What Was Once Forgotten

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"Bumblebee talking"


Chapter 3: Gone

Both Lunarlight and Bumblebee ran out of the groundbridge in a hurry to get away from the Decepticon leader, even though he was no longer following them. They were both venting heavily in fear at the experience as the bridge shut off behind them.

"How did he know your name?" Bumblebee suddenly asked. He was staring at Lunar in confusion but only received a confused look of her own.

"I don't know" she whispered to the Scout in shock. She looked up to see that Ratchet had started to properly fix up Arcee's shoulder and Jay was just standing off to the side of them "Bee, let's just keep this between us okay? I don't want to worry anyone, especially Jay" she told him, worry filling her optics at the thought of possibly knowing the tyrant. Jack may hide it well but she knew that he feared the Decepticon leader. All the humans did to some degree but they hid it well from the others. Bumblebee seemed to understand this and nodded his helm in agreement.

"What happened?" Ratchet demanded, still sorting out Arcee's shoulder. He hadn't noticed that they were having a conversation between themselves because his back was to them.

"We managed to find the energon but we had split up earlier. When Lunar and I heard the sound of blaster fire, we ran towards it to see Arcee and Jay pinned down by Starscream and some Eradicons. We managed to regroup but just before our groundbridge opened, the Decepticon's own groundbridge opened and out came Megatron, Knockout and Soundwave!"

Ratchet stared at the Scout with his mouth agape but it soon disappeared to be replaced by a calm expression that slightly worried the Scout as the orange and white Bot only got like that when he was going to reprimand somebot. Bee had the right to be worried as Ratchet picked up a nearby wrench (He always seemed to have at least one of them near his servo) which he threw directly at the Scout. It flew across the space between them so fast, that Bumblebee had no time to move before it directly hit him between the optics with a clang, making him stumble back a bit.

"YOU FOOLISH YOUNGLING! I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL OR ELSE!" Ratchet shouted at the Bot, who was rubbing the spot between his optics in an attempt to lessen the pain.

"Cool it Ratch. It's not Bee's fault and it wasn't like there was enough energon there to require the commanding officers to get involved. Heck, Starscream was a surprise and I don't think that he would have called for backup, not with all scraping up he has to do just to get back on Megatron's slightly less bad side" Arcee voiced.

Jayblade rubbed his chin in thought "If that's true then what caused them to come?" no one answered the mech and Bee kept silent which Lunar was grateful for.

"I can't believe that you technically went up against Screamer, Doc Knock, Slendercon and King Con all at once! I didn't even get any pics of it!" Miko said in a distressed tone, flopping dramatically onto the floor next to Jay's peds. Rafael was currently near the controls of the groundbridge with his laptop out, most likely having been the one to shut it off while Ratchet attended to Arcee.

"Whatever caused them to come, we will have to be careful if we are to send you out on anymore missions. Scouting or not" Ratchet said to both Lunarlight and Jayblade, finally finishing Arcee's shoulder. Due to this, he missed to look that passed between Bee and Lunar, silently agreeing that only in an emergency should they leave base.

Time skip

Time passed and it seemed that the Decepticons had upped their game. Even if it turned out to be only a shard of energon, all of the commanding officers turned up, bar Shockwave, and it always ended the same way. The Wreckers would go up against Predaking, Starscream would attack Arcee and Optimus would go up against Megatron while Soundwave and Knockout stayed out of the fighting and went to retrieve what they came for. The rest of the Decepticons would go after Smokescreen, Bumblebee and, when he did go out on the battlefield, Ratchet. Once they had got whatever they had come for, they would quickly leave and wasting no time in their escape.

Wheeljack had finally finished designing and creating a gun for Jay, using scrap metal from the ruined parts of his old ship as excess parts. The gun looked a lot like a human rifle so that he didn't have to get to close to the fighting just yet. He had managed to hit targets from nearly over 100 metres away with it, but he still needed practice before he was ready to go into an actual fight so close range weapons like swords were not needed yet. But it wasn't like they had the materials to make a durable one, the gun had been pushing it with their limited supplies.

At the moment, Lunarlight was watching over the console as Ratchet had left the base when there was a distress call over the Comms. Bee had been hit by a lucky shot from a Vehicon as they protected Knockout while the red mech retrieved a Predecon skull. Soundwave, Starscream and Predaking were also there along with Megatron who was fighting Optimus.

