Alois stepped into full view from the shadows of the dark London street, heavy contour lines cast harshly from a nearby street light, making his face crueler than normal. Nothing could be heard beyond Claude's heavy breaths, puffing white mist from his lips in the cold night. He stood, foot firmly planted on Sebastian's back, looking to his master for orders.

The task of beating the raven wasn't easy, Sebastian had put up quite the fight. However Alois had enjoyed watching every moment of the mere death battle. "Your Highness...?" the spider said, pushing his glasses back into place. Alois drew closer excitement at his butlers victory, came to a bubble. "Oh Claude! You did so well!" the blonde praised gleefully before pausing to look at the unconscious raven on the ground before him. "Let's see... Oooh, I know! Let's take him home with us! I want you to have a reward." the boy giggled.

Arching an eye brow quizzically the demon bowed "Yes your highness." though the only reward he wanted was to devour his lords soul once their contract was fulfilled... Until then however, he would never argue at orders, he lent in to pick up the unconscious figure from the ground, carelessly slinging it to his back as if the other demon were nothing more than a sack of useless rags. Back at the Trancy manor, the little Earl twirled around the cellar as Claude dropped Sebastian's limp form to the ground.

The raven had been struck with a powerful blow from a Lævateinn dagger, however Claude had missed his heart, and the wound was already beginning to mend at demon speeds. Upon hitting the floor, the softness of moans could be heard, Alois stopped twirling and looked sharply at his servant "Chain him. Quickly Claude, before he wakes up. I don't think you'll get as lucky fighting him a second time, you had such a hard time already and... You can't pull the same surprise twice." the boy teased, rubbing the spiders chest, while kicking the body on the floor lightly.

Claude retrieved and began fastening thick iron cuffs to each of Sebastian's wrist, he wrapped the attached chain around a nearby pillar when his lord stopped him "Wait! ...Not to that." Sebastian's fingers flexed, the motion was starting to wake him however slowly. "Your Highness?" Claude said hurriedly. "Over there. To the table." the boy said sweetly, the dichotomy of his words and his tone were prelevent. The spider drug Sebastian to the small iron table, it was dead bolted to the ground meant for wine barrel stacking. "Face down." the boy added while watching his butler work until the other was chained straddling the small table by all fours. Just in time apparently, because it seemed as though Sebastian was trying to regain consciousness. Given he let out a small pained sound, moving his head slightly.

Glancing at his lord again, once the other demon was secured "Are you ready for dinner, your highness?" "No! I'm having fun Claude. -Do you think he's a virgin?" the blonde asked amusedly "I want you to have fun too." he added, in that moment Claude's distant suspicions at his masters actions were confirmed. "I don't think-" Claude was cut short "No I mean from behind." the boy cut in, the demon was surprised the slightest bit however he didn't show it. "Now... I want dinner. After your finished making it, I want you to punish him. I want you to do it Claude." the young Earl giggled "I want you to take him roughly, and hurt him, hurt him like..." the boy strayed off momentarily lost from his glee into something darker, a memory. "-Just make him suffer! Anyway come on Claude, I'm hungry." the two left the cellar without a backward glance.

Several hours had passed as Alois ate, bathed and was put to bed. By this time Sebastian had came to, he groggily became aware of his dim surroundings. Pushing past his splitting headache, and the dull pain near his heart from the healing stab wound. Although blurry he realized it was some sort of wine cellar given there were what appeared to be wine aging crates lining the brick walls, as well as a rack of wines in front of him. Taking a breath he tried to stand, however mild panic arose realizing he was chained and worse... He's position, left him far too exposed.

Sebastian's heart started pounding as he struggled against the chains, trying to free himself of the dead bolted table however his might being far greater than a humans even in his somewhat weakened state the chains wouldn't give. The exposed position was of no comfort, it was top priority to escape to find out what had become of his little lord. Struggles began a new at the thought of Ciel. However he was jolted from his reveries as a cold voice rang out from somewhere behind him "Awake already?" Claude said, stepping closer.

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