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As Lucas and his girlfriends started walking down Route 103 they saw Brendan and a brown haired girl they assumed to be May coming towards them.

"So who won" asked Lucas

"He did" said May pointing at Brendan while sighing

"How did you know we had a Pokémon battle" asked Brendan

"The best way to show someone how to be a trainer is to battle them" said Lucas

"We are heading back to my father's lab" said May as she left with Brendan

They took a look around Route 103 but there wasn't anything to really do without crossing the river. But Lucas did catch a Wingull and started training it along with Torchic. After that, they went back Oldale Town.

After Lucas healed his Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, they went to the entrance to Route 102 and saw the guy that blocked them before was now on the ground looking depressed.

"So what ultra-rare Pokémon did those footprints belong too" asked Lucas

"There were my own footprints" said the man looking down

"How could you not recognize your own footprints" asked Mesprit

"Don't make me feel any worse" said the man

They went down Route 102 with Lucas battling trainers along the way until they came to the end where they saw Brendan with a black haired man and a shy looking boy.

"Thank you for helping me catch a Pokémon Mr. Norman" said Wally handing a pokeball back to him

"No problem" said Norman taking it

"Just remember to love and care for it" he said

"I will" said Wally

"I will always cherish it" he said holding the pokeball tightly

"Good luck on your trip to Verdanturf Town and stay safe" said Norman

"Thank you" said Wally

"I will" he said as he left

"Why were you helping him catch a Pokémon" asked Cheryl

Norman turned around and saw Lucas and three girls standing there.

"Wally has been sick his whole life and is moving to Verdanturf Town where the air is cleaner to get better" said Norman

"He wanted a Pokémon to keep him company while on the way there" he said

"That was nice of you" said Mesprit smiling

Norman then took a closer look at Lucas before saying "I thought I recognized you Lucas"

"Have you come to conquer the gyms of Hoenn" he asked

"Yes" said Lucas nodding his head

"How do you know him dad" asked Brendan

"He is a three time Champion" said Norman

"You're a Champion" exclaimed Brendan pointing at Lucas

"I thought you worked for Professor Rowan" he asked

"That is what I do now" said Lucas

"But when I was younger I conquered the Leagues of Sinnoh, Johto, and Kanto" he said

"Wow" said Brendan in awe

"Which Gym Leader are you" asked Lucas

"I am the fifth Gym Leader" said Norman

"You need to collect four Gym Badges to fight me" he added

"If you are looking for the first Gym, it is in Rustboro City" he said

"It is just beyond the Petalburg Woods" he said

"Thank you for telling me" said Lucas

"I look forward to the day that I will fight the both of you" said Norman

"I won't let you down dad" said Brendan determined

"I know you won't" said Norman as he left

Brendan decided to join Lucas and his girlfriends on their way into Petalburg City. While on the way to the Pokémon Center, Brendan asked "Do you have any advice for someone like me?"

Lucas thought about it for a moment before saying "Make sure you have a well-balanced team that can cover all your weaknesses"

"Also make sure your Pokémon know a variety of moves so you can handle anything that comes your way" he said

"Thanks" said Brendan as he left

Once they arrived at the Pokémon Center they booked a room for the night before going to explore the city. But they found out there wasn't much to do here expect the Gym that Lucas couldn't challenge yet. So they went back to the Pokémon Center for the night.

The next morning after they all got up, Lucas asked "How do we get to Rustboro City"

Cheryl took out her PokeNav Plus and looked at the map.

"We take the bottom half of Route 104 west of here to the Petalburg Woods" said Cheryl

"Once we are through there, we will be on the upper half of Route 104 which will take us north to Rustboro City" she said

They then left the Pokémon Center and Petalburg City onto the bottom half of Route 104. They saw the route separated into a beach and grass. They decided to walk along the beach where Mesprit scared away some Wingull that were sunning on the beach by running past them and Lucas defeated a Youngster.

They came off the beach at a cottage where a Wingull came up to Suicune and started rubbing up against her leg.

