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Fake x Life Twenty: Leviathan.

"We're under attack?" Shirou asked, his features hardening at Xenovia's nod of confirmation, Kanshou and Bakuya appearing in his hands even as he took in the state of the meeting room "How many, where are they coming from?"

"We're not certain as of yet, on either account." Sirzechs supplied calmly, the Crimson Satan looking on with concern as his sister fussed over her peerage, whom with the exception of a confused Issei and grim Kiba, seemed to be frozen in place alongside Sona and Tsubaki "What is clear, however, is that someone or something has frozen time around the Academy."

"More than likely they were hoping to slip in while everyone was under and slit our throats." Azazel surmised cavalierly, as if his life wasn't currently under threat, then again for him this was probably the norm "Unfortunately for them, you don't get to be a Faction Leader without a little magical might, so a Time Stop of this level has no effect on us."

"The same goes for Hyoudo and I…though in his case it's mostly on account of Ddraig." Vali elaborated, the White Dragon Emperor sneering mockingly at his bristling rival, only to scoff as Rias stepped between them with a scowl.

"Irina and I were likewise protected thanks to our Holy Swords." Xenovia elaborated before a fight could break out, nodding to her former partner, Shirou suppressing a grimace as Irina held up the reforged Excalibur Mimic "I believe Kiba-san's Balance Breaker also protected him from the effect."

"What about the others?" Shirou demanded, his eyes passing over the rest of Rias' peerage and Michael's Entourage, biting his lip at their still features "Is there any way for us to break them out of this?"

"I'm afraid not." Michael countered grimly, though his features never changed out of their usual pout "If what I suspect is true, then the only way for us to free them would be for the one behind the Time Stop to undo it."

"And considering the welcome wagon waiting outside, that's about as likely to happen as Dad or Lucifer ever admitting they were wrong." Azazel scoffed as he thumbed out the window, Shirou's eyes narrowing as he peered past the curtains to see a horde of cloaked, humanoid forms in the courtyard, some of them hovering atop magic-circles as they launched a barrage of spells at the school building.

"Mages…?" Rias exclaimed, the Gremory heiress looking equal parts surprised and indignant at the revelation of the perpetrators of this unexpected attack "What in the world do they hope to accomplish with this?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Azazel chuckled "It doesn't matter what era it is, for every person that seeks peace there'll always be those who want war." He glanced pointedly at Vali, who shrugged "Though I'll be honest, I didn't think there were many Factions with the balls to pull a stunt like this. Not that it matters, no mortal Magic user could ever dream of penetrating the barrier Sirzechs, Michael and I created."

"That still leaves the issue of how they managed to stop time in the first place." Michael pointed out, his features never leaving their usual pout, though his tone was deadly serious "Very few people possess the ability."

"I think it's safe to say they capitalized on the King's absence to snatch away her Bishop." Azazel deduced, earning a look of fury from Rias "They're probably using Magic or a Sacred Gear to forcibly activate his Balance Breaker…" he whistled appreciatively "Gotta admit, I knew the kid had potential but this takes the cake. If he actually takes his training seriously he might be able to freeze even us someday."

"That day may come sooner than you think." Shirou opined, glancing down at the courtyard, where several of the Mages, realizing the futility of assaulting the barrier around the school, were turning their attention to the frozen forms of the Faction Guards "They're targeting the guards to draw us out!"

"Relax, Shirou." Azazel assured the redhead, patting him on the shoulder, his lazy smile never leaving his face as he raised a hand in the air, the assembled teens looking on in wonderment as he snapped his fingers, Spears of Light, infinitely superior than anything Kokabiel had summoned, raining down on the Mages from out of nowhere "I'd be a pretty shitty leader if I let my people get picked off by vermin."

"Holy Shit-!" Issei whispered, gazing out at the ruined field of corpses that had once been the school courtyard, before glancing back at the frozen forms of Sona and Tsubaki warily, glad they hadn't been awake to see that "Sona-Kaichou is going to be pissed when she sees this!"

"Glad to see your sense of priorities isn't messed up." Vali scoffed, earning a wary scowl from Shirou. Maybe it was just the influence of Archer's experience on his psyche, but ever since he'd 'woken' from the Time Stop, the Faker couldn't shake the feeling that the White Dragon Emperor was acting a little too cavalier.