She and Jayblade where watching everyone's vitals, both worried as they noticed the steady decrease of Bumblebee's energon levels. Miko was currently home with an upset stomach so her host parents had kept her in bed most of the day and Raf was sitting in front of the two of them on the human part of the base, watching the screen along with them with increasing worry at his friend's condition.

::Lunarlight, we are in need of medical assistance:: Ultra Magnus Commed them, the sound of firing blasters coming from the background.

::What's wrong?:: she asked, trying to speculate why he did not just ask Ratchet since they would only contact her if it was a medical problem and Ratchet was already there.

::While Ratchet was attending Bumblebee's injuries, he was knocked unconscious from an explosion that happened only a few feet away from him. One of the Decepticons must have set it up to likely keep us back from our advancements. Bumblebee still requires some assistance as well:: he replied.

::Understood, we'll be right there:: she told him. Once she ended the Comm, she looked down towards the human teenager "Raf, Jay and I are needed to help Ratchet and Bumblebee. Can you handle the groundbridge controls?"

"Sure" the teen said, setting his laptop up to remotely control the bridge.

She then turned towards Jayblade "I'll need your help to keep the Cons away with both Ratchet and Bee down, think you can do it?" She asked her son.

"I got your back" he told her, shifting his servos into their new blaster form in preparation.

They stepped in front of the groundbridge, ready to be bridge directly into to the middle of the fight.

"I'll try and put you as close as I can to Ratchet and Bee's signal" Rafael said as he activated the groundbridge, the green vortex coming to life in front of the two Cybertronians.

"Thanks Raf" they both said, stepping through the groundbridge once it activated.

Stepping out of the groundbridge, they arrived a few feet behind the unconscious form of Ratchet and Bee who was holding his abdominal plating with Smokescreen standing protectively over the two, keeping most of the Cons away from them.

"Glad you could make it" Smokescreen shouted over the sounds of battle.

"Wouldn't miss it" Jay shouted back. He stood on the other side of the two wounded Autobots so that he and Smokescreen were protecting each other's back while keeping the wounded between them. Lunar went straight to Bumblebee to finish the job Ratchet had started on it.

From what Lunar could see before she focused all her attention to Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack and Bulkhead were trying to find a weakness in the dragon like Predacon, Arcee was fighting Starscream and she assumed that Optimus was still going up against Megatron. She couldn't see where Knockout and Soundwave was but she guessed they were nearby. Quiet a few of the lower ranked Decepticons were engaging Smokescreen and Jayblade but they were keep the Cons at bay so she got back to helping Bee.

Megatron's POV

Megatron relentlessly attacked Prime with his sword. His anger had been steadily increasing when Lunar and Jay never showed up to any of the battles. It at least meant that the Autobots weren't putting them in danger and for that, he was glad but it didn't stop him from relieving some of that built up tension by fighting Prime.

::Lord Megatron, I have retrieved the Predacon bone:: Knockout informed.

He punched Optimus in the helm, knocking the Autobot away from himself so that he could reply to the Medic. Although Optimus had gained a stronger armour, Megatron had been aiming at and repeatedly hitting that same spot to daze the Prime ::Excellent, any sign of them?::

::None my Lord::

::Then this time was a failure as well:: ending the Comm, he shouted out for all to hear "DECEPTICONS FALL..." He was suddenly cut off when he was interrupted by a Vehicon Comming him.

::My Lord, those two that you asked us to keep an optic out for have just turned up::

Megatron grinned, showing his pointed denta to Optimus who had been watching the Decepticon Warlord with growing unease since he had abruptly cut off the command.

::Where are they?:: he demanded.

::They are currently with the Autobot's wounded Scout and Medic. The femme is tending to the Scout's wounds while the mech is helping the one know as Smokescreen to keep us away:: the Vehicon responded.

"So she is still a Medic after all this time" the Decepticon leader thought "At least some things don't change" putting those thoughts to the back of his processor, he practically purred out the statement ::Then it is time to activate the plan::

"It will all be over soon" Megatron thought with some excitement.

With Lunarlight

Lunar had just finished repairing Bumblebee (The blast had been dangerously close to his T-cog) and was about to try and bring Ratchet back online when the blasts of energon, that had previously been aiming at them, abruptly stopped.

"Hey! Why did you stop?" Smokescreen shouted at the Decepticons. He looked very much confused at why they had ceased firing. He had stopped firing himself but kept his blasters out, should they start up again.

