightly *cough*largely*cough* upset when she found out that they had already been this way so there wasn't a chance that they could change her making Ratchet say out loud "Thank the Allspark" and receiving a glare from the teen.

Raf had been awestruck when he had seen them and was glad that they could finally understand Bee as well so now they only had to translate for Miko and Fowler.

The agent had been the best reaction by far. He had walked into the facility, after collecting and dropping the ship off to another empty building on base, about to question them on it when he had seen the two of them. After Optimus had explained the situation, he had simply walked back out the door and said "I need my coffee before dealing with this type of alien nonsense, call me when reality is back to normal" and muttering under his breath "Robots changing into humans then back. I swear they do this just so I can suffer through the paperwork" a few of the Autobots laughed at his plight, mainly the two Wreckers along with Bumblebee and Smokescreen.

Jay didn't have any weapons in his systems, causing Miko to groan that he didn't have any awesome weapons to blow something up or smash something but Arcee had been teaching him some moves in order to better protect himself considering he wanted to help the Bots anyway he could. Wheeljack had offered to build him a gun to integrate into his systems, as he had been an inventor before becoming a Wrecker, but it worried Lunarlight when he commented about some of his previous inventions blowing up spontaneously. She didn't like the idea of a blaster in the first place but she knew that it was as much as to protect himself as well as the others so she let it slide, for now at least. As long as Ratchet checked the weapon before it was installed. Besides, with it being a long ranged weapon, it meant he didn't have to be in the middle of a fight to help.

June had also wanted to help so Ratchet had been teaching her about Cybertronian procedures, with her getting the hang of what he was teaching after one or two tries. It was likely due to her already having received similar training before her memories had been wiped away.

They had also found out that the ship had scanned alt modes for them at some point. Jay's chosen vehicle had been a Toyota Tacoma while Lunar had been shocked to learn that she had both a flight mode, an F-15E Strike Eagle, and a land mode, a Jaguar F-type. Ratchet had explained to her that she was a triple changer and was able to have three modes instead of the normal two. It was lucky she wasn't a Seeker as none of them could teach her how to fly (Optimus jetpack was vastly different from changing into an actual plane so he wouldn't be able to help) and she would have likely developed Sky Madness, a disease that happens when a Seeker is unable to fly.

The first time she had changed into her alt mode had been strange due to both the drastic change in perspective and being able to see both inside her interior of the car and behind her by using her mirrors, but Bumblebee and Smokescreen had quickly helped her gain control of using it as their vehicle modes had been similar to hers while Bulkhead had helped Jay with his own larger alt mode.

She was now watching Ratchet as he showed her how to reconnect the circuits in a servo replica in case they became damaged. Wheeljack and Smokescreen had gone scouting for energon at some point while Ultra Magnus, Optimus and Bulkhead had gone somewhere else. Bumblebee had stayed behind to pick up the kids and act as backup along with Arcee should anything happen while the others were away.

Ratchet had explained to her that around this time, Megatron never moved from wherever his base of operations was so it was the best time to look for the energon crystals without him interfering.

The lesson was cut short when the monitor started to beep, signalling that it had found some energon. Ratchet walked over to find out the co-ordinates "A small bit of energon has been detected. Not enough to get the attention of those on the Nemesis though"

Bumblebee had been playing a video game with Raf while Miko watched them before the interruption "Sorry Raf. We'll finish our game when I get back okay?"

"Okay, be careful" Raf said, setting down his controls.

"I'm always careful" he beeped back to his young friend.

Arcee walked over with Jayblade from their little training session to get ready to be transported to the location.

"Hey, why don't we let Lunar and Jay come along? It would be good experience for them" Bumblebee suggested. Ratchet looked like he was about to say something but was quickly interrupted by the Scout continuing on "It's only a small bit of energon so its low risk and even then, only one or two Vehicons would show up to take a look and we can always call for a groundbridge if there's trouble"

Ratchet considered what Bumblebee had said, looking between Lunarlight and Jayblade with a thoughtful expression. He finally closed his optics while exhaling in defeat "Fine but any trouble and you Comm straight away or else I'll weld your aft to the medical berth" he threatened, waving one of his many wrenches at them and causing both Bee and Arcee to step back in slight fear of the Medic.

