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Latias arrived at Sootopolis City and landed in the middle near the giant tree. Brendan jumped off her back and she went into her pokeball.

"I see you have arrived Brendan" said Wallace

"Steven has told me the situation" he said

"Only someone from the Draconids tribe and or descended from ancient Sootopolis can enter it" he explained

"I take it you are descended from ancient Sootopolis" said Brendan

"Correct" said Wallace

"Meet me at the Sky Pillar and I will let you in" he said

He then walked away.

"Why couldn't I have met you there in the first place" shouted Brendan

"This was a complete waste of time" he grumbled

Latias came out of her pokeball and Brendan got onto her back. She then took off flying towards the Sky Pillar.

They arrived at the Sky Pillar and Brendan got off Latias' back before she went into her pokeball.

"I have unlocked the seal on the Sky Pillar" said Wallace

"But first I must see if you are worthy of entering" he said

"Isn't getting your badge and becoming the Champion enough" asked Brendan

"Before you faced my gym team, but now you will face my real full team" said Wallace

"Go Wailord" shouted Wallace throwing a pokeball

"Go Manectric" shouted Brendan throwing a pokeball

"Manectric, Thunderbolt" he commanded

Manectric charged up a lot of electricity and shot it at Wailord knocking it out.

"Return Wailord" said Wallace

"Go Whiscash" he shouted throwing a pokeball

"Return Manectric" said Brendan

"Go Bellossom" he shouted throwing a pokeball

"Bellossom, Petal Storm" he commanded

A ton of leaves started surrounding Bellossom before shooting them at Whiscash knocking it out.

"Return Whiscash" said Wallace

"I know you are capable of Mega Evolution, so let's end it with this" he said

"Go Gyarados" he shouted throwing a pokeball

"Time to become more graceful" he said tapping the key stone on his bracelet

Gyarados was surrounded in a cocoon of energy that when burst revealed its new form. The underside of its body was now black with a red stripe above it. Its spots are now red, and its crest is black now as well. It had a gigantic fin going down its back.

"Return Bellossom" said Brendan

"Go Manectric" he shouted throwing a pokeball

"Let's go" he shouted

Brendan tapped his key stone on his bracelet and Manectric was surrounded in a cocoon of energy. When that burst it revealed Mega Manectric.

"Mega Manectric, Thunder" commanded Brendan

Mega Manectric charged up some electricity and shot it into the sky. That caused a large thunderbolt to strike down knocking out Mega Gyarados returning it to its normal form.

"Return Gyarados" said Wallace

"You may enter" he said stepping to the side

"I must return to Sootopolis City to come up with a plan in case you fail" he said walking away

"Thanks for the vote of confidence" shouted Brendan

Manectric returned to his normal form before returning to his pokeball.

He went into the entrance and walked through a short cave before coming out at the Sky Pillar. He went into it and saw Zinnia standing before a ladder.

"You came for me" said Zinnia

"That makes me feel really happy" she said smiling

"I take it that your girlfriend is tired from flying you all over Hoenn" she said

"No" said Brendan shaking his head

"Latias couldn't carry both of us safely going that fast" he said

"Right" said Zinnia slowly

"Other people may believe that, but I know the truth" she said

"I will see you at the top" she said happily

She then climbed up the ladder.

"How does she know that" thought Brendan

He then climbed up the ladder after her. On his way up to the top of the Sky Pillar he observed the large mural that took up the entire height of the Sky Pillar. It depicted Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Rayquaza. When he got to the top, he saw Zinnia waiting for him.

"You made it" said Zinnia

"Did you enjoy the mural on your way up" she asked

"Yes" said Brendan nodding his head

"That mural depicts the story the elder told you" said Zinnia

"Allow me to expand on it" she said

She told him after the meteoroid hit it released primal energy that transformed Groudon and Kyogre into Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. About how the Ancient Draconids prayed in front of the rainbow meteorite causing Rayquaza to mega evolve. That gave Rayquaza the power needed to defeat Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. After it was all over the Ancient Draconids built the Sky Pillar to house the rainbow meteorite.

"Wait a minute, Mega Evolution happened here first" exclaimed Brendan

"Yep" said Zinnia smiling

"Then why was it first discovered in Kalos" asked Brendan

"That is because the wandering king saw what happened and brought that knowledge back to Kalos" explained Zinnia

"Unfortunately, the Draconid people have mostly all died out since then" she said

"But before they did, they gave one last prophecy" she said

"One more disaster, greater than all the rest, would befall Hoenn and destroy the world" she recited

"A hero would rise up and help Rayquaza save Hoenn once and for all" she finished

"I believe you to be that hero" she said

"But first I must see if you have truly mastered the power of Mega Evolution" she said

"Figures" said Brendan sighing

"I thought being the Champion would have given me more clout than this" he said

"Go Salamence" yelled Zinnia throwing a pokeball

"Time to ascend into the heavens" she exclaimed

She did a backflip while touching the Key Stone on her anklet. Salamence was surrounded in a cocoon of energy that when burst revealed its new form. Its wings had merged together into one large crescent moon shaped wing. It gained grey armor on its body to tuck its legs into to make its body more streamlined. The four horns around its head grew out and became jagged.