While it was entirely possible that Vali simply didn't see the attacking Mages as a threat, given how much of a combat junky he was you'd think he'd be chomping at the bit to tear into them, so to see him acting so relaxed, as if simply waiting for his cue, raised all sorts of flags in Shirou's mind.

"There are other issues we must address." Grayfia pointed out primly "Prior to the meeting, the entire academy was enveloped by a barrier maintained by all three parties." She regarded the faction leaders with a solemn expression "Despite that, these Magicians were able to not only penetrate that barrier, they were also able to negate our transportation circles, trapping us inside while they have free-range of movement."

"You think there's a traitor?" Irina wondered, the pigtailed Exorcist glancing at the non-angelic occupants of the room warily, only to blink as Lady Gabriel placed comforting hands on her shoulders.

"Now is not the time to be pointing fingers." Michael gently chastised the Exorcist with a kind smile, his tone understanding "Indeed, I would not doubt this is one of the enemy's tactics, to have us believe there is a traitor amongst our number so as to divide us before we can come together to repel them."

"Michael's right." Azazel confirmed with a nod "Think about it, there's no way in hell, pardon the pun, that Sirzechs or Serafall would endanger their siblings with a stunt like this, and Gabriel would never forgive any Angel that sanctioned this behind her back."

Left unsaid was the fact that Azazel was the one to propose the Peace Treaty in the first place. While it was highly likely there were other members of the Grigori who shared Kokabiel's train of thought, none of them would be stupid enough to cross the Governor General directly.

"Regardless, we cannot simply stand back and allow this to continue." Sirzechs opined, his features deadly serious as he watched more and more Mages teleport onto the courtyard below "By now they'll have realized that the Faction Leaders remain unfrozen. If they manage to increase the effect of Gasper-kun's Forbidden Balor View, there's a good chance they'll be able to freeze even us."

"Lesson of the day kids: All the Power in the World means nothing if you can't see your enemy's attack coming." Azazel cheerfully preached "In any case, I think we can all agree that getting him away from the enemy should be our top priority for now. The longer he's in their possession, the greater the risk of our getting frozen, plus I can only imagine whatever methods their using to forcibly activate his Balance Breaker can't be very pleasant."

"I'll go." Rias declared, the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess' eyes burning with resolve as she placed a hand over her heart "Gasper-kun is my servant. It's my responsibility to take him back."

"However did I know you were going to say that?" Sirzechs chuckled with a knowing smile as he regarded his younger sister fondly "Still, how do you expect to get to your club-room from here? We can't lower the barrier without risking damage coming to the school and our transportation circles are down."

"I left my unused Rook Piece in the club-room." Rias explained with a confident smile "I'll use the 'Castling' System to switch places with it and retrieve Gasper personally."

"As admirable as that sounds, you'd do well not to underestimate the opponents just because they are human." Azazel warned "While I doubt any of them are in Shirou or Xenovia's league, they were able to bypass the seals you placed over the building without alerting you to their presence, so I'd advise against going alone."

"That shouldn't be an issue." Grayfia interposed, the strongest Queen standing dutifully behind her King as she spoke "If Rias-sama borrows Sirzechs-Sama's power, it should be possible for us to send at least one person with her."

"Sirzechs-sama, let me go!" Issei proclaimed, his eyes blazing as he clenched his fist "I promised Gasper I'd be there for him! I won't forgive those bastards if they harmed a hair on his head!"

"You really think they're just gonna sit back and let you do that?" Vali scoffed, shaking his head at the pawn's declaration "You'd be better off just wiping out the whole building, vampire and all from here. I could do it for you if you like?"

"Seriously Vali, read the room, would you?" Azazel sighed, raising a hand to calm down the Gremory peerage whilst eyeing the White Dragon Emperor chidingly "Still, you do raise a valid point, our uninvited guests aren't likely to sit around while we're getting ready, so why don't you go stretch your wings and entertain them for a bit."

"Music to my ears." Vali grinned, pushing away from the wall even as Divine Dividing appeared on his back "You want in on this dance, Emiya? Or you content to wait for the big boys to save the day?"

"Might as well go with him, Shirou." Azazel proposed, earning a quirked brow from the Faker as he tilted his head towards the other Faction Leaders "Trust me, we're the last ones who need your protection."