"Hello little one" said Suicune patting the Wingull's head

"Ah Peeko seems to like you" said Mr. Briney

"He is always full of energy but I have never seen him take to someone so quickly before" he said

"Water Pokémon just seem to love me" said Suicune smiling

"Is that your Wingull" asked Lucas

"Yes" said Mr. Briney nodding his head

"He is my first mate on my boat" he said

"We have had many great adventures together" he said

They continued on from Mr. Briney's Cottage until the saw a kid looking sad holding his Pokémon.

"What is the matter" asked Cheryl

"My Pokémon is hurt and I don't have any Potion" said the boy

"Here you go" said Cheryl holding out a Potion to the boy

"Thank you" said the boy taking it

He used the Potion on his Pokémon and it got all better.

"He's all better now" exclaimed the boy

"Thank you" he said

"No problem" said Cheryl smiling

They then entered Petalburg Woods after Lucas defeated a Rich boy. As they made their way through the forest battling trainers they heard someone screaming. They ran to where they heard it and saw a scientist being threaten by a man in a red hooded coat.

"Give me your research papers old man" said the Team Magma grunt

"No" shouted the scientist

"Protect me young trainer" he exclaimed running behind Brendan

"Do you really think a kid can beat me" asked the Team Magma grunt laughing

"I will beat him and take what I want" he said

"I don't think so" said a voice

Everyone looked around and saw a man in a pirate getup come up to them.

"I am taking those papers for Team Aqua" said the grunt

"Back off" growled the Team Magma grunt

"Those papers belong to Team Magma" he said

"Two teams" thought Lucas shocked

"Why don't we team up and take care of that kid" asked the Team Aqua grunt

"Then I can take the papers" he added

"Fine" said the Team Magma grunt

"But I will be the one to take those papers" he added

"Go Poochyena" shouted both grunts throwing pokeballs

"Go Torchic" shouted Brendan throwing a pokeball

"There is no way you can beat both of us at once" said the Team Aqua grunt smirking

"Why don't I even the odds" said Lucas walking up besides Brendan

"Lucas" exclaimed Brendan

"Do you really think you can help" asked the Team Magma grunt

"Go Infernape" shouted Lucas throwing a pokeball

"A fully evolved Pokémon" exclaimed the Team Aqua grunt

"It's not from this region" said the Team Magma grunt looking at it

"I will take the red guy and you deal with the pirate guy Brendan" said Lucas

"Alright" said Brendan nodding his head

"Infernape, take that Poochyena out" ordered Lucas

"Torchic, Ember" ordered Brendan

Infernape ran up to one of the Poochyena and punched it knocking it out. Torchic shot a ball of fire at the other Poochyena knocking it out as well.

"Return Poochyena" said both grunts

"I will remember this" shouted the Team Magma grunt as he ran away

"Keep those papers old man" said the Team Aqua grunt

"I don't want them anymore anyways" he said

"We have already begun our operations in Rustboro City" he said

He then ran away.

"Return Infernape" said Lucas

"Return Torchic" said Brendan

"Thank you for your help" said the scientist

"But I only have one Exp. Share to give you for your help" he said

"Give it to Brendan" said Lucas

"I don't want the crappy new version" he said

"I like the old version much better" he said

"What is the matter with it" asked the scientist

"It allows all six of your Pokémon to get experience at once" he said

"Yeah, but the old version you could give to one of your Pokémon and it would get more experience than normal" said Lucas

"You can't do that with the new version" he added

"I will take it anyway" said Brendan

"Here you go" said the scientist handing it to Brendan

"Thank you" said Brendan taking it

"Now I must return to Rustboro City and warn everyone about Team Magma and Team Aqua" said the scientist as he left

"Thank you for the help" said Brendan

"No problem" said Lucas waving his hand

"We will see you later" he said as they left

Once Brendan was out of hearing range, Cheryl said "So there are two teams this time"

"One for Groudon and the other for Kyogre" said Mesprit

"We can only take care of one" said Lucas looking down

"I sure Brendan can handle the other one" said Cheryl smiling

"Just like you took care of Team Galactic" she added

"I guess you're right" said Lucas looking up

They continued on through the woods battling trainers until they came out on to Route 12.