Chapter 3: Walsh and Vanishing Dragon


"Ahhhhhhhh!" Eren screamed at the top of his lungs due to the sight before him. Being inside the stomach of titan was disgusting due to the decapitated bodies floating around in a pool of blood that reached his shoulders.

'Why does it have to end like this for me? Why do the Titans attack us? Destroy our dreams and families? I don't want to die here! I still have to see the outside world with Armin and marry Mikasa! No, no, no!'

'Is this the end for you? Are you satisfied with dying like a piece of shit? Are you really this weak?' a voice said inside Eren's head.

"W-What? Who said that?" Eren asked sceptically as he looked around to see if there was someone alive but everyone was dead. He concluded that the voice came from his head and that he was officially crazy.

'Stop being pathetic and answer this: What are you going to do to the titans if you had the power?'

"I'll kill them! Rip them to shreds with my very own hands!" Eren said as he began to slowly sink deeper into the stomach of the titan. He was struggling to keep his head above the pool of blood.

'Since your left forearm is decapitated then sacrifice your left arm to me so you can get out of here and embrace your destiny as the Walsh Dragon!'

"Take it! I sacrifice my left arm to you!" Eren shouted and no sooner after he said that a green and red light started to engulf him into what looked like red armour.

"I'll drown you in the pit of crimson purgatory!"

"Walsh Dragon: Over booster!"

Flashback End

"I'll drown you in the pit of crimson purgatory…" Eren said as he started regaining consciousness with his head swaying from side to side with tired eyes.

"Did you hear that!?"

"He said he'll drown all of us!"

"He really is a monster!" These were the scared words coming from the members of the Garrison that were currently surrounding the Shiganshina trio with rifles and swords pointed at them. When Eren finally managed to get his bearings, he noticed all the guns pointed at him, Mikasa and Armin. His heart instantly started beating against his chest.

"Armin… Mikasa… What's going on?" Eren asked sheepishly. His voiced caused the duo to turn around and look at him with apologetic eyes but before they could even answer him, the Captain interrupted them.

"Cadet Jeager!" The man roared at the top of his lungs causing Eren to look at the man's fear stricken form.

"Your behaviour, along with cadet Arlert and cadet Ackerman, has proven treasonous! What do you have to say in your defence? If you try anything deceitful or attempt to make a run for it, the artillery will fire upon you immediately! We will not hesitate! So I shall ask you this question only once… What are you!? A Human or an enemy like the titans"

"W-What d-do you m-mean" Eren asked whilst looking at his friends for answers but they had their attention at all the members of the Garrison. This only made everyone's anger to sky rocket.

"You're feigning ignorance? Don't test me you damn monster! I won't hesitate to blow you up just so you can show your true face!"

"My w-what!?"

"Everybody saw you! You were inside a red suit of armour and you fell unconscious just before landing in front of your fellow cadets! We know that you're a monster so STOP PLAYING DUMB!"

'I don't… remember… but if I don't calm these people down, they going to blow us up. What the hell is going on?' Eren thought to himself.

'I'm sorry to say this partner but you are too weak to make a decent escape. Try avoiding getting shot at for about ten minutes while I gather up energy for you.' Boomed a voice from Eren's head.

'Wait… are you that big red lizard or something?' Eren thought, hoping he wasn't crazy.

'I'M NOT A LIZARD! I'M A DRAGON! And yes I am the big red dragon… I'm Ddraig! The Welsh Dragon and you are the wielder of the Boosted Gear thus making you the Red Dragon Emperor.

'Oh… I'm sorry for insulting you. It's just that I don't kn-' Eren was caught off when the Captain signalled for the artillery to fire. A loud 'boom' sound erupted before a cannon ball started flying towards the Shiganshina trio. Eren tried to get up but his legs gave in and he was about to fall back down to the ground but Mikasa caught him just in time but it was too late as the canon ball was a few meters away from them. Eren and Mikasa closed their eyes expecting the end but when they heard the canon explode, they were shocked to know that they weren't dead. When they opened their eyes, they were in a cloud of smoke but when they looked up, they were meant with the smiling face of Armin.

"You guys… ok?" He asked in between laboured breaths whilst trying to straighten himself. Eren and Mikasa were dumbfounded as to how Armin managed to take the full brunt of a cannonball and manage to remain in one piece.

"A-Armin… h-how" Mikasa asked but Armin just took a few steps back whilst his head was swaying from left to right. It was then that a pair of azure wings sprouted from Armin's back with white out linings. The pair of wings soon cocooned Armin then they spread out quickly thus causing all the smoke to move away from the trio, revealing Armin to the rest of the Garrison. Everyone gasped at the sight of Armin's wings.

"Y-You're also a MONSTER!" He shouted at Armin whilst pointing his finger at him. All of the Garrison members raised the weapons at him but Armin only dipped his head and sighed.

"Can I speak to someone of importance because I would like to discuss a plan for retaking Trost using mine and Eren's powers?" Everyone, including Eren and Mikasa, gasped again at what Armin was saying. Before the captain had a chance to reprimand Armin someone interrupted him.

"I would be that person." Said an elderly man with brown eyes and a heavy wrinkled face.

"And who are you?" Eren asked, as him and Mikasa were finally able to get back to their feet.

"I'm Commander Pixie and who are you?"

"Mikasa Ackerman, top cadet in squad 104." Mikasa said calmly but both Eren and Armin were shocked at her rare moment of boasting.

"Eren Jeager… Red Dragon Emperor."

"Armin Arlert… White Dragon Emperor."


Chapter 4: Abilities