"You should go as well, Kiba-kun." Sirzechs opined with a smile "As Azazel said, we are more than enough to protect this place, so feel free to deal with the magicians outside until Rias and Issei-kun can rescue Gasper."

"As you command, Lord Lucifer." Kiba acknowledged, bowing his head reverently to his King's elder sibling before turning to regard his fellow swordsmen "Xenovia, Irina, will you come with me?"

"You even need to ask?" Xenovia scoffed, resting Durandal over her shoulder with a smirk while Irina cast aside her cloak "Don't think that you can hog all the fun just because you're our 'sempai'."

"Do as you please, just don't get in my way." Vali scoffed as he opened a nearby window and hurled himself out, the blue energy wings igniting as he took to the sky with a cry of 'Balance Breaker!'

As Vali takes flight...

"Always with the dramatics." Azazel sighed, shaking his head in exasperation even as he turned to the others "In any case, if you're planning to help out, now's the time to do it."

"I'll provide covering fire from the roof." Shirou declared, earning a look of intrigue Kiba and Irina, whereas Xenovia merely nodded in comprehension, having sparred with the Faker enough to know his preferred method of engagement "Try to avoid large groups of enemies, I'll be targeting those mostly."

"Sounds like a plan." Kiba acknowledged, shivering slightly as he recalled the redhead's fight with Kokabiel "Do you think you'll need to boost yourself like last time?"

"I don't think that'll be necessary." Azazel dismissed with a scoff "With the exception of Gasper's Balance Breaker, the only thing those Mages have on their side is numbers. Heck, Vali could probably handle them all himself if he wanted to."

"Yes, odd isn't it?" Michael interposed, his features solemn as he took in decidedly one-sided slaughter currently going on outside "It's clear they lack the raw power to face us head-on…and yet they seem supremely confident that this attack will succeed. Is it merely overconfidence…or is there something else driving them?"

"It's destiny." A mocking voice called out, the occupants of the room tensing as an unfamiliar, at least to Shirou, Magic Seal appeared before them.

A Bottomless Curse.

A Bottomless Sea.

A Chill that will embrace the world.

And end all that could be.

Shirou had no idea who the crest belonged to, but from their scent alone he could tell they were a High-Class Devil. While her power was nowhere near as intimidating as Sirzechs', from what little he could sense they were at the very least more powerful than Rias or Akeno without being boosted by Issei.

This, combined with the expressions of Sirzechs, Serafall and Grayfia, made it clear that whoever was coming through that portal certainly weren't friendly, so Shirou didn't even try to restrain himself as his body, already tense from the situation, sprang into action to address the incoming threat.

Judging the concept of creation…

A Cursed Spear, wielded by the Child of Light.

Hypothesizing the Basic Structure…

A Crimson pole-arm, designed to evoke a flash of lightning.

Duplicating the Composite Materials…

Forged by the Queen of the Land of Shadows, from the skull of a great Sea-Monster.

Imitating the Production Process…

It was designed for one single purpose, to slay she who could not be slain.

Sympathizing with the Experience of its Growth…

Yet its purpose was forever denied, for the Queen was already beyond Death.

Reproducing the accumulated years…

Though it's Master's most treasured weapon, it cost him the lives of those dearest to him.

Excelling every manufacturing process…

And yet, in his final moments, he could ask for no finer a weapon. Let those who sought to slay the Hound of Ulster learn the bite of his Fang…

"Gáe Bolg-!" Shirou cried out, invoking the name of Lancer's Noble Phantasm, the Spear of Impaling Barbed Death thrusting forwards, almost of its own accord, to bury itself in the heart of the Devil that appeared before them before she could even open her mouth, the sheer force of the blow knocking her clear off her feet before pinning her to the wall like a morbid butterfly.

"What…?!" she choked, grasping desperately at the crimson spear that had penetrated between her breasts, blood trickling from her mouth as she gaped at the redhead in disbelief "How…how did you…?"

"Yeesh, Xenovia wasn't kidding about that hair trigger, was she Shirou?" Azazel chuckled, the Governor general looking morbidly amused as he stepped up alongside the redhead to address the woman "So, Cattleya Leviathan…what brings the descendant of house Leviathan to our humble gathering?"

"Damn…you…!" Cattleya spat, reaching up to grip the haft of the spear with trembling hands, making a futile attempt to pull it from between her cleavage, only to cough up a lungful of blood from the effort.