Lunar had laughed at that whilst walking to the area before the groundbridge with the rest of the Bots until she noticed the absence of a certain person. Looking around, she saw that the missing teen was hiding behind a random piece of machinery, just waiting for the groundbridge to activate so she could run through.

Lunarlight quickly and quietly made her way over to Miko and before the teen could protest, she gently picked her up and handed her over to Ratchet to make sure she didn't follow them "Not today Miko"

"Aww, no fair" she pouted in the Medic's servo, her arms crossed as she watched Lunar moving back over to where she had been standing beforehand.

"Ready" Ratchet asked, his other servo on the lever that would activate the groundbridge.

"As we'll ever be" Lunar commented. As soon as the groundbridge activated, they walked through the green portal, disappearing from Ratchet's, Miko's and Raf's sight.

The Nemesis

Megatron was standing at the command centre of the Nemesis, surveying everything and looking as menacing as ever on the outside but on the inside, he was lifeless and uncaring of what happened around him. The only reason why he was here was to make sure that no bot would mess anything up. Speaking of which...

"Lord Megatron, the scanners have picked a small cache of energon. An insignificant amount that should not be-" The annoying voice of Starscream was already grating on his nerves after a few lines, causing him to growl out "It does not matter if it is insignificant to us Starscream. The Autobots would find even a small scrap of energon useful and I would rather limit their intake of it"

The silver Seeker stuttered from behind the Warlord "Of course Lord Megatron, I'll send some-" He was once again cut off by the giant grey mech "No Starscream, I want you and a few of your fliers to personally check it out" he told the Seeker.

"But I-"

"Are you questioning my authority Starscream?" Megatron's voice became more menacing as his red optics looked over his shoulder to see the Air Commander's own red optics darting about as if trying to find an escape from his gaze.

"N-n-no my Lord. I didn't mean to question, I'll get right on it" he quickly said, placing his servos in the air slightly as if to protect himself from the mech.

Megatron turned his gaze back to look out at the grey sky "See to it immediately" he let the unspoken threat hang in the air.

He could hear the traitorous Seeker flee from the command centre and head out the doorway. Megatron trusted Starscream as much as he trusted a scraplet not to eat metal, but it was better to keep him in his line of sight where he could crush the ideas of betrayal before they fester into something worse than annoyance.

"Soundwave, send Laserbeak to watch Starscream discreetly. I would rather him not start hiding away anymore energon" he told his trusted Technician in Command and long-time friend who was just off to the side of him, typing away at numerous codes and data.

He stepped away and turned around so that he could deploy Laserbeak. The metal bird flew in a circle around the silent mech before making his way out of the command centre and towards where Starscream was heading, Soundwave returning to his previous job once the metal bird was out of sight.

The door opened again and due to Shockwave being in his lab on Earth, and not being the time when the Vehicons changed shift, he assumed it was the red Medic who had entered.

He could hear him stop not far away from where he was standing. The silence only lasted a nano-klik before the Medic was asking him "How are you feeling?"

Megatron didn't even look back at the Medic when he answered "I feel the same as I do every time this moment comes around Knockout and you ask me the same thing. I would appreciate it if you stopped asking me it" Megatron's usual malice was gone when he requested (Instead of demanded which would have shocked the other Decepticons if they listened in) that from the Decepticon Medic. It was replaced by a tired tone instead.

"And as I have told you repeatedly, it is my job as both a Medic and a friend to ask" he told Megatron, his gaze traveling over to Soundwave who to a casual observer, looked the same as he did a moment ago but both Megatron and Knockout, who had spent many hours with the faceless mech, noticed that his typing had slowed down showing that his attention was mainly on their conversation.

"It does not matter. I have searched for a very long time and have repeatedly failed in my mission. There is nothing more I can do but to wait and hope that they did not perish" the Warlord said solemnly.

"Well that's no good, you haven't exactly got the best of patience my Lord" Knockout joked and for a split second, Megatron's lip components lifted up into a slight smile before disappearing in case somebot saw it.

"Indeed Knockout" he replied back, his voice neutral.

With Lunarlight

Stepping out of the groundbridge, Lunarlight could see that they had ended up in a dark cave that led further into whatever they were in. Luckily, there seemed to be naturally grown moss that gave off a luminescent glow so with that, their optics and headlights they had plenty of light to help them see the way.