Brendan went to throw out a pokeball when Latias came out.

"Do you want to fight Latias" asked Brendan

Latias nodded her head at that.

"Ok then, lets do it" said Brendan

He tapped the Key Stone on his bracelet and Latias was surrounded in a cocoon of energy that when burst revealed Mega Latias.

"Mega Latias, Draco Meteor" commanded Brendan

Zinnia's eyes widen as multiple meteors came raining down hitting Mega Salamence knocking it out and returning it to its normal form.

"Return Salamence" said Zinnia

"You are the one that I have been searching for" she said

"Go forth and summon Rayquaza" she proclaimed

"Take that with you" she said pointing to the Aqua Suit

"You are going to need it" she said

"Why do you have that" asked Brendan

"For this occasion," said Zinnia

She then disappeared.

Brendan walked up to the rainbow meteorite and prayed before it. There was a flash of green light as Rayquaza appeared. It lowered its head beckoned Brendan forward.

"Do you want me to get on" asked Brendan

Rayquaza nodded its head.

Brendan took off his backpack and put all his Pokémon in it. He then put the Aqua Suit on. Before he put on the helmet, Latias came out and gave him a hug and a kiss.

"Good luck and come back safe" said Latias

"I will" said Brendan

He put on the helmet and got onto Rayquaza. It then shot up into the sky. As it flew up it was surrounded in golden energy that caused it to Mega Evolve. Its new form gained a large delta shaped protrusion under its mouth with golden energy coming out of it forming the patterns on its body. The horns on its head grew and had golden energy streaming out of them as well. The circles on its body became golden pods of energy while its fins changed into vertical stabilizers.

Mega Rayquaza shots toward the meteor and went right though it and destroyed it.

"Yeah" cheered Brendan

As Mega Rayquaza was turning around Brendan noticed some of the rubble was moving.

"Is that rubble moving" thought Brendan

Tentacles burst from the rubble before it exploded revealing a strange creature Brendan had never seen before.

"What is that" shouted Brendan

Mega Rayquaza looked at a nearby satellite and shook its head. Brendan nodded his head and jumped off and grabbed on the satellite. Brendan then started watching Mega Rayquaza fight the strange creature. Once it was weakened Brendan decided to throw a pokeball at it see what would happen. To his surprise he caught the strange creature.

"It was a Pokémon" exclaimed Brendan

He pushed off the satellite and grabbed the pokeball before grabbing onto Mega Rayquaza. Mega Rayquaza then started flying down though the atmosphere back to the Sky Pillar. Once they arrived Rayquaza returned to normal and Brendan jumped off. He took off the Aqua Suit before being tackled by Latias.

"You did it" exclaimed Latias

"No, we both did it" said Brendan

"I knew you were the one" said Zinnia

Latias' eyes widen as she got up and shouted "You're Rayquaza"

"Correct" said Zinnia smirking

"How did you change your form" asked Latias

"I thought we couldn't do that" she added

"You can" said Zinnia

"It just takes a lot of power and time" she explained

"Which I have plenty of" she added

"The Draconids died out a long time ago didn't they" said Brendan

"You're right" said Zinnia looking down

"That prophecy was given to me by the last of the Draconids before he died" she explained

"Since then I made sure that their memory lived on though me by making sure no one ever noticed they one saw one Draconid at a time" she continued

"But now that the last meteoroid has been destroyed, they can finally rest in peace" she finished with a smile

"What do you really look like" asked Brendan

"Let me show you" said Zinnia

Her form shimmered before a new one appeared. She had long green hair done up in a long ponytail segmented off with black ribbons. She had yellow eyes and red lipstick on her lips. She was wearing a green blouse with the black design that was on her body on it. She had on green pants with the yellow design on her body going down the legs.

"That is the form that I remember" said Latias

"What do you think" asked Rayquaza spinning around

"Much better than the last one" said Brendan

"Why thank you" said Rayquaza smiling

"Why did you take Wally's Key Stone" asked Brendan

"To make sure he didn't give it up to that stupid project" said Rayquaza

"You can have them back" she said holding out two Key Stones

"Who's those the other one belongs to" asked Brendan taking them

"That girl May" said Rayquaza

"How did you Mega Evolve Salamence" asked Latias

"I'm surprised you don't already know that" said Rayquaza

"It doesn't matter who holds the Key Stone, just that they have to have a strong bond with their Pokémon" she explained

"That was the secret that the wandering king brought back to Kalos" she said

She then stuck her hand into Brendan's bag and disappeared into a pokeball before coming right back out.

"I take it you want to come with us" said Brendan

"Of course, I do" said Rayquaza

"I want to be with my hero" she said hugging him

Latias hugged him too and glared at Rayquaza. Rayquaza just smirked back at Latias.