"Whoa, easy there." Azazel chided softly, raising his hands as if talking to a spooked horse "Keep struggling like that and you'll be off to join your honoured ancestor, and what a waste that would be."

"You know her, Azazel?" Shirou inquired, not taking his eyes off the woman, ready to rip the crimson spear from her chest, along with her heart, if she showed so much as a hint of pulling anything.

Normally the fact the woman had survived having her heart impaled would've troubled him, but given Azazel's apparent familiarity with her, and the fact that Devils were inherently more durable than humans, he was willing to suspend his sense of disbelief.

"Cattleya Leviathan." Sirzechs introduced, his features a strange mix of wariness, solemnness and disappointment as he walked up to stare down at the woman alongside an equally solemn Serafall "The descendant of the original Leviathan, and one of the leaders of the Old Satan Faction."

"And needless to say, not exactly a fan of the new system." Azazel quipped, tilting his head towards Serafall "Though in all honesty I think she's just butt-hurt that Serafall usurped her position. Heck, I'm honestly surprised it took her this long to try something, seeing as how Serafall doesn't exactly like having her retinue following her around."

"They keep scaring off my fans!" Serafall countered with a petulant huff, crossing her arms with a pout at Sirzechs knowing chuckle "How am I supposed to promote my show if my fans are too scared to get near me because of those armored meatheads?"

"Have you considered having them replaced with a 'Magical Girl Squad'?" Azazel suggested teasingly, the rest of the group sweat dropping as Serafall's eyes lit up, the Leviathan pulling out a notepad from…somewhere…and scribbling in it excitedly.

"That being said, you mind telling us what you were hoping to accomplish here, Cattleya?" the Scapegoat demanded coyly "Not that it isn't nice to see you and all but if you wanted a place at the table all you had to do was ask."

"Don't…make me…laugh…!" Cattleya spat, her lips curling derisively as she glared at Sirzechs and Serafall, mostly the latter, who looked up from her notebook with a frown "As if the true heir to House Leviathan…would deign to debase myself by consorting with you Pretenders!"

"We get it, no-one's expecting you to be part of Serafall's fan club…" Azazel sighed, clearly having grown used to such rants "though personally I think the uniform would look rather fetching on you." he confessed, earning a look of indignation and excitement from the respective Leviathans.

"Still, that being said, I'd like to think you were a little more intelligent than this, Cattleya." the Governor General confessed with a sigh "Only an idiot would mock her opponents while they literally hold her life in their hands."

"You think…I'll beg…for my life?" Cattleya spat, blood dripping from her lips as she made as if to raise her hand, a magic circle forming briefly before Shirou twisted the haft of Gae Bolg, not enough to tear her heart from her chest, but just enough to remind her that he could at any moment "Damn you-!"

"Yes, yes, we've heard it all before." Azazel sighed, patting Shirou on the shoulder to keep him from further torturing the woman "But listen, what good would be getting revenge at the cost of your life? It was exactly that way of thinking that led to your Ancestors' demise in the first place."

"My Ancestor died valiantly at the side of the One True Lucifer!" Cattleya spat vehemently "They gave their lives to slay the impotent God, only for their memory to be betrayed by cowards and charlatans! No sacrifice is too great if it means we can overthrow the pretenders-!"

"Interesting choice of word there." Azazel cut in, his tone deceptively aloof despite the narrowing of his eyes at the slur against God, Michael placing a hand on Gabriel's shoulder to keep her calm "You speak of 'sacrifice', and yet you seem to be the only one here. Do your fellow Old Satans simply lack your resolve? Or did they see the writing on the wall and abstained?"

Cattleya glared but said nothing, prompting a mocking chuckle from the Governor General "You really have no idea how badly you screwed up, do you?" he mused, shaking his head in disbelief "Think about it, even if you managed to off one of us, and that's a pretty big 'if' you have to admit, you'd have been dead before you could pull the Hat Trick."

Shirou couldn't help but agree with the assessment. It was clear just from examining their surroundings that the success of this attack relied entirely on Gasper's Balance Breaker freezing the Faction Leaders, meaning the plan had already failed the moment even one of them escaped.

Despite this, Cattleya and her allies had pressed forwards, no doubt hoping to overwhelm the few who remained through sheer numbers, only to be taught the hard way that Quality trumps Quantity.