Arcee surveyed the cave and then looked behind her to talk to Lunar and Jay "You two stay close to us" she said. She turned her gaze back forward to walk down the tunnel with her energon reader. Bumblebee, Jayblade and Lunarlight following close behind her.

They had been walking for nearly a breem when they came to a split in the road. Arcee held the scanner to both entrances but both were giving off similar readings "Scrap! I can't get a clear reading on which one we need to take" Arcee informed them.

Seeing that they weren't getting any other results, she sighed out "We'll have to split up" after saying this, she looked between Bumblebee and then Lunarlight "Bumblebee, you and Lunar go down the right and I'll go down the left with Jay. Comm if there's an emergency okay?"

"Okay, come on Lunar" Bumblebee beeped excitedly, already heading down the right with Lunarlight quickly catching up to him.

They had walked for about half a groon when they finally came upon the small cluster of energon crystals, causing the stone walls to be bathed in a blue glow.

The energon was not deeply embedded into the rock so she and Bumblebee only had to pull on it to loosen the hold of the wall. They then placed the energon crystals they had collected in their subspace storage pockets to take back to base.

Bumblebee had just finished putting the last piece into his subspace when the sound of blaster fire reached their audio sensors from further down the tunnel.

~Carrier, we have a slight problem~ Jayblade said over their bond.

They were already running down the tunnel, Bumblebee activating his blasters in preparation, when she replied ~I can already hear, what happened?~ she asked.

~Starscream and a few of his fliers showed up. Arcee is trying her best but they're pinning us down. We could really use some back up~

The light had been steadily increasing the closer they got to the sounds so she knew that it wouldn't be long until they got to the fight ~We're almost there just hold on for another nano-klik~

They were almost to the opening when the sound of the blasters suddenly stopped, causing Lunar's fear to grow as she and Bumblebee slowed down and quietly looked out from the entrance of the cave to not draw attention to themselves.

With Jayblade and Arcee a few minutes before

Jayblade and Arcee had been walking around for just under half a groon when they came into a spacious cavern that opened up at the top, showing a clear sky with a few clouds floating by lazily. The luminescent moss' glow had decreased as they had walked through the tunnel until it had stopped completely and all that was left was some moss covered, damp walls. A stream ran through one side of the cavern to the other, disappearing out of sight. There was also multiple caves around the circular and hollowed out area, some of which had obviously been caved in.

"Pretty nice here" Jay said, looking around at the serene picture.

"This planet does have its moments" Arcee commented, enjoying the moment of peace until it was suddenly broken by the sound of jet engines. They both looked up at the opening, just in time to see five jets descend from it and shift mid-air to form into four Eradicons and the Decepticon Air Commander, who landed just in front of the other four.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? An annoying two wheeler and a new recruit" he sneered at them and lifted up his servo to signal to his fliers "A perfect opportunity for target practice don't you agree?" he directed that rhetorical question towards Jay and Arcee and then signalled to open fire on them.

They ducked behind some rubble for protection, side by side and while Arcee was firing off shots towards the Decepticons, Jay contacted his Carrier over their bond ~Carrier, we have a slight problem~ Jayblade said over to her.

~I can already hear, what happened?~ she asked.

~Starscream and a few of his fliers showed up. Arcee is trying her best but they're pinning us down. We could really use some back up~

He took a glance over the rubble to see that Starscream was getting steadily closer towards them. Arcee was trying in vain to hit the evading Seeker who simply dodged the oncoming fire from the blue femme ~We're almost there just hold on for another nano-klik~

He looked over to the side of him when he heard a cry of pain, only to see that Starscream had shot a blast at Arcee's shoulder plate, causing her to cry out in pain and fall back onto the floor as the Seeker stood over their crouched position. One of his missiles aimed directly Jay's faceplate.

"One less Autobot to deal with" he was about to fire when all of a sudden, the white, black and green frame of his Carrier came rushing from the side of him, screaming out "DON'T TOUCH MY YOUNGLING!" and sending a powerful punch to the side of his silver faceplate, making him fly back a few feet and away from them. The Con had to move further back once Bumblebee started aiming his own shots at him.

They retreated behind the rubble. Arcee was aiming one blaster at the Decepticons, keeping them at bay along with Bumblebee while his Carrier patched up the wound on Arcee's shoulder "Low risk my aft. Well at least it can't get any worse" Jay muttered out but just as he finished the sentence, a groundbridge opened up behind the oblivious Seeker and out stepped Megatron himself, followed closely by Soundwave and Knockout.

