Sebastian drug the blade along the spiders stomach, leaving a trail of red behind as he went. Claude gritted his teeth trying not to give the other the show he was looking for. The raven stood "Fine." cutting the spiders small toe, the cry of pain he'd pulled was deafening and something guttural. Moving to his bound hands Sebastian snipped a finger away, followed by another.

The wild jerks and spasms the once so dapper sadist released, were starkly dazzling. "S-st-gah!" Claude uttered between sobs "What was that?" Sebastian leaned in closer "I couldn't quite hear..." the spider passed out from the pain, blood now pooling beneath him.

"CLAUDE!" Ciel's voice rang in mockery through Alois. Sobbing now from his place in the chair across the room. "Heavens now... No need to yell." Sebastian said, walking over to the iced water he'd prepared, dousing the hanging spider. Claude awoke with a shaky jerk, he was trembling, but not from the cold. The searing pain stemming from his hands was too great, it had nearly completely over taken the pain in his ass, and the gashes from the beating earlier.

Sebastian returned ramming his still hard cock into Claude yet again, he would take his life in this way. Like a lowly a whore. It would be the most fitting death for the spider demon, Sebastian chuckled slightly through stressed pumps at each little whimper Claude released. Until he reached his second climax, has he did he sent the blade down baring it deeply into Claude's back, penetrating his heart.

The pleasured groan Sebastian released, and the pained grunts from the other were all silenced in that instant. The room was eerily silent... The only thing to be heard was the slow rise of Alois shocked choked cries, though he tried to be quiet, so not to bring attention to himself from the blood lusting raven. However it was too late. Sebastian sighed deeply, satisfied he pulled out of the lifeless corpse, blood slowing to a slow drip from the suspended body.

Sebastian put himself away, and approached the boy. "I-I... I'm not a-afraid of you." "Admirable, however your tears speak otherwise." Sebastian towered over the boy, blood spatters not his own on bits of exposed pale flesh. He was a horrific, yet darkly alluring sight indeed. Alois closed his tear stained eyes.


(Writers Note: Well there you have it, we've reached the end. Thanks for reading. -What did you think? Did I disappoint, or deliver? ^_^" Hopefully the latter, but let me know either way. -At any rate, I'll be starting a new Black Butler fic soon, probably not as dark however, aha.