"Face it Cattleya, your fellow 'Old Satans' sent you here to die." Azazel proclaimed, his tone flat, brooking no argument as he looked the pinned Devil in the eyes, his features unusually serious "And with you out of the way, how long do you think your compatriots will wait before strong-arming your sister into assuming your duties?"

Cattleya's eyes widened, though whether it was from shock that Azazel was aware of the existence of her sibling or the certainty that it would not take long at all for the other members of the Old Satan Faction to seek said sibling out to replenish their ranks was anyone's guess. In that moment, her defiant, arrogant mask was replaced with an expression that Shirou was all-too-familiar with, the worried face of an elder sibling faced with an all-too-credible threat to their family.

The last time he'd seen that expression had been shortly before the final assault on the Holy Grail, when Rin was debating with herself over whether or not she should kill Sakura to end her suffering. Though the situation differed, Shirou could not help but see parallels to the elder Tohsaka in Cattleya as she fretted over her sister's safety.

"Looks like we're finally on the same page." Azazel mused, snapping the woman out of her harried thoughts with a smirk "Here's my proposal: You surrender to us, and I give you my word that I'll personally take your sibling under my protection."

"The word of the scapegoat…" Cattleya mocked, though it lacked her earlier vehemence, the Leviathan's descendant coughing up another mouthful of blood as she looked the Governor General in the eye "Swear on your Name, Azazel…swear you won't allow any harm to befall her."

"Azazel…!" Michael interposed, the Seraph looking to his Fallen brother in concern, only to pull up short with a sigh as Azazel raised a hand to silence his protest "Very well. Then at the very least allow me to act as witness."

"I'd ask nothing less." Azazel chuckled before kneeling before Cattleya, taking her hand in his, his features unusually solemn "I, Azazel, swear on my name to ensure the safety of Ingvild Leviathan, and ensure the fair treatment of her sister, Cattleya Leviathan, upon her surrender to my authority."

Shirou shivered as he felt the mana in the room react to Azazel's words in a manner that reminded him of that night so long ago, when Saber stood over his haggard form, asking him if he were her Master. While the act in and of itself was a mere formality, it had nonetheless acted as the start of the bond between the Faker and the King of Knights.

"I, Cattleya of house Leviathan, hereby submit to the authority of Azazel of the Grigori, provided he ensure the safety of myself and my sister, Ingvild of House Leviathan." Cattleya intoned, her tone bitter yet resigned.

"I, Michael, witness this pact and bind both parties to adhere by their vows." The Seraph acknowledged, placing his hands over theirs solemnly "In the name of The Lord, so mote it be. Amen."

"Amen." Azazel concurred, offering an apologetic smile to Cattleya as she hissed in discomfort at the proximity of the holy energy of the contract, before nodding to Shirou "You can let her go now, Shirou."

Shirou nodded, opting to dispel Gae Bolg as opposed to pulling it out, both to prevent any further damage and dispel the curse that prevented its wounds from healing as Gabriel swooped down next to the wounded Leviathan to begin healing her wounds "What was that just now."

"Cattleya made Azazel swear on his Name." Sirzechs explained solemnly "It is the highest binding oath an Angel, Fallen or Devil can make." He shook his head in wonderment "I must confess, I don't know what worries me more, that she would be desperate enough to demand such a thing…or that Azazel would willingly consent to it."

"Azazel would not have done so if he did not believe it worth the risk." Michael intoned confidently, eyeing his fallen sibling as he rose to his feet "Though I confess I find myself wondering what could have possessed the Old Satan Faction to attempt such a scheme?"

"It is rather unusual." Sirzechs concurred grimly "This whole plan seems rather rushed. Even setting aside Gasper's Balance Breaker, did you really expect to be able to assassinate the Faction Leaders, with both Dragon Emperors in attendance and only a few mid-class mages as a distraction?" he demanded, regarding the wounded Leviathan with a look of profound disappointment "I honestly thought better of you, Cattleya. I don't know who put you up to this, but neither side can afford another war to break out."

"And if our sources are to be believed, neither can any of the other Pantheons." Michael confirmed with a solemn nod, his eyes never trailing from Cattleya's "Which would mean the one pulling the strings has to be someone who'd benefit the most from the chaos another war would bring."

"You hit the nail right on the head, Michael." Azazel quipped, smirking at his sibling in approval "So tell me, Cattleya, how long have the Old Satan Faction been chumming it up with the Khaos Brigade?"