Lunarlight looked around to see that absolutely no one was firing at them at all, just looking. Her bad feeling was starting to rise but it increased tenfold when Soundwave dropped from the sky, landing between Smokescreen and Bumblebee. The black and yellow mech had just stood back up, only to fall back down unconscious when Soundwave extended two of his tentacle like wires to shock the Scout and Rookie. If that wasn't bad enough, Knockout decided to come screeching to a halt next to them as well.

Jay and Lunar got back to back with him facing Soundwave while she faced the red Medic. Getting into a defensive stance, she really wished that she had asked Wheeljack if he could make her a weapon but then again, she still probably wouldn't use it. She didn't feel like she could ever take a life, no matter what the situation was. If they got out of this situation though, she was going to take Arcee up on that offer to learn some defensive moves. She always had her medical tools to use but they would require her to get in close with the Con and as far as she knew, she had never learned how to fight.

"Easy you two. We don't want to hurt you" Knockout said soothingly, his servos held out in a non-threatening manner, one of which was still holding what looked to be the end of a Predacon tail bone.

"And why should we trust you?" she said, watching him closely in case he made any sudden movements to attack.

Knockout stared into Lunar's silver optics, seeming to look for something so she guarded her emotions to try and hide the fear by only allowing her optics to show distrust and weariness. When it looked like he couldn't find what he was looking for, his shoulder plates dropped in what looked like sadness but why would he have such an emotion towards her? Did she know him as well before she lost her memories?

"Because you trusted me before and I'm going to find out what happened to you. I'm sorry" was the last thing she heard when everything went black. This is after she felt a stinging sensation on the back of her neck. She did see, before becoming unconscious, that Knockout ran forward to catch her and then there was nothing.

Megatron's POV

::We have them::

::Perfect, I will be there in a nano-klik:: Megatron ended the Comm and gave the signal for Predacon to end his fight with the Wreckers by charging at them and pushing them straight into a cliff. When Predaking was sure that they wouldn't be moving for a while, he bounded his way over to where Megatron and Optimus were, ramming into the Prime's side and pushing him away. Megatron used this opportunity to change into his alt mode (As it was the quicker option) and flew directly over to where the others were.

He changed back mid-air, landing next to Knockout who was holding Lunar whilst Soundwave had one of Jayblade's arms over his shoulder plates to keep him up right. Megatron bent down to Knockout's level in order to take Lunarlight off of him, holding her bridal style as he straightened back up.

He looked at Lunar's face plate, taking in her appearance which hadn't changed since the last time he had seen her. He had often thought that he would never be able to see her again so to finally be able to hold her brought a soft smile to his faceplates, one that he knew Knockout and Soundwave had not seen since before the war. It soon disappeared when he realised that if he didn't want the Autobots to get their servos on them again, then they would have to leave and soon.

"Soundwave, prepare the groundbridge. We are leaving immediately" he told the silent mech who nodded his helm. Coordinates lit up on his mask and soon enough, a groundbridge opened up in front of them. Knockout took Jayblade's other arm so that he was carried in between Soundwave and Knockout, which was a bit awkward due to the size difference but they managed.

They went through first with Megatron right behind them but just before he stepped through, he turned back to see that Optimus had gotten rid of Predaking (Even if it was only for a moment) and was flying straight towards them but even with his new wings, he wouldn't be fast enough to get to them in time. He shifted Lunar into a more comfortable position (So that he did not damage her wings) and turned back to the groundbridge, leaving just in time for him to hear Optimus shout out "NO!" before the bridge closed behind him.

Autobot's POV

Optimus reached the groundbridge just as it closed behind Megatron and Lunarlight.

"Why did he take them?" Optimus thought. The fight between the other Decepticons had finally ended with the Decepticons (Who had wings) flying away and with the ground type Vehicons driving away. Once they were at a relatively safe distance, another groundbridge opened for them and swiftly closed behind them so that the Autobots were unable to reach them in time.

With all the Cons gone, the Autobots regrouped around Ratchet, Bumblebee and Smokescreen who were coming back online with help from Arcee and Wheeljack.

"Uh, what happened? Did we win?" Smokescreen asked as he got up. Looking around, he noticed that they were missing two Bots "Where's Lunar and Jay?"

"I'm afraid that Lunarlight and Jayblade were captured by the Decepticons" Optimus said in a grave tone.

Arcee growled in anger "Those slagheads had better not a lay a harmful diget on them"

"Why would they take them?" Bulkhead asked.

"Who cares about the why. What matters now is how do we get them back?" Wheeljack asked, not liking that they were with the Decepticons. Who knows what the Cons were doing to them.