"You just had to say it didn't you?" Arcee groaned but thankfully, Bumblebee or Arcee must have Commed the base earlier as another groundbridge opened up behind them.

The Nemesis

Megatron watched Starscream through Laserbeak as he and four Eradicons made their way to the location of the energon. Knockout was stood to the side and slightly behind the grey Warlord, also watching the progression of the Seeker via Soundwave's mask.

"Are you sure it is wise to allow him to be doing this even if it is a menial task my Lord" Knockout questioned.

Megatron didn't look away from the feed when he replied "Think of this as a test to see how far his loyalty will stretch. Will he bring all the energon back or will he sneak away from the rest of them to hide some for later use?"

Knockout watched the screen with plain boredom written across his faceplate. That is, until they finally descended into an opening at the top of a mountain to see a familiar two wheeler along with an unknown grey, blue and black mech.

"Since when did the Autobots get a new recruit?" Knockout asked in surprise, looking up towards the Warlord to see if he had the answer "They don't have a spacebridge and we would have noticed if a ship had arrived"

Megatron looked away from the screen and down at the Medic "It is most concerning that he managed to evade our sensors"

They turned back to the screen when they heard a cry of "DON'T TOUCH MY YOUNGLING!" followed by a femme, using her right servo to punch Starscream in the faceplate and away from her youngling and the blue femme. The Autobot Scout following close behind her.

Megatron's spark stopped for a nano-klik when he got a good look at the green, black and white coloured femme "It can't be" he was frozen in place as he watch the femme duck down behind some rubble along with the Autobot Scout, the two wheeler and her youngling.

He quickly shook himself out of his shock once he saw that the blasts were getting closer to them and shouted at Soundwave "I WANT A GROUNDBRIDGE TO THAT LOCATION NOW SOUNDWAVE!" The volume causing several Vehicons to jump from their position and re-starting the Medic who had also been staring at the video with widened optics.

Soundwave wasted no time in opening a groundbridge directly in front of Megatron who immediately ran through the green vortex, both Knockout and Soundwave only a few steps behind their leader.

They stepped out just in time to see another groundbridge open up not far behind the Autobots.

Megatron saw that Starscream had moved so that he was standing behind the four Eradicons, watching safely from behind his fliers as they kept shooting at the other Cybertronians. His back was facing away from his leader so he had not realised that he was there until the grey mech shouted at him "STARSCREAM, CEASEFIRE IMMEDIATELY!" His voice was so sudden that the Eradicons did not need to be told by Starscream to stop as Megatron's voice had caused them to immediately do so in fear and for Starscream to jump and turn around to face him.

"Lord Megatron I was not expecting-"

"I have no time for your grovelling" he said angrily as he pushed the Seeker out of his way (And from the dull thud, with enough force to send the flyer to the ground) while he charged towards where the Autobots were as they made their way to their own groundbridge.

The youngling "Jay. It's Jay!" and two wheeler had already passed through the groundbridge and the femme was also about to step into it when he shouted out "LUNAR!" which caused her to stop mid-step and turn back to stare at him along with the Scout. He stopped running when he got a good look at her silver optics which he thought he would never see again. They held confusion and fear but the main reason for his stop was the lack of true recognition there, it was as if she didn't know who he was except for the basics.

His abrupt halt gave the Scout the opportunity to grab Lunar's servo and pull her through the groundbridge which closed after they stepped through it.

Megatron stood where he was, staring at where Lunar had disappeared with his servos clenching and unclenching in frustration "I was so close" he gritted out, the anger behind it aimed at the Scout for taking Lunar away while he was distracted and at the blue femme for taking Jay.

Starscream watched from where he stood as Megatron just stood there in silence "How does he know that femme?" he thought as he saw Knockout walk towards the Decepticon Lord who seemed to be in a daze.

"Don't worry my Lord, we know where they are now and we will get them back" Knockout told him confidently. Nothing was going to stop him with this important of a mission.

Megatron said nothing. All he could think was "I almost had them. But why did she look at me like that?" but the more important question going through his head was "What happened to her all these years?"

Nano-klik- 1 second

Breem- 8.3 minutes

Groon- 1 hour

Solar Cycle- 1 day

Orn- 13 days

Stellar Cycle- 1 year

Vorn- 83 years

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