During Cattleya's interrogation...

"Khaos Brigade?" Shirou repeated, glancing over at his peers to see if they knew what he was talking about, only for them to appear just as confused, a sentiment that was clearly shared by the other Faction Leaders if their confused expressions were any indication. Indeed, the fact that Azazel even knew of the faction at all seemed to be something of a surprise to Cattleya.

"I confess, I've never heard of such a faction." Michael proclaimed; his tone laced with concern as he shared a glance with a grim-faced Sirzechs "Is it a new power that has arisen during the ceasefire?"

"Hardly." Azazel countered with a scoff "While Shemhazai has only been able to confirm their identity recently, he'd noticed some suspicious activities going on behind the scenes for some time now." He nodded towards the scowling Cattleya "From what little we've managed to piece together, the Khaos Brigade seems to be a collection of various dissenter groups from all three factions."

"All Three Factions?" Michael repeated, the Seraph looking visibly alarmed, though whether it was due to the prospect of traitors in heaven or rogue elements from all three factions coming together was anyone's guess.

"Yes Michael, even Heaven has its dissenters," Azazel confirmed, smiling wanly at the Seraph as if to remind him of just how the Grigori came to be "Though admittedly most of their members seem to be Human Mage Societies like our friends outside." He frowned "What's most concerning, however, is that they possess several Balance Breakers amongst their members…including a number of Longinus bearers."

"That is troubling." Michael confessed, his expression troubled even as Irina and Xenovia unconsciously crossed themselves at the thought of dissenters in Heaven of all places "Did you happen to ascertain what their goals are?"

"Does it even need to be said?" Azazel scoffed, gesturing to Cattleya as evidence "They don't like the status quo, so they want to shake things up a bit. Put simply, at best they're extremists, at worst they're outright terrorists." His eyes narrowed imperceptibly "What makes them dangerous, however, is their leader, the Dragon whose power rivals that of both Heavenly Dragons."

"The Uroboros Dragon, Ophis…" Sirzechs stated grimly, his expression matched by his fellow faction leaders, even Gabriel seeming discomforted by the mention of the beast "The Dragon feared by God himself…The one who reigns as the strongest since the world began."

"Indeed, Ophis is the leader of the Khaos Brigade." Cattleya confirmed, smiling wanly as she brought up her hand, a magic circle appearing in her palm, revealing a vial containing what appeared to be writhing shadows in the shape of serpents, the mere sight of them giving Shirou flashbacks of Sakura's shadow familiars "While she cares little about the affairs of this world, she's willing to lend us her power to achieve our goals, provided we aide her in achieving her own."

"So that was your ace in the hole." Azazel, mused, picking up the vial without a second thought, no doubt secure in the knowledge that Cattleya wouldn't break her vow after he'd sworn to protect her sibling "Still, looks like Ophis left you holding the short end of the stick. If she truly wanted to help you, she'd have given you more than a few mid-class mages to take us on."

"You think those humans are my back-up?" Cattleya scoffed, earning glares from Xenovia and Irina at how she didn't quite spit the name of their race, "They're simply cannon fodder, a gift from Ophis to keep you busy." She raised her head haughtily "And the Serpents were simply a tool of last resort. While I'm more than confident in my ability to take any one of you on, I'm not foolish enough to attempt it without stacking the odds in my favour."

"As expected of Cattleya-chan…" Serafall mused with a smile, only to pout as the heir of Leviathan glared at her venomously "But if the Magicians aren't your ace in the hole, what is?"

"Do I really need to spell it out?" Cattleya scoffed, eyeing the perceived usurper of her rightful title with contempt "Think about it, out of everyone gathered here, who stands the most to gain from the war continuing?" she smirked "Or perhaps I should say, which of you that is no longer among us?"

Shirou stiffened, the hackles on the back of his neck rising even as the rest of the group blinked at the Satan Descendant in confusion, his eyes widening as he felt a surge of Magical Energy from outside.


Undying Light/Endless Void

Pure yet Tainted/Constantly Devouring.

Enveloping/Devouring All Creation

"Sirzechs!" Grayfia called out, the normally reserved Queen's features cold as she whipped round to face the windows, already in the middle of raising another defensive barrier, only to gape as it shattered almost instantly, leaving them completely unguarded as a hail of Light spears descended from on high "What-?!"


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