"They've been planning this for a while" Ultra Magnus stated, making all the Autobots look at him in confusion.

"What makes you say that?" Ratchet questioned.

"Ever since they saw them, the Decepticons have been using the same method; always fighting against the same opponents each time whenever energon or a Predacon bone shows up. They planned this in advance, waiting for them to turn back up"

"But that still doesn't tell us why they took them" Arcee pointed out.

Bumblebee was quiet when he piped in but everybody could hear what he said "Uh… I might know why"

Seeing the curious looks he was receiving, the black and yellow mech explained "It happened during Lunar's and Jay's first time in the field. Just before we were about to go through the groundbridge, Megatron shouted out Lunar's name. I think he knew her before she lost her memories"

"So he knew her before the war started. But wouldn't Optimus have seen her too if she knew Megatron?" Smokescreen asked but no one could give him an answer.

"At the moment, that is not our concern. Our top priority right now is how we are going to retrieve the two" Optimus reminded them of the more important matter at hand "It is unlikely that the Decepticons will return so for the time being, all we can do is plan and wait"

All of them had worried looks on their faceplates. They all just hoped that the two of them would be okay until they could rescue them.

On board the Nemesis

Megatron couldn't believe it as he exited the groundbridge. He finally had them both back and Unicron himself would have to take them from his cold dead servos before he let them go again.

The Nemesis command centre was deathly silent as they watched their Lord carry the unconscious femme in a surprisingly gentle hold. Starscream had just walked in, after putting the Predecon back in its kennel, but remained silent so not to draw any attention to himself. He, along with the rest of the Decepticons there, we're all wondering why Megatron was so desperate to get his servos on the femme and youngling.

Soundwave activated the screens and speakers so that the whole of the Nemesis could hear what their Lord had to say. The Warlord glared at the screen that would show the rest of the Decepticons the message he had for them "Decepticons, from this moment forward the femme, Lunarlight and the youngling, Jayblade are under my protection. If any of you so much as process the thought of harming either of them, I will personally rip your very spark form its chamber, so slowly and painfully that not even Primus himself could help you" Megatron had a satisfied smirk on his faceplate as he could practically see the chill go down their spinal struts from the threat.

The screens turned back off once he had finished. Megatron's attention turning to Knockout when he cleared his vocal cords to get his attention "I would like to take them to the medical bay for an examination my Lord" he wasn't allowing any of his emotions to show through, most likely waiting until he was in the safety of the med bay before he allowed his worry for the two to show.

Megatron followed Knockout and Soundwave out of the command centre, straight towards the medical bay. Once he reached it, he placed Lunarlight gently on one of the berths while they did the same for Jayblade.

It was silent for a while as Knockout picked up a device and scanned Jayblade for any injuries "He seems to be fine, low on energon but that is to be expected living with the Autobots. Other than that he is in perfect health"

He then did the same for Lunarlight but paused near both her spark and helm which made his uneasy feeling grow "Why did you pause?" the Warlord asked.

Checking over the readings again, the red mech finally said "You've probably been wonder why your sparkbond has not been responding to one another" Knockout said And it was true. After finding that she was alive, Megatron had attempted to reach her over the bond with no success. He decided to continue listening to the red mech's explanation to know why "Her spark hasn't been reacting to yours both due to the amount of time you have been apart and because the left over dark energon makes it seem like you are not there"

It didn't seem like that much of a problem to him. He would just have to slowly reform the bond. It could take some time but for her, he would wait forever to regain what he has lost. The problem was that Megatron had saw the red Medic pause at her helm as well and it was that which had set his tanks churning, even if he did not show any sign of it effecting him "And her processor?"

Knockout fidgeted a bit before answering "It would seem that her Cerebral Processor has been damaged"

Megatron's EM fields where becoming so dangerously violent that Knockout and Soundwave could feel the electric charges from his anger "How so?" he asked but was thinking of many different ways to kill the Autobots if they had done this to her.

"It looks like a scraplet went after her memories and left everything else. Anything before the Golden Age has simply been deleted, so I doubt it was an Autobot" Knockout voiced, knowing exactly what his Lord had been thinking. As much as he disliked the Autobots, having Megatron go after them as he was now could either end good for them or bad, you could never tell with Megatron's wrath.

Getting back to the conversation at hand, Knockout could see that Megatron had pieced together what he was say but the red mech decided to confirm those thoughts for him "That means she doesn't remember me, Soundwave or you my Lord. Everything about us and her are completely gone"

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