And so after many many years and battles broly and kakarot meet again

It all started as a normal day for Goku and Chi Chi they were trying to get Gohan into a good college

"Goku pay attention. This is the parents interview section. Remember we're being tested being tested to make sure we provide a healthy, educational environment for our son." said Goku's wife Chi Chi. " But Gohan, bulma and everyone else went out to the country to have a picnic. I really wanted to go to. Think we can meet up afterwards." Said Goku trying to look ahead of the long line he was in. "I doubt it Goku at this pace it could take 2 hours." Said Chi Chi "WHAT!" Shouted Goku. "2 hours. This suit is so stiff and uncomfortable. This is not my look Chi Chi." "THIS SCHOOL IS THE FINEST OF THE WORLD. GOHAN JUST MIGHT GET ACCEPTED IF YOU CAN MANAGE TO BEHAVE FOR 2 LOUSY HOURS AND ANSWER A FEW ROUTINE QUESTIONS!" yelled Chi Chi. "Okay lets practice again. What are your hobbies?" Asked Chi Chi. "um ah. A hobby is something you like right. To fight with powerful oppents, of course." said Goku. "NO. You can't say that, you say my hobbies are reading and sports." said Chi Chi "But I don't even own a book." said clueless Goku.

Meanwhile with the z fighters

Maste Roshi was showing off his skills with plates on extremely thin stick by twirling them around, balancing them on his nose and dancing with them. Roshi then threw them up in the air. "This is what happens when you hide his magazines" Thought Bumla out loud. The camera switches out with Roshi catching the stick that has the plates in his mouth. Then Gohan said "You have to teach me how to do that"

Back to Goku and Chi chi

"Alright Goku there are only a few more parents in front of us, then it will be our turn." said Chi Chi to Goku "Chi Chi I'm really hungry." Complained Golu to Chi Chi. "Your always hungry." Chi Chi pointed out."Okay one last Goku what are some of your hobbies." said Chi Chi. "I'm supposed to say I like reading and sports. Is that right." Said Goku. "Thats correct." said Chi Chi happily. She then cleared her throat."So, can you tell me some of your favorite words.I can't really think of any words I actually like, but i can named thousands of my favorite foods." said Goku "Will you please stop fooling around goku, then people are gonna laugh at us!" yelled Chi Chi. "Goku you must say that you are these words: friendship, effort, and victory." "OH i see this is some sort of lying contest isn't chi chi" Goku whispered. "Oh I think i am coming up with a headache." said Chi Chi. "well the we should go home." said goku "NO WE CAN NOT" SHOUTED Chi chi. "you better do as she said buddy" said the man behind Goku as everyone fell down the stairs.

Meanwhile at the picnic

Krillen was singing karoke very very badly. Thankfully his horrible singing was stopped when a huge spaceship arrived near them. Many soldiers arrived out of the ship along with a mysterious